Episode 30 – The Love Bus

Belle Knox

Episode 30 – The Love BusYou might remember the Dogging Bus from Episode 15; Dee the Porn Director stumbled across it in the woods on her morning run. Most of the seats had been replaced by mattresses for fucking on and the few touches of class were the massive monitor down one side for watching porn and straps from the ceiling for the odd bit of BDSM. Dee had met some very tasty cunts in her quick stop and discovered some new ch1ldren to audition for her videos.This coach was nothing like the tired old bus rusting in the woods; it was a nearly-new swish really high Executive model with tinted windows, a toilet downstairs and specially converted for loving. The previous owner had run up a huge bill at Kurt’s sex club; treating all his executives to corporate lap-dancing membership and regularly ordering strippers for his ‘board’ meetings. The coach company was doing pretty badly financially, so the boss signed over this coach to Kurt to settle the debt. Kurt’s 6 year old daughter Kit thought it would be perfect for their next Daughter Swapping Club day out.At the front, the seats were replaced by 4 curved leather couches enclosing a padded circular table where girls could stretch out, heads falling nicely into a seated dad’s lap or tails offered up for fucking. The centre of the coach was done out as a dance area, with several full-height vertical poles for daughters to practice pole-dancing and stirrups hanging from the ceiling to suspend a little girl. The rear was given over to an enormous bed with raised soft cushions for more traditional sex positions. There was a well-stocked bar (for dads only), a dressing-up box for the girls and a cupboard overflowing with sex-toys.Kurt’s gorgeous red-headed driver Mandy was in charge, dressed in her tight green leather shorts and matching boots ‘uniform’. She picked up the first set of dads and daughters from outside the London club, and then set out up the M1 to Milton Keynes and then Leicester collecting members from their local pickup points. Some dads sat in the bar area swapping tales of the conquests over a beer, while their daughters introduced themselves and planned who to seduction first. Motorway Service StationMandy manoeuvred the Love Bus into a tight space in the coach parking area and set off for the refreshment area, demanding that everyone be ready to leave in 30 minutes. The adjacent coach was taking a group of Drum Majorettes up north for a band competition. The whole coach was full of excited young girls and older teen sluts wearing the excruciatingly short skirts and tight tops of their band uniform. Two of the older girls were trying to peer through the heavily tinted windows of the Love Bus and could just make out the dark pubes of a naked girl spinning around a pole. Her tits flashed into view on each revolution and as she raised her legs, a pretty open arse. Suddenly our Ami was pushed up against the window – her dark nipples clearly visible, her tiny 32Bs squashed flat by whoever was behind her. They could see Ami’s mouth opening and closing in pain or pleasure; clearly she was being fucked from behind and loving it. The teen sluts were transfixed – hardly realising that they were touching each other up until one withdrew her fingers, covered in juice from the other’s pussy.”Shall we, um, pop next door?””Yes I think that would be fun”.Driver-FuckWhile the two Drum Majorettes were watching the two-headed b**st resolve into the identical Ami twins playing with a strap-on, their driver: 50-ish, overweight and pretty ugly had spotted Mandy walking between their coaches down to the back. He was out of the cab in a flash, eyes glued to her tight green leather covered arse and long bare legs. Mandy had pulled up the engine bay cover and was bent over peering into the maze of pipes, muttering “so how do I check the fuckin’ oil?”Driver Dan dropped his trousers and was trying to get a hand down the front of Mandy’s shorts when she spotted him: “Oi fuck off!” she screamed at him, whipping around and bringing one knee sharply up into his groin. Dan sank to his knees clutching his bruised bollocks while Mandy undid the full-length metal zip on her shorts all the way from front to back exposing her moist lips and hot arse. Grabbing the back of the driver’s head she f0rced his nose into her cunt, rubbing it up and down his bristly chin.The razor sharp teeth of the zip made a perfect external vagina dentata [read the excellent book ‘Snow Crash’ by Neil Stephenson or see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagina_dentata]. The zip gouged two grooves down his face, filling his mouth with his own bl00d that helped lubricate Mandy’s insatiable pussy lust. Perhaps Dan