End of a Rivalry


End of a RivalryWarning! This story contains extreme depictions of brutality. If you aren’t into violent fighting/sex fantasies, then don’t comment on how you didn’t like it. With out further adeau:Leya and Alyssa hated each other. The two women are opposite in every way: Alyssa is overweight, Leya is fit, Alyssa is an irresponsible bum, and Leya excels at whatever she does. The crossroads of these two opposites is boxing. Both of these girls fight in the same manner and style. Both women shamelessly display their topless or nude bodies, while brutally fighting with other women. Both women can take and give a lot of punishment. However, as in life, Alyssa has yet to be victorious in the ring. While she’s heavy and powerful, her excess weight dampens her endurance, and after 5 or 6 rounds, she’s out of breath and is taking a merciless pummeling. Leya’s abilities in the ring are also consistent with her other abilities. Leya has not lost a match, but has had several very close fights, ending with her victory. Finally, while Alyssa is an outcast and generally unfriendly to the other girls at the gym, Leya is well liked, even by her most brutal opponents and bitter rivals.Twice before these two women have boxed, first when Leya first joined (as the new girl), and again in a rematch after Alyssa’s humiliating defeat the first time. Both fights were rather benign in comparison to most of the other competitive boxing matches at their gym, Alyssa was simply knocked out quickly. Alyssa burned with anger watching Leya fight her way to the top; every victory was like a knife getting twisted in her back. Alyssa decided to confront Leya, for a final time.“Bitch! I think we need to settle things once and for all.” Alyssa blurted out across the locker room at Leya.The locker room fell silent, the other girls turned and looked at Leya, eager to see where this exchange would lead. If a fight was going to happen, they all wanted to be there to see it.Leya looked at her, confidently, “What you think you can take me in a third fight, after I mopped the ring with you the last two times?”Alyssa snarled back, “I think we should raise the stakes this time. I’ve been coming to this gym for 10 years now, you’ve only been here 2. I propose the loser leaves this gym. Once the stretcher goes through the doors to the ambulance, the loser can never come back in here.”Leya smirked, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? As much as I hate your fucking guts, I’d hate to see you leave, the newer girls would have to find someone new to pommel.”The girls suppressed a snicker that would surely set Alyssa loose like a bull in a china shop. Alyssa screamed back, “I take that as a yes, than, bitch? I’m going to permanently remove that look from your face.”“When do you want to do this, chubby?” retorted Leya“I’m ready anytime, how about tomorrow night, it’ll be a good Saturday-night fight for the other girls here, and a fantastic amount of spectators to watch me retire you permanently.” Snarled Alyssa.Leya agreed to the Saturday night fight, and they left, both eager to get in the ring with each other.The next night came quickly. The girls were in their locker rooms getting ready for the fight. Leya’s second helped her suit up. She wore her usual gold trunks and her favorite pink 8-oz gloves. She had a tight, nervous feeling building in her stomach, as she always did right before what she thought would be a bloody fight. She pulled off her top to reveal her fit abs and firm breasts. Her corner girl was fellow boxer and friend Karina, who is equally beautiful and just as fit. She started rubbing Leya down with oil. Leya enjoyed the pre-fight rub down, but there was something different about tonight. Karina’s gentle touch on her skin, and cold feeling of the oil aroused her greatly. Her nipples became erect with excitement, as Karina rubbed the oil on her chiseled back. Leya felt somewhat embarrassed as Karina moved to rubbing oil into Leya’s front. Karina very tenderly massaged the oil over her perfect breasts, stopping to massage the erected nipples. Leya was suddenly short of breath, and she looked into Karina’s eyes. Karina pulled her friend in close, and gently kissed her behind the ear and whispered, “It’s ok, baby, you’ll do just fine. I’ll be in your corner the entire fight.”The mixed feelings and emotions were practically overwhelming to