Emma Watson’s Fantasy


Emma Watson’s FantasyEmma and her boyfriend Greg were traveling a bit north for a quiet weekend together. Greg was driving a very nice sports car. There was barely enough room for luggage.“Emma! How long have we been together?” He asked.“Six months and three days. But who’s counting!” Emma answered with a big smile.“Are you enjoying our nights together? Is the sex good?” Greg asked.“Yes and Yes! After a few tries, you’ve made me enjoy sex more than I ever had. Why all the questions?” she said.“I have a two part fantasy! I wished you loved me with all your heart! And I would like to see you have your sexual fantasy fulfilled! And if possible I would like to take part in it.” Greg said.“I do love you!! I love you more than anyone!” she said.“And I love you too! Would it be possible for you to open your heart and disclose your number one sexual fantasy to me?” he asked.“Are you sure you want to hear it? You might be jealous. You might not like it.” Emma said.“I’m sure! Making you satisfied sexually is a major priority for me.” he said.Emma began blushing as she began to tell her fantasy to Greg! “I want to be in a threesome with you and another man! And I want the other man to be a black man with a very large cock. And he must be a very dark black man. I want you to spit roast me! I want one cock in my cunt and the other in my mouth. Partway through the spit roast I want to be sodomized! I want to be fucked in the ass by the black stud. Have you ever tuned in to anything on the internet that specializes is large black bulls fucking white women! That’s what I want!” she explained blushing a deep red.“Fuck Emma! That’s getting me all worked up just thinking about! It sounds great! And I get to watch you being fucked in the ass by a big black cock? Count me in!” Greg said.Emma was blushing furiously! “You really like the idea? You’ll have to help me find the black man though!”“We’re staying at a place with a bar and dance floor. With any luck we’ll find a candidate there. How about I tell him you want him to ask you to dance. Then you’ll need to investigate his package for yourself!” said Greg.”Oh God!” Emma said. Biting at her thumb, she said.”Yes! Let’s do it! But you have to be with me the entire time! We’ll find a good spot for my new camera and record the entire thing! Fuck! I can’t wait!” She leaned over and kissed him passionately!They had checked in to the very elegant hotel and stood surveying their room! It was perfect! There was a large couch in the entry room which melded in with a kitchen. The bedroom was spacious with several mirrors.“I need a shower!” said Greg. “And no fooling around! I want to keep what I’ve already worked up for our fantasy tonight! I’m sure you’ll understand! I’m already randy as hell!”“Ok! I guess! I know exactly how you feel!” Emma said. “I’ll take my shower after you finish.”Emma considered what she would wear down at the bar. “My choices are pretty limited! I either go full on slut, or jeans casual, or elegant gown. I think jeans casual! No bra, no panties, almost see through blouse, and workout shoes.”She took an extra fifteen minutes in the bathroom, putting on makeup and shaving her pussy! It was smooth as a baby’s butt!“Greg!” she called. “I’m ready, let’s go before I explode!”Greg came from the kitchen and was similarly dressed. “Shall we enter your fantasy then?”“Oh God yes!” Emma said.They took the elevator to the Bar/Dance floor. As soon as they entered the Bar they each scanned the entire place for a suitable man for Emma. There were several tables with black men. One of them stood out though. They found a table near to his and ordered drinks.Emma sloshed down her whiskey in short order! “Damn Emma! Was that a little liquid courage?” Greg asked.“Order me another drink, would you? Then tell the biggest man at that table that I want him to ask me to dance!” she said.“Alright then! I’ll be right back.” Greg said.“Fuck I hope this guy has a big cock! I’ll soon find out.” Emma thought.Greg returned to the table with a second whiskey for Emma. He had a big smile on his face. “I told him and I think the not so subtle hint that you want to dance will bear fruit!”Sure enough, her chosen stud approached the table and stood before Emma! Her heart was pounding hard and fast.“You look an awful lot like that girl who was in the Harry Potter movies! Is your name Emma? My name is George.” he said.“I don’t like being remembered for only those movies, but yes. I’m that girl. My name is Emma Watson.” she admitted.“Well, Emma Watson, would you like to dance?” George asked.