Ellen’s Fantasy Ch. 02


I woke up at some point in the night and the memories of what had just been done to me came flooding back as I saw myself in the mirror on the ceiling. I tried to move but was held securely but not tightly spread eagle on the mattress in the middle of the basement floor. I moaned softly as I felt my clit being stimulated by the electrodes that Mistress had secured on each side of it and around my tits, they felt warm and tingly and it felt like they were being vibrated from the inside. I smiled as I saw the electrodes attached to them and the delicious feeling it gave me. Mistress had left a night light on in the far corner, she is so thoughtful sometimes. After having me fucked she and Jeff had left me to rest, apparently there was more to come. I smiled at myself in the mirror as I felt the dildo that had been pushed deep into my pussy. My Mistress was recreating my fantasy to perfection. What I didn’t know was what was going on upstairs.

Melanie, my Mistress, was on the phone and Jeff was sitting on the couch listening to her side of the conversation. Melanie (she goes by Mel) was talking to a girl that she knew who was, well special. “Ok, Claire, so we are agreed on the price?” pause “Yes, of course that includes anything that you want to do to her, you just can’t hurt her in any way.” Pause “There will be three of you then? Oh, plus two guy’s, so a total of five? ” pause “Oh yes, she can handle as many as you want, what are the girl’s names?’ pause “Brenda and Penny, very good. We will see you girls in about an hour and a half, then?” pause “see you then, bye, bye hon.” Sitting in the chair across from Jeff she said “Ok, it’s a done deal.”

“How much?” Jeff asked.

“$1000 per hour” Mel responded winking at Jeff.

“HEY, not bad, huh? Just make sure Ellen doesn’t find out, at least not yet.” Jeff said

“She will just think it is part of her fantasy, this time. But if this works out we could make a fortune renting her out.People will pay big bucks to be able to tie a girl up and fuck her or do whatever they please with her.” Mel responded.

“Well, one thing at a time, let’s see how tonight goes.” Jeff said.

“Ok, I better go get her cleaned up and fed. Then we will have to bind her the way the girls want her.” Mel said as she got up from the chair.

“Let me know if you need some help.” Jeff offered.

I had fallen asleep I guess because the next thing I knew I felt myself being fucked gently, but it was the dildo moving back and forth. I opened my eyes to see Mistress kneeling next to me fucking me gently. “Hi sweetheart, time to getup.” She whispered to me and pulled the dido out of me.

“Hi Mistress, I….” she put a finger to her lips and I shut up immediately.

“Speak only when spoken to, Ellen, you know the rules.” She said untying my feet. She then attached a short length of chain to each of my ankle cuffs then she untied my hands and helped to stand. My hands we secured behind me with a pair of handcuffs then a short rope was used to bind my arms at the elbows. A ball gag was inserted in my mouth and tightly secured. She then attached my leash and began leading toward the stairs. As I found out, going up stairs while shackled and with no hands or arms for balance is a challenge.

Once upstairs, she led me to the bathroom and secured my wrists above my head on the hook she had installed earlier. Then the water was turned on and I was given a very though washing. Mistress removed my ball gag and asked “So, how do you like it so far, Ellen?”

“Mistress, this is perfeeEECT!” I slurred the word as she pushed the water wand into my pussy.

“I’m glad to hear that honey because I have a deviation coming for you.”

“Ah, uumm” I moaned as she moved the water wand around inside me, cleaning me. “What deviation, Mistress?” I asked.

“Something that was not in your fantasy but I know you will enjoy it.” She said smiling at me. She took me from the shower and did my make-up and hair and I was taken to the kitchen where I was given some food.

After eating, Mistress came to me and said “Hold still while I put this on you.” She applied a bright red lipstick and then a shinny clear gloss. She then secured my hands behind my back with the handcuffs and the rope pulling my elbows together. She the reattached my nipple clamps and attached a short chain between them, a weight was then put in the middle. Last my ball gag was reinserted and tightly secured. She stepped back and looked at me as Jeff came in. “What do you think? Don’t kiss her, her lipstick is still wet” she said.

“She looks FANTASTIC, Mel!” He said. I noticed that they were talking about me like I was not there. That was new, but I really didn’t mind, a sub is just a piece of property in the Dom/sub world.