Leya, as she’d never felt aroused by a woman before. Meanwhile, Alyssa too was prepping for the fight. She was just as nervous as Leya, perhaps more so, as she realized once again that she may not have thought out this challenge very well. She comforted herself that she wouldn’t allow the embarrassment of losing. Her corner girl is Jezz. Jezz volunteered to help out, because Alyssa needed a second for the fight, and Alyssa and Laynie (Jezz’s sister) had long since broken up. Jezz pulled off Alyssa’s top and put her blue 8-oz gloves on her. Alyssa’s trunks were nearly form fitting. Jezz began to oil her down. Jezz and Alyssa have boxed each other before, with the fight ending with Jezz brutally tribbing the defeated fat girl right on the canvas before the crowd. These two were not close friends, but more like a couple of girls that have known each other since high school. Jezz, bi, took great pleasure out of fucking her sister’s then-girlfriend right in front of her. She thought about this as she massaged the oil into Alyssa’s voluptuous body. Alyssa could tell, because the massage seemed to be more intense than she usually received from most of the other girls. Jezz gently ran her hand up Alyssa’s body, starting at her pussy. Alyssa nipples instantly hardened, as her breath was taken away by the younger woman’s sexual advance. Jezz smiled and finished rubbing the oil into Alyssa’s stomach and breasts. Alyssa punched her gloves together to go out to the ring, but Jezz grabbed her and kissed her passionately, then let her go,“The rest is up to you, you chubby whore. I’ll just make sure you’re still able to fight after each round.”There was a large crowd present; the gym was packed with the girls from the gym, their girlfriends, lovers, and women from the other gyms in town. It was hot, damp, and noisy, and it was only going to get worse. Alyssa and Leya made their way to the ring, every curve on their bodies accentuated by the oil. They arrived in their corners and glared across the ring at each other, each one imagining the brutality they would inflict on the other. The referee arrived, Kira, a retired boxer that frequents the various women’s gyms in the city, occasionally istanbul escort fights, and who is renowned for stopping fights the least out of any other referee. Both Jezz and Karina were giving last minute advice to their fighters as they readied for the call from the ref, but neither of them head anything they said, the whole gym was silent to their ears, as they glared hatefully across the ring at each other.Kira called both girls to the center of the ring. Kira made it abundantly clear that the standard competitive match rules apply, and that she would enforce them, otherwise, they can beat each other to a pulp with no interference from her. The two women stood toe-to-to, their erect nipples touched, and they stared menacingly into each other’s eyes. Their heartbeats quickened, both were already beginning to sweat from anticipation. Alyssa suddenly pulled Leya into a tight, embrace and forced a kiss. Leya tried to resist at first, but the girls’ breasts were rubbing together, nipples rubbing together. Leya could feel her hated opponents beating chest through her own, and she returned the kiss. They passionately kissed and tongued while their gloved fists groped each other’s asses and rubbed each other’s tense backs. The nervous feeling that both women felt in their stomach, exploded in to full blown arousal, both girls moaned very softly and breathed heavily. As they mutually pulled out of the kiss, Leya whispered to her chubby opponent,“I’ll let you have that kiss, bitch, because you’re face is going to hurt too badly to kiss for a long time after tonight.”Alyssa had no reply, shocked that her attempt to psych the straight girl had failed. The girls returned to their corners, both of them wet with arousal. They punched their gloves together, ready to fight. The corner girls gave them their mouthpieces, and they chomped down on them, ready to go. Kira looked at both topless contenders as the bell rang.