Donkey Boy William Ch. 04

Big Tits

Jane lost herself in the steam of the hot water. Pete had a couple of private showers at the spa. They were those rainfall 360-degree numbers. With one hand she vigorously rubbed her clitoris; with the other she soaped her glorious pubic hair. Jane reveled in her golden mound. She trimmed it meticulously and lavished it with attention. And the results showed; she really did have exceptional pubic hair. Her rivals would claim that her motivation was to show off the golden-amber color of the hair, proof positive that she was a natural blonde.

Jane was exhausted; a motivated, boned-up William could do that to you, but she was quite pleased with herself. She had not only one-upped Olivia, she had maybe even sown the seeds for a future stable boy. Jane didn’t like the way Dan had eyeballed Liz, the new girl with the big hooters, nor did she care for Liz’s reciprocity. But ‘penis don’t lie’, and Jane saw the effect that Liz had on him. She instinctively knew that Dan had found a replacement. But it wasn’t that Jane was jealous; in fact, she was already tiring of Dan’s stupidity, and she also figured that she had extracted all she could from the sex. But the problem was that she was supposed to be the one who did the dumping, it was she who was supposed to move on. Now Dan threatened to one-up her. Jane didn’t like being on the receiving end.

But William…he had just the right amount of smarts to not annoy her, and he was just dumb enough for easy manipulation. He was handsome, his body was like a brick house; and that cock! It was the real deal; twelve inches! What better way to save face than to exchange Dan for a larger specimen?

But Dan did have some redeeming qualities. Jane never tired of his penis; the long, sleek and elegant shaft that led to a large, mushroom-sized cock-head that rubbed her vagina in all the right places. Jane’s soapy fingers began to probe. Width can be as important as length, she thought, responding to the stimulation inside her cunt.

Dan’s cock was a sight to behold, at all times. Even when soft, or semi-soft, there was something about the way it hung down, the large cock-head jutting out from below his ball-sac. It was so cute. And it never really got fully soft; it always looked a little bit aroused, even when he slept. It had a slight but permanent quiver to it that gave the impression it was about to stiffen, even if it didn’t, which was just as porno 64 arousing. Jane usually liked her men hard at all times, but Dan was the exception. She always hoped that their sex trysts would begin with softie Dan, because it was so much fun to work on him, but it rarely did, as Jane was too natural a flirt. However, once he had satisfied her, which usually occurred after three or four hours of non-stop fucking, she would allow him to relax, and the image of his rapidly deflating organ would stay with her long into the night.

Jane moaned with pleasure. When Dan got aroused, his cock rose slowly – slower than most men, she thought, but it was worth the wait. As it enlarged, the sleek, elegant shaft turned into a rock. We all know about the arc-shape formation it took on, but that was only when Dan was standing. If lying down, his boner rose upward and simultaneously tilted to the side, and it was so large that his cock-head would come to rest on his thigh and bounce and twitch in anticipation.

And he got so much pleasure from his penis. Jane would look at him in bewilderment whenever she was fondling his thing. Dan’s head would roll from side to side, his mouth would open up, and the look of unbridled ecstasy on his face was so intense it appeared surreal. Dan! Damn, that fucking idiot. He was so fucking good in bed. Once Jane has teased and tormented him until he could take no more, he would pounce on her in a rage and fuck her like an animal. He had no trouble staying hard, even after spilling his seed. He’d keep pumping like a piston, changing positions, exploring every venue, not stopping until she begged him to.

Jane shuddered, her entire body convulsed with spasms. One final rinse, a few deep breathes to regain her composure, and she was good to go. She dried herself and dressed, surprised that the filming of Dan’s scene wasn’t taking place, since it was supposed to be in the large, communal shower room that was adjacent to the private rainfall showers she had used. But at the moment she didn’t care. She had done her duty and whatever else happened today was on Monica’s watch. Jane was going home. Yeah, Dan was a good fuck, she thought, but he was replaceable. Still feeling sexual, she thought about tucking the hem of her miniskirt into her panties, showing off what would appear to be an accidental wardrobe malfunction, but decided against it. She knew she had porno izle it; there was no need to flaunt it.


