East Joins West


Sara looks at her sleeping husband, but she’s day-dreaming about another man, a white man with flecks of gray in his other-wise brown hair. He’s handsome in a western way, with a muscular upper body, and a smile that sends shutters of desire through her. His presence is that of a sage, a sage that exudes the sexual prowess of Kama, a sage she believes can satisfy her cravings.

In her dream she sees him cup her ass in both hands as his cock glides repeatedly into her chamber. She sighs quietly, “Yee,” each time he touches the bottom of her tunnel. He holds her off the bed with just her shoulders and beautiful brown face touching the bed. She wiggles her hips excitedly as his white cock slips back and forth between the black thatch of hair covering her haven. He beams at her thrilling face, and tits’ shaking to and fro in rhythm with his gentle pushes. For years and especially since her marriage her desire to be satisfied by a handsome, older man has increased. His linga, much larger than her husbands, probes to a depth and width of immense pleasure. The joy of her contracting uterus is overwhelming, and her body goes stiff as she climaxes,” Yeeeh, yeeeh, yeeeh!”

He gently lowers her to the bed without leaving her pussy.

Their wet skins glisten in the dull light of the bedroom as they cuddle while she’s impaled and he’s incased.

“That was wonderful. I knew you would give me the ecstasy I’ve always wanted.” She kisses his hairy chest.

He doesn’t speak, but jerks his cock within her.

She giggles. “That tickles.

“It’s supposed too.” He kisses her long black hair, and runs his hand over her petite and rounded derriere. Waiting a minute, he drags a finger along the crack of her ass.

She giggles again. “You make me feel so special.”

“You are special.” He rolls on to his back, pushes her to a position where he can place his face between her smallish breasts. “You have perfect tits.” He nuzzles between them.

“I’m glad you like them but there little.”

“They’re perfect.” He moves his mouth to a nipple. He sucks and runs his tongue over it.”

“Oh that feels so good.”

“I’m glad you like it because I’m going to suckle for a long time.” He switches to the other nub.

She sighs continuously as he adores her tits.

He sucks her nipples harder and harder, and rolls them between his fingers until she sits upright becomes rigid and climaxes moaning, “Yeeeh, yeeeh, yeeeh!”

As she calms, he pulls her body until her breasts are above his head, and he raises his body placing his weight on his feet. “Ride me, ride me hard and fast.”

With her forearms beside his head, she bucks wildly sliding up and down his erection.

He grabs her hips moving her faster and faster along the length of his shaft.

It doesn’t take long before all her sex organs are convulsing, and she cries, “Oh Kama, I’m on fire for you; I’m coming, “Yeeeh, Yeeeh, yeeeh!”

He rolls them to their sides. He grasps a breast and pummels her with his long, hard staff. “Raise your leg.” He commands continuing to hammer his shaft into her oozing pussy. Releasing her tit he moves his hand to her clit and swirls his finger in circles.

Sara is floating on the edge of an orgasm and falls into the bliss of an orgasm at the same time, he jabs his jizzcum into her well-prepared cavity. He comes with a groan, “Aaaaugh.”

At the same time, she climaxes, “Yeeeh, yeeeh, yeeeh!”

She wakes from her dream as her husband turns onto his back.

* * *

Malic and Sara Patel arrive in Atlanta, Georgia in early June 2010. They’ve been married two years. The marriage was arranged in the Indian tradition, and was unusual because Sara was twenty-three and Malic was forty-four at the time of the wedding He waited from the time of their engagement, when she was sixteen, for her to complete her schooling as stipulated by her parents. She earned a BS and MS in Indian and World History from Jain University. A large dowry was paid in installments over the seven year period, as he worked in high positions in the computer science industry in Bangalore. Sara spent two years in a sexually unsatisfactory marriage before they moved to Atlanta because Malic had been hired to supervise the computer technology of a Verizon Call Center.

His salary was in keeping with his position, and he decided to purchase a condo. Within a week they had an appointment to meet with a representative of the Jerry Brown Century 2100 Real Estate Agency. Sara is smitten when Hal Houseman greets them in the parking lot. He is wearing a blue and white seersucker suit, a white shirt, a dark blue bow tie, white tie, and white shoes. He’s Sara’s vision of Kama. Tall at about six feet, muscular upper body, slim at about 170 pounds, and handsome with an oval face, high cheek bones, and straight nose, he is all she has dreamed about.