“Fight!”The women came out from their corners and met in the center of the ring, they circled each other, taking swipes at each other, checking each other out. They held their gloves high, protecting their faces. Leya took the first shot, slamming Alyssa on the cheek with a hard hook. Alyssa was jarred, but kept her focus. She countered with a straight left jab to Leya’s face, which was left open by her attack. The girls both let loose with a flurry of punches, each one less concerned with defense, and more concerned with dealing out pain. Alyssa did a good job of covering her face; she took few face shots in comparison to what she dealt to Leya. Alyssa’s fat-girl body absorbed a lot of hits however; as she has a hard time covering it all up. 4 minutes into the first round, both girls were punching hard and fast. Their bodies were already dripping with sweat, the overhead lights made their oil, sweaty bodies glisten with each movement. Alyssa had taken the advantage, as her assault on Leya’s face had worn her down faster than Leya’s body shots had done to her. Just as the bell ring, Leya caught a wicked uppercut that sent her into the ropes. Alyssa lunged after her, only to step into Kira. “Back to your corner” she commanded.“Saved by the bell, bitch” Alyssa shouted at Leya, who was limping back to her corner.The girls sat down in their corners, and their corner girls started working on them. Alyssa was in good condition. Her ribs had some red welts left by Leya’s merciless body attacks, but she wasn’t especially tired. Leya stumbled back to her corner after the last-second uppercut. Karina took her mouthpiece, gave her some water and looked her over. Her face was reddened from Alyssa relentless punching, and she had the start of a bruise underneath her left eye.“You took a pretty good beating, but you’re not bleeding, yet.” Karina assured her, “You’ve got to defend your head more, she’s coming out with more intensity than she usually does.”“So I’ve discovered.” Leya replied, wryly.Seconds out was called, and the corners finished up. Both girls sprang to their feet, and put their gloves up for round two.The bell rang, and they came out once again. Alyssa again came out swinging hard, striking Leya again with a brutal jab to the face. Leya was stunned, but quickly countered with a right left combination to Alyssa’s undefended head. She pressed the attack, combining k**ney shots, shots to the ribs, and face shots. Alyssa was confused, Leya was moving too fast for her to counter. She lunged at Leya, and pulled her into a clinch. Leya kept jacking her outside arm into Alyssa’s k**neys and ribs. Alyssa whirled Leya around and slammed her into the turnbuckle. Leya was shook up by the impact, and desperately tried to regain her bearings. It was too late, though, Alyssa let loose with haymaker after haymaker, pounding Leya’s face and breasts. Each connection sent a spray of blood, sweat, and spit from Leya’s damaged face. Leya covered up after a few seconds, trying to cover up her face. The haymakers continued into her k**neys and ribs, since her face was covered. The end of the round was nearing, Leya just tried to hold on, she knew if she took a few more haymakers, she’d be out cold. Leya moved to go into a clinch, but Alyssa was right there. Alyssa placed one fist on the small of Leya’s back and the other on her chest, and let loose with a full-powered knee-shot to Leya’s womanhood. Leya went limp, and fell to the mat in agony. Her gloved fists tried desperately to ease the pain of her throbbing pubic mound. Kira began to count, and Leya knew that she probably wouldn’t beat the count, so she allowed Kira to pull her to her feet to continue the fight. The bell rang, and Karina came into the ring to help her beaten friend to the corner. “She’s fighting dirty, you need to also,” Karina barked, “You aren’t going to last the next round if you don’t do some damage to her.”“I’ve never seen her like this, she’s like a wild a****l.” Leya said. She was a mess, her nose was bleeding profusely, she had a split lip, and blood was running down her face, and dripping off her nose and chin onto her bare chest. Her ribs had some ever-darkening welts, and her breasts ached and were full of welts. The bruise on her face had spread, and her left eye was beginning to swell. Karina gave her an ice pack for her crotch, which soothed the pain.Alyssa, in the mean time, was quite pleased with herself.“Look at the little bitch, I just about killed her in that round, I think I can finish the job in this round,” She snarled.