Elena – A Wandaverse Expansion


Elena Machado had excelled in her Ju-Jitsu class. She was hands down the best female student ever to come out of the school. Her instructor Mario Polanki had begged her to start competing but she had taken up the sport for her job.

It wasn’t the job Elena would have chosen if given a choice but her lack of English skills had kept her out of the police academy. She had moved to the US from San Paolo Brazil at seventeen, Just in time to flunk out of high school for not knowing the language, even though she had been an exceptional student back home.

Elena’s family had been forced to move to the US as political refugees when her father had been targeted by the drug gangs from the favelas on the outskirts of her middle-class neighborhood. Her father had been in charge of a band of soldier police that coordinated commando raids into the slums controlled by the gangs. Elena had wanted to be a police in the worst way just like her father. She had trained hard in her teens in both Capoeira and in tonfa fighting.

Portuguese was enough like Spanish that Elena was able to read the Mexican wrestling magazines and saw an ad for a bodyguard school in Arizona. What Elena had going for her was her youthful appearance. At nineteen she could still pass for a high school student. She finally got an opportunity to attend high school. This time as bodyguard posing as a student. Her first assignment was a Muslim daughter of a construction magnate from Dubai. The cover was pretty solid. Her dark complexion made it believable that she was also a Muslim with the headscarf over her beautiful long black hair.

Elena had to walk a fine line between providing protection to her charge and stifling her charge’s personal freedom. While her first priority was to protect the young Muslim woman it wouldn’t take much to anger her charge and get fired by the father. The client had little respect for women and no patience for any type of failure. Elena was basically at the mercy of her charge’s mood with regard to keeping her job. Despite the steep learning curve Elena managed to walk the line between allowing the high school student to experience high school life and enter into dangerous situations. Elena did a decent job of pretending to be a high school student. She didn’t attract too much attention from the teachers or the other students. She did an exceptional job of not being exceptional in any way. It helped that she was playing the role of a repressed foreign student.

The job had been fairly uneventful and ended when the daughter had graduated and been married off to an influential member of military back home. A move that benefited her father’s business interests greatly.

Now in her mid-twenties, Elena had outgrown the ability to pass for a high school student. While she could have changed her M.O. to providing protective services to college-aged clients, The fact that she had blossomed into a stunning woman made that a less than viable option. She had made enough as a bodyguard to build up enough savings to try go back to school. Her English was now good enough to give a criminal justice degree a real try.

Elena was three or four years older than most of her fellow classmates in her Intro to Criminal Justice class. The first thing she noticed when entering the room was how few women were in her class. Of the forty or so students in the class, only eight of them were female. Elena could tell by the way the male classmates were looking at her they expected her to respond to their presence like a jackpot winner. As though she should be excited in the presence of so many studs.

Elena was familiar with the demeanor as her father had also been a cop. many of the men drawn to the profession did so with the expectation of a constant stream of badge bunnies They were common in Brazil too but it was different because of how militaristic the Brazilian police force could be. It was not uncommon for the police to armor up, put on masks, and charge into the favelas under a black flag and rumble with the drug gangs controlling the neighborhoods. The police groupie types were often used as bait by the drug lords to lure unsuspecting police into traps in revenge for the favela raids.

Elena had heard the horror stories from her father about policemen having their whole families murdered in retaliation for neighborhood incursions there home addresses learned from their mistresses and given to the drug lords for a price. For that reason, Elena had a bad taste in her mouth when it came to badge bunnies or holster sniffers or whatever women who chased after cops were called. Among the females in the class, it was obvious that some were there just for the opportunity to be around future cops.

It was pretty obvious that these girls were going to become what they used to call go around girls back in San Paolo. The types of girls that went around to every guy in the group eventually. By the way, most of the men in her class were looking at her it was obvious her classmates Beylikdüzü Masaj Salonu had assumed she also fit into the cop groupie category. It was more wishful thinking on their part as Elena was captivating with her curvy physique. That Elena also possessed an exotic South American beauty had made her something of a sexual curiosity. Most of the class was white. There were only five black guys in the class and no other women of color.