Monica had taken William aside after the scene had finished and brought him in to Pete’s office, hence the delay in Dan’s scene. They sat facing each other, which meant that a massive erection the size of a Billy club was sticking straight out at her. It wasn’t easy to ignore, so it became the first topic of conversation. It dawned on William very quickly that he had taken Viagra, slapping himself on the forehead in disbelief. How could he have forgotten that?

Monica was relieved as well once she learned the source of William’s arousal. And imagine her amusement when he told her that he had taken the pill out of concern for his performance. It was his first day on the job and he wanted to make a good impression. It was easy to lose confidence, he said, when you’re stacked up against studs like James and Dan. But Monica had a reply for that. All that mattered was that he had showed up.

“Your naked body,” Monica told him, “is the takeaway. A boner, an orgasm…they’re just an added bonus.” William’s mood brightened.

Monica left him and went to do the next scene. It would begin with Dan in the shower. He was already horny with anticipation, and it showed. “Don’t cum too quick,” instructed Monica. “Pace yourself.”

They filmed about thirty seconds of him soaping himself, during which his cock stiffened noticeably, even though he hadn’t touched it. That’s the sign of a pro, he thought to himself. Knowing the camera was more concerned with his penis than it was with him, Dan smiled with satisfaction once his cock was at eleven inches. Job security, he thought. Lately his erect penis had been leaning to his left once it got into its arc-shape, and it did so now. Monica was very pleased. Dan had the right stuff. The mere sight of Dan’s penis was probably enough to make a masturbating man ejaculate. He was worth whatever they were paying him.

“Okay Dan, very gently now, soap up your cock and play with it.”

Liz, in her role as a journalist, began walking towards the shower. She stopped at the large entrance and pretended to be shocked – happily shocked – at the sight of a naked man fondling his penis. Okay, maybe she wasn’t pretending. But better yet, Dan was unaware that he was being watched, so Liz had a private show; at least that was sex izle the premise behind the scene. Aroused by the situation, Liz began to rub her breasts through her blouse. Monica cued Dan to look up.

Now Dan was a fornicator; he wasn’t hired for his acting skill. He might have been ‘dumber than dirt’, as Jane liked to say, but there was no denying that he was a world-class stud. However, he had one acting mannerism that would have been astonishing for its brilliance had it been planned, but in reality it was just blind luck. Dan could give a look of surprise that was as good as anyone. His head would roll back and then snap forward, his eyes would bulge wide and his mouth would form an oval shape. Discovering that an attractive, sexy woman in an alluring dress was spying on him, and had caught an eyeful of his penis fondling, presented an opportunity for him to perform his signature move, which he did with his usual acumen.

Liz was cued to respond, but she really didn’t need a cue to react to Dan’s astonishment. She asked him if he needed any help. Dan’s reply was that he did not, but that she could watch if she wanted to. Now it was Liz’s turn to show astonishment. Who ever heard of a naked, aroused man turning down an offer of a hand-job? But it was what it was, so she remained at the entrance while Dan began to show off his self-service skills.

“Let it rip, Dan,” came the command.

Three cameras were utilized, one to have a wide view of the naked man and clothed woman in the same shot, another to focus on Dan’s masturbation, and the last to capture Liz’s reaction. And it was quite a reaction too, culminating jaw-dropping disbelief as Dan’s enormous cock-head turned red, his large pee-hole opened wide, and what a blogger would later describe as an ‘atmospheric river of semen’ shot out in a never-ending stream.

After twenty seconds or so of continuous sperm spillage, Liz couldn’t contain herself, and she entered the shower area and approached the spent Dan. Oblivious to the water that was spraying her, she got down on her knees and began to lick Dan’s cock-head. This was unscripted, but it was hot, and it was working, so Monica kept the cameras rolling.

Liz smiled as her tongue massaged Dan’s cock-head, and she looked up at him with both lust and love. It was highly erotic. Then she stood up and the two of them embraced. Dan’s penis, still aroused, peeked out from the side of Liz’s thigh. She pressed against it and a squirt of semen popped out and fell to the ground. A takeaway, Monica thought, pleased with the outcome, ordering a cut. It was time for lunch. But the day was only half over…

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