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I release the breath I have been holding and knock on your front door