Erica’s Adventure


This story is a mixture of BDSM and Group Sex. It is my first journey into anything of a BDSM nature — so hope that I have got it right.


Erica had to work late that night at the library. She locked the main doors and proceeded to the well-lit car park. As she went to unlock her car, one of the Security guards came up to her and asked her if she was alright.

“Fine,” she replied.

“Do you have a street directory in your car, Miss,” asked the Guard. “I just have to answer a call to another site and I am not too clear as to where it is.”

“I have one in my glove box,” said Erica . “Just a moment and I will get it.”


As she bent to retrieve the book from the car, she sensed someone behind her but didn’t look around. The next thing she knew she was grabbed and a cloth was pushed into her mouth. Her thoughts faded and she passed out.

Erica became aware of her surroundings and realized she was in a cold, dark room, which was only furnished with the bare essentials. A wooden bed, a bucket and bowl with some water in it, and a chair, not like anything she had seen before. It had a small seat with a large hole in it and was fitted with rings at the back.

She came fully awake and realized she was in a cellar. A few moments later there was a rattle of keys and the door opened, revealing a woman dressed in a black one-piece rubber or latex body suit. In her hands she carried a few articles and put them on the end of the bed.

The woman motioned Erica to sit on the chair. She did so but found it very uncomfortable.

“I am Sasha,” the woman said, “and from now on you will do as I say, without question. Firstly, you will remove all your clothing, turn around and sit on the chair facing the towards the back .”

Ella undressed and sat as directed. Sasha told her to put her arms around the back of the chair and when she did this, Sasha quickly snapped the rings around her wrists and locked them down with chains.

Sasha then started to tease Erica by rubbing her gloved palms across her breasts and then lower to her mound, flicking her fingers through the hair above her clit.

“I think this has to be removed,” she said.

Sasha then proceeded to wet her mons with warm water and at the same time, she foamed up a brush and brushed it across her pussy hair; when it was all soapy, she took out porno a razor and slowly but surely shaved the whole area of the pussy. When that was done, she rubbed, what Erica thought was some moisturizer over her shaven mound. She gradually developed very disturbing sensations in her groin and pussy area and she felt so much hotter than she had ever felt before. In fact, it was so intense that she was almost hurting; the lotion was not a moisturizer, it was a liquid aphrodisiac.

Unfortunately, she could not reach her pussy as her hands were chained. She writhed around on the chair but that only made her feel wetter and hotter.

Sasha sat on the bed and watched her then picked up a whip. Erica thought that she was going to whip her but Sasha told her that wasn’t the case. Sasha reached out with the whip and began to run the thongs slowly up and down her slit, softly teasing her. She then reversed the whip and began to rub the knob over Erica’s pussy lips and her clit. As Erica began to get hotter and wetter, Sasha started to push the knob further in and out of her pussy hole. Erica squirmed and moaned all the more. After about 10 minutes of this, Sasha suddenly stopped and walked to the door.

Erica was so devastated, she was frustrated because she couldn’t do anything to relieve herself. She tried rubbing her clit on the chair edges but gave up as she was frightened she would get splinters in her wet, hot pussy. In the end, she just sat there and dreamed about what it would be like to have a great big, horny cock jammed into her dripping snatch.

After about an hour, she heard the door open again. Sasha came in, followed by the biggest black man that Erica had ever seen, or dreamed about.

She thought to herself, “good, maybe I can get this itch scratched now.”

Sasha had changed into a filmy transparent gown, and Buck, the black man, was dressed in Latex but with a huge cock standing out from his body. Erica was drooling looking at this mammoth piece of man meat. Erica thought that she was going to be fucked now.

Sasha then lay on the floor and surprised Erica by laying under the chair so that her head was under Erica’s pussy. Sasha started to fondle and flick at her labial lips and clit, flicking it and then kissing and sucking it.

