Empty Collars Ch. 01


The first six months after a separation or divorce is probably one of either intense happiness of being free or intense despair at being alone. To me it was more like what now? The first three or four weeks after I finally got out of the house were busy. I had to complete the sale of the house. I had to find a new house and then I had to finish moving out. I had never really accumulated much so there wasn’t much to move.

I was just beginning to really feel the pangs of loneliness when one of the guys I worked with asked if I had been dating anyone. Getting back into the dating pool was a traumatic experience to say the least. Especially when you walk into the process determined to not make any mistakes…. because that will be all you make.

Denise. She was the result of one of my younger friends.. if you can call her that … setting me up. When I got there I saw a fairly decent looking 40+ year old woman sitting by herself looking out the window. I smiled to myself and figured this was my window being opened. I asked the Maitre de for my table and watched him point to the back of the restaurant. There she was with her cell phone in one hand and chewing on a bread stick with the other. I rubbed my hands together thinking I hit the jackpot.

“Uh Denise right?” I took her in. She was about 34 or 35 and a bit on the short side. She was very nicely dressed in a pin stripe vest ,white blouse, and matching skirt. She was fairly good looking not in the Librarian way that Mary had been but still in a nice classical way.

“So you know Anna right?” She seemed like she could carry on a conversation fairly well ,but what do you talk about with someone almost twenty years your junior. What toys she likes… no that would not be a good question to ask no matter which way she took it. We sat there and basically exchanged resumes for the first five minutes until she flew into her last boy friend. She jabbered on and on about his watching sports, his friends, and anything else about the guy. I was just finishing my ravioli when I heard the word “wimp”. It was like the hand of god shaking me awake.

“What do you mean he was a wimp?” I tried to keep my tone as flat and inquisitive as possible.

“He wouldn’t do anything without prompting. I always had to tell him what to do. I always had to check up on him. I had to tell him where to put it.” I scratched my fork slightly along the plate as she said it. I looked up slowly and saw a dull pink color spread across her face. I could feel the smile come across my face. I let her stew for about 10 seconds before I bailed her out.

“What did he not follow through when you tossed him one?” I kept the smile down to a smirk.

“What?” A look of nervousness spread across her face mixed with just a twinge of anger. It was even more sumptuous than the meal before me.

“You guys played tennis that’s how Anna told me she knew you. Did he not follow through when you guys were on the courts together?” She looked absolutely relieved when I asked her that ,but I just had to keep pushing. Hell it was a bad date anyway might as well try for the Hall of Fame of bad dates and have it out in the restaurant. It was a boring place that needed a floor show.

“Or is that he wasn’t being decisive under the sheets with you.” Her eyes instantly froze in place fixed on the plate in front of her before she grabbed for her water and took a long pull off the top. I kept talking not really going fast or slow just trying to keep my tone nonchalant. It took her maybe a full minute to finally blurt out something.

“No no that was fine.” She fiddled with the bread stick some more. Her thumb was stroking the tip of the bread stick in a way which in a crowded restaurant drew a few stares. She quickly blushed as she realized it and dropped it back onto her bread plate.

“Just fine not good? Geez no wonder he didn’t make the cut. He had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.” She looked relieved that I given her out to talk about how bad her ex-boyfriend was. She easily went back to telling me how he never mowed the lawn or did anything else. Her voice was nice but we had nothing in common. I tried to breach politics once and her eyes seemed to grow vacant and hollow. I let her go back into telling me how her job as a the booking agent and coordinator for a cruise ship was so fulfilling. Then she talked about some celebrity gossip news. I felt like I was flipping between E! and the Travel Channel on my cable box. She had seemed flustered though when I had brought up the wimp comment. Maybe she did have one redeeming quality. I wondered what she sounded like when she came? I smiled and began to chuckle just as she finished another one of her bad jokes about the travel industry. She smiled and seemed to glow as she thought her joke was funny. Maybe she was worth another night of my time.

By the fourth date, I wanted to see how far a stiff push could get me. I was amazed that she had told Anna that I was the best listener she had ever met after our first mobil porno date. What no “he asked me how my last boyfriend wasinbed?”. I was both relieved and mad at myself for not pushing more… Because after her one slip I couldn’t help but picture her in various forms of undress either tied face down to my bed or to a chair as she serviced my cock. She had suggested we go to a concert in town that she had wanted to see at some dive bar. Split V or something. I wanted to see what she would do if I completely ignored what she wanted. That evening I showed up at her house wearing a nice sport coat and a pair of chinos. She told me I could leave my jacket when we went into the club.