“Don’t get cocky, avcılar escort she can still come back,” Jezz warned her. “Don’t fucking ruin my high,” Alyssa snapped, “I’m going to go out there and kill her this round.”The fight was getting ready to continue, Karina inserted Leya’s mouthpiece and reached into her trunks and rubbed her clit. Leya experienced a sudden burst of energy through arousal, which woke her up. Leya looked at her, perplexed. “I know you’d do the same for me.” Karina replied with a mischievous smile.The third round began. Leya was still bleeding pretty badly, and Alyssa got a first good look at the damage she’d done to her opponent. Looking at her beaten opponent aroused her greatly, and she was looking forward to finishing off her hated enemy. Leya moved in, and deliberately left her guard open.“What are you doing!?” screamed KarinaAlyssa let loose with a haymaker, which sent Leya into the ropes. Alyssa let loose with a right haymaker and let go. Leya blocked and countered with a right elbow-shot straight to Alyssa’s face. There was a loud ‘CRACK!’ that accompanied the strike, the entire assembled audience could almost feel the force of the attack. Alyssa was caught completely by surprise. She backpedaled and fell to the canvas. Leya straightened up and waited for Alyssa to get to her feet again. Alyssa did get to her feet quickly. She was very angry. Her nose was bleeding profusely, and her lip was split in two places. She now had her own blood running down her naked chest. Leya moved in quickly with hooks and more elbow shots. Leya, who a moment earlier was on her last throes, was quickly disassembling the fat girl. Alyssa pulled Leya into a clinch, but she would have none of it. She jacked her knee into Alyssa’s pussy not once, but three times before throwing her into the ropes. Reflexively, Alyssa covered up to protect her bruised womanhood. Now it was Leya’s turn to let loose with haymakers. blood sprayed from Alyssa’s mouth, and her soaked hair sprayed sweat everywhere. Leya, who was in a blind rage, held Alyssa’s head back over the ropes and pounded her face. The bell rang, and Kira pulled a still swinging Leya off of Alyssa. Alyssa’s entire 275-pound body fell to the canvas. Kira and Jezz dragged her to her corner, while Leya went back to hers.Jezz rubbed Alyssa’s clit“Come on, snap out of it, you have fight to finish!” she shouted at Alyssa, “I told you to fucking watch it.” Alyssa managed to nod, while trying to catch her breath. Her face was a mess; now as bloody as her rival’s, and her eye was swollen shut. Her pussy was writhing. Both girls were now tired and in pain. Through the pain though, they both felt something else, some erotic pleasure in beating each other up. Leya was beaten pretty badly, as well, still from the last round, although she wasn’t bleeding nearly as badly as she was at the beginning of the round. Both women look like they’d just stepped out of the shower. Leya’s once bouncy, curled brown hair, was now straight and stuck to her sweaty face and head. Her once fair, tanned face was now bruised and bloody. Her perfect breasts were now swollen, with sweat dripping off of her erect nipples. Alyssa’s hair was stringy and wet, her face badly bruised and smeared with blood, her chubby body had sweat dripping off of her hardened nipples and her stomach. Alyssa’s final realization before the bell rang for the fourth round was that she now had a fight on her hands.The bell sounded and the fourth round began. The beginning of the round consisted of back and forth punches, almost ritualistic. Standing in the center of the ring, Leya would slug Alyssa’s face, and Alyssa would return the attack in turn. Leya slowly began to press the attack forward, moving Alyssa closer and closer to the ropes. She let loose with an uppercut that sent the Alyssa into the ropes. Completely helpless to regain control, Alyssa bounced off of the ropes and fell into Leya’s arms. Leya relaxed her arms, and let Alyssa fall to her knees. Desperate to keep going, Alyssa used Leya to climb to her feet. Alyssa held onto Leya for dear life. She peered up to see Leya looking down at her. Leya’s muscle tone was accented by her sweaty sheen from the ring lights. Aroused again at the sight of her opponent, she extended her arms up around Leya’s waste, slightly pulling the brunette’s trunks down, and kissed Leya’s body right below the waistline. Leya’s back stiffened up from the sudden arousal she felt. Her heart beat faster and faster. Alyssa pulled down her trunks a little further and she began caressing Leya’s clit with her tongue. Leya