thought the bl00d was hers – wrong time of the month? He soon realised his mistake as the dentata sliced through his lips and tongue as Mandy thrust her gaping cunt into his mouth.Satisfied that she had defended the sexual rights of all female coach drivers, she delivered one final kick into his crotch, turned and walked away. She wiped his spittle and debris from her cunt and carefully tucked her soft inner lips away before returning the zipper to its locked position at the front.Back in the coach she did a quick headcount, or rather bare-arse count, as several heads were hidden between thighs of both genders and drove out northwards towards Leicester.Sue & KarenIt was a few minutes before the two Drum Majorettes, Sue and Karen, being face-fucked by two new dads with their eyes already gummed up from their previous ‘lovers’, realised the coach was moving. They spat out the pricks and made a grab for their clothing, hoping to get off. Mandy was already back on the motorway before they managed to stagger to the front, sperm and sweat dripping from their hard nipples. There was no chance of getting off now, so Mandy just promised to drop them off at their homes at the end of the day.Sue and Karen stood at the front of the coach chatting to Mandy: “So what do you think of the Daughter Swap Club day out, better than a Drum Majorette contest?”“Oooh yes” replied Sue “but I’ve already lost count of the number of dads I’ve had cumming in me”.Mandy: “No problem at all. Here slip these thongs on. The display goes at the front, silly. Look, give them a minute to assess your body. Yes the beads are supposed to do that – they vibrate a bit on the way in. There, now Sue, yours shows ‘A:2’ – that’s two different blokes have been up your bum. ‘O:2’ is your Oral count, ‘T:1’, and poor you ‘C:0’ – not had any cuntal yet. So grab your owns tits – hard as you like, really crush those hot little pink nipples. See, no change to the ‘T’ score. Now Karen, you suck on Sue’s titties and almost straight away her count is increased”.Sue looked puzzled: “How can it tell I’ve had two different cocks down my throat; it’s too quick for DNA testing – we done that in Biology at school?”Mandy had to reply she had no idea how it worked, but if they wanted to ask the inventor, Uncle Mike, he’d be getting on at Leicester.Karen now stared at her own display flashing away on the waistband: “look kadıköy escort Mandy, I think mine is broken – the Cuntal indicator keeps flashing”.Mandy slid her free hand between Karen’s hot thighs, running her index finger along the line of beads between the moist lips and into Karen’s pussy. The beads were perfectly aligned, the largest ones pulsing away deep inside Karen’s body, drawing out a thin trickle of juice onto Mandy’s probing digit.“Nothing wrong there babe”, Mandy assured Karen “here Sue, pull on that lever, there on the dashboard”. A small seat unfolded, for Karen’ bare bum; she sat down, legs apart still holding onto Mandy’s finger. “It’s not flashing; it’s pulsing – it’s showing baby’s heartbeat. You, my love, are pregnant. No more than 2 or 3 months I’d guess, there’s nothing showing. How old are you, babe? F1fteen maybe? Do you know who the father is?”Karen’s StoryKaren burst into tears “Oh shit, my mum is going to k1ll me. She was only f1fteen when she had me, and wanted me to go to college and get a real job and stuff. I’m not precisely sure who fathered me; Mum’s always a bit coy about when she met dad. She says I look a bit like her older brother; he moved to the States. But he always sends me really rude birthday cards and lately disgusting underwear for Christmas. Once I got a webcam in my bedroom, he called me every weekend to watch me growing up and improve my masturbation techniques. He always calls me ‘his little girl’; perhaps he is my real dad.Well, I’m pretty sure this bump is not my boyfriend’s. We’re always really careful, and anyway he prefers my bottom” she added turning slightly red.“Don’t worry” purred Sue, crouching down at Karen’s feet, and putting another friendly hand on Karen’s trembling thigh “tell us what happened”.