Dressing for My Sister Ch. 02


After that night I couldn’t stop thinking about what had taken place. How did things turn out so perfect? I mean I was dressed up in my sister’s clothes and playing with myself, using her dildo….. how did she enjoy that? No matter, I was swimming in excitement! Lisa said she had some plans, I wasn’t sure what that meant but the anticipation was thrilling!

2 weeks went by, and nothing was done. She just went about her days as did I. We talked like normal and everything was just fine, but I had this feeling that something would change, and change it did!

My parents were to go away to Mexico for 2 weeks. I had a feeling something might happen at that time line; or should I say hoping, but she said nothing! 2 days before my parent’s left, I received a package from Sears? It was a large box and very heavy. I was thinking,”I didn’t order a thing???” My mom gave me the box and asked me what the hell it was

“I ordered some electronics from sears… it was on special.” It was a horrible cover up, but I had no idea what was in the box!

My room was in the basement so I brought the box downstairs and put it on the foot of my bed. I open the box and looked inside…. and what I saw.

“Can I see what you got hun?” My mom asked me. I closed the box quickly and told her.

“No!” She looked at me.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I told her that is was a gift for her, not electronics, and she couldn’t see. My mom looked at me kind of funny.

“Whatever son, you are up to something and I don’t know if I like it?”

My mother left and went up the stairs. I quietly went to the box and opened it up. It was full of women’s clothes and lingerie! Beautiful dresses and panties…. bra’s and garter’s…. stockings and shoes… even had some breast inserts. I couldn’t believe this! And in the bottom of the box was a sealed letter. I opened it up.

“This is a gift for not only you, but for me. I purchased these things for you to wear and for me to enjoy. I have though about that night every day and have been thinking of other ways that we can make this situation special for the both of us. Please know this is just the start. I will be sending you other packages as we go along with our fun games. The packages won’t be as large but just as special! I have a lot of ideas of things we are going to do, but first thing is first. I want you to find a secret place to store our new clothing. I want you to take care of them, have them clean and ready to wear as I direct you… is this understood? Do NOT tell anyone of what we are doing here! As soon as something happens that I am not happy with, this game ends! Do you understand? Good! Mom and dad leave Friday morning. I am hoping you do not have any plans. I have taken 2 weeks holidays, and have a few things in store for the both of us. I advise you to cancel all plans and gear up for one unbelievable 2 weeks!”

I didn’t have much to do, I do have a job, but getting time off was a non issue. I called my boss and asked for some days off, I said I had a sick family member out of town and didn’t know when I would be back. He was cool with it all and now I was set! I was feeling quite scared! I didn’t know what my sister was to do with me? But at the same time; I have to tell you, I am so aroused! I was so hard just thinking of the things that could happen! The unknown was so inviting!

I live in a finished basement, and down there is a closet. I aksaray escort went shopping for a latch and a lock to install on the closet so nobody could see inside. And all this time in the 2 days since my package arrived my sister has been absent? So that friday morning came I said goodbye to my parents. Lisa wasn’t there to say goodbye? Where was she? As soon as they left I grabbed my box and started to hang my clothes. Inside the closet I had put some plastic drawers to fold my lingerie. I hung an asortment of dresses. Some long, others short. Some tight and others not as tight. Most of them were black, 2 red and a real sexy cream colored one! There were 3 pair of pants, a few blouse’s and some day wear. The bra and panty sets were to die for! All colors and styles, I couldn’t believe! This must of cost her a fortune! We both lived with our parents and did not pay ant rent. This was so we could properly save to buy our own house one day. All this clothes folding and hanging was getting to me! I wanted to dress up so bad, but where to start. Just as I was about to start tying things on the phone rang.

“Hello, how are you?”It was my sister Lisa.”Did you enjoy my gift?”

“Yes I did! Thank you so much, but why?” Lisa stopped for a short second and began to explain.