“A guy from work gave me a set of tickets to go to see a new historical exhibition from the Civil War. It was the only date that he could get tickets. Your welcome to come but if you want to go see your band .. we could meet up later that would be fine.” I tried to look apologetic but occasionally a smirk would try to appear so I would have to turn my head.

“I guess that would be fine with me. I didn’t know you liked that history stuff.” I had told her at least five times that I had just finished reading Sears’ biography on McClellan. It seems I wasn’t the only one fantasizing about the other. The night went on pretty much like a normal date. As the night drew to a close I implemented what I had planned the night before. As I walked her to her door she leaned forward to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

“I’m thirsty why don’t you go inside and get me a drink of water.” It was a honest enough request.. if she had denied me she might have come off looking like a bitch.

“Uh sure.” She sounded fairly nervous as she walked in. I went in right behind her and sat down. She seemed a bit alarmed ,but I acted like it was just another date. I quickly flipped on the television. It was almost 11 and I knew she liked to watch Chelsea Lately so I flipped on the News Hour and pretended to get into it. When she came in with the water I patted the seat beside me without looking at her. I grabbed the water and took a small pull off of it. It surprised me when she sat down. I had the remote in my right hand while she sat on my left.

“Its getting ..” I cut her off with a slight shush and wrapped my arm around her. I waited for the first commercial break and then stood up.

“Its getting late.” She seemed to be relieved when I said that. Her entire body relaxed and she reached for the remote.

“You need to be getting to bed.” She seemed to be wondering where I was going with this.

“So why don’t you go brush your teeth, get changed, and I will come tuck you in.” I wanted her to fight me on this and it looked like I just dropped a bomb in her lap. I smiled as she seemed to back off from me.

“Just because you look like my dad doesn’t mean you can treat me… ” I just took my water and walked to her bathroom and flipped the lights on. She followed me into the bathroom and continued to berate me as I pulled her toothbrush out and sat it on the bureau.

“Damn it where do you get off.” I reached behind her and lightly spanked her ass. She fought me for about thirty seconds before the second smack to her ass hit.

“Ow damn it stop. Ow.” I watched her rub her ass as she stood there.

“Now little girl I want you to brush your teeth while I turn down your sheets.” She looked at the toothbrush and then back at me. I had her.

“You said you didn’t want a wimp of a boyfriend. Do you want to take that back? I’am fine if you want to keep our dates the way they are. Your not a bad girl and your fun. Just occasionally I will impose my wants onto you … but not many times. ” She looked dumbfounded before she managed to compose herself.

“I said I didn’t want a wimp not a tyrant who would tell me when to sleep, eat, and brush my teeth for god’s sake.” She put her hands on her hips. She looked so nice in just a slim dress.

“Well didn’t you say your dentist wanted you to brush more thoroughly and that you wish you could be in bed by 11:30 so you wouldn’t be tired all day. I just want you to be happier and maybe I can help you.” She looked frustrated.

“Just get out of my bathroom. I will brush my damn teeth.” I chuckled to myself as she picked up the tooth brush and began to swish it around in her mouth. She stopped thirty seconds later.

“Ah ah … keep going and make sure you floss too. You know how much a new crown costs.” I was surprised that she didn’t fight me on the last extra bit I tossed her. Damn I was looking for something.. swearing.. anything. I heard the sound of her grumbling about flossing as I turned her bed down and found a nice whispy gown for her. I heard her come into the bedroom.

“What are you doing going through my clothes?” I just tossed it to her and told her to get ready for bed and walked out the door shutting it behind me. I heard clothes rustling and she finally opened the door. She looked gorgeous. I reached out with my hand and alman porno stroked her back.

“Get in bed.” The redness returned her face.

“If you think I am going to have s….” I cut her off quickly.

“I’ll make sure to lock up when I leave in a minute. Now get in bed. You want the fan on?” I flipped on her overhead fan before she uncovered the bed and sat down on the sheets.