“Oh I remember, it was back in June. Dad took Mum to Paris for a dirty weekend for her birthday, and I went to stay with Uncle Dave. He’s quite a bit younger than dad, probably about 23. Quite a dish. He’s a writer; got his own flat in the village. Mum and Dad dropped me off there on their way to the train station. They said something silly like ‘don’t do anything we wouldn’t do’, and Dad patted my bottom.You know, left his hand there just a second too long. Dave noticed too, so before they were down the driveway he had one hand inside my jeans massaging my cunt through the clean white panties. They didn’t stay on long either; we were both naked on the sofa in 30 seconds, kissing and rubbing. He is the most inventive lover; made me cum every time we fucked – I was exhausted, but he kept going, putting on a new condom each time he wanted more pussy. Then I saw the notebook. Every time I sucked him, or he licked me out, he would scribble down some ideas for his next book. He said I was going to star in it.After something to eat – he is a pretty good cook – we settled down on the sofa to watch his favourite lesbian porn video. The TV was absolutely huge, and the video a great HD quality, so you could see every detail of their dripping cunts as they fingered and eat each other. Dave was always watching my reaction, even when my head was buried in his lap sucking him off. He wanted me to tell him in great detail how good a pussy tasted; and how different it felt when a girl chewed you out. He would pause between chewing on my hard clit to scribble some notes, and then back in with the tongue and fingers.Eventually I had to tell him I had never had sex with a girl. He was astounded: “A beautiful sexy slut like you has never played around with a girlfriend – I can hardly believe it. We’ll have to do something about your lesbian education”.Sue: “Go on; don’t keep us in suspense – what happened next?”“Well, we fucked all night – he was an amazing lover – made me all quivery – made sure I came before him every time. When I complained that my pussy was getting sore, he would flip me over and pound my bottom and sometimes cum on my tits and make me lick it all off. When I woke up really late on Saturday morning he wasn’t in the bed, so I managed a quick shower to wash all the sperm out of my arse and brush my hair and get back into bed before he came back up with breakfast. There was a large pot of coffee and he had warmed some croissants with those little pots of blackcurrant jam. He opened one, scooped out all the jam and piled it up in my belly button. We took turns dipping a piece of croissant in the jam and feeding it to each other. Those flaky crumbs went everywhere and he took great delight in licking them up off my body. He let me dip his cock in the jam pot and suck it off, but he kept well away from my pussy, saying I had to save that for later.We eventually got up around 2PM and drove into town to get me some ‘suitable’ clothing for the weekend. He had rummaged around in my overnight bag; found some clean jeans and a few thongs – says he hates the way the string wraps around his tongue when he’s eating out a girl. We went to an amazing Dance Outfit shop – they have these crotch-less leggings, all shiny and snug around the thighs and bum, and they let your pussy breathe through the open lacy edgings. He bought me a blue pair and a black pair and they had a special Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer, so I had a gorgeous deep red pair too. They feel so good on, just like a second skin – all soft and slippery and sexy. I put a dab of perfume on my pubes and several of the girls at the pub said they loved the delicious smell of warm pussy and patchouli all evening. Sorry I’m getting ahead of myself”Mandy: “That’s OK love, we understand; carry on”.Karen: “Next we went up Castle Street to the Art Cafe. Molly greeted him by name and quite openly stroked my bottom, saying ‘You’ve been keeping this little beauty quiet’ then to me ‘Hi I’m Molly. Do you dance? I love these leggings – they stop our pussies overheating’ while sliding her fingers into the opening between my legs.I just murmured something about mostly dancing horizontally and clamped my thighs together squashing her probing fingers. When she brought us coffee and cake; Dave had undone the top 3 buttons on my shirt, exposing a good amount of cleavage pushed up in a bright blue bra. Molly slid one hand inside the shirt, expertly released the front-loading bra catch and caught one breast without anyone except Dave noticing: “They’re lovely – all soft and firm and round. Oh look the nipple is going all crinkly. Perhaps you do like girls after all? Do you want to give me a kiss now or later?”Later down at the Red Lion, still dressed in the red leggings and white shirt, but ditched the bra, and obviously no panties, I was standing at the crowded bar when a gorgeous red-head brushed her hard nipples against my arm: “Sorry luv, are you the virgin we’re supposed to be seducing?” and she was gone before I could ask her name. A gorgeous young girl with spiky black hair and fabulous dark eyes had her hands all over my arse, then unbuttoned my shirt and chewed on my nipples before giving üsküdar escort me a quick peck on the cheek. She said I had to choose which girl was going to be my first. Standing directly in front she pushed her