Eastern Bath House


The air was sweltering hot. The sun beats down on the dusty roads between the shops….the voices in the crowd seemed to drown out your thoughts. Everywhere that you turn you see a market that is alight with the waiving of arms and the gestures of commerce. You are a tourist here on your own. Beads of sweat form on your brow and form into drops of sweat that seem to join together into a few rivers. The river of sweat flows down your head, thru your hair and down your chest. You have been mindful to be respectful of the culture and have a white button shirt with a t-shirt underneath. Yet the oppressive heat has no mercy and you have unbuttoned a few of your top buttons. You feel the sweat run down your neck and between your breasts. Your t shirt is soaked with sweat and your face is wet with sweat and mixed with the dust from the market. You have traveling boots on and a plain brown dress.

The air is still and you wished that a gust of air would bring you some relief. You wipe the sweat from your forehead with your forearm. You a bit tired from walking all morning and now it is high into the afternoon…you want something to drink. You walk over to the front of a simple wooden stall…. a merchant selling cold bottled water and other drinks. A dark skinned man, worn with the life in the dust and heat greets you warmly in broken English. You are grateful that he speaks English and you ask to buy a bottle of water. He agrees to sell it to you easily…you are surprised that there was not the typical bantering and negotiations, but you are thankful for the water.

You find it quaint that the bottled water is in a glass bottle, but it is cool and refreshing. As you drink the water, your spirits lifted, you notice that the merchant stares at you a little longer than you preferred, as if his eyes were roaming up and down your body Without thinking, you pull the top of your shirt together a bit to hide your ample breasts from view. He flashes a brief smile and you think nothing more of it. You finish your bottle of water and give the empty bottle back to the man. You ask him where you might find a place to rest and to use a restroom. He gestures off handily towards a side alley that is across from his stall and tells you that there is a bathhouse there. You quickly thank the merchant and make your way to the alleyway. The alley here is wide, between two older buildings…. you have noticed, that they’re all older buildings bunched together. Above the alley are large rugs that have been hoisted up to provide shade between the buildings. You are thankful for that. On either side of the alley are small stalls full of merchants. Trinkets, brass cookware’s, bracelets, and textiles are for sale from people whom you cannot understand.

The alley is deep and soon the light from the sun baked street is but with a distant hole of light. The air is much cooler and you feel a little chill from the sweat on your body cooling down. You get to the end of the alley and there is an old building üvey kız kardeş porno with Roman columns on either side…a few simple stone steps that rise up to a simple archway…. a wooden door is here, but seems out of place with the arch. You wonder if this really was a Roman bathhouse from ancient times. You push woo door. It is heavy but yields to your will. You peer in and there are mostly women about. You do not see any men, and you feel as you are in the right place.

You work your way to the center of the room…there are a few chairs…. Spartan furnishings.

The floors are large stone slabs…rectangular in shape and seem ancient. There is a large rectangular pool, which is the bath. You smell the faint whips of wood smoke. You know that somewhere down below there are fires heating the waters for the bath. The women look at you oddly, as if you did not belong there, but none confront you. You ask a short woman where you might find a bathroom. She does not speak English, but senses your need and points to a small doorway off to the side of the bath. You enter a bathroom…. there are primitive squatting stalls, and use one of them to relieve yourself. You are sticky from all of the sweat from your morning journey and decide to strip down to your t shirt and under pant. You gingerly make your way back out to the main bath hall and slip into the bathwater. The air is steamy and there are a few high windows without glass that are 20 feet above the room at the sides and the light beautifully cuts into the steam.

You close your eyes and lay back in the 4-foot water that could easily be walked comfortably around, but simply lay your head back against the side of the bath and let the waters caress your skin. You feel a few ripples of water lap against your cheeks. You open your eyes up and are startled to find that a small group of women have you surrounded. You stand up quickly to meet them…. your breast clearly visible thru your now soaked t-shirt. They shout angrily, but you cannot understand them. They gesture at your state of dress and you are suddenly aware that you may have offended them.

One woman in her 30’s leads the group of older 20 something women in verbally abusing you. The leader of the group pushes you in disgust. The others join in until you are in a pushing and shoving match with them. One holds you under the water and you struggle to breath. You are suddenly hauled to the surface gasping. Hands reach out to you and someone takes you by the hair and you are pulled and pushed to the edge of the pool. You are pushed up to the steps and are pushed face first into the stone floor, your knees on the steps in the water. You are frightened at what is happening.

A hand slaps at your bottom and the flesh stings warmly at the strike. Another hand, different strikes your bottom. Others join in till your bottom is red. Three women are in front of you…. one holds your head down and the other two have taken xnxx porno each of your wrists to hold you still. Someone angrily pulls off your panties and you are exposed to the women. There are more voices are behind you. You feel as if the whole of the bathhouse has come out to see you. You feel a sharp pain in your ass; one of the women has taken a wet towel and failed your bottom with it your body jerks in shock and in pain.