He introduces himself and shakes her husband’s hand, Dr. Malic Patel, who is slight at five feet six inches. He’s good looking with his dark skin, black hair and eyes. He’s denizli escort clothing consists of a tailored blue suit, a light blue shirt, and a red and blue tie.

Sara is anxious as Hal extends his hand to her. She takes it trembling.

His hand is warm and engulfs hers.

She almost swoons as his touch is an electric shock touching all her intimate places.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Patel, and I like your sari as it matches your eyes and complexion,” he says surveying her short petite body

Mr. Patel grins as the salesman compliments his beautiful wife.

“Thank you Mr. Houseman it’s one of my favorites.” She holds on to his hand.

Hal take them into his glass lined office which contains a desk, computer, a phone, anthree chairs. He asks them to sit. “I understand your looking for a condominium.”

“That’s correct,” Dr. Patel says in a clipped British accent.

“We have a large selection from which to choose depending upon which price range fits your budget. Hal says glancing at Dr. Patel, but looking into the bottomless eyes of his wife.

“I’m looking to spend between one-half to one million dollars,” he says with a smile and excited expression.

Hal turns the computer to face them. “The photos are of the outside of condo complexes and an interior view which will give you some idea of what’s available.” He moves behind them with a remote and slowly goes through a dozen possibilities. With each view, he briefly describes the location and amenities. “If you have any questions feel free to ask?”

“Would you return to the third pictures please?” Mrs. Patel asks in a strong voice with little accent.

Hal notices the strength in her voice, the alertness of her memory, and the smell of her expensive perfume. He returns to the slide. “That’s the Vining Commons. This particular condo comes equipped with all kitchen appliances and a washer and dryer. The only things you’ll have to purchase are window dressings and furniture.” He speaks directly to Mrs. Patel watching her eyes for any clue as to her interest.

“That’s the one I like the best. Can we see it today?” She asks looking directly at Hal, and wondering what he looks like naked.

Certainly, it’s less than thirty minutes from here this time of day.

On the way, Dr. Patel sits beside Hal with his wife in the back. He tells Hal they are from the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. His doctorate was earned at Bangalore University with his degree and dissertation dealt with computer science. He worked for a number of companies in Bangalore, which is one of the major call centers in the country as well as an innovative computer center.

At the condo, Hal directs them to the elevators and the third floor.

Mrs. Patel gasps at the beautiful lime green wall, contrasting dark brown carpet and white cathedral ceilings. She immediately goes to the windows overlooking the Chattahoochee River. “Malic it’s so beautiful and except for the vegetation it reminds me of home. I love it. May we see the remainder Mr. Houseman?

Hal led her to the kitchen painted in egg shell white which matched the appliances.

“It’s designed for efficiency. I like that, and the kitchenette and dining room are so convenient. It’s perfect for cooking and entertaining small groups for dinner or parties.” She looks at her husband and smiles sweetly at Hal.

“It seems you love everything Sara. Do you want to look at the bedrooms?” He asked with a little laugh.

“Follow me to the master bedroom,” Hal says. The green and brown motif of the bedrooms is consistent with the living room. “The color scheme was selected by one of Atlanta’s best interior designers. As you can see this room is large with extra large closets, and another great view of the river and part of down town. Please look into the master bath with its large shower and tub and extra large vanity.”

“Would you allow me to roam through the bedrooms by myself?” She asks the men.

Hal and Dr. Patel return to the living room talking about the décor and layout of the rooms.

After several minutes, Sara returns to the living room with tears in her eyes. “I love it Malic. It’s so beautiful and well designed.” She whispers through her tears. “Can we get it?”

“Assuming Mr. Houseman and I can agree on a price, I’ll buy it for you my beautiful dove.

* * *

In about forty-five minutes, a price of $750,000 is agreed upon and the primary paper work completed, and arrangements are made to finish the final documents at the Wells Fargo bank in the Vining Community.

The men rejoin Mrs. Patel who’d spent the time exploring the condo room by room.

Dr. Patel returns to the room. “Sara, welcome home.”

She grabs him around the neck and hugs him tightly.

“I’m pleased for you. This is one of the premiere residences in town, and to let you know how much I like it, I own one of them on the fifth floor.” Has says, looking at Mrs. Patel.

