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The following story contains details of sexual relations between consenting adults. If you are 18 or under you are asked not to read the following. This story contains no references to any person living or dead. It is essentially a romance with a twist.

* * * * *

– Chapter One – Our First Meeting –

I had two weeks to go before the final degree exams and I was working hard. Perhaps too hard, because I desperately needed a break from the hours and hours of revision. It felt like I just couldn’t take in any more detail about Quantum Mechanics or Solid State Theory. My brain had reached saturation point. It got so bad I had even dreamt about strange mathematical symbols and equations that just didn’t seem to make any sense.

For the last few weeks, I had been slaving away going over my old lecture notes in a bid to secure that much coveted Honours degree in Physics. That does it I thought, time for a break whether I could afford it or not. It was bad enough dealing with this stuff during my waking hours but to dream about it as well. That was just too much.

My revision had gone quite well but as usual there was always something else to study and right now I just felt tired and desperately in need of a break. It was a Friday evening so I phoned my brother Frank and I suggested a night out on the town together.

He was agreeable and we agreed to meet halfway in the centre of Edinburgh before we went on our usual slow pub-crawl along Rose Street looking at the local talent.

We met up at 6:30pm and started on our first pint of 80/- ale (see Authors notes at the end) and we turned to face the potential prospects in the bar. In the corner there were two women chatting closely. One was dark-haired and pretty while her partner was a stunning blonde and obviously much taller.

The two were huddled together having a deep conversation and had almost finished their drinks when my brother and I approached.

“Can we buy you two ladies a drink?” my brother asked never being one to hold back.

“We were just about to leave,” smiled the brunette, “but I suppose another Chardonnay would be nice.”

Her partner politely asked me for a gin and tonic and held up her now empty glass with elegant fingers. We returned to the bar and queued to buy the drinks.

“This looks promising,” said my brother. “The brunette looks an absolute stunner.”

“The blonde doesn’t look bad either,” I said checking over my shoulder and smiling just to make sure that they weren’t running out the door.

We were eventually served and returned with my brother taking the seat nearest the brunette while I sat beside the blonde. At first it looked like my younger brother and the brunette had hit it off, with both chatting away to each other as if they were long lost friends.

Perhaps the long days and nights stuck in front of the books were having an effect on me as I struggled to find the right words to say. I made a general enquiry about her interests and hobbies but she seemed too reserved to let me know what they were.

I decided that tack wasn’t working and decided to just talk about myself. I introduced myself as John Smith and mentioned my studies and upcoming exams and my sudden need to relax after weeks and weeks of continuous hard work.

“What do you study?” She eventually asked shyly.

“Physics,” I said proudly. “The study of everything in the universe.”

“Why Physics?” Was her short reply.

“Because I always been interested in how things work and how they relate to each other. However all this studying has left me a bit weak at relating to other people and I intend to rectify that after my exams,” I declared.

“What do you intend to do?” She responded politely with another question.

“Well I also want to see a bit of the world before I settle down. However I need to get some money together for that, because my university education has been really expensive. What do you do?” I asked quickly changing the subject back to my pretty partner. While she thought about her response I quickly absorbed her features.

She had beautiful big blue eyes with long lashes and blonde shoulder length hair with no sign of any dark roots showing through. Her tapered and carefully arched eyebrows were also fair which seemed to indicate that her hair colour was natural. Her voice though soft had a husky low tone.

She had pierced ears with two elegant pearl drop earrings hanging beside two smaller diamond studs in each lobe. She wore a broad gold ring on her third finger of her left hand and her nails were exquisitely long and shaped and painted in a French manicure style with white tips.

She wore a blue business jacket and a matching pleated skirt with a creamy white silk blouse showing underneath, while round her neck was a simple pearl necklace.

She still seemed uptight about something and spoke softly about her job as a tax consultant with a leading firm of solicitors. “I help with inheritance tax planning and wills,” she said. “It’s not very exciting. Most of my samsun escort clients tend to be middle aged or old men with far too much money who don’t want to leave it to the tax man when they die.”

“The office is a bit drab and everyone has to dress conservatively to impress the clients that we are a solid and dependable company,” she added.

