Dragon Fly


Brandon wondered what had happened to his sex life.

A little over a year ago, he got married to Lauren. After 6 months of living together and incredibly passionate sex, he had thought that it would continue that way after marriage. But things had gone down hill after the honeymoon. From twice a night, they were down to four or five times a week and never with the excitement or passion they had previously known.

Tonight Lauren was just not interested in making love. She said it was late and she had an important meeting tomorrow and had to get in early to work to prepare for the meeting.

Perhaps it was the burden of work and careers that had taken the edge off of their relationship. She was looking at another promotion and her department was expanding. Brandon was busy at work with a new project and sometimes worked late. But he always made time to be with Lauren and missed the deep emotional connection they used to share.

They had talked about kids and had decided in a few years they would both like to have two children, a boy and a girl. But first they had to be secure in their careers with enough money to afford a nice house so they could raise their kids properly. Not that they would ever be rich, but they did want a few of the nicer things in life. And who knows, Brandon secretly bought a few lottery tickets occasionally and was hoping for a winner.

As they lay in bed, Lauren turned on the TV to watch the late night local news. Tonights lead story was a jewelry store robbery that was foiled by an unknown hero. Brandon tried a joke about the word “jewelry” was so 1980’s and how the proper term was “bling” and that in 10 years there wouldn’t be any more jewelry stores, only bling stores. Lauren hushed him and said be quiet, she wanted to hear the news.

Evidently, the unknown hero had restrained one robber but three others had escaped. No loot was missing. Police were questioning the captured robber.

Brandon noticed how intently Lauren had followed the story and commented about how the unknown hero had done excellent work in preventing the robbery and capturing one of the robbers. Lauren got a look of disgust on her face and said the police would get nothing from the captured henchman since all henchmen are stupid and that the mastermind of the robbery was already planning his next move.

After watching the weather and seeing istanbul escort that no rain was forecast for tomorrow, Lauren had a change of heart and decided tonight was a good night for sex. Brandon was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they make love but there was a bit of a spark for a change.

The city had changed in the past 5 years. Too many criminals, not enough police. At first, neighborhood watch type organizations like the Guardian Angels sprang up. But these organizations were ineffective. This was followed by “heroes”, mostly young men in their late teens or early twenties. They patrolled the streets looking to stop crime while dressed in their superhero costumes. Last night’s jewelry store robbery was prevented by a new hero called “The Badger” who took credit for it in a late night phone call to the local TV station.

Lauren was correct. The newspapers the next day wrote about the previous night’s jewelry robbery and said the captured robber was unable to provide the police with any substantial information. The only thing he told them was that “Diamond Dennis” planned the robbery but he had no idea where to find “Diamond Dennis” or even a description of him. That meant no plea bargain and 5 years in the big house for the captured robber.

Lauren was late getting home. She had gone to the gym for a strenuous workout. Although she had been going to the gym an hour a day every day before they got married, Brandon had noticed a drop in her workout routine. Lately, she was only going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and not continuing her karate lessons or jin jitsu workouts. Not that she needed any more lessons since she was already a black belt in karate. But tonight, she had been at the gym for 2 hours and was still sweating when she got home. After a shower for Lauren and a late night light dinner, it was time to call it a night.

The late night news was more of the same. Murders, robberies, mayhem. But one story captured Lauren’s complete attention. A jewelry store was robbed by three unknown assailants who escaped with a big haul. After last night’s failed jewelry store robbery, police suspected “Diamond Dennis” and his gang.

Lauren’s face was serious. She asked Brandon if he remembered a hero called “Dragon Fly”? Brandon said “Of course. Dragon Fly was a great avcılar escort hero and stopped a lot of crime. But no one has heard anything from Dragon Fly for over a year now. Everyone says he retired.”

“She retired” said Lauren. “She wanted to get married and have a family and decided to give up the life of fighting crime”.

Brandon slowly came to a realization. “You? You’re Dragon Fly? No way! I don’t believe it!”

Lauren said nothing but just went to the spare bedroom closet that was being used as a storage space. Brandon heard noises of things being moved around.

Lauren returned to bedroom with a large box. She opened the box and pulled out a black and green body suit. He noticed a design of a dragon fly on the front of the body suit. Lauren pulled out the dragon fly mask and held it over her face. “Now what do you think?”

Brandon was shocked and horrified. But he was also a little bit excited. He suggested she put the suit on and see if it still fit and was undamaged by over a year in storage.

As she quickly got into the suit, Brandon marveled at her exquisite body. So lithe and athletic, so firm and toned. The mask was strangely intoxicating, hiding features but leaving the eyes uncovered to see.

Brandon said “Show me some of the moves you used on bad guys” as he got up out of the bed. Lauren said “Come at me big boy.”

Brandon was a big guy. He had wrestled some in high school and was in pretty good shape. He figured there was no way a woman could take him, even if she was a black belt in karate.

Brandon went in for a takedown. Lauren easily sidestepped the attack and grabbed Brandon’s hand and twisted his thumb which brought him to his knees and completely immobilized him. After a few seconds, when the pain subsided, she let him up and said “come on, you can do better than that”.

Brandon came at her again. Before he knew what had happened, he was flat on his back, pinned, and Lauren was holding his arms down. She let go of his arms, lifted her mask over her face and said “how was that?”

Brandon reached up and pulled her face to his. The passion he felt in the kiss was incredible. He was already completely erect and as hard as he had ever been and all he could say was “mask on, suit off”.

Lauren needed no additional urging. She was out of the suit and on the bed before şirinevler escort Brandon even took two steps towards the bed.

Brandon began his usual routine of a kiss while massaging Lauren’s breasts but Lauren would have none of that. She pushed him on his back and reached down and felt his rock hard penis. Lauren quickly mounted him and slid his penis into her. She was already wet and ready. Brandon knew he would not last long.

He reached for her breasts as she rocked back and forth on top of him. As he gently massaged her breasts, she said “touch me like you mean it”. He grabbed the rock hard nipples and gave them a tug. Lauren squeeled and began moving up and down, in and out, faster and faster.

Brandon never reached orgasm when Lauren was on top. It was one way to make sure he did not come until she did. Usually, he would be on top for a few minutes to get things started and then have her ride him until she came. Then he would get on top of her again and go until he had an orgasm. Sometimes she would have a second orgasm but not usually.

Tonight was different. Lauren responded to the new ministrations eagerly and was aware of her own peak building within the depths of her mind and body. She knew only that she was going to new heights! Then it hit her and she felt her body quicken and the additional lubrication and her senses more keenly attuned to her sensations! Her mind succumbed totally to the wonderful sensations that she felt within her.

They moved in perfect union, coordinated by common thoughts as they looked into each other’s eyes. Time was no longer relative; it may have been a millisecond or an eternity, as they reveled in each other. It was the culmination of years of experience as they shared thoughts and feelings through eyes and body language.

There were no thoughts of the past or of the future; only the striving for new sensations as they sought to please their partner. As the sensations increased, so did the physical exertion and the very violence of their action which only stimulated more exertions. They worked in silence, communicating through their body motions alone.

As Lauren was felt another surge of euphoria, she felt Brandon come inside her with an intensity he had never known.

As they lay together in the peace of orgasmic bliss, Lauren rolled over and pointed to her arm where she had a scar. It was the only imperfection on an otherwise perfect body. She said “remember how I told you this scar was from a shooting accident by my cousin when I was a child? It wasn’t. This was done by Diamond Dennis 2 years ago. I have to go after him.”

There were no more secrets between them and the magic was back.

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