“Go ahead and get in.” I flipped the covers back over her.

“See isn’t it better when you just listen.” I smiled as I flipped off the lights and walked out the door. I locked the door behind me. I waited for ten minutes outside her house before I finally left. No lights came on.

“Damn that worked? That never should work.” I smiled as I fought off the laughter and cranked up the music in my car. It was a nice night after all.

“Did you sleep well last night babe?” I heard a sigh over the phone as she decided whether or not to answer.

“Yes I did if you must know.” I smiled damn this is fun as hell. Basically I am shoving her off the cliff.

“Well I’m glad to hear that babe.” I wondered if she noticed.

“Why do you keep calling me that? Just where is all this coming from its like you did a complete 180 on me.” She sounded a bit sad mixed with the anger.

“So I take it you object to be called a babe? So it doesn’t make you feel attractive when I use that name?” I asked the question with almost uncomprehending belief.

“No of course it doesn’t, it makes me feel like a piece of meat.” I sort of laughed mentally.

“Ok gorgeous whatever you say. I was thinking if you wanted to do something later on tonight that would be fine with me.” I tried to keep my voice even but half the time it wanted to falter and the other half it wanted to laugh with a big hearty laugh. She groaned loud and I waited for the eventual … get the F*** OUT OF MY LIFE .. but after almost a whole minute.

“Yeah I guess so.” She seemed dejected.

“Listen if you want to stop seeing me that is fine. Otherwise I am not going to let you go down the same path you had last time. Got it?” I tried to keep my tone even but firm.

“Uh yeah I guess so.” The answer seemed to be without any force whatsoever.

“Ok pick you up at seven thirty Bye.” Its not supposed to be this easy.

After four more dates the dejected Denise had given way to the more upbeat Denise yet again. She hadn’t even minded when I walked her in again one night. She seemed a bit uneasy about it ,but she didn’t fight me on anything. I again tucked her into bed and left her with her thoughts. I thought I would press her tonight. As I walked in with her and sat down on the couch she went right into the kitchen and got me a drink and sat down beside me curled up. I flipped on the News Hour as I had the first night and looked over at her. I stroked the back of her head as she stared at me. We had fooled around some in her car one night ,but nothing past that. I wrapped my arm a bit tighter as I flipped off the TV.

“Why did you let me do this to you?” I waited for an answer ,but all I got was silence as she sat there looking at me. Fine I am going to play another card.

“You know the first night I waited around for ten minutes after I tucked you in. I was surprised when you didn’t turn the lights on.” She turned a bright shade of red. I was curious now.

“I thought you had left… I knew I heard the door slam. What did you hear?” Her voice was frantic. Damn now I am curious as hell ,but I could put it off. It was a bit too far to press just right now.

“Nothing.” I smiled and got up to get me a drink of water and compose myself. I looked out at the room and saw her sitting there starring back towards me. I smiled and moved behind her counter. I was hard. It took a bit of shuffling on my part ,but I got myself adjusted and sat back down. I wrapped my arm around her and moved closer and kissed her lightly.

“Now you were saying?” The pink that had gradually been becoming lighter and lighter turned to a bright pink hue. I reached down and rubbed her ass. That was exactly the reaction I wanted.

“Nothing.” She fidgeted as she put her hands into her palms. Her hands kept shuffling. I reached down and grabbed her hands and put them around my neck and pulled her into my lap. She was a bit taken back by it ,but didn’t put up any struggle. I kissed her neck as her arms gripped my neck. The smallish peasant top made her very accessible as I slid my hand up her back. I raked my fingernails lightly down her spine as she sat there. I felt her skin bubble as small goosebumps raised up underneath my fingers. It had been almost ten months since I had a woman this close to me. Her scent was like a mix of carnations and vanilla. Her skin felt as smooth as silk under my hands. Her stocking covered feet rubbed against my side. I continued to kiss her neck as I worked up to her jaw. I felt her head slide to one side as her eyes met mine. I stroked her face as I pressed alexis texas porno my lips against hers.

“Your warm Denise.” Her hips began to grind into my thigh as she sat there. Her hands drifted up my shirt. I wanted to see what she would do.

“Denise..” That single word drew her attention as I put just a hint of force behind. I leaned in close to her ear.