“So what do you do for excitement if your job doesn’t provide it,” I quickly asked.

“Not much, my hobbies are all fairly routine apart from horse riding and I am hoping to race a car later this year when I have had a few lessons from a friend of mine,” she smiled. “I’m also just back from a week in Holland.”

“Apart from that I think I lead a quiet life with reading, buying clothes, music and surfing the Internet are my favourite pastimes. My name is Elaine by the way.” She added stretching out her hand. I took her hand and noticed that it was not much smaller than mine was. Her long nails seemed to give the impression that it was.

I bought her another gin and tonic and Elaine was starting to loosen up a little more. I found out that she lived with her sister a half mile from my parent’s house in a better-heeled district of the city. Her sister Lorraine just happened to be the brunette who was having a good time with my little brother.

After an hour or so both girls went off to the ladies joking and laughing, the obvious result of our alcohol purchases and our company. While they were away, my brother and I bought another round of drinks and we gave ourselves a well deserved comfort break.

As we stood facing the urinal, I asked him. “What do you think, are we in luck?”

“I don’t know about you but Lorraine is definitely worth the effort,” he replied.

“Elaine seems OK to me. Is Lorraine married? I see she wears a ring.”

“I don’t know yet but what does it matter she seems interested in me. I hope we can spend the rest of the night together.” He added shaking the last drops away.

“Me too, I don’t think we’ll stumble across anything better tonight, lad.” I said in reference to his position three years my junior.

When we returned I noticed that they both had freshened up their makeup and Elaine in particular was wearing a much darker red lipstick and her eyes were more distinctive with longer eyelashes and shadow.

I joked as I sat down. “I see you two have your war paint on would you like to go somewhere else. This place is beginning to get a little crowded.”

“That would be nice,” Lorraine said with a smile of white teeth shining through red lips. “What do you have in mind.”

“Would you two girls like something to eat? We would be happy to buy you dinner in exchange for your company tonight,” I added.

The two girls talked to each other and then smiled their answer. “Yes, we’re famished.”

Soon we were handing them menus at the Chinese restaurant up the street, which was what they wanted from the thousands of places in town. We continued to talk and eat for the next two hours and feeling tired both girls were reluctant to go on to a disco or go for another late drink.

So sadly we all headed home by taxi with my carefully planned weekly expenditure budget in tatters but my studies gladly long forgotten with my arm around Elaine’s slim waist.

Since we lived close by, we paid off the taxi driver and walked them to their front gate. Their house was in a leafy suburb with its own private grounds that obviously cost a great deal of money to buy unlike our parent’s 3 bedroom ex-council house.

Both girls kept saying that they had had a wonderful time and readily agreed to meet us again tomorrow. I could see that my brother was none too pleased because he would not be able to recover his investment in Elaine’s sister for another day.

“I’m sorry but we really need to get to bed early,” said Lorraine stepping inside the gate. “Elaine has a big day tomorrow morning. Come on Elaine.”

Before she responded to her sister’s command. I at least was rewarded with a kiss that took my breath away. She parted my lips and inserted her tongue that immediately had my penis erect and wanting more.

“Thanks for a wonderful evening. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon if you come round,” she whispered and then she was gone into the gloom of her long driveway.

We shouted “Goodnight” and ran most of the way home in the still late spring night air. Soon I was lying in my own bed happy that I found a girl like Elaine who just seemed to like me.

– Chapter Two – An Afternoon Together –

The next morning, I got up late relishing the feeling of being at home in my own comfortable bed after the weeks away on the stiff board I used at the campus halls of residence. I lounged around and had quite a large breakfast watching TV as my brother had been called out to repair a broken ventilation system.

So it was nearly 1:00pm when I grabbed my jacket and stepped out the door. I quickly walked back along the road towards Elaine’s house. Turning the last escort samsun bend I noticed a car stopped outside the gates to their house and a woman stepping out to open the gate. It was Elaine and she looked gorgeous.

As I approached I could see that she was wearing a pair of high-heeled boots and a tight white skirt that showed off her shapely rear. The car drove in and Elaine looked up from closing the gate to see me approach and she immediately waved and smiled.