“I couldn’t wait to be with you like we were the other night! But I wanted to do this a special way…. my way. Do you understand?” I hesitated.

“No I don’t, but thats fine sis. I will do what ever you want! I have the 2 weeks off so what ever you have planned is all good.” My sister started to breath a little deeper and asked.

“I want you to get dressed soon, but first I need you to clean up. I want you to have a shower and shave off all your body hair. I want all of it off completely! After you do that I want you to wear one of the robes I bought for you go to the front door and get a package I will leave for you there. Don’t cheat, I will be watching and no more games for you little brother, you understand?” I was in the zone!

“Yes I understand!” I can’t wait! This game was starting to be fun! I went through my new closet to get a robe. She had purchased 3 of them for me, but there was one that stood out. It was a black satin robe, with sheer sleeves and a lace trim down the semi-low cut neck line, and lace trim on the bottom. It was very sexy! I went to the bathroom, drew myself a bath. I soaked and shaved, and cleaned myself with all of my sister’s bath salts and oils so I could smell pretty. As I dry myself I notice how young I looked with all the hair off my body! I wasn’t really hairy before but wow… what a sight, and feeling!.

I put on my sexy robe and go to the front door. It was about noon at this point and I see the box about 30 feet from the front step. She is playing with me! I have to get the box and have everyone see me in a satin robe? I knew she was to watch so I looked around…. made sure nobody was watching. I walked down the sidewalk and grabbed the box, ran into the house and shut the door tight! Oh man, was that intense! I went downstairs and opened the box. Inside was a wig, and some make up. It was a blonde wig, just past shoulder length, with a bob cut hair style simular to my sister’s hair. I didn’t know what to do with the make up, so First I put on the wig, looked in my full length mirror and as I looked at myself I noticed creeping up to in in the background was my sister.

She 68aksarayspor.com was wearing this black one piece jumper that was so very tight to her muscular body. At the top of the jumper it was white and black checker pattern, the zipper was pulled down to expose a large portion of her large d cup breast’s. She was all done up, her hair, face, she looked outstanding! I was starting to feel warm inside. My cock was starting to twitch.

“You look beautiful Lisa!” She walked up behind me put her arms around me and gave me a gentle kiss on my neck.

“Thank you little brother, now it’s time that we make you look beautiful. Would you like to feel beautiful Mark?”

I stutter,”ye..yesssss. Please make me look pretty…..” Lisa then started taking my clothes off. She went into my closet and opened some of the plastic organizing drawers I had put in to keep my lingerie.

“You have done a great job with you new clothes baby brother. Now…. what to start you with. What will be the first thing I get you to wear.”

She pulled out a matching black panty and bra set. It was fabulous! The panties were mostly satin, but had a lace brazilian cut back on them. The bra was mostly satin also and with some lace trim on it also. She grabbed my breast inserts and handed them to me. She also grabbed a pair of nylon stockings with a lace top. They were stay ups so no garter was needed. “Put these on while I look for an outfit.”

I sat on the edge of my couch and started with the stockings. I rolled them up and pulled them around my toes. Slowly sliding them on I extend my leg out , pulling them up and feeling the warmth of the nylon hug my leg. I put my panties on, and wow! What A fit! They were not too tight but hugged my small round bum perfectly, and covered all of my cock, even as hard as it was! The bra fit well to. This was different than wearing my sister’s stuff, she has large breast’s and my bra’s were only sized to a b cup. Although the cup size seemed small, when I put the inserts in, they fit and looked so real! I rubbed my hands all over my new breast’s and looked again into the mirror. I still had my wig on and I really started to believe I was looking like a women!