“Yes I would!” she said, holding one hand up to his.A slow dance had just begun, which was perfect for her purpose. She put both istanbul escort arms around to his back and pressed her hips against him. They began a slow dance! Emma pressed her braless tits against him as they swayed together. “You will probably find this a bit forward, but do you have a big cock?” she asked.“Wo slow down baby! No. I’m afraid I don’t live up to the stereotype that all black men are well endowed. Are you looking for something particular! And what exactly is your objective?” George asked.“I’m afraid an average sized cock won’t work for me. We’re looking for a black man with a big cock to join my friend and I in a threesome. Maybe you have a friend that fits the bill?” Emma asked.“Actually I do. Are you looking to have this group grope tonight? And is ten inches long enough for you?” asked George.Blushing a deep red, Emma shook her head yes.“Let’s get you back to your table, and I’ll see if he’s available.” said George.He left Emma with Greg and he left the Bar. “He said he has a friend who would be perfect for me, but he’s only average in size. He’ll be back!” Emma said.Greg excused himself and walked to the Men’s Room. Emma was alone at their table when George returned. “Emma! If you want to meet my friend, Kelly, you’ll have to come with me right now. I’m sure that Greg wouldn’t object to you meeting Kelly just outside the Bar!” said George.Emma walked outside with George, but there was no other black man in the immediate vicinity. “What gives? Where is he?”“He’s just outside in the parking lot!” George said. They walked outside to meet Kelly.Once outside, George held up his right arm and signaled a Chevy Suburban. It drove slowly over to them and stopped. A very large very black man got out of the passengers side of the truck. He smiled a huge smile when he recognized Emma. “Hello Emma! Will this be sufficient for your needs?” The front of his pants fell open and his ten inch cock snuck out of his underwear!Emma’s mouth fell open as she stared at the huge soft cock! “Oh my God! You’ll do just fine!” she admitted blushing red!Kelly said, “Get in the back seat and we’ll go to a more intimate venue! George will get your boyfriend and follow us in a second car.”Thinking nothing was wrong with this plan, Emma slid into the rear seat with Kelly. She was in the Suburban with two unfamiliar black men. She was beginning to breathe heavily as they drove off. They drove for about ten minutes and arrived at a different hotel, not as nice as where they began.They parked the truck and the three of them got out and she followed her chosen sex partner inside.“Will George and Greg be here soon? I really want to get started! I’m getting more and more turned on by the minute!” she admitted.“Here’s our room! They’ll be here soon.” said Kelly. They entered the room and turned to face each other.“I understand that you want this night recorded for your future enjoyment! That’s fine with me, as long as I get a copy of it also!” said Kelly.“Of course, but we can never publish it, ever!” said Emma.“Let’s each sign a release form to be held by you! Will that be satisfactory?” suggested Kelly.“Yes…OK!” and Emma signed her form while Kelly did the same.“This is my friend Ben who drove us here. He’ll being recording all the action!” Kelly explained.“I’ve never done anything like this!” Kelly said. “What about you?”“I’m an actress, so I have a lot of experience in front of the camera. That being said, I’ve never been filmed having sex! I can’t wait!” Emma said.“Let’s sit on the couch and get to know each other.” Kelly suggested.Emma’s ass flopped on the couch! She was quite nervous, but equally ready to get into the nitty gritty of her fantasy. Kelly sat next to her and moved to kiss her. They stared into each other’s eyes, leaned forward and kissed!At the touch of his lips her heart skipped a beat! Their tongues touched! They French kissed!“Shit!” Emma thought! “This is really going to happen! He’s gonna fuck me with that big black cock of his!”He broke off the kiss rather quickly. “Fuck Emma! You’re a really good kisser! Are you equally good at kissing other body parts?”Emma was sure he was talking about her skills at fellatio! “Shall we find out Kelly?”Emma reached for the belt buckle, undid the clasp, and dragged his zipper down! The head of his huge cock appeared above his underwear! Her right hand grasped it and pulled his cock free from his clothes. She exposed his long cock and big balls! Her eyes opened wide as she turned to face him. “Fuck Kelly! Is that supposed to fit inside me?”