There was much attention paid to her as she chose a seat the first day of class as the male students assumed whoever she sat with would have the inside track of getting the first crack at the Brazillian beauty. Intro to Criminal Justice was not part of the junior college’s actual police academy program it was an elective credit designed to weed out students who weren’t police academy material. The class while stricter than most college classes did not have the same quasi-military discipline as the academy courses with the strict uniform requirements of academy students. Intro to Criminal Justice students dressed like normal college students.

If you asked her why she chose the desk next to Magnus Nordgraad, Elena wouldn’t have had an answer. In truth it because he looked like an “Indio” from back home in Brazil. Elena had been in the U.S. long enough to assume that Magnus was probably Mexican with his dark round features and squat physique. That there was a possibility that unlike the other males in the class he wouldn’t be as quick to treat her like curiosity or a box to check off on a sexual bucket list was enough for her to choose to sit next to him. Also as she wasn’t particularly attracted to him she felt him harmless as there was little chance of sex between the two of them. Or so she thought.

Magnus smiled at her as she took her seat and Elena almost rethought her decision to sit with him. His green eyes lit up when he saw her. They were a stunning shade of emerald she had never seen before. On his round native face, they really stook out. Elena could swear they sparkled even in the institutional fluorescent lighting of the classroom. It was pretty obvious that Magnus wasn’t so harmless. Elena would have moved to another seat if it wouldn’t have been so conspicuous. She could tell Magnus had a sexual energy about him. He leaned in close and Elena felt the hair on her neck stand up as his weight bent the arm of his desk.

“You wouldn’t happen to be a nursing student, would you?” He asked in a voice just above a whisper in an accent Elena had never heard and couldn’t believe was coming from the man next to her like a Mexican vampire.

Elena sat in stunned silence as she tried to figure out the oddity that was the man next to her. Nothing about him added up. He was way too confident for a guy as unassuming looking as he was. His quiet voice didn’t match his demeanor or his wide frame. His accent seemed almost made up. When Elena didn’t respond he continued.

“I was told if you want to be successful in junior college sit with nursing students. They are like Navy Seals of junior college.” He said again very quietly.

“What?” Elena asked not processing all of what the man was saying.

“For most junior college students, its just high school with smoking. For nursing students is the real deal. If you want good marks you sit with the nurses. Are you a nursing student?” Magnus asked again.

“This class is for people who want to become police officers. You’re not going to find any nursing students in here.” Elena responded starting to understand the man’s weird way of speaking.

“Oh okay, then I guess you can sit there then if no nursing students are coming.” Magnus said in a way that took Elena a second to recognize as jest.

Magnus’ eyes lit up with mirth when Elena’s face registered that he was joking with her. He introduced himself and Elena briefly did likewise before the class began. The instructor began at a breakneck pace to prepare the students for the pacing of the actual academy classrooms. Students were going to be exected to come to class fully prepared or expect to be bounced from the classroom immediately. While not necessarily a formula for retaining the most qualified cadets it was how the academy would instill discipline and respect for the chain of command in law enforcement.

After a whirlwind of information, the class ended and the students were expected to take a syllabus from the instructor’s desk. Elena rushed to the front to get hers. Magnus was slower and got caught in the tangle of students mingling after the first class. A group of sharks circled him eager to discuss the Latin hottie he had been sitting with eager for any details or insights he could share should he pass on her or move too slow.

Elena heard a bit of the conversation. Nothing from Magnus as his speaking voice was so quiet. She could tell the group around him was getting annoyed with his low volume and crazy accent. They asked Magnus where he was from. Elena Beylikdüzü Masöz Escort couldn’t hear his response but she did hear the rude follow up.

“Where the fuck is Nuuk?” he heard one student ask rather rudely.

Again Magnus’ answer was too low to hear over the din of the conversation. It was clear that the group was interpreting Magnus’ quiet demeanor as a sign of weakness. His vague claim of first dibs on the hot exotic beauty wasn’t going to be observed by the pack.

“Do you got girls with fine asses like that back in Transylvania or wherever you’re from?” One guy asked referring to Elena.

