Donna’s Innocent Mistake


“YOU DIRTY SLUT,” Andrew thought with a smile. Wendy, his wife, had called him at work and told him of her plan to seduce Donna, their new neighbor. As instructed, he had quietly entered his home through the back door, walked down the stairs, and looked around the corner into the family room. Andrew was rewarded with the lurid scene before him. Wendy was on her knees in front of Donna, who was restrained in the sex swing they had installed in the family room. Donna was still in the pink tank top but without the white shorts she was wearing when she arrived an hour ago. She had her legs forced wide open by the straps on the swing, allowing Wendy full access to her sex. He also noted the petite blonde’s discarded sex soaked shorts and the small puddle on the hardwood floor beneath her. Another woman who squirts – how lovely this one will be tomorrow night, thought Andrew. Donna’s 34b breasts were outlined, with her nipples standing at attention, against the light material of her tank top – providing clear evidence of her sexual arousal. “She’s perfect” Andrew commented. Wendy looked over her shoulder and smiled wickedly at her husband as if to say, “I told you so,” and then turned back to continue to violate her helpless neighbor. Donna held onto the swing as though she were hanging onto the ledge on the side of a cliff. She was deeply embarrassed to have just cum so hard that she had squirted all over Wendy’s face. Even more mortifying was the fact that her tormentors’ husband was witnessing her lewd display. While these thoughts were coursing through her mind, her body continued to respond to – and display her primal lust and desire.

It had started innocently enough, with Donna being invited over for an iced tea on a warm summer’s Friday afternoon. Donna, and her husband David, had moved into the neighborhood just last week. While David was away for the weekend, Donna was finishing putting away the contents of the few remaining boxes in the garage. Wendy’s pretext for the visit was to have her new neighbor accept a cold drink and get acquainted, but the truth was much more sordid. Donna, being new to the neighborhood and anxious to make new friends, gratefully accepted the offer. When the young woman entered Wendy’s family room she was immediately curious about the tangle of vinyl material and polyester straps hanging from the ceiling. She asked, “What is that?” Wendy relied, “A swing.” Donna had never seen a sex swing before and showed her innocence by asking, “Why do you have a swing in the middle of your family room with only cushions on the floor surrounding it?” Wendy replied, “Andrew and I host a monthly party with our close friends and we use it in a party game we like to play.”

“Let me show you” offered Wendy, with the full knowledge that her plan to first seduce and then coerce her neighbor was beginning wonderfully. “Sit on the swing seat and let me adjust the straps.” Donna hesitated for a moment, but in an effort to please her new friend, sat as she was instructed and allowed Wendy to tighten the straps on her wrists. “Wait, I can’t move my hands” Donna said twisting against her bonds. “I know” replied Wendy, “Just wait until I fasten the straps on your legs, you will love how it feels!” “No” whimpered Donna, “please let me go.” Wendy smiled at her friend, “Relax, I am just getting you prepared for the party tomorrow night.” Wendy opened the belt and pulled down the zipper on Donna’s white shorts. Wendy tugged the shorts off, denizli escort carelessly allowing them to drop to the floor, revealing the fact that Donna did not have any panties on underneath her shorts. “Well, well, what a little whore you are!” exclaimed Wendy, looking admiringly at the shaved mound of her neighbor’s sex. “I never wear panties when it is this hot out.” Donna whispered as if she felt the need to explain. Wendy roughly opened her neighbor’s left leg and tightened the Velcro straps. She repeated the process with her neighbor’s right leg, taking her time as if to demonstrate her dominance. Donna jerked as Wendy’s fingers traced a path from her lips, down her neck and finishing the journey at her pert breasts. “Stop, stop, please stop!” Donna implored, her pale blue eyes welling with tears. Wendy laughed, “Sorry sweetheart, I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I watched you move in last week. I loved watching your tight little ass as you bent down to pick up those boxes in your garage. I have dreamt about eating your sweet pussy every night for the past week and now I am going to take you!”