thigh up between my legs – there was some sort of rubber toblerone bar fixed to her jeans. The triangular bumps opened up the crotch of my leggings and then opened my lips, and the tips of each bump rubbed hard against my clit. The feeling was exquisite; she grinned and kept flexing her leg; every time a new bump tripped against my clit it made me shudder. She said it was really important who took my lesbian virginity; you couldn’t be fucked by any old slut.When I asked how I should choose, she just said I should kiss the chosen one right on the mouth. My tongue slid into her hot mouth and twirled around her front teeth. She kissed beautifully – keeping the pressure on my cunt all the time, and with that she was gone. I looked over at Uncle Dave, watching me over the top of his beer glass and still scribbling notes for my story. He smiled at my bare breasts and the glimpse of pussy peeking out of the open-crotch. He motioned for me to spread my legs and push a finger into my cunt.Just then this gorgeous rock-chick arrived: dark hair, black lipstick, blue sunglasses, wearing a very short black leather jacket and matching skirt. It was only when she said something like “I really need to fuck this bitch hard up the arse” that I recognised Molly from earlier that afternoon. She undid the zipper on the front of her jacket revealing a hot pair of bare breasts topped by wicked looking spiked nipple clamps. She ground the spikes into my soft bare breasts, all the while holding my bottom so I could not pull away. Then she lifted the hem of her skirt and pushed the black strap-on hard between my legs.“Hey you can’t do that, not here it’s a pub. Look all the blokes are watching us”. Sure enough the screen above the bar which had been showing some boring football match with the sound turned down, now had a live view of my cunt about to be penetrated by her dildo.“Only joking” she laughed hiding the strap-on under her skirt “but if you do want me, you know what you have to do”, and then she was gone.After several more drinks the girl with the spiky black hair returned, nibbling behind my ear and openly rubbing my wet cunt. Then she pushed her knee with the triangular rubber things hard against my clit, while tweaking both nipples. I could have died; she was making me cum again. I could feel it building up rapidly. “Kiss me quick” she demanded “then I can be yours tomorrow afternoon”.”But I’ve already selected you. Yes I kissed you earlier”, then I noticed she had swapped the rubber cunt-rubbing device to her other leg. And yes she must have repainted her fingernails a different colour. Oh what the heck, I kissed her again hard on the lips. She gripped my tongue between her teeth and twisted my nipples until I came in her arms. Only later I realised I had chosen both twins. Dave kept buying me drinks and phoning his mates with daughters; I don’t remember much more until the birds started singing.SundayMy bottom was all sticky when I woke up – I guess he left a load while I was out cold. No time for breakfast today; off to the village church – St. Catherine’s, where we found an empty pew at the back. Uncle Dave kept watching my breasts while we sang – he liked the way they rise and fall. I was sucking him off during one prayer when suddenly everyone went quiet and the ladies in the next pew turned around to see what the noise was.When we left, the vicar stood at the door greeting most of the congregation by name – even he knew I was looking for a girl. Just then the red-head from the pub was standing behind me, pushing her breasts into my back and nibbling my neck. “Have you met my daughter Samantha? I think she wants to be your first”.Sam dragged me round to the back of the church: “Isn’t it gorgeous, I want to get married here when I find the right girl” she chuckled “now see that tombstone – hop up, sit your bum on it – it’s just the right height. Here you can pop my jacket under your arse – the stone is a bit cold”.Sam stood between my wide open legs, our pussies neatly aligned, she fumbled my breasts out and I held onto her shoulders as we kissed hungrily. Sam pulled a strange blue device out of her jeans pocket before they fell into a pool around her ankles, then she kicked them away towards her dad, watching, stood next to Uncle Dave. “Here you lick this end and I lick mine”. The short flexible double-headed dildo seemed to come to live in our mouths; twitching, eager to fuck something. Sam gently inserted one moist end through the open-crotch of my black leggings and between my pussy lips; the other end inside her pussy beneath a gorgeous triangle of red pubic hair.As she rocked her hips forward the dildo powered high into the depths of my cunt, making me tingle all over. I