Elena started to wince a bit at hearing that. She knew law enforcement was a man’s world but hoped for some level of respect as part of the team. She focused her gaze on the front of the classroom not wanting to acknowledge the comment about her body at all. She heard a round of stunned gasps and couldn’t help but turn around to see why.

Magnus had grabbed the guy who had commented on her ass by the throat and hefted him into the air by his throat. Elena had seen the move done in movies but in real life had always thought it was impossible to lift a grown man like that with so little effort. It was clear that like the rest of the group Elena had misjudged Magnus. At first, he appeared to be rather round and pudgy but in reality, he was a ball of swollen muscle tissue. His shirt stretched over a back corded in muscle.

“Be nice. The women in this class are our partners on the street someday.” Magnus said with very little strain in his voice for a man hefting almost two hundred pounds with one arm.

Magnus released his grip and the man dropped several inches to the floor. While later he would try and retell the story to include returning Magnus’ gaze in a stare-off that he walked away from because a fight would get him kicked out of school, it was clear that the man wanted no part if Magnus.

Elena waited for Magnus outside of the classroom. She asked his schedule for the rest of the day and found he would be free for the day after his next class like she would be. She hinted that he should invite her to have lunch with her but he instead invited her to go to the gym with him.

Elena felt like this was a total dudebro move to highlight his strength. Still after the classroom incident she had just witnessed she was curious to see Magnus move some weight around in the gym. If it was a playboy move then it worked. Elena accepted.

After a quick trip home to change into work out clothes Elena was in her car in route to the gym. The whole way she questioned her outfit. she had tried to balance a sexy outfit with something that indicated she wanted to ve taken seriously. She second-guessed how short her shorts were. She wished she had worn sweats but she only owned sexy stretch pants that she felt like would have been too much.

It turned out that any outfit Elana had worn to the gym would have been too sexy. Magnus worked out in the most hardcore powerlifting gym in the state. Elena had never seen anything like it before. It was dark and hot and reeked if sweat. It wasn’t where poseurs went to tone up, it was where beefy men went to move mountains of plates.

Elena wasn’t sure if she wanted to touch anything as the whole gym felt damp. Magnus was at the wall lined with squat racks. He was already drenched in sweat. His hands were covered in white chalk and the bar had an unbelievable number of plates on it. Elena counted seven plates. Elena did the quick math and realized that it was roughly seven hundred pounds of iron. She assumed that Magnus was showing off his max squat for her and was flattered on some level. She was impressed with how much weight he was about to move and a little concerned he might hurt himself. She had been to the gym when people failed power squats and it was always loud and embarrassing when heavily loaded barbells crashed into the rack. This was more weight than she had ever seen anyone lift. She couldn’t imagine how loud it would be crashing into the rack.

Elena didn’t want to draw any more attention to herself as the only woman in the gym. She now felt like she had dressed way too sexy as this wasn’t the kind of gym that attracted people looking to show off their bodies. These men were all there to move big weight. This wasn’t a bodybuilding/fitness club this was a powerlifting gym. These guys were lifting for strength with no real concern for how they looked. Most of them looked like they were made out of beer kegs stacked and welded together.

Magnus took his position under the bar and Elena nervously moved into position to spot him.

“What are you doing?” Magnus asked her.

“I’m spotting you.” Elena replied.

Elena could see the smirk on Magnus’ face in the mirror in front of her. While she was slightly annoyed at the condensation in his expression, she had to admit a sense of relief that Magnus didn’t expect her to help him with Beylikdüzü Öğrenci Escort the massive lift. She again noted the seeming sparkle in his emerald green eyes and admitted to herself how intrigued she was with his eyes.

“How much help do you really think you could be back there?” Magnus asked seriously.

“Are you going to get someone else to spot you?” Elena asked thinking it was a little reckless to lift that much weight without a spotter.

“I’ll get a spotter when I start lifting heavy.” Magnus responded in a way that confused Elena as she didn’t detect a hint of humor in his obvious joke.

