Dr. Allen’s New Patient Ch. 07


“Oh Damian, I’m gonna suck you so good tonight baby!” Sally declared to her lover, her mouth watering at the thought of having his hard cock in her mouth. She was ready to eat him alive. Tonight she vowed to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to her man.

She knelt down in front of him, inches away from his cock. She then looked up at her man, mesmerized as ever by his amazingly intense green eyes. He looked down at her questioningly, wondering what he was in for tonight; what it could be that he hadn’t yet experienced with her.

Sally had a slightly devious, mischievous look on her face. She was obviously up to something naughty, naughtier than usual, if that was even possible.

Holding the base of Damian’s prick firmly in her left hand, Sally took the length of it in her right and slowly started stroking, up and down, back and forth, all the while maintaining eye contact with her willing subject. Recalling one of Newton’s Laws that she learned in Physics class back in high school, Sally wanted to see every reaction her lover had to each of her actions. She wanted to hear every gasp, every moan, and every exclamation he uttered as a result of what she was doing to him.

Sally then put her lips to the area between Damian’s cock and ass, quickly finding out how sensitive he was there. She saw him closing his eyes and moaning from sheer ecstasy. Tonight, Sally would have no shame, and she would make sure her lover had none either. She would make sure Damian enjoyed the sensations surging through his lower body tonight and to hell with everything and everyone else in the world.

“I’m going to show you Heaven tonight, honey…” she quietly informed her man, whereupon she started to gently lick his asshole, immediately eliciting a low moan of pleasure from him. Encouraged to go further, she stuck her tongue inside his hole slightly, instantly tasting Damian’s juices. This elicited an even louder, longer moan out of the poor man, who had no chance in hell of escaping Sally’s probing tongue. He almost sounded guttural. Needless to say, Damian was experiencing unbelievably delightful sensations he had never felt before in his life.

Finally, after a few minutes of some light teasing, Sally felt it was the right moment to go all out, and so she stuck her naughty tongue as far as she could up her man’s asshole, wiggling it violently until she heard him declare his immense pleasure to her under no uncertain terms, loud and clear.

“Oh Dear Lord Jesus…Oh Fucking Hell! Shit, baby, that feels so… so…so… ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk…!!

Damian could hardly make sense of the exquisite sensations rippling through his pelvic area. The combination of Sally’s splendid tongue exploring deep inside his ass, and her skillful hands jerking off his dick, and her exotic eyes staring up at him, Jesus Christ, he could barely stand it. He was going nuts.

Sally now took her man by the balls. She playfully teased, “Yeah, baby, you like that? Mmmmm, yeah, I think you do! You love me eating your ass, don’t you? Yeah, you love your dirty little slut tongue-fucking your ass, don’t you, you horny bastard?”

“Aw shit, yeah! Do whatever the hell you want to me, do it all, I don’t fucking care what you do, shit! Dear God!”

“I can do whatever I want? You really mean it?” Sally teased.

“Yeah fuck, do everything to me, Angel, just do it!”

“You’ll let me pee on you?” she asked, with a sinister grin on her face.

“Yeah, Angel, do it, I’m your fucking slave, damn! Your tongue’s driving me fucking crazy!”

Sally was enjoying this more and more…


It was a cold winter evening, and Vincent determined he would talk to Sally and make it clear he knew all about her nocturnal visits to the stranger in the alley. After that pathetic initial attempt to talk to her in the hallway and her icy reception, he followed her downtown on more than one occasion. After that, Vincent ended up taking several months to mull the whole issue over and over, and to get up the nerve to finally confront Sally about the bum she had been beşiktaş escort seeing. Vincent promised himself he would have a heart to heart with his quiet housemate, and let her know how worried he was about her.

At the same time, in the back of his mind, he wondered if there weren’t any ulterior motives at play as well. No matter. He was going to go through with it.

He waited patiently in his room that Friday evening, trying to concentrate on a book relating to the topic of his doctoral thesis. Around 6:20 pm, he heard the front door to the big Victorian house open and shut, and faint footsteps coming up the staircase. Then he heard the bathroom door open and close down the hall. About ten minutes later, he heard keys jingling, and then Sally’s bedroom door quietly open and shut.

Vincent decided to wait a good fifteen minutes for Sally to settle into her room before he knocked. He vowed not to be deterred from achieving his goal of confronting her, however cold and unresponsive Sally might act towards him. He would make sure the two of them sat down and understood one another this time around.

He gently knocked on her door. “Sally? Could I please talk to you?” he whispered in his boyish yet husky voice.

“What do you want?” he heard the slightly muffled voice coming through from the other side.

“I need to talk to you…I’m worried about you.” Vincent indicated to his housemate, with a heavy dose of sincerity in his voice. This time, he was determined to put his pride and shyness aside and have a real-life conversation with his female roommate.