let out a subdued moan and instinctively pressed Alyssa’s head into her pussy. She threw her head back and absorbed the fat girl’s talents. Alyssa began moving up with her lips and tongue and started hoisting herself up slowly. She kissed Leya’s body as she climbed back to her feet. Leya rested her gloved fists on Alyssa’s head and shoulders as she watched her most hated rival begin to kiss and caress her abs. Alyssa pulled to her feet completely, but stayed low enough to begin sucking Leya’s erect, waiting nipples. Leya moaned louder, as she pressed Alyssa’s head harder into her breasts. Alyssa began kissing her opponents neck, and finally made it to her lips. They began kissing passionately, and instinctively began rubbing their gloves against each other’s clits. The lesbian sex became more and more intense, the girls were drenched in sweat and still bloody, but they were making love on their feet. Moans filled the ring as the kissing became more intense, and the rubbing got harder and faster. Both girls cried out at the same time, and their bodies involuntarily shuddered, as they climaxed simultaneously. They fell to their knees, still in an embrace. They relaxed their heads on each other’s shoulders, each still aroused at hearing the quickened breath of the other. Kira pulled them away from each other, as the bell had rung 15 seconds ago, and they never even noticed.Round five was taxing for both of them, but more for Alyssa. Through four previous rounds she had been brutally beaten, and glove-fucked by a hated enemy. The colossal orgasm she experienced had taken a lot out of her, and Leya appeared to be getting her second wind. Leya was energized, she enjoyed the lesbian lovemaking, and although she couldn’t quite understand why she had enjoyed it with a woman she hated so much. Leya began working Alyssa over, she battered her already badly bruised ribs over and over again in an effort to şirinevler escort make a more tender spot worse. Alyssa would counter with a wild haymaker to force the brunette to back off. The fight had grown desperate and erotic. Each punch was as much painful as it was arousing. The women were frequently clinching, staggering into one another initiating long, arousing holds. The last 20 seconds of the round were the most intense, as Alyssa and Leya attacked each other non-stop. Alyssa connected with an elbow to Leya’s left eye, causing a blood-gushing gash above it. Leya returned the favor with a backhanded punch that opened a cut on Alyssa’s right cheek. The fight was descending into a****l brutality, but neither woman was willing to back down, this was a fight to the bitter, bloody end.The fifth round ended, and the corner girls had to work increasingly faster to clean up their fighters. The towels were bloody red after the cleanup, and dripping wet with sweat. “You’ve got to finish this up” Karina warned “You’re body’s not going to take much more of this.”Leya wearily nodded, realizing Karina’s accurate assessment of her situation.Round six began, and Leya came out determined. She had her way with Alyssa, battering the fat girl around the ring. Desperation was setting in on Alyssa; she pulled Leya in, and delivered a full force head butt. Both girls reeled and fell to the canvas. The impact was enough to open a gash on both girls’ foreheads. Leya got to her hands and knees, sweet pouring off of her body, blood dripping from her mouth, nose, and now, forehead. Neither girl made the 20-count, and had to be pulled up by Kira. Both girls staggered towards each other. Alyssa put her entire weight behind a haymaker that sent Leya spinning around. She fell into the bottom ropes. Leya was still conscious, but extremely weak. Kira pulled her to her feet, and signaled for the fight to continue. The hated rivals continued lighting into each other; cries of agony accompanied every leather-on-flesh thud. They both fell to their knees leaning against one another, nipples rubbing hard against each other. The continued battering each other on their knees, delivering hooks, haymakers, and elbows as hard as they could. The sixth round ended, and, once again, both girls were dragged to their corners.Leya was beyond exhausted. She could barely hear what Karina was saying to her as she cleaned up her severely battered friend. Karina got her going again with a little clit rubbing. Leya made a look of surprise, and then she