“Hi you timed that well,” she beamed. We’re just back from a busy morning in town,” she had air of inner happiness and radiance that seemed to be missing the night before.

“Can I come in,” I said.

“Sure,” and she opened the gate for me. As she opened the gate I could see that she had been treating herself to some beauty work because her hands now sported some extra long red nails that extended a centimetre past her fingertips.

Her eyebrows had also been trimmed back to a more shapely arch that tapered to a finer point and her hair was wonderfully styled and curled and just framed her painted face well. Her ears also sported some extra long silver earrings that almost touched her shoulders and dazzled me in the strong sunlight.

I grabbed her hand and we walked together up the drive towards the parked car with Lorraine ahead busy retrieving packages from the car’s boot. She walked well in her heels but the restriction in her tight skirt meant that she had to walk quickly to maintain my speed of walking.

“It looks as though you had a busy morning,” I said to the both of them as we approached the car. “Here let me help with some of those packages.”

All three of us entered the thirties style house weighed down with bags and placed them on the dining room table. “Elaine couldn’t resist buying some new clothes to go with her new look,” said Lorraine.

“I got some good news yesterday and I just felt like celebrating with a change of look,” she countered.

“From what I saw last night there wasn’t much wrong with the old look,” I said honestly.

Ignoring my comment, Lorraine smiled when she told me to take a seat in the lounge. “Make yourself at home and we’ll be back shortly once all these packages are safely upstairs.”

I sat down in the lounge and noticed that all the morning mail waiting on the coffee table was addressed to a Mr and Mrs Eric Wilson. Perhaps that was Elaine’s parents but there was no evidence of their existence apart from some dated wedding photographs on the bookcase. I shrugged and picked up the Times and started reading.

Soon both were back down but only Elaine was wearing something different. “Do you like my new clothes,” she gasped after her rapid flight downstairs. She wore a pair of chunky wooden platform sandals with a half-inch thick sole and 4″ heel. Her tight stretch jeans were rolled up to below her knees and she wore a silky blouse with a plunging neckline that revealed what I assumed was a well endowed 34″ chest.

“Well you look great,” I smiled looking up from the sports page. “What do you feel like doing this afternoon?” I asked hoping that it wouldn’t cost too much on my badly stretched finances.

“We intend to give you some lunch to repay you for dinner last night and then we thought we could go out for a movie later,” and with that she turned and headed for the kitchen her heels clacking on the kitchen tiles.

Turning to me after placing some flowers in a vase, Lorraine said suddenly, ” Elaine really likes you.”

“I really like her,” I responded. “She is so warm and feminine. I hope that we can become good friends.”

“She likes the fact that you didn’t want any pay-back last night and that you were a gentleman towards her. I also think that it must run in the family because I think your brother is a nice man too. Where is he?” she asked.

“He had to work this morning to deal with a minor emergency at a hospital but he should be free this afternoon,” I said. “He told me that he would like to see you again.”

“May be we could all go out together this afternoon,” she said as Elaine returned with some hot soup and rolls on a tray.

“That smells nice,” I said. “You haven’t told me your good news yet.”

“Lorraine and I are going to London in a couple of days time for two long weeks.”

“Where will you be staying?” I asked surprised that she would be leaving.

“We have a hotel booked,” she added. “While we are away it will give you the perfect excuse to get on with your studies and pass those exams. I wouldn’t want to distract you,” Lorraine replied with a smile.

As she set the tray down, I noticed that she was playing with her long nails and was obviously unaccustomed to the longer length as she grasped her soup spoon.

“Your nails look like they were made for scratching a man’s back what possessed you to get them that long.” I asked her.

“Oh I wanted to show that I was a lady of leisure while I was away. They do take some getting used to and even some basic functions samsun escort bayan such as putting on clothes are much harder to achieve. Do you like them?” she asked flashing them in front of my face like a cat with its claws.

“I think they look terrific, if my back needs scratching I’ll know who to ask,” I laughed. I also noticed that her simple wedding band was missing but that her hand including one thumb was full of rings of all types. She also wore several gold rope bracelets including a gold slave bracelet.