“Did I say you could reach underneath my shirt?” Her body stiffened in my arms. I felt a bit of wetness come through the fabric of my pants where her hips met my thigh. I stroked her back as I sat there. Her eyes darted back and forth as she tried to turn her head away. I put my thumb on her chin and held lightly. Her mouth opened as she sat there. I felt her breathing become a bit ragged as she finally managed a few words.

“No .. sir.” I knew it the minute she said wimp in the restaurant. I pushed my hand against her ass as I felt the wetness grow to a large spot on my thigh.

“That’s my girl. You may put your hands in my shirt now.” Her hands went up and down my chest as she felt the hair on my chest. I felt just her fingertips as they played across my body. She was like a kid with her first car. She tried to feel everyone of my ribs. Every subtle curve of my skeleton. Her thumb would touch one place as her fingers would touch others. I smiled as she sat there on my lap. I slipped my hands to the back of her trousers and unzipped the back and slipped my hand in. She was wearing a small pair of bikini style panties. The cotton felt like regular briefs as I drifted closer to her waist. Her flesh was hot in my hands. I slipped my hand into the top of her panties and ran my hand along her waist. I stopped and rubbed her hip. I grabbed for the edge of her top and tossed it over her head as her arms darted up. I reached down and unzipped my pants. Her hand hesitantly slipped through the small opening.

“Go ahead.” She seemed eager to obey as her hands slipped into my pants. She stroked my cock through the boxer briefs I was wearing. Her hand seemed desperate to find the button on the flap.

“Unbuckle and unbutton my pants.” She smiled and eagerly complied as her hands grabbed for the belt buckle. She slipped the belt out of the loop and then went right for the button. I felt her hands slide down from the top of my pants and stroke my cock slowly.

“Do you have any condoms?” She pointed to the bedroom. I reached down and yanked off both of our pants and tossed them over the couch. I grabbed her by the ass and let her straddle me as I carried us to the bedroom and sat her down on the bed. I pulled the bedspread off of the right side and pushed her down on to it. She giggled as I licked her stomach. I reached behind her and pulled her bra off. Her nipples were small and pink. I played around with one in my mouth. I felt her tense up and groan as she squeezed me hard with her arms and legs. I wanted to see what she would do.

“Is that what you were thinking about after I left that night?” I slipped my hand into her panties and stroked the insides of her thighs. Her breathing became ragged. The insides of her legs were hot as my hands slid easily across them. I pinched her lightly on the thigh as I stared into her eyes. I felt a small grin form on my face.

“Did you want me that night?” Her crotch forced itself into my hand as I stared at her. Her body began to slide up and down. Slowly at first but as the seconds wore on she became more brazen in her attempt. I slapped her ass hard with my free hand.

“Say it now little girl.” I put a dull growl into the back of my throat as I said it. Her eyes went wide with shock at both the pain in her ass and my words.

“Yes yes sir..” Her eyes went down as her voice trailed off. Her crotch slid back into hand. Baby steps remember baby steps. That’s more than I thought I could get out of her. I licked her throat and ran my hands up her back to just below her head. I stopped myself from pulling her hair. I gripped her hard and pushed her into the mattress hard.

I love to watch a woman’s face. Study the reaction of every thrust. To watch her bite her lip. Watch her close her eyes and just try to keep their breath slow… watch them stare back and see sudden changes as I touch a leg, a hip, or an elbow. I reached out with my head and licked her ear and began to bite lightly. I kissed my way down alternating between a gentle lick and a light scraping of my teeth across her skin. I knew she loved her neck and I love to have a woman breath in my ear. It was a nice match for two people.

I could hear her breath quicken as I drew the skin of her neck into my mouth and stroked it lightly with my teeth. I rubbed my teeth along her neck. Her hand began to rub through my hair. Damn she felt good. I picked her up and sat her down on my cock. She groaned loudly as her hands wrapped around my neck and our lips met. I parted her lips with my tongue and began to stroke hers. The bed was warm where she was laying.

“Oh god.” I felt her legs grab me harder as I pushed my hips deeper. Her hands clawed at my shoulder. I could only smile as I moved my hips faster. I moved my hips in small circles and finally felt her grab onto me. I rubbed my hands up and down her body. Every inch of her felt great. I leaned in close.

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