The open sincerity on his part seemed to do the trick. Seconds later, Sally opened her door to look up at her tall next door neighbor. She had to admit that he looked exceptionally handsome and smart standing there in front of her, in his T-shirt, jeans, and erudite-looking glasses. Of course, she didn’t show any of her admiration for him outwardly. She just looked directly at the young man, and waited for him to say what was on his mind.

“Sally, what I want to talk you about, we both need to sit down to do” he declared in a serious tone.

“I don’t have much time” she indicated in her usual brisk, off-putting manner.

“Please, Sally, it’s about something really important. It’s about you. I need to tell you why I’m worried about you” he insisted as warmly, yet as assertively as he could.

After a few seconds, Sally decided she could at least hear Vincent out and give him a few minutes of her time. After all, this was the first time in the year and a half that they lived in the same house that he truly insisted on showing any concern for her.

“Ok, we can talk in my room” she quietly offered, opening her door wider and gesturing for him to enter.

Vincent’s eyes lit up upon hearing her invite him in. He uttered a humble, “Thank you, Sally.”

As he walked into Sally’s little room, he smelled a sweet, fruity scent, which he figured was the perfume she put on before leaving the house to meet her lover. He also observed a pair of white cotton panties on the floor next to her bed. However, he was careful to keep his thoughts focused on the subject at hand, for what he wanted to get off his chest tonight.

Sally motioned for Vincent to sit down in an armchair next to a small bookcase, which Vincent was surprised to find housed with books in French. There were also books on theology, philosophy, art, and music.

Sally sat down on her bed, only a few feet away from her visitor. She looked at Vincent directly, something she was not accustomed to doing.

Vincent was quite surprised she was looking at him straight-on, as she usually didn’t even meet his eyes when they passed each other in the hallway of the huge house they shared.

“What did you want to talk about?” she inquired calmly.

He began, “Well, like I said, Sally, I’m worried about you, really worried”. Sally saw the genuine concern in Vincent’s soft hazel eyes.

He continued, “Now don’t be mad at me, Sally, but one morning, months ago, I found a bunch of bloody tissue and cotton balls in the bathroom, after you had used it earlier that night.”

Sally istanbul escort was listening quietly without saying a word, her eyes focused on the young man sitting across from her, who incidentally, looked extremely masculine with his adam’s apple prominently protruding out of his neck.

“I was shocked, actually, and got really worried about you, so I decided to follow you soon after one night, and saw you with that older man in the alley, on the other side of town.” Vincent searched Sally’s eyes for any sort of reaction to his words. Nothing so far. She seemed as cool as a cucumber.

He decided to continue, “Sally, who was that man, and did he beat you that night? Is that why you were all bloody? Why would you go all the way over there to him, and so late at night, to do what you do? I mean, where did you meet him? Who is this man to you?” Vincent was brimming with what seemed like endless questions.

Sally slowly looked down to the floor. Finally, Vincent observed, a real-life human reaction out of Sally. He felt her icy exterior slightly melting…

She sat there and didn’t say a word, not for a full three minutes. It was all of a sudden silent between the two young people in that little bedroom, except for the clock on the nightstand ticking away.

Finally, Sally declared, “He’s Damian, my lover.” She was still looking down at the floor.

Vincent was listening intently, careful not to interrupt too early, determined to hear what Sally had to say about the strange older man, the bum she had been visiting across town.

She went on, “He did beat me once, but only because I did something wrong, and he was drunk at the time. Anyway, I’ve forgiven him for it, so it’s no big deal now.” Her eyes were still cast down as she sat demurely on the bed.

Vincent rolled his eyes, trying to stay calm, but it wasn’t long before he started losing his composure. “Oh Jesus, you’ve got to be kidding me. It’s no big deal? Are you crazy? That maniac could have killed you! I saw how much blood you lost, Sally. Jesus Christ! Our bathroom trashcan looked like it belonged in a fucking operating room!”

Sally kept her eyes downward, refusing to look Vincent in the eye.

After minutes, she slowly looked up to see a very concerned look on the young man’s face. Calmly, she started, “You’re wrong. Damian’s a good man. He’s the nicest, most generous, most wonderful man I’ve ever met. He’s the man of my dreams. He’s the man God wants me to be with.”

Vincent completely lost it at this point. “What? What the hell are you saying, Sally? He’s a god-damned loser, that’s what he is! A homeless, god-damned drunk on the filthy streets! Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be out there, that late at night? And you say he’s the man of your dreams? Please, spare me. You can’t be that desperate.”

Sally was fully prepared to defend her man to anybody, even to Vincent, but before she could begin talking again, she was abruptly interrupted.

“That old bum is nothing but bad news. I want you to stop seeing him, for your own good!” As he said that, Vincent felt his blood boiling in his veins.