She watched as Magnus hefted the bar up with his shoulders and took two half steps back away from the rack. She was impressed at the slow methodical way he lowered the weight till his thighs were parallel to the floor and then he exploded back up with the weight. She expected him to inch forward and rerack the bar but instead, he did another rep. His second rep was also slow and controlled going down and explosive going up. Elena thought he was a showoff and still quite reckless until he lowered into a third rep. At this point, Elena was beyond impressed at the power and stamina that Magnus was displaying. As the reps piled up Elena found her

self tingling with excitement. What Magnus was doing seemed almost superhuman. At twelve reps Magnus inched the weight towards the rack. It slammed into place loud enough to startle Elena. She looked around expecting everyone to be looking at them. She was slightly flushed as she didn’t want anyone to see how turned on she was by watching Magnus lift so much weight. She could feel the excitement build in her pelvis and was concerned her arousal might be obvious.

No one batted an eye as crashing weights were the norm in the gym. Elena realized that was just a warm-up for Magnus. He grabbed another plate and nodded towards the weight rack that Elena should grab one too. They both slid a plate on either side of the bar.

“How much do you want on your rack?” Magnus asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really done this before.” Elena replied.

“You’ve never worked out before?” Magnus asked surprised.

“I have. I dated a gym rat a couple years ago but he didn’t really do squats.” Elena answered.

“You can’t get truly strong with out squats.” Magnus said.

“I don’t know. He had a pretty strong upper body.” Elena said.

“Really, how much did he bench?” Magnus asked smirking.

“Like two ten in his teens. That’s not bad for a seventeen-year-old.” Elena stated.

“Follow me if you think so.” Magnus said walking across the gym.

“I get it you can bench more than him.” Elena said slightly annoyed at Magnus’ confidence.

Elena expected Magnus to start loading a barbell with weights on the bench. Instead he walked to the end of the rack of dumbbells and grabbed two weights that were so big Elena thought they were joke weights. Elena read the numbers 220 on each dumbell. Elena realized that was each dumbell as Magnus duck walked to a flat bench.

“Stand way back.” Magnus instructed.

Elena couldn’t believe what she was seeing as Magnus lay back on the bench with the weights resting on his bent knees. Magnus let out a guttural scream that surprised Elena as it was so uncharacteristically loud for the usually quiet Magnus.

Elena thought her knees were going to buckle when the weights clanked together at the end of Magnus’ lift. Magnus dropped the weights to the floor with a thud that shook the ground.

“Making money!” a hulk from across the gym yelled in encouragement.

Elena had never been so turned on in her life. The raw power that Magnus possessed was intoxicating. Elena had to have him. He bent over to retrieve one of the dumbbells from the floor Elena couldn’t take her eyes off Magnus’ thick glutes. Magnus caught her looking in the mirror and smiled back at Elena who was beyond embarrassment and only concerned with desire.

Elena tried to lift the other dumbbell from the floor.

“Ow. I think I pulled something in my back.” Elena said rubbing her lower back.

“Give me a second and I’ll help you to your car.” Magnus said racking the second dumbbell.

Elena expected to lean on Magnus’ big shoulder as he helped her walk to the car. Instead, he swept her off her feet with no effort. Elena started to protest but caught a whiff of Magnus’ musky odor. It was an intoxicating mix of talc and sweat and an expensive fabric softener. He was all spicy and sweet . Elena was tingling as visions of lumberjacks and roses swirled in her head.

“Keys,” Magnus said when they reached Elena’s car.

Elena opened the door still in Magnus’ huge arms.

“I’m sorry if you got hurt cause I was showing off.” Magnus said sheepishly.

“It’s ok I understand. If I could lift weights like that, I’d let people know it too.” Elena said.

“I appreciate that.” Magnus said.

“If you really wanted to make it up to me, you’d drive me home.” Elena said.

“Anything to help.” Magnus said.

Magnus drove Elena home and carried her up the stairs to her apartment. Magnus laid her down across her sofa.

“Are you going to be okay?” Magnus asked.

Elena sensed that Magnus was going to leave. She didn’t want him to.

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