smiled through her bruised face. Karina looked at her, wondering what she thought of. The bell rang, and Leya just punched her gloves together and grinned at her.The girls staggered out to meet in the seventh round. Alyssa swing hard and wildly at Leya, who dodged the attack and gut-checked her. Alyssa doubled over right into an uppercut. She staggered back to the ropes to keep from falling down. Leya was right on top of her, and herded her into the corner. She jacked Alyssa once more, and then spread her legs out, propping the fat girl on the turnbuckle, using the ropes to hold her legs open. Leya began kissing and rubbing her chubby rival’s clit with her gloved fist. She hated Alyssa with all of her being, but the intensity of the fight was arousing, regardless of their mutual hatred. She rubbed harder and hard until she felt Alyssa begin to convulse with orgasmic pleasure. She pulled back and sent uppercut after uppercut into Alyssa’s cumming pussy. Alyssa went blind with ecstasy, she climaxed and with each punch, she came harder and harder. Her body was visibly convulsing against the ropes, come was running down her leg. She was screaming out orgasmic moans as Leya continued to pound her pussy. Leya, practically cumming herself, ceased her attack, and thrust her self between Alyssa’s legs. Their clits ground together through their trunks. Leya thrust hard into Alyssa, she pounded Alyssa’s pubic mound with her own. She groped her firm, sweat-slick breasts and came over and over again. Both women were now cumming continuously and moaning loudly. Sweat poured off their bodies, and involuntary tears poured from their eyes. Alyssa threw her head back and blacked out from the orgasms. Leya’s legs gave out, and she fell to the canvas, convulsing and still cumming hard. She was limp, but conscious, Kira pulled her to her feet, and propped her in a neutral corner as she went to go check on Alyssa. Alyssa was out cold. Kira and Jezz let Alyssa down from the ropes and laid her out in the ring. “Winner by sexual knockout at 4:30 in the seventh round: Leya!” Kira announced to a roaring crowd. Leya began to get her senses back, and saw the sizable audience roaring with approval. She had forgotten they were there. The audience chanted Leya’s name, as Karina entered the ring to take her battered friend to the locker room for clean up, then the medical ward. Alyssa was loaded onto a stretcher and sent to the hospital. Alyssa regained consciousness on the way to the hospital. She saw the inside of the ambulance, and realized she had lost. She honored her wager with Leya, and never returned again. She very shortly thereafter retired from boxing at all.In the locker room, Karina sat Leya in a medical stool in the shower and cleaned her up. She washed the sweat and blood off of the beaten fighter. Jill, the gym’s owner, came into the locker room,“I’ll tell you, you can fight like that anytime in my gym, honey.”“Why’s that?” Leya asked“Because we made enough in tips, that we could not only clean the bloodstains off of the ring floor, but we could replace the whole damned ring, if we wanted to,” Jill beamed.Leya forced a smile, “Anytime.”Jill walked away, and Karina turned to Leya,“I’ve been meaning to ask you, why did you give me that shit-eating grin before the seventh round?”“Ah. Because I figured out what I needed to do,” Leya explained, “She wasn’t going to go down via a beating, she was determined, and I had to attack her weakness.”“Sex?” “Yes. I realized that in order to beat my most hated enemy, I would have to make love to her first.”Karina nodded as she gazed at her naked friend’s wet, perfect body.“Thanks for being in my corner,” Leya commented, “I don’t know if I could have done it without you.”“Well I always like seeing you fight, I’m just glad I was able to help you out some,” Karina replied, “besides, seeing you fuck Alyssa like that made me glad to have a front-row seat.”“You liked that, huh?” Leya said as she worked her hand into Karina’s shorts. “How would you like to get fucked…?” She was unable to finish before Karina pulled her firmly to the floor and stripped each other naked. They locked their legs together and began tribbing, filling the locker room with screams of pleasure. They made love until they both passed out, and they lie there, asleep, on the floor of the locker room.

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