Although he didn’t outwardly look like a controlling person, Vincent’s jealousy towards Damian seemed to be betraying whatever nobler intentions he initially intended to reveal to Sally.

Sally’s blood was also bubbling up, and then suddenly… she snapped.

“And who, Vincent, are you to judge Damian? And who are you to tell me what to do?” she boldly challenged.

“I’m not a dirty old drunk living on the street, for one thing! I saw all those bottles of liquor in that loser’s alley, and by the way, it smelled like a god-damned sticking hell pit over there!” Vincent snapped, not in the least trying to hide the look of disgust on his face.

Sally’s face was burning red now. “What? Do you think you’d be an improvement over Damian? Are you serious? What do YOU have to offer a girl that Damian doesn’t?” Sally was now becoming openly hostile to her visitor.

“Well, for one thing, you’d be safer with me here in this house, safer than out there with that good for nothing piece bakırköy escort of crap, that’s for sure.” Vincent said plainly.

Sally chuckled. “Oh! Yeah, that’s what a girl really goes for in a guy- safety…” She was openly mocking him now.

“Alright then, since you insist, you’re forcing me to state the obvious. He’s an old, penniless, jobless, pathetic loser, who doesn’t even have a roof over his head, not to mention a pot to piss in. He doesn’t have shit!”

Sally held up her pretty canary gold bracelet for Vincent to look at. “See this? It’s a present from Damian. Does it look like shit to you? When have YOU ever given anything that nice to a girl?”

Vincent just stared at the bracelet, momentarily speechless.

“Ha, I thought so… never!” she spat out, satisfied with how accurately she had the fool sitting across from her pegged.

Vincent replied bitterly, “He probably stole that bracelet. You have to know he didn’t buy it with his own hard-earned money!” The pettiness in Vincent’s voice was rearing its ugly head.

Sally noticed how Vincent was now viciously and sarcastically snapping at every virtue she was trying to point out about Damian. Vincent had a ton of irony and perhaps also a bit of jealousy in his voice, which was now slightly starting to crack.

“You think I care how he got the bracelet? I don’t give a shit. The point is that he got it for me, which is more than you’ll ever do. You, Vincent, wouldn’t have the imagination to get such a pretty gift for a girl, or even have the balls to steal it, come to think of it. You’re the one who doesn’t have shit to offer a girl.” Sally spitefully dished out to her incredulous visitor.

“You’re wrong, Sally, I COULD get a gift like that for a girl, it’s not beyond me.” Vincent pointed out, quickly defending himself.

“You could do that for someone like Mary, right?” Sally said knowingly, with a smirk on her face.

Vincent was caught off guard there. It had been a while since he actively fantasized about his gorgeous blonde roommate down the hall, and anyway, how did Sally even know he once had a thing for Mary?

Sally went on, “Yeah, then go ahead. Go ahead and woo Mary with gifts. Knock yourself out.” Sally dared in a taunting manner.

Vincent’s look quickly fell flat, because he knew very well the truth of the matter; that that ship had long since sailed. He knew that Mary had been taken off the dating market a while back, by a rich, smooth-talking guy with an awesome job and a fancy car. Vincent knew deep down that a girl like Mary was way out of his league. Sally, he figured, however, would have been a much easier conquest, or so he arrogantly thought.

At this point in their heated discussion, Sally was ready to give Vincent a piece of her mind. “YOU’RE the pathetic loser, Vincent. You and I both know that Mary’s got herself a great guy, someone who’s got a lot more to offer than you.”

Sally was so enraged at this instant that she no longer felt the need to be polite. She would not hold any punches now. She started her rant, “You’re such a dumb shit. You’re fucking clueless. And by the way, you think I’ll ever sleep with you? Yeah, right. I see right through you. You’re only talking me because you think I’ll be an easy lay. That’s the only reason you’re here right now, not because you’re worried or anything. You don’t give a shit about my safety. You just want to fuck me because you think I’m desperate enough to say yes. Well, even if I WERE desperate, it wouldn’t be nearly enough to sleep with a moron like you. YOU’RE a fucking joke. Go crawl back into your little hole, and jerk off all by yourself, because we both know you can’t even get a girl to fuck you. Now get the hell out of my room, you worthless piece of shit.”

Vincent’s jaw dropped. Shit. He was completely shocked at what he just heard, even more shocked than he had been the first time he followed Sally downtown and saw her fuck Damian.

To be honest, he didn’t even know Sally could be so mean. She could be cold yes, but mean, and cruel? No, he had no idea she even had it in her. What’s more, he was a little ashamed to admit it, but Sally’s words of humiliation had actually made him rock hard.

What the hell was going on? Why was he getting turned on from being at the receiving end of such humiliation? And it was humiliation from a female who was not even a turn-on for him. What the hell?????

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