“We better get her back to the dungeon and tied up, the girls will be here soon” Mel said leading me to the stairs going back down.

‘The girls?’ I thought. ‘Is that Mistresses’ deviation that she mentioned?’ I wondered.

Going altyazı porno down stairs while shackled is just as tricky as going up, I discovered. But I was able to stumble down without falling, not an easy thing to do in 5 inch pumps. Once down there I was led to rather large contraption that had some chains hanging down about 4 feet apart. “Lay down, bitch.” Mistress demanded. I was surprised at her language, she had never called me “Bitch” before. I did as I was told.

Jeff then dragged me a foot or so till I was in the proper position. The chains were lowered to the floor and my shackles removed but the hanging chains were attached to my ankle cuffs. Jeff then went to a large wheel that I had not noticed before and began turning it. I saw the slack in the chain being taken up and it was then that I realized that they were going to raise my legs some. But Jeff didn’t stop as my legs were raised higher and higher until only my shoulders were on the ground yet he kept cranking. It was then that I realized that they were going to hang me by my feet with my legs spread. Jeff kept cranking until my head came off the floor about a foot.

The weight on my nipple chain now hung beside my head. I struggled some and Mistress said “You can struggle all you want, cunt but you are not going anywhere.”

The struggling just made me sway back and forth and made me a little dizzy with my blood rushing to my head. My arms were released from behind my back and secured to a chain attached to each wall so that my arms were straight out from me.

Jeff picked up a dildo walked over to me. My pussy was just about chin high to him as he leaned his head forward and licked my pussy a few times. I was nervous but his licking felt wonderful! He then inserted the dildo deep into me pressing it in as far as it would go. “uhfff” I grunted and he chuckled.

“Ok, I think she is ready for the girls.” Mel stated. As they left the room they turned off the light and I was in complete darkness.

I hung there for about 15 minutes in the dark, I found it to be a little uncomfortable but nothing I could not handle. In fact I found myself getting aroused. I thought “I think I like bondage more than I thought I did” as I began to moisten. I never heard the doorbell but suddenly I could hear footsteps and voices that sounded both male and female. I guess that’s “The Girls” I thought.

Not long after the voices I heard the door open and suddenly the light came on and I began blinking to adjust to it as I heard the sound of heels clicking on the steps and then “Oh my GOD!” a female voice said. “Look at her! Melanie was serious about her bitch just hanging around.” She said chuckling.

Three girls came into my view. They were nicely dressed in skirts, blouses and heels, nice looking girls I thought. They came over to me and began examining me from all sides. I felt somebody squeeze my butt as I felt the dildo begin to fuck me, I moaned softly. One of them squatted down so her face was closer to mine and she looked at me.

“This one is even pretty, check her out girls.” She said.

After feeling me and probing my holes the girls started talking about what to do with me but I could not hear what they were saying as they were whispering to each other. Then two of the girls went to each side of the room and untied my arms while the other went to the wheel and began lowering me to the floor. I felt relieved to not be upside down any more and the chains were removed as was my gag and I was told to stand up, I did what I was told.

As I stood there the girls once again were looking at me. “She has some very nice tits, there Brenda.” One said to another.

Brenda stood in front of me and cupped my breasts and said “Yes, she does, I can have some serious fun with these.” As she squeezed both of my tits. Talking to me Brenda said “Not that I really care but just so you now who is who, I am Brenda, that is Claire and that is Penny. Don’t forget who is who or there will be consequences” Brenda said yanking off my nipple clamps.

“AHH OWWW” I squealed as softly as I could. Brenda then took off her blouse and put it on a chair as the other girls did the same thing. All of the girls were well endowed but my tits took the booby prize for size.

Brenda then came to me and took me in her arms and kissed me. It was wonderful girl kiss, different from a man’s, her soft lips pressed against mine, her smaller tongue probed my mouth but not as aggressively as a man, the feel of her tits pressed against mine was making me horny again. Then there was the smell, a clean smell with just a hint of cologne, a very nice cologne.

Releasing me from the kiss, she took my shoulders with her hands at arms length and said “Melanie says you are a squirter, is that right?”

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

She reached down and picked up my dildo and said “Prove it” as she handed me the dildo and pointed to a chair.