At the same time, Buck was bending over her, running his left hand over her boobs, and anime porno firmly wanking his giant cock with his right hand. She leaned over and begged him to put it in her mouth so that she could suck him. She almost choked on the size of it, but eventually worked at getting it right into her mouth and down her throat.

About 10 minutes later, Sasha released her chains from her wrists and sat up and waited to see what Erica would do. Even though Erica wanted to ride on that cock, she also wanted to give Sasha some of what she had been giving her. She asked her to lay on the bed and immediately dived into that beautiful wet pussy in front of her, licking and sucking as if there were no tomorrow.

The two of them adjusted their bodies and got into a 69 position and feasted hungrily on each other.

Erica felt something behind her and looked around. Buck was standing at her back and rubbing his cock up and down the slit of her cunt. While she continued to eat Sasha, he slowly inserted his shaft into her pussy; it was huge and took time to insert it all the way. He rested there for a few moments to enable her to adjust to his size and then slowly began to fuck her, gradually working up to a faster motion. Erica was getting the best of both worlds, not only sucking a tasty cunt but also being fucked by the biggest cock ever.

After a while, Sasha decided that she want to get some of that good fucking and changed positions with Erica. She then continued to lick and suck Erica’s sex hole while getting fucked by Buck

This carried on for some hours until the three of them couldn’t stay awake any longer. They curled up and went to sleep, all of them sucking on the person in front of them.

When Erica woke, Sasha and Buck were gone and she was left alone all day, just finding food outside the door at various times. This was delivered by a dwarf. While she was eating her last meal of the day, she asked him where Sasha and Buck were. The dwarf told her that they would be back the following day and in the meantime he was there to entertain her.

When Erica asked how, he slipped his pants down and produced one of the largest dongs she had ever seen; even bigger than Buck; maybe because he was smaller himself. He gave it a few rubs with his hands and told her to bend over and suck him like she had sucked Buck the night before. arap porno She wasn’t sure that she would be able to take this giant cock into her mouth but she would give it a good try. After a few moments she was licking the undersides of his cock and laving the glistening head and gradually working it into her cheeks.

The dwarf then told her to stand up and he proceeded to lick and suck her mound and then inserted his tongue right into her cunt, rubbing himself all the time. He just fitted to the height of her groin and it was quite a revelation to be able to look down and watch him as he slurped at her pussy. He had her so hot that she was close to cumming. She told him this. He took his head away from her groin and left the room. She lay down on the bed and waited to see if he came back. She decided not to touch herself in case he did come back. She drifted off into a light sleep and dreamed that Sasha, Buck and the dwarf were all in the room with her and working on various parts of her body.

Ella woke with a start and found it wasn’t a dream, the three of them were there.

Buck was massaging her full body lightly with his long fingers; Sasha was massaging her mound and clit with her tongue, not dipping into the honey-pot but teasing all around it, and the dwarf was sitting on the bed just rubbing his own cock, which grew larger by the second.

This time he was going to give it to Erica, while Sasha and Buck watched. Erica lay across the bed with her legs over the side and the dwarf walked up to her and slid his giant cock into her wet and willing pussy, and pushed it straight inside her cunt. As he slid it in, Erica let out a moan of pleasure and started to roll back and forth on the bed trying to absorb the full impact of his cock. When he had got all of it right into her, he beckoned Sasha to stand above Erica’s head, and Erica started to suck Sasha’s clit and pussy lips whilst the dwarf still pumped into Erica.

Buck came and stood above Erica and proceeded to fondle her breasts. He then moved down behind the dwarf and rubbed his great shaft along the cheeks of my ass. I knew that I would never be able to take that monster up the ass, as I was still a virgin in that area. He again moved to the side of Erica and the dwarf took Buck’s cock into his mouth and started to suck him off. All this was happening at once. Erica was being fucked by the dwarf while he sucked on Buck’s cock and Sasha was being sucked by Erica

Erica had never had such a wonderful time. Something she envisaged as being a cruel and daunting BDSM experience ended up in a most delightful fuck and suck.

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