Dont get hard!


Dont get hard!Faculty parties are always a good way to make friends when ou start a degree in a city you just moved itthat was his pitch to get me at his faculty partywell i tought it wasbut this faculty had some pretty weird secret group who every semester , had this scheme going onI wasnt the only white guy , we were 4 when my floor neighbor and me got at the partybut no girls were there yet only some black guys friends of my next door dorm neighbor Alex I was i the living room talking with a white guy about his course when one dude got out looking pissed Alex told me to follow him to get some beerhe closed the door and i was facing some weird drinking machine ending in a black cock toy clearly made to drink from it the liter of beer attach at the end on a flip bar, Alex push me toward it”drink the beer and dont get hard”i knew initiation were weird but this was way too muchyet he pushed me down and help the cock down , the rotation bar having the bottle lift up, beer splurting from the cock head on my face , my relex having me closing the leak ”here good boy , drink the beer, go slow if you want , that it boy suck that big cock empty , fuck you really doing a good job”drinking some as he get the cock down the bottle up then back up breathing canlı bahis looking at the big black cock toy glowing from my mouth his hand holding it before pushing it down , mouth back on it before beer went out i dont know why i didnr got up and leftprobably what that upset looking guy did….drinking more beer until it was all empty”alright good job, wow yo drink it all so quick”his hands on my crotch”ho ho, what is this dude””get hard from sucking cock ?””wanna drink more beer? i have more”pouring 3 more in the opening , holding the cock toy up my mouth already on it”suck it dont just let it in, suck the cock , and i will flip it if you are good”i went from just opening my mouth to drink beer from sucking the toyAlex flipping it from time to time giving me some beer”you suck really good dude, you like this i can tell”touching my crotch”you so hard, sucking cock makes you hard , yes keep sucking you like this , here drink some ”feeding me the black toy ”alright what a good boy, you drank it all again ””you can return to the living room and send that white boy here”i left feeling dizzy from drinking like 9 beers in about 30 minutesi walk to the living room to tell the other guy who was talking with 2 black dude i felt bahis siteleri stupid drunk and hard from the weird initiationsit in a room with 2 black guy who look at me starting to ask about how many beer i drank back thereopening the living room tv , one streaming from his phone ”i guess we will see”the screen showing alex getting me down when he splurt beer on me and i went right away mouth on the toy”oh dude see how he just went for it, wow look at him ”i felt nervous these guy looking at the way alex made me suck on the cock for the beerencouraging me to suck and looking at me do it, i felt like i was a cocksucker being watch by black dudes who were about to ask me to suck them ”omg you ask for more, look look dude he smile and wait for more ”both getting up jeans off bbc dangling in them hands”omg lets feed him , he wants more , lets feed him cock all night then”on the couch both guys on their knees in the couch fucking my little mouth open ”u think ou can deepthroat me, try , get it all ”both guy cheering my mouth pushed so deep he busted my throat open”here here take his head and try his throat, just pushed in , he can take it”head giving to the other guy who plunge deep in me ”omg so tight, i never fuck i mouth mefore””just bahis şirketleri do it , fuck his mouth””time to open this cute ass up”i struggled but in the end he had me lube up and taking it insideraggdoll between em gagging and moaning ”i think we found our bitch for the session””yup brotha , this is a good bitch boy , alex lives right next to him, hes probably gonna take him , better fuck him good before alex do”listening to em like i didnt exist , just a fuck boy for them groupholes belonging to them , unable to stop any of itwondering why i drank so much on the cock toy, feeling like a drunk slut who just let it happenthe screen now playing alex with the other boy tight up sucking the cock toy doggy getting fuck alex over his pouring more beer down the toy , fucking the boy up has he pour the beer”this one shoud have listen like you did , look at alex he got him tied up listening now”happy i didnt endup like this boy, ass up drinking beer after beer Alex 10 stretching my ass up like he was doing to this onethese two were slow and making sure i took em good , so i would like it”i prefer to make boy love getting my cock i em, alex is a weird fuck”realising he was living next door to me i got scaredbut soon forget about it cum filled from both side eyes closed drinking cum my ass filled at the same timei forgot myself into the momenti became a fag boy, i cleaned em both cock so hot and big watching alex fuck this one into a good fuck slut

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