“It most certainly will! It will fit in all your holes! And avcılar escort it will fit in each of them tonight! Isn’t that what you want? Don’t you want me and Greg to fuck you senseless? He should be here soon!” said Kelly. “Now suck it Emma! Suck my big black cock!”Without hesitating, Emma bent down and forced about four inches of his black cock in her mouth! She loved the knowledge that she had a black cock in her mouth! She knew she was a black cock slut! She felt very naughty! She began bobbing her head up and down on it. She rubbed her tongue all around his prick! She knew she was a cocksucker, but now she was a big black cock sucker! She felt her clit tingle!“Suck it Emma!” said Kelly. “Suck me off! I want to cum in your mouth! I want to cum in your pussy! I want to drop a load in your ass! I’ll have you in every hole tonight. You’re such a slut!”She heard a noise behind her. She lifted her mouth off Kelly’s dick. Turning slowly, she saw Greg standing in the door. He appeared to be gob-smacked! “I see you two started without me! How does his cock taste Emma? Are you loving it?”“Oh my God Greg! This is so perfect!” Emma stood up and dropped her jeans to the floor. She kicked off her shoes and undid her blouse. Her tits were just peeking out of her loose blouse! “Fuck me while I suck his beautiful cock!”Emma got up on her hands and knees on the couch. Kelly was still seated with his big black cock standing straight up! Kelly grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her mouth back down on his cock! “You’re not done giving me an air start yet, bitch! Move your lips and tongue on my cock!”At about the same time, Greg had stripped naked and was positioning his cock at the entrance to her dewy cunt! Greg slowly pushed his cock into Emma’s pussy! Emma was being spit roasted! Each stroke of Greg’s cock pushed her mouth down on Kelly’s cock! “Take it Emma! Take it all, slut!”Emma pulled Kelly’s cock from her mouth, and started moaning!“Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck my mouth you bastard! Make me take it all in!” Emma cried out. “Fuck my face!”Kelly and Emma tried for several minutes to force Kelly’s big cock into her throat, but it was just too big around! They both settled for using her mouth on his cock!Emma stroked the length of his cock and she played with his balls! Her mouth and tongue were all over his cock! She loved it!“I want to fuck you Emma! Isn’t that what you wanted?” Kelly asked.Greg and Kelly quickly switched places! Emma was staring at Greg’s ample cock, while Kelly began rubbing her pussy with the head of his cock.“Yes! That’s the way! Shove your prick in my mouth Greg, while Kelly stretches my cunt out with his big cock!” Emma said.“Please fuck my wet pussy Kelly! Fuck me hard and fast! Oh shit!! That’s the way fucker! I can feel your balls bouncing against my clit. That will make me cum Kelly!” said Emma.Emma was silenced by Greg’s cock being buried in her mouth!“That’s the way you guys! Fuck her silly!” said a voice Emma didn’t recognize. “Don’t forget to fuck her in the ass Kelly! She looks like she really needs it!”“Are you ready for an ass fucking Emma? I want to feel your ass clamping down on my cock! Will this be your first ass reaming?” said Kelly.“No! I accidently took a cock in my ass a few months ago. But it was only for a single errant stroke by a different boyfriend! I made him take his cock out of me as soon as we both realized what had happened! It didn’t hurt because his cock wasn’t very large. Technically I’ve been sodomized, but only for a quick minute. I want you to ream out my asshole good and proper! Make me scream in pain and pleasure! I want to be your little ass whore! I want you to brag to your friends about sodomizing me! When I walk by them, I want them to know that I love having big black cocks in my guts!” Emma explained.“That’s what I like to hear Emma! Brace yourself! This may hurt a bit at the start, but once I stretch out your asshole, I guarantee you’ll love it!” said Kelly.Kelly’s cock was long and thick: a Mighty Weapon of Sodomy! Emma felt two fingers enter her butt with a water based lubricant on them! He spread it on the entry to her ass and on the walls of her sphincter! Emma like him touching her asshole with the lube! That was a surprise to her!Soon Emma felt the end of his cock press gently against her ass! He forced less than an inch of his cock in her, and then pulled out of her! He repeated the process, going deeper in her has each time before pulling out. It wasn’t long before he had six inches in her ass and she could no longer deny that she was being ass fucked! She felt almost zero pain as he nursed his şirinevler escort cock in and out of her ass! Then with a single forceful stroke, he buried all ten inches of his big black cock as far as it would go in her!Emma enjoyed the feeling of being so full of hard cock! Kelly grabbed her by the hips and began long hard forceful strokes in and out of her ass! She was being sodomized by an accomplished practicer of the trade! Each stroke make her butt cheeks bounce! He also spanked her cheeks as he said, “You’ve been a very bad girl Emma! What do you need?”