“It was very professional diyarbakır escort of you not to mention that you owned a condo here Mr. Houseman. I appreciate your no pressure approach,” Dr. Patel says.

“Thank you for your compliment. I try to allow the properties I represent to sell themselves,” he says. “Since you’ve bought the condo, I’m a personal friend of the interior decorator who’s responsible for the décor. If you’d like, I can put you in contact with her.”

“It is beautifully decorated. Malic if you agree I’d like to speak with…”

“Rita Fellers is her name,” Hal says.

“I’d like to talk with Ms. Fellers about furnishing our new home in America.”

“I thank that would be a good idea. The faster it is ready to be lived in, the sooner we can stop living out of our luggage in a hotel room. I’ll give you a budget and you can use it anyway you like.” Dr. Patel gives her a smile and a slight nod.

“If you give me your hotel or cell phone number I’ll have Rita give you a call as soon as possible.

Dr. Patel gives him two numbers.”

“As a way of thanking you for your business, I’d like to take you to a restaurant of your choice. If you’re interested what would be a good date?”

“That’s very kind of you Mr. Houseman,” Mrs. Petal says glancing at her husband and smiling sweetly at Hal. “I’d like that very much.”

“I agree with you Sara. I’d like to have dinner and time to chat.”

“What day fits your schedule?” She looks at her husband.

“Having taken today off, I’d prefer either Friday or Saturday.

“Good, Friday would be best for me. I’ll pick you up at 8:00. Do you have a preference of a restaurant?”

“Why don’t you select one since you’re more familiar with what’s available,” Dr. Patel says.

“Okay, I’ll do that. Also, since we’re going to be near neighbors I’d like for y’all to call me Hal. We Americans tend to prefer informality.”

“I agree with you now that we’re in America. My first name is Malic and my wife is Sara.”

“Great, I’m pleased to know you.” He shook Malic’s hand and took Sara’s when she offered it. It was small warm and clammy from perspiration and trembled slightly as he held on to her. He smiled at her. I’m pleased to welcome you to Vining Commons and look forward to seeing you Friday evening. Holy Molly, I forgot I’ve got to take you back to the office and your car.”

Oh the return trip to the office, Sara commented on the beauty of Atlanta, it cleanliness, the volume of traffic, and the lack of pedestrians and bicycles. Hal gave a running commentary on the geography and history of the city, and its importance as a transportation hub and governmental center. Both the Petal’s ask him questions.

Sara looks at Hal’s animated face and listens to his slightly accented baritone voice. She wonders why this man who is probably as old as her husband could have such an effect on her. Why did he appear to her as Kama, the god of erotic love? It’s true, she isn’t happy being married to Malic because even thought he treats her well, he is still an Indian male who is in charge of the household. For some reason Hal seems to be a much more open and willing to see a woman as an equal and not chattel. She’s glad they live in the same building and hopes she’ll get to see him on a regular basis.

As the Petal’s are about to get into their rental car Hal agrees to call Sara’s cell when he can set up a meeting with Rita Fellers at the condo. He stands in the hot parking lot watching the rental car drive away, and goes to his office to call Rita.

* * *

Rita Fellers is a forty-five year old friend with privileges, who happens to be an attractive, petite brunette with oversized breasts. In Atlanta, she has a solid reputation as an interior decorator. She decorated Hal’s condo two years before, and later adorned his bed. She is a great piece-of-ass who’s passionate about love making. Hal discovered early in their relationship that she had sensitive breasts, and he took great pleasure in massaging them and sucking on her nipples. For someone her age, she found it difficult to find a male with whom to have a lasting relationship, but she enjoys playing the cougar role to the hilt. She likes Hal because he prefers to make love rather than have a quick one night stand. After a diet of young studs she finds Hal a welcome relief.

“Hal, it’s so good to hear from you, especially since I don’t have any plans for the weekend.”

“I don’t either. Why don’t you come to my place on Saturday for lunch and an afternoon delight?”

“Food and sex that’s right up my alley. I’ll be there about 11:30.

“Before you hang up, I may have a commission for you. The wife of the condo I just sold fell in love with your color scheme, and would like to talk with you about furnishing the property. Could you fit her into your schedule sometime early next week?”

“Give me a minute to check my calendar.”

Hal hears her rummaging around her office.

“You’re in antalya escort luck; I’m free all Monday morning.

