Early Afternoon

Arched Back

A friend asked me to write a story for her. This is it. She loved it…. Hope you guys do too. My first submission so please be gentle and use plenty of lube…..

I’m home from work babe, you meet me at the front door. You’ve missed me, wanted me, needed me all day. Our tongues battling before I’ve even shut the door. Your arms around me, hands pressed into my back just below my shoulder blades as my hands settle into the small of your back just above the curve of your butt. We stand there kissing for what feels like days but is only a few minutes. We move apart.

“Hey babe, you miss me?” I ask with a devilish grin.

“What do you think?” You reply as one hand squeezes the front of my pants. “Go have a shower, I’ll get you a beer.” So I head for the shower after another long toe curling kiss, shedding my clothes down the hallway.

The shower is nice and hot, burning the stress of a long day out of my muscles. You walk into our ensuite and sit my beer on the sink. You quickly remove what few clothes you’re wearing and slip into our large shower with me. We kiss again, long and gentle. You grab the bodywash and start scrubbing my arms and chest with it. I lightly flip one of your nipples but you slap my hand away saying “Not yet.”

You’ve finished with my chest and move onto my back, but once that’s done I grab the body wash and loofah from you and start on your back. Slowly scrubbing and massaging from the tops of your thighs to the top of your shoulders, paying particular attention to your gorgeous, curvaceous butt. . I turn you around and start from Beylikdüzü Anal Escort your stomach and move to those beautiful G cup breasts, paying more attention than necessary to your now rock hard nipples than purely washing would need. The relaxed and content look on your face is beautiful to see. You sneak some bodywash into your hand and take a firm grasp on my slowly hardening cock and ‘wash’ it. The squeezing and stroking motions you apply have me hard in moments.

“Someone’s happy to see me.” You giggle.

“Always.” I groan in reply as I take a handful of beautiful boob and gentle squeeze the whole thing, teasing you just as much as you’re teasing me. We stop playing long enough to wash the last of the soap off before stepping out and drying each other off. Grabbing a hold of my cock again you lead me to our bed, I turn us around and push you so you sit back onto the edge and the motion carries your upper body over so you’re laying down with your legs off the side.

I crawl up your body and we kiss again, after a few minutes I kiss my way down your neck and across both your collar bones, your hands stroking my shoulders, neck and into my hair. I slowly move down until I take a nipple into my mouth, gently, firmly, slowly, fast, I suck and nibble at them one after the other. I know how much you like that, especially when I pull them together and suckle them both at once. Eventually you need more and push me south. I pause at your belly button and make love to it with my tongue, I love how it makes you squirm and giggle. Moving on, Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort I take a deep breath of your freshly showered and heady scent before running my tongue quickly from your rose to your button, you shiver and moan. A few more quick swipes over and through your petals and I focus my attention onto your clit, now out of hiding from behind its little hood. Using my lips, teeth and tongue to bring you closer and closer to a sweet release. Just as you get to the edge I let go of your clit and slip my tongue through your folds again, the edge has backed off but you’re still near the peak. I go back to tongue lashing your clit and slip two fingers into your dripping, delicious pussy. Quickly locating that rough patch that marks your g spot they go to work, the knuckle of my ring finger caressing your tight pucker with every movement of my fingers in your sweet pussy. The combination of sensations proves too much when I straighten my ring finger and plunge it into your tight butt as far as the second knuckle. You cum. Your whole body tensing and flexing in a spastic rhythm. Your hands almost pull out my hair, your moans and cries, music to my ears. I don’t let up on you though, I increase my efforts and your hands leave my hair, going to your breasts to pull, pinch and twist your nipples. You know you’re going to cum again, even harder. I reach my free hand up to help you with your breasts but you catch it and drag my fingers into your mouth and suck them. You cum again, hard, juice splashing all over my face and arm. Moving off your tortured Beylikdüzü Elit Escort pussy, I move up and we kiss contentedly.

Eventually you roll us over and push me onto my back before sliding off the bed, you get on your knees between my legs, grabbing my still half hard cock. You start stroking to get it hard again and suck my clean shaven balls. As soon as I’m hard you take my thick cock deep into your mouth and start sucking hard. You match the bob of your head on my cock with the stroking action of your hand. Your other hand continues to squeeze, tease and fondle my balls. You know I’m not keen on it but you even tease my bum with a fingertip. It’s obvious I enjoy your ministrations, I’ve always been quite noisy.

I push you off my cock before you make me cum and help you up onto the bed. Laying on your back I take your legs and push your knees up as far as you can flex while you reach down between us and guide my searching cock home. You’re so wet that I slide easily into your oh so tight pussy. We both groan in satisfaction as I push all the way in to the hilt. Slowly I stroke in and out, trying to make it last. You cum again, your pussy clamps down on my cock. It’s too much for me to take. I cum. The first massive blast pasting into your cervix and pushing you into yet another orgasm. The second and third blasts fill you and leak out around me. I slip back and the fourth shot leaves a trail all the way to your cleavage. I try to slip my cock back into your already flooded pussy but miss and bury it deep into your tight arse, to the hilt. Balls deep on the first try, you scream, a massive flood of our combined juices comes out of your pussy as you cum again.

We collapse on the bed, both of us totally exhausted. Unfortunately we have to move, not only is the bed soaked, but the front door just slammed and there are feet running down the hallway. The kids are home from school……..

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