You cry out in shock, but it only spurs the women on further, you feel the lashes of the wet towel striking your back and ass. Other women’s hands have torn your t-shirt away from you. Your breasts are pressed against the wet, stone; it is a mixture of the cold stone on your flesh and the warmth of the water that your legs are in. A hand comes up to your sex and fingernails glide across your cunt. You try to kick your legs, but other hands have taken each of your ankles and hold you’re exposed. The hand slams into your crotch and takes a handful of your hair and pulls hard to cause you pain.

The woman’s hand is soft, slender and warm. Her middle finger presses against your wet slit. You feel her finger press into your cunt; it is not gentle, but not wholly cruel. The finger probes your cunt; you are scared, but oddly stimulated. A woman lifts your head up by the hair and you see that her legs are spread.. She slides up to you and plants your face into her crotch. Her hands are rough with your hair and head…. her nails are clawing at your scalp and fingers are locked into your hair, you fight what is happening to you, but your mouth and nose are pressed into her sex and you sputter and cough.

There are shouts are you…. you can only assume that they want you to please this woman. To compel you, one of the women reaches under you and takes a hold of your breast and twists your nipple. You scream out in pain…the vibrations of your screams seem to excite the woman holding your face down into her. She cries out in lust and presses your screaming mouth onto her sex. You can smell the juices flowing from her. Suddenly you feel something being rubbed onto your back. It is slippery…. it is soap. Many hands wipe the soap all over your body. The hand that has been pressed into your cunt removes the finger and now you feel a finger sliding up and down the crack of your bottom, a single finger. It slides up and down your bottom and then stops at your puckered hole. It stops and presses down firmly and steadily. The pain of your body-resisting, shoot up your spine, your breath is stolen. You know what is going to happen, you fight and try to struggle harder…. arms and legs shaking, but to no avail. The finger is relentless and parts your puckered hole and jams down deeply and burns as it slides into you. Only the soap offers you any relief.

Soon, one finger is two…You cry out at the shock assaulting your ass as you cry out more…your mouth is covered in the woman’s juices. You find that if you lick her cunt, the zenci porno abuse to your ass is less. Humiliated, you lick the woman’s slit…thankful that everyone here has bathed. The women, pleased that you have learned what to do…. take turns with you and your mouth. A bench has been dragged to the edge of the pool and you are dragged out, they lay you on your back on the wooden bench, your ankles are tied to the legs of the bench. Your wrist are bound above your head and tied to the legs of the bench at your head, a slender woman with dark skin startles your face…. she is facing your feet and amuses herself by playing with your breasts.

You feel an object press against your cunt…. it is wooden and rounded at the top you moan out in shocked surprise into the woman’s cunt as the wooden shaft is plunged into your cunt your convulsions of pleasure mixed with a little pain turn the woman on further and she screams out Cumming on your face, she gets off of you and is next to you…. her mouth devours your breast and sucks your nipple, her teeth bite your nipple from time to time your cunt is now wet, the wooden shaft is fucking you are a mix of sweat and tears, and pleasure. The women take turns fucking you with the wooden shaft some are slow and gentle and others are ramming it madly into your cunt you body shakes with each thrust…your breasts heaving with the thrust…. it them on.

Suddenly, there is a manly shout that silences your moaning and the voices of the women around you. You look up and down your abused body. A man is striding towards you from the entrance. It is the merchant, the one that sold you the water. He casually walks over to you and pats your cheek. You will make a wonderful servant for someone and shall fetch a fine price. His eyes glide across your body and he gently fondles your sore breasts. He looks up at some of the women who seem to coward at the sight of him. He speaks to them sharply. They rush over to him and strip his down.

One of the women takes your head and turns it to one side the man is kneeing next to you; his hard cock stands erect before you. You take it in both hands and slowly guide it to your hungry lips. He slides his cock into your hungry mouth. His hips rock steadily, back and forth, your mouth engulfs his cock and it sides across your tongue nicely the woman lets go of your head, you bob your head to suck him off faster, after a few minutes, he pulls away from you. He walks over to the end of the bench and straddles the bench; he lays himself down upon you. Your breasts are pressed up against his chest.

Your cunt is wet. He reaches down and guides his rod to your opening; you are still bound and cannot move. he plants a kiss on your mouth and you greet him with your tongue. You cry out in soft pleasure this time as his cock presses into your sex and you feel the relief of his hot flesh sliding into you vs. .the cruel and hard wooden shaft his thrust are hard and short…. you whole body is rocked by the strength of his hips. You feel his body tense up a bit he is near Cumming his breath is labored and short…. as if he were holding his breath, you feel his legs tense up as he groans and his seed explodes into you he collapses upon you…. your bodies are heaving and he gasps for breath and is spent.

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