Wendy knelt on the cushion in front of her helpless victim and began to savor the control she had over her neighbor. She started by opening Donna’s pussy with two fingers of her right hand, exposing her clit, and with her other hand she twisted Donna’s hardened nipples through the light material of the tank top. “Look at what a whore you are.” Wendy said as her own breathing became more rapid – matching that of her victim. “Look at how hard and wet you’re clit is getting. You love being treated like a worthless whore!” Wendy opened her mouth and lewdly licked her lips. “I think I will begin by fucking you with my tongue.” With no further delay, Wendy began her assault on Donna’s pink trimmed treasure. She ran her tongue from the bottom of Donna’s pussy on her journey to her ultimate destination — her conquests juicy pearl. Wendy roughly ran her tongue across the hardened nub of Donna’s clit in an effort to intensify her earth shattering orgasm. Wendy would like Donna’s clit back and forth six or seven times and then stop to look up at her victim and say, “You dirty little whore, you love me eating your nasty pussy! Look at how you’r trying to shove your pussy down my throat.”

Donna didn’t know how Wendy instinctively knew that she needed to be treated roughly, and spoken to as though she was a piece of meat, but she was well beyond the point of caring. Donna squirmed and tried to break free of her bondage, but to no avail. Wendy had plenty of practice using the restraints on the swing and Satan himself stood no chance of freeing himself from her clutches. Donna responded, first by fighting the emotions she began to feel, but that internal struggle only intensified her response to her inevitable surrender. Actually being restrained was new, but very exciting to her. Her orgasm was more powerful than anything she had every experienced before — a virtual tsunami of orgasmic waves flooding her body, exposing her every wanton desire. Wave after unending wave flooded through her causing her to tremble and feel like she was falling out of the swing. She felt the unfamiliar sensation of her pussy actually squirting stream after stream of cum onto Wendy’s face! While she wouldn’t think about it until later that night, while masturbating in her bed reliving the events of the afternoon, there was no doubt antalya escort in her mind that this response was directly related to her first time being taken against her will and treated like the whore in her fantasies.

At that moment, Andrew walked into his home to see if his depraved wife’s plan was working. Sure enough, his slut wife was corrupting yet another innocent neighbor. Andrew was always astonished that his wife was able to seduce all of the hot women in the neighborhood and coerce them into joining their monthly sex club gatherings. Andrew pulled his cock out of his trousers and began jerking off; careful not to come too quickly as he knew his time with Donna would soon arrive.

Despite her revulsion at being treated so roughly by Wendy, Donna could not control her carnal instincts. Wendy had provided her pleasure that she had never before experienced. In spite of herself, she responded like a cock starved whore. While young and naïve, she had learned at an early age that she loved to suck cock and feel cum shooting into her mouth and over her tits. It was during these initial sexual experiences with the older boys in her neighborhood that she realized that she wanted to be fucked hard and desired to be treated like a wanton street whore. Donna often masturbated, late at night, when David had fallen asleep, even though her sex life with her husband was wonderful. She secretly knew that while she loved her husband, she needed more than the gentle, respectful love making he provided. She wanted to be treated roughly but she was afraid that David would think that she was depraved if she asked him to talk dirty to her, spank her, and generally treat her like a whore. Her hottest masturbation fantasies always included several men who would tear off her clothes, pin her down on a table in a restaurant or across the hood of a car in a public parking garage and take turns gang fucking her — using her as a crude fuck plaything. She came hardest when she fantasized that the men were dirty and made crude comments about her pussy and tits while they fucked her.

In her current sexual frenzy, Donna’s body desperately needed a hard cock. She looked over at Andrew through her lust glazed eyes and opened her mouth as an open invitation for Andrew to come over and break up the lesbian party. Andrew smiled as he walked over to Donna. He smeared his precum over her lips and cheeks. “Do you want to suck my cock you dirty little whore? Beg for my cock, show me what a nasty little cock sucker you are” Donna screamed, “FUCK MY MOUTH; I NEED YOUR COCK!” With her hands restrained by the straps on the sex swing, Donna welcomed Andrew’s cock into her willing mouth. Donna took Andrew’s manhood and coated his cock with a combination of spit and lipstick. She wantonly responded to his face fucking, determined to give him the best blowjob he had ever experienced. She deep throated his cock by bending forward to help him to drive his cock deeply into her hungry mouth.