returned the favour and Sam smiled: “You’ve got it babe – just the tiniest movements get magnified by this little beauty – you can fuck a girl by just thinking”. The dildo slid back and forth between our sopping cunts – I picked up her juice and smeared it all over her arse to her dad’s delight.Sam slowed down her thrusting a little to open her blouse – there between her breasts was an amazing bright blue string of beads. She unclipped the ends from her hard nipples and clamped them onto mine. Immediately the lights glowed a deep blue at each end, and started moving towards the middle. “It’s like a climax meter – when the whole string is lit up you’re cumming”.Just then the church bells started ringing again – a really deep note vibrating around the churchyard, and amazingly the dildo was vibrating in perfect time. Each clang brought a new wave of pleasure to my pussy, and to Sam’s. She kept thrusting hard, murmuring that the dildo must be sound-activated too.It didn’t take long; I was already very close in the church with Uncle Dave; now this beauty pounding my cunt took me right over the edge. I’m afraid I bit her neck when the orgasm hit me; she just kept on pounding – not letting up for ages – I think I may have even squirted on her – I’ve never done that before – it was the most beautiful climax ever.Uncle Dave had to practically carry me to the restaurant – my legs had gone to jelly; I leant heavily on his arm and he tried hard to keep standing upright.The RestaurantThe Butlers House [closed for renovation at present] was packed when we arrived, but Uncle Dave had booked a long table in a quiet alcove. I was to sit on one side between Sweet-Ami and Tangy-Ami, opposite Samantha (looking very smug) and Molly (still in her leathers). Dave sat at one end with the twins dad, Bob; Sam’s dad the vicar and a gorgeous lady that Molly introduced me to as her mother Julia. Very slowly and deliberately I walked around the table, kissing each lesbian fully on the lips, occasionally slipping a discreet hand down the front of a blouse. At the grown-ups tuzla escort end, Bob and the vicar took great delight in stroking my bottom while giving me a quick peck on the cheek. But Julia devoured my face – she was so hot – she had two fingers inside my cunt before I realised. It became obvious that she was going to be the first to take my lesbian virginity. She just oozed sex, gorgeous full lips holding my tongue, quick fingers stroking my g-spot and a heavenly scent rising from her deep cleavage.I can’t remember anything about the meal, except that the waitress kept on refilling our large tumblers with a delicious orange squash. She chuckled that the girls all need full bladders for this afternoon’s fun.Before we ate anything one of the Ami’s showed me the video of this morning’s dildo fuck in the churchyard. The vicar kept apologising for the wobbly shots of Sam’s backside as it thrust forwards driving the dildo hard between someone’s legs. But something was wrong – the light seemed more like evening, not half an hour ago – you could see flashes of the sunset glinting off the slick dildo as it pounded their pussies. Eventually the view moved up from his daughter’s gorgeous arse and focussed on both pair of breasts mashing together – they weren’t mine, not from any angle.Julia had been watching over Ami’s shoulder grabbed the phone: “Oh shit you weren’t supposed to see that clip. We were just trying it out last night” All I could hear was the gasps and grunts from Sam and Julia fucking as she struggled to stop the clip playing, and found the right one of me. My eyes were closed; head pushed back, breasts high and taut, glistening with sweat. Sam’s hands were on my shoulders, holding me down firmly as I tried to lift up to ease the pressure in my cunt. I must have gone wild when the church bell started tolling – my tits shook, our pussies ground together, Sam’s hands were milking my tits, and we kissed open-mouthed as I came again and again. Just watching the video clip made me all wet again. Perhaps it was Ami’s hand sliding up my thigh, or Julia’s fabulous breasts just inches from my face, or the whole idea of being fucked this afternoon by all these gorgeous women; I have to say I creamed again as soon as Sam’s bare foot nestled into my overheated pussy lips.Mandy, still driving the Love Bus: “Sorry to press you luv, but you were telling us how you got pregnant, not how you were seduced by a restaurant full of hot pussy”.Sue, lifting her head out of Karen’s crotch: “You just tell it anyway you like, I want to hear more about Julia and Molly – they can definitely join the Daughter Swap club”.Karen: I didn’t mention the long tablecloth; it d****d down into our laps covering up any bare pussies