“I need to be ass fucked and spanked! Please do it to me!” Emma begged.At the same time, Greg started lightly slapping her bouncing tits! He concentrated on her small hard nipples! He knew from past experience that Emma enjoyed that kind of rough stimulation!In short order her butt cheeks were red and her tits were marked up! “Please spank me harder! I’ve been so bad!”Emma loved the feeling of a hard slap on her butt cheeks, and especially enjoyed having her tits slapped!Greg made sure her mouth was full of his cock! He silenced her talking by fulfilling her fantasy of being spit roasted! He held her by the hair and drove his cock in and out of her face! Eventually she felt his balls resting on her chin! “Take all of my cock baby! Take it! Swallow it!” Greg forced two inches of his cock into her throat, and she gagged!Greg watched shock waves move through Emma’s ass cheeks! He saw her being sodomized! Watching her turned him on even more!“Fuck Emma! Your ass is being royally reamed out! What a slut you are! I love you baby!” said Greg.Emma took Greg’s cock from her mouth and said, “I love you so much Greg! My God he’s fucking me so hard and deep! Oh my God! Oh shit his cock feels so good in my guts! I want him to drop a big load in my ass! Is that ok Greg! You won’t be jealous, will you?”“Oh fuck! I felt that last stroke in my throat! Shit his cock is big!” Emma cried.Shoving his puny white cock in her mouth again, he silenced her once again! “I think we ought to do this every six months or so! I’ve never heard or saw you so randy!”Kelly was picking up speed with his cock in her asshole! “Oh shit Emma! How…do…you…like…my…cock…bitch?” he bottomed out for emphasis on each word!Emma grunted on each word! “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”“I’ll be cumming in your ass soon, whore! What do you want next, slut? Is this all you wanted for the night?” Kelly asked.Greg had just then pulled his cock from her mouth and was jerking off with his cock aimed directly at her beautiful face!Emma answered, “I don’t want this to end so soon! Keep on fucking me! Please!” Emma begged.Just then, Emma felt a warm splash of jizz in her guts! He was coming in her ass! She felt spurt after spurt of his creamy cum shoot into her guts! “Fuck! You’re cumming in my ass! It feels so good! Don’t stop! Don’t stop baby!”Of course, he could only manage six or so shots into her! He pulled his big black cock out of her ass.“Oh shit! I need two more hard cocks! Greg! Kelly! Help me!” she begged.“Splort!” Greg’s first shot of cum hit her right on the space between her nose and mouth! Greg was jerking off furiously on her face! Shot after shot of his cum landed on her face and in her short hair!“Yes baby! Cover me with your jism! Yesss!” stressed Emma.“I’m sorry Emma! We’re played out for another hour or more!” said Greg.“I have some friends next door who would love to meet your needs Emma! Shall I invite them over? They’re all blacks! Shall I call them?” Kelly asked.“Would you still love me if I pulled a train tonight Greg? I’m just so very randy and I need to cum!” Emma asked Greg.“Like I said before! I want your fantasy to be fulfilled! As long as I can watch!” said Greg.Emma stood up, Greg’s jizz running down onto her tits! “Ok Kelly! Ask them over!” said Emma.She walked into the bathroom and cleaned the cum off her face and body. “Time for round two and three!” she smiled into the mirror.Ten minutes passed and Kelly still wasn’t back! “Shit Emma! I would have thought an apartment full of men would have jumped at the chance to sodomize you! What the hell?” said Greg.Just then, Kelly returned alone! “Emma! You’ll have to come and ask them yourself! They think I’m trying to trick them! I can see their point! It’s a bit unbelievable to have the most beautiful young woman in the world ask them come next door and fuck her!”Emma walked to the door and opened it: she was still nude! Opening it, she walked five steps to the apartment next to Kelly’s and flung the door open!“Fuck! Could you guys lower yourselves to come over and fuck me? Please!” Emma asked. She stamped one foot on the floor causing her tits to bounce up and down!The five black men in the room all wore disbelieving looks on their faces. They were gob-smacked! They were stunned! They all stood up as one! Four of them were obviously athletes! Just Emma’s type.Emma turned around and walked back to Kelly’s room, showing her perfect ass to the next door neighbors!To Be Continued

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