* * *

After a delightful weekend filled with sex, Hal and Rita wait in front of The Vining Commons Condo Room 307 for a ten o’clock appointment with Sara Patel. They’re chatting and looking at Rita’s drawings and sketches of the room when the elevator door opened. Out of the lift stepped a petite young lady with long black hair in a pony tail. She’s dressed in three inch heels that show off a pair of shapely legs under a mid-thigh khaki skirt, and a dark green blouse with a low neckline revealing more than a little cleavage.

Hal looks but returns to Rita.

The young lady walks to them. “Hal, don’t you recognize me without of my Sari?”

He’s stunned. The transformation from a beautiful young lady dressed in traditional Indian garb to a western sex symbol is beyond his comprehension. Her looks also transform his opinion of her from a beautiful woman to the epitome of sex appeal. I’m in love he says to himself.

“I…I…am sorry Sara I didn’t recognize you in your ensemble. Pardon my embarrassment and allow me to introduce you to Rita Fellers. Sara this is Rita.”

“Hal’s told me about how you fell in love with my color scheme, but he didn’t tell me you were so beautiful.”

“Thank you Ms. Fellers.”

“Oh please call me Rita and I’m pleased you like what I’ve done with your condo.”

“Thank you Rita, I am delighted. Why don’t we go inside and talk.” She unlocks the door and leads them in. “Let’s start in the kitchen. It doesn’t need much work, so it won’t take us long to discuss.”

Hal follows along struck dumb by the new Sara. She’s not only facially beautiful, but she has a banana shape with narrow hips and breasts slightly large for her petite frame. Her legs are shapely especially in the high heels. I wonder if she looks as good naked as she does with clothes.

The women go from room to room talking nonstop. Rita takes notes, makes sketches and suggestions.

Hal tags along observing the women interacting. He thinks about how similar they are in form, but yet how different in looks and personality: one is white and the other brown, one is professional and the other excited and effervescent, one is full of ideas and the other is constantly raising questions, one is looking to make a buck and the other wants help in turning her new home into a masterpiece, one he’s fucked and the other he wants to fuck.

His mind set turns upside down. At fifty-five he’s found a woman with whom he could become serious. He no longer sees himself chasing after every pretty face, nice ass, long legs, or big bust. His desire to add another name to his list of conquests is satiated. The need to be the best salesman in the 2100 Century network no longer seems important. For most of his life he’s lived to work as a way to make money and live an irresponsible life style. Now he’s thinking about work as a way to live the rest of his life with an incredible brown skinned woman. She’s a married woman from a different culture, who’s at least thirty years younger than he. Is it possible to get her into bed? Can he win her away from her husband? Is there any possibility she’s interested in him. Does she believe in divorce? Can West meet East in a meaningful relationship?

During the two hour tour, he trails Sara and Rita. He observes everything about her: the way she asks questions, how her voice rises and falls, the way she tilts her head from one side to the other, how she points from item to item, how her hands move as she speaks, how she runs her hands along her pony tail, how she juts her hips, how she places her hand on her hip, the way she crosses her legs, the way her breasts strain against her blouse, the amount of cleavage he can see in different positions, and the way she glances at him and smiles.

Both women try to draw him into the discussion, but he can’t carry on a conversation, which is strange for a salesman who has never met a stranger, and never stops talking about a property he’s trying to sell. However, his responses tend to be, “Yes, no, I like that idea, it looks good to me either way, I’m a man what do I know, and it’s up to the two of you.”

A little after twelve Rita looks at her watch and says, “I have a lunch appointment at 12:30 and have to leave, but I have enough information to create a list of items you’ll need, and to make some sketches as to how to arrange the window dressing and furniture.”

“I’d love you to do that. How long will it take,” an excited Sara asks.

I’ll have catalogue by the end of the week. I’ll give you a call. We can see if there’s anything you like. In the mean time, go to a number of furniture stores and look around. I’m sorry I have to run.” She hugs and kisses Sara and then Hal. “Stay in touch,” she says looking at him with a sly grin.

Hal and Sara watch her dash out the door.

“She likes you a great deal.” Sara looks at him with curiosity.

“She’s just a good friend.” He returns her look with a lustful gleam in his eyes.

“I was surprised you didn’t have more to say during our tour.” She cocks her head to one side.

“I sell properties not decorate them. There wasn’t much I could add to what the two of you seemed to agree upon. I don’t have an appointment until this evening. May I take you to lunch?”

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