or rising erections around the table. Except for the discreet waitress nobody else could see much of the finger-fucking under the table. At one point I realised that Molly was missing – she had slid under the table between my Uncle Dave’s feet and seemed to be sucking him off. Her Mum laughed when I got cross that he was my uncle, not just any cock in a restaurant. She said Molly was just keeping him hard for me, and I needed to be patient.The Golf ClubAfter lunch we all piled into a minibus and drove a few miles north to the golf course. Uncle Dave was a member there and managed to sign us all in as guests. We tried a bit of putting practice, but everyone was way too sexed up to concentrate and wanted to get naked.So after ten minutes of grappling with golf putters we all slipped quietly into the ladies changing room, placing the ‘cleaning’ sign outside to keep out the less-determined members.The girls (led by Julia) stripped me and then themselves and soaped me all over in the enormous communal shower area. Warm water cascaded over our overheated bodies as hands groped into body cavities trying to extract orgasms. Molly pushed me to the floor, kissing all the way down. Steam was beginning to rise as Julia’s gorgeous pussy descended onto my face blocking out my view of all the other soapy female flesh. Her cunt tasted delicious – her heavy, thick folded lips opening around my tongue to reveal her gooey depths. I drank her juices down, gently gripping her clit between my front teeth.I was vaguely aware of Molly, her daughter, crouching down behind her mum furiously rubbing soapy water into her breasts and kissing the back of her neck. Julia responded by squirting more juice down my throat and angling her bottom upwards so that my nose touched her puckered arsehole. She let out a deep moan and half stood up so that her stream of p1ss splashed over my face and tits. All the girls emptied their full bladders onto my body, directing each other’s pussies to get the most into my open mouth.Julia escorted the three men over to the Jacuzzi, just out of sight to give us some privacy. Molly, Samantha and the two Ami’s lined up under the cascading showers – legs apart, pussies thrust forward and commanded me to eat them out. They took it in turn to hold my head between their legs until each one creamed and dribbled their juice into my mouth. Looking up all I could see were soapy breasts being pummelled under the shower spray. Molly and Sam tasted divine – really heavily scented and creamy. The first identical Ami’s pussy was extraordinary – her flavour was like a fruit cocktail with tangerines and mango – all syrupy like cherry cola. Once I had my teeth into the second Ami, it was obvious how to tell the difference – she was so tart – like olives and nectarines.After I had eaten each girl twice and groped more tits than I can ever imagine they decided I was free of my lesbian virginity and the men could take over my education. When we rounded the corner Julia was just climbing off my uncle and settled her pussy onto the vicar. I stood in the bubbling water holding onto her slippery breasts as she bounce up and down on his cock – her juices spreading out like a slick on the water. The two Amis attacked Uncle Dave – taking turns in sucking him off and pressing their taut bottoms into his face. Bob ate out Molly while Sam gave him a soapy tit wank. None of the blokes were allowing themselves to cum – I couldn’t have imagined they were saving it all up for me.One by one the girls climbed off their fucker and sat up on the side of the giant bath, just splashing water between their legs to keep warm. Uncle Dave, Bob and vicar played rock-paper-scissors to decide who got my cunt first – it was the vicar – he was huge. Bob took my arse while I was distracted by the sensations high in my womb and then Dave shoved his erection down my throat. They all fucked me hard for nearly five minutes, and one by one came great dollops of spunk into my body. They give me a few seconds to wash it off then all changed places –Bob took my cunt, Dave up the arse and the vicar an oral. They all took a little longer over the second fuck – trying to give me some pleasure too – I did cum around Bob’s amazing cock as he hammered his second climax into me. They definitely needed time to recover before the third round, but after 10 minutes Dave took me cuntally, the vicar anally and Bob deep in my throat. There was so much spunk floating around the Jacuzzi that it could have impregnated the entire Drum Majorettes troupe, but it was all mine.So I’m afraid I can’t tell who got me pregnant, perhaps they all did.[in Part Two the Love Bus arrives in Leicester].

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