“Here, try this on.” Lisa handed me a long black stretchy dress. I slid it over my head and Lisa helped me pull it on. The sleeves were long and flared out past my elbows, the dress almost hit the floor, and had a long slit up the left side. It felt amazing. She sat me down again, opened up the make up bag she had just bought me and began to make the finally transformation. She started with concealer, then eye shadow. I was getting so very hot while she was doing this to me. She was so transfixed on the task in hand, without a doubt I knew I was going to look beautiful! As she put on the lipstick she smiled. Looked at me and said, “Done! Take a look sweetheart!” She showed me a round mirror, and as soon as she put it to my face I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t recognize myself! I was so pretty! I stood up and walked to my mirror and looked at the entire package. I was stunning! It is like I was meant to be a women.

Lisa walked over to me looking sexy as all hell in that fancy jumper of hers, her tits looked so inviting. I wanted to touch. She looked deep in my eyes and gave me a deep long kiss! Our tongues tangled up, the taste of lipstick was just a dream to me! As we broke our kiss my sister spoke.

“I have never wanted anything more than I have wanted this right now.” I didn’t know how to respond. She looked deeper into my eyes, “I have never felt this close to anyone in my life, this feels right…. you feel right! And not only are you my little brother, but you look like my beautiful little sister that I have always wanted!” Lisa just kept staring at me.

“I feel the same way Lisa! You make me feel like nothing I have ever felt before. I feel sexy, and manly.. it is hard to explain, but all I know is I couldn’t feel this comfortable with anyone else. And you look so perfect! I want to touch you and feel you…..”

As I was talking Lisa placed my hands on her breasts. Feeling the fabric of the low cut half way across her big round tits, I unzipped her jumper all the way down to her belly, and in an instant, her big beautiful tits popped out! I began to fondle them lightly touching her large nipples. I moved down to kiss them, squeezing her left breast as I kiss and suck on her right one. I place my tongue on her nipple and bit down on it. She gasped and looked at me with a grin. I continued to suck and bit tasting her skin feeling her heat. I unzipped the jumper down to her pussy, and thats were the zipper ended. She stood up and let me peel the jumper off her. She was wearing a black satin thong, very skimpy at best. She stood above me as I was sitting on the couch. Her feet beside my thighs, she pressed her panty covered pussy over my face.

“Smell it, give it a taste.” I slowly inhaled my sisters cunt. Light seepage of her love juice came through her panties so I place my tongue on it, licking all of her goodness!.

“Mmmm yes little brother, lick my pussy… taste your sister’s cunt!” I started to lap up all of her juices.I pulled her panties to the side and put one finger in her. I put my lips on her clit, sucking and fucking her.

“Yes, fuck yessssss. Fuck it baby fuck your sister.” She dropped onto my lap, now grinding on top of my full hard cock! She leaned in to kiss me, her breathing as heavy as mine.She began feeling my new breasts.

“Wow what perfect little tits we have here. They feel so nice.” She was really starting to hump and grind. Hard and slow. I so wanted to cum, but did not want this to end. Lisa continued to fondle my tits and grind into my cock.

“Lisa I am going to cum. I am sorry but I think you are making me cum.” I was getting close. She slid off from on top of me and went to the floor, she lifted my dress and licked my cock through my panties…. there was so much pre cum! She pulled off the panties and took the hard cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm I love how you taste little brother! Your cock is so wonderful! Now licking the entire shaft, I look at her, feeling my breasts as my cock gets sucked by my sister.She begins to stroke it hard and fast.

“Cum for me Mark! Cum in my mouth!” Her lips pressed to the tip of my penis, I continue to feel myself up, my beautiful dress, my perfect little tits!

“Ahhh yesss Lisa suck me!” And then as my cock tensed up I let it go, and Lisa took all of it! She began sucking and jerking me off, eating everything I had!

“Come give your sister a kiss.” I lean into her and she kisses me deeply, tasting myself, loving my cum.

“Come on Mark, lets get you cleaned up.” I went to take off my dress and she stopped me.

“No, no, no little brother! Do not take that dress off! We are not done! We have 2 long weeks of this, and I am not wasting a second! Come on I will clean you up and make some supper. We have a long night ahead of us!” This was to much! I couldn’t wait…. well I wouldn’t have too!

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