While Andrew was enjoying his neighbors’ considerable cock sucking skills, Wendy continued her conquest by plunged two fingers into Donna’s saliva coated cunt. Wendy made small circles with her tongue around her neighbor’s clit while driving her fingers in and out of her friend’s steaming pussy. Donna only let Andrew’s cock out of her mouth for a second to cry out, “EAT MY PUSSY YOU NASTY FUCKING SLUT!” Wendy loved hearing Donna call izmir escort her dirty names, knowing that her corruption of her young neighbor was complete. Donna’s body began to shake involuntarily and she cried out, “FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUCK! DON’T STOP!” as another powerful orgasm coursed through her body causing her clit to harden enough to cut diamonds. Donna quickly went back to deep throating Andrew’s member in a frantic effort to please him as his wife was pleasuring her.

The sight of Wendy’s face, covered with her neighbor’s cunt cream, coupled with the skillful sucking of Donna’s talented tongue caused Andrew to bellow, “FUCK, I’M CUMMMING!” as he dumped his load into her waiting mouth. Thick strands of his cum pulsed out of his balls and into his neighbor’s opened mouth. Donna took the first two strands deep into her throat, dribbling a little out of the sides of her mouth, and enjoyed the feeling as the final two rounds coated her neck and the tops of her tits, barely covered by her top. She turned and kissed Wendy, sharing Andrew’s cum offering with his wife. Wendy licked Andrew’s cum from the side of her new friend’s mouth, and then returned to kissing and licking her husband’s cream from Donna’s neck and breasts.

“You two know how to welcome a man home,” said Andrew. “Only too glad to help, lover” replied Wendy with a sluttish smile on her face. Donna shook her head in agreement, still recovering from the intensity of her orgasms.” Looks like this little cock sucking whore is ready for tomorrow night,” Andrew said. “She will be an excellent addition to our party.”

“Dave will not be home tomorrow night. He left this morning to go fishing with friends and won’t be home until Sunday night” said Donna. “We won’t be able to attend this, or any other party. I know David will never approve of his wife being fucked on a sex swing by his neighbor’s wife while the entire neighborhood watches”. Wendy replied, “Don’t worry; he’s not invited to this party. The new neighbor’s wife is the only one who attends the first party. Think of it as sort of an initiation.”

David’s plans will work perfectly for us thought Andrew. Being out of town will free Donna up for the entire evening and most of Sunday morning. He definitely wanted the entire evening to share Donna with the four other neighbors who would attend the party on Saturday evening. But more importantly, he wanted more time for Wendy and himself to enjoy their new fuck toy on Sunday.

As Donna was being released from the sex swing, Wendy outlined the events for tomorrow night. “Tomorrow evening you will come over to the house. Andrew and the other four male members of our little group will gangbang you. Your mouth, pussy and ass are all available to them, as they please. No women will be allowed to touch you, at least initially. We will watch and enjoy each other while the men officially “initiate” you into the neighborhood. Once the men are done with you, we women will have our turn with you.”

Donna thought to herself, “There is no way I am going to allow five men to gangbang me and then let the women have me as well. Once I leave the house, no one will ever know what happened. I can wash my clothing and never come back into this house again. I won’t have to come to the party tomorrow night and be used as a shameless whore by the entire neighborhood.” It was only then that she saw the blinking red light of the camera mounted on the wall across the room, knowing that her lewd afternoon display had been recorded. She remembered squirting and shamelessly asking not only to be eaten by Wendy, but begging to suck Andrew’s cock. There was no way she could ever let David see that tape, he would never forgive her. “What time should I arrive tomorrow night?” asked Donna resigned to her fate.

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