Studying her nails closely, she added. “They are virtually unbreakable and should last the time we are away. I’ll have to trim them back before I get back to work, I don’t think I could operate a keyboard with these.”

We ate the soup and didn’t speak much until we finished. Lorraine jumped up and disappeared with the empty plates.

Elaine surprised me by getting up from her chair and sat down beside me on the sofa. “I like you a lot John. Do think that we might see each other again after your exams and our holiday,” she said looking demure with her eyes framed in dark eyeliner and long lashes.

“I haven’t thought about anything or anybody else since last night. I even dreamt about you last night” I lied.

“I hope that it wasn’t a nightmare,” she laughed.

“No I have had plenty of those lately but I just dreamt that we were walking through the park holding hands and feeding the ducks,” I said quickly inventing the first romantic thing that came into my mind.

“That sounds sweet, maybe we can do that this afternoon,” she said and then she leaned over and kissed me tenderly with her creamy red lips. I kept my eyes open and could see the shock on Lorraine’s face as she returned from the kitchen to see our embrace and she shook her head slightly.

I winked at her and she started to smile. I could breath in Elaine’s sweet perfume and could feel her breasts against my chest. Her long nails scraped against my face as she homed in and then tugged at my ear lobes.

“Your ear lobes look good enough to chew,” she said. “Have you ever thought of having one pierced?”

“No,” I said, “I’m afraid I’m a bit conservative. I just like to see women wearing jewellery.

“That’s a pity you would look good with a small gold loop in your left ear.”

“I’ll pass just now,” I said hoping she would drop the subject.

“It would be easy with a large needle and an ice cube and you could wear one of my old gold sleeper studs until it heals. Go on, it would only take a minute. I would really like it.” She kept on rubbing my ear and stopped to wipe the lipstick that was all over my lips.

“What would it involve,” I asked lamely.

“Well we take a needle and the sleeper ring and boil them for a few minutes, we take some alcohol and rub both sides of your earlobe and an ice cube.”

“An Ice cube?” I queried.

“It helps to make your ear numb so you won’t feel the needle piercing the skin,” she said. “After that the sleeper goes in and is held in place with a small clip on the back.”

“I don’t know.”

“I promise it won’t hurt and I’ll give you two kisses if it does and three if it doesn’t,” she added.

“That might make it worthwhile,” not looking forward to this procedure.

Soon I was sporting a smile, Elaine’s old earring and more lipstick marks on my cheeks. It didn’t hurt but how was I going to explain this to my brother and my parents.

“Now you are wearing my ring so to speak,” she giggled.

I blushed and said that it would be an honour to wear it while we were friends. “The next two weeks are going to be difficult for me,” I added.


“Because I have two weeks of revision before my finals and you will be on my mind a lot.”

“You will just have to be strong and work hard. Even when I get back from our holiday I think that you will have to wait until after your last exam before we see each other again.”

Trying to be sensible I replied, “so long as we can pick up where we left off.”

“If you get your degree it will be worthwhile,” she said as she leaned over to kiss me again.

Just then Lorraine walked back in and asked if my brother would be home yet.

“I don’t know but I’ll soon find out if I can use your phone.”

“OK,” she said. “Tell him we’ll meet him at the cinema.”

As I rang him, I noted Elaine’s telephone number into my brain again and again until I couldn’t forget it.

Soon we were on our way with Elaine and I in the back and Lorraine driving her white 3 Series BMW.

I don’t remember much of the film as I stroked Elaine’s soft hair and snuggled into her perfumed neck. She reciprocated opening her mouth and using her tongue and as usual she tasted sweet and fresh.

She used those new long talons to scratch my skin on my back and neck and soon I was putting my hand on her knee and moving up the inside of her jean covered legs towards her crotch.

She clamped her thighs together just as I started to make progress trapping my hand in vice like grip. As she pulled my hand free she said, “Not now, that will be your reward after you pass your exams.”

I kissed her again and fondled her breasts, which felt full and ripe. The only mystery was her nipples didn’t seem to respond to my massage. They didn’t perk up as I expected though Elaine’s other responses were as expected.

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