I went to the chair, sat amatör porno down and hooked my knees over the armrests so that I was spread wide open. I looked at the girls who were watching me and licked my lips seductively as I began to gently massage my clit. I stroked my labia and inserted a finger inside me to get some lubricant as I massaged my clit and pussy. I was getting very wet rather quickly as I began to moan and coo softly. I began to steadily climb my sexual ladder to orgasmic bliss.

With my other hand I began to finger fuck myself with three fingers as I began passing my finger back and forth over my clit. A jolt of intense pleasure emanating from my cunt passed trough me and I yelped as I threw my head back closing my eyes. At the same time I took both hands away from my clit and pussy.

I knew that I was at the threshold but I had to be quick. I quickly grabbed the dildo and plunged it deep inside me and began fucking myself at just the right speed and depth that I knew would do the trick. For a minute or so I just fucked myself with both hands totally enjoying the penetration. I was getting very warm and wet and I knew from experience that it would not be long now.

I began to massage my clit again with one hand while increasing the speed and depth of the dildo. I was moaning louder now as I felt the first wave of an orgasm building. As it began to crest I threw my head back,

“OOHHHUUUUGGG” I said as the waved crashed over me. I was fucking myself furiously as a second much more powerful wave of pure feminine ecstasy shot through my body. My thighs began to quiver as my pussy began to squish, the dildo was getting slick with my juices, I held on tight as I knew that I was at another precipice.

I stepped off the edge and I fell into a blackness of pure ecstatic bliss. Every part of my body was quivering in pure pleasure as I felt my cum shoot from me, forcefully. I had been moaning rather loudly but as I came I changed almost to a scream because of the intensity of my orgasm.

I slowed my pace with the dildo but kept fucking myself the way I wish guys would as I began to recover. My pussy was squishing loudly now with every stroke and my thighs were quivering as my pussy was tingling in afterglow.

I opened my eyes and I became aware that the girls were cheering me on and applauding with delight at my performance. Slowly slowing the pace of my fucking I once again became aware of my surroundings.

I looked forward and there was Penny, she said with a smile “Girls, this girl needs to be fucked again.” Having said that, she lowered herself down took the dildo from me and began licking me. I laid my head back looking at the ceiling I moaned softly and just enjoyed Penny’s licking.

What she had said did not fully register. I Heard Claire say “Brenda, come for a sec would you?” The two girls moved over to the side out of my sight.

I sighed and said “Ladies, having a guys cock right now would be delicious.” As I pressed Penny’s head to my pussy, grunting as she licked me.

I heard laughter from the other two girls and I looked over at them and “OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed. They were in a 6/9 position sucking each others cock.

I looked down at Penny and she was stroking herself in an up and down motion under her skirt. Claire and Brenda got up and came over to the chair as Penny got up too. I sat forward staring at their cocks, I could not help it I was fascinated.

I had heard of shemales and chicks with dicks before I had never actually seen one. There were three of them standing in front of me, very pretty girls, all very well hung and hard. Penny stepped out of her skirt leaned over me in the chair and I felt her cock enter me. “UHHH” I groaned as she began fucking me.

“Feel my tits bitch.” She said. I put my hands on her breasts and began massaging her, they were real all right. “Ladies, this cunt is hot, tight and positively drenched!” Penny said as she pulled her cock out of me.

She pointed to the mattress on the floor where I was spread eagled earlier and I lay own on it. Claire was right behind me and mounted me instantly. She began fucking me HARD, really pounding away. The feel of her tits bumping into mine with the feel of her cock thrusting in and out, deep inside me sent me into another orgasm.

“Oh my GOOOOOD” I screamed arching my back as I came and squirted her belly. She did not let up her cock felt magnificent sliding so deep into me and retracting then impaling me again and again. At some point she dropped on top of me and rolled me on top.

I began raising and lowering myself fucking myself on her. Brenda was behind me and I felt lubricant being applied to my butt. I felt her tits on my back as she stopped my motion and inserted her cock into me anally.

I had never been doubled before and it felt WONDERFULL! Like magic Penny appeared in front of me and I took her cock in my mouth. First one hand then the other was taken and amatör porno I recognized the feel of two more lubricated cocks, one in each hand. Where the guy’s came from, I had no idea. I began stroking them.

