Down The Shore Under The Boardwalk


Down The Shore Under The BoardwalkI sometimes get the notion into my head to take a drive down the shore and listen to music, walk along the beach and enjoy the sound and “feel” of the waves crashing on shore at high tide just about any time of the year. Well, with the temps today in the 50’s I jumped at the chance since the roads were clear and traffic was minimal. I stopped at Starbucks, got myself a latte and put in a CD (the Black album..) and off I drove with the window down. Yup, I love being outdoors whenever I can.I work from my home so rides are very soothing and cathartic as is first love!Anyway, my husband decided to spend time with his brother, watching “FIRE”, in his brother’s pit in the backyard and I drove to the shore. It was about an hour away and at midpoint I felt the need to pee but for some reason did not stop, allowing for the unusual feeling of arousal for some reason? The more I felt the need the more I could feel myself getting turned on by the thought of going under the boardwalk to relieve myself.The sensible part of me kept telling me to stop and use a bathroom but the sexual inner me kept getting aroused by the thought of dropping my pants, exposing my pussy and peeing under the boardwalk knowing I would be alone, so I drove the last 15 minutes with my fingers in my pants massaging my pussy and getting more and more turned on by the minute.I drove slowly through town looking for a clear metered spot and in I pulled, scrambling for quarters. I found 4 which gave me 40 minutes and I grabbed some tissues from my glove box and maneuvered across the street, through the narrowly shoveled sidewalk and onto a barely shoveled boardwalk. I gaziantep escort was mildly surprised to see others there but not so many I couldn’t walk further to a less traveled spot to go onto the beach and walk as nonchalantly as my aroused insides would allow.I walked on the beach and came to the pilings under the boardwalk and proceeded to wander slowly, deeper into the darkness but still able to see the light of the sky and my surroundings. I was so excited by that time I didn’t pull my pants down; I took the damn things off and leaned against a piling knowing I would regret it later but too damn aroused to let that stop me..My fingers found my clit and the pussy juice that had started to drip down my legs and I gave myself the most amazing orgasm. I would not have cared at that point who walked by because I needed to be fucked and I was going to finger my pussy until I squirted all over my hand.Forgive me I have to take care of myself just writing this is getting me excited!! Now where was I? Oh yeah, I decided to maximize the experience and as cold as it was, and 50 isn’t warm, I gathered my things, sand and all and walked a little further into the darkness and took off my sweater and my bra..standing there naked except for my shoes and socks!!! Was I nuts?…no I was fucking horny and even forgot I had wanted to pee!!I took stock of my surroundings and looked for people but they were far enough away and the ocean was loud enough to cover my moans and I was in far enough, I was hidden..Or so I had hoped. Would I have stopped anyway, heck no, not by then!!So leaning against a cold, wet yucky piling, I spread my legs, and rubbed my giresun escort clit until I could feel my pussy getting ready to explode and just at that wonderful moment I shoved my cold wet fingers into my pussy, curled them around my bone and pressed on my g-spot which let go with pussy juice all over my legs, my hands, my shoes, the sand, everything and OMG it was fanfuckintastic!!!! My nipples were as stiff as pencil erasers, so I yanked on the bars in them, spanked my pussy and rubbed my juice all over them so I could suck them…and biting down on the left nipples barbell, I put both my hands between my legs, rubbing my clit and finger fucking my dripping pussy, because by this time I was out of my gourd turned on and feeling my wetness, the way my tit pulled against the barbell in my mouth I fucking exploded again and spread my legs in case any one wanted to see me squirt..they were welcome cause I was coming like a volcano!! I mean even if I had wanted to close my legs and stop, I was not able to by then, my body took over and in the cold wind, the falling temps, the possibility of getting caught my pussy was more in control than I was and had to be satisfied again..and I did..faster and deeper my hands worked over my pussy until one more time I pushed in deeper to my g-spot and I was squirting so hard my knees started to shake and it was about then, I moved my hands and started to pee and I swear I had an orgasm right there and then!!!My nipples were little frozen cherry pits, my legs were soaked with my own juices and the release of my pee, was the proverbial cherry on top!! Needless to say it was fun getting dressed in pants that escort bayan still had some sand in them but the panties and bra I shook out and stuck in my pocket and with the wind blowing and me with my coat open, a white t-shirt and no bra on, I got back up to the boardwalk in time to flash some high school boys with a thinly covered set of stiff nipple topped breasts. I couldn’t help but jiggle and bounce..was that wrong of me? They must have liked what they saw, they turned around and so did I!!! One of the guys yelled, looks cold..and I smiled and looked down to see two stiff nipples poking out at them..and I laughed and shrugged my shoulders..maybe they will fantasize about that??? Would you if you were them?I took my time driving home as it was getting dark by then but managed to slide my t-shirt over my tits and I do not know how I got my pants down around my knees but I drove like that (with the window open mind you) for about 40 minutes, pulled over into a parking lot that was almost deserted, laid my seat back and using the handle of my brush…fucked myself and creamed all over my seat..but what an orgasm I had..I got myself together, reluctantly, but drove home trying to figure out how to explain my appearance and the need to clean my seat but my husband was not home, I immediately jumped into a hot shower and cleaned out the sand from everywhere and noticed a small scratch on my right shoulder that I was able to peroxide clean and put a bandage on with antibiotic ointment so I will have to keep an eye on worries, I know each time I will get turned on thinking of how I got it!!!I can’t explain the level of arousal and eroticism what I did today has given me!! I am soaked just sitting here writing about it! Somehow I do not think that will be the only time I do that over the next few months!! Even in the cold I can feel myself getting turned on by the thought of semi-publicly masturbating and opening my legs to fuck myself..mmmm!!

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