Five cocks at one time, the thought and feel drove to yet another very powerful climax. I was fucked like this for many minutes until I tasted pre-cum. Penny pulled out of my mouth and stepped away, she did not want to cum yet, I took it.

The group disengaged itself from me and I was left lying on the mattress panting and glistening wet. All of them were standing over me when one of the two guys, who’s cocks I had been stroking, said “Who’s first?”

I looked at all of them one at a time wondering if I would be able take all of them. Claire said “Ladies first fellas.” As she mounted me and began fucking me some more. She brought to orgasm very quickly and as I came, again, I felt her semen erupt deep inside me. It felt like a fire hose was squirting me as my eyes rolled back in my head some, the timing was PERFECT!

Claire rolled off of me and Brenda told me she wanted me from behind so I got on my hands and knees and moaned loudly as she shoved her cock into my squishing pussy. “Oh YEAH, baby” she exclaimed. “What’s your name again?” she asked.

“Uh…uh….El….uh….Elle…uh” I tried to answer before one of the guys pushed his cock into my mouth.

“Oh, never mind, cunt.” She said slapping my butt. I reached back and just touched my clit and I was in the throws of yet another orgasm, screaming around this guys cock and squirting my juices forward this time hitting my swaying tits. I tasted pre-cum and then the guy I was sucking erupted in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but I wasn’t expecting it and some semen dripped down my cheeks.

I then felt another flood of hot slick fluid shoot into my pussy “OH…GOD!” I exclaimed, I was not sure how much more of this I could take but I was LOVING it!

The other guy then entered me anally and began mercilessly pounding me, knocking me off balance at one point with the power of his thrusts.

Claire reached around under me and began massaging my pussy and clit until I exploded in yet another shattering climax. I heard the guy grunting and I knew he was coming deep inside my anus.

As he withdrew from me I was rolled over and Penny mounted me fucking my pussy. All I could do was lay there as she fucked me vigorously almost violently as I came one more time.

Suddenly she stopped, pulled her cock out of me, leaned forward and shot her load on top of me. Her semen went as far as my cheek and mouth and across my tits. I lay there panting heavily. My legs were spread and I was soaked in my own cum and Penny’s semen as the five of them stared at me.

“She was a damn good fuck!” one of the guys said.

“Yes she was” said Claire “worth every penny.”

“We better tie her up again before we leave, you know how Mel is.” Brenda said returning with some rope and other things.

“On your stomach, bitch.” One of the guys commanded. I rolled over and my hands were tied together as were my ankles. Then they bent my knees and tied my wrists to my ankles. I realized I was being hog tied. A ball gag was inserted in my mouth and tightly secured. A head harness was next and a rope was pulled through the handle at the back of my head harness and tightly tied to my wrists and ankles so my head was pulled way back. A butt plug was inserted and a dildo was pushed deep into my pussy.

I was lifted in the air by the guys and hung on a hook from the ceiling through the ropes securing my hands and wrists. Lastly nipple clamps were tightly clamped on my nipples with weighted chains hanging down. The group stepped back to admire their work. “UH” I grunted.

“Comfy?” said Penny as she laughed and finished dressing.

Going up the stairs Brenda said “We should do her again, what do you think guys?” all agreed.

“Maybe we will rent her again this weekend, although Melanie said she was getting another pussy to rent as well as this one, maybe we will get both.” Claire said as they went through the door at the top of the stairs and turned off the light. I hung there swaying gently in complete darkness.

I hung there for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only about twenty minutes until I heard the door open and then the light came on. I had figured out what was going on, it all made sense now, all the clues came together. My loving Dom and Jeff, my thoughtful and caring lover were renting me out for sex….prostitution?…..$1000/hour…..Hmmm.

Blinking to try to adjust to the light I started grunting as loud as I could because I need to be let down as I was getting very uncomfortable.

I heard the sound of chains dragging on the floor and the sound of heels clicking as they came downstairs. I could not see what was going on because I was facing in the other direction. I heard muffled grunts from a girl as Mel said “Over here, honey. I know you can see her, not a word!”

I then heard the sound of metal on metal and the distinctive sound of padlocks being locked. Mel, then came over to me and looked at me and started laughing. “Well, they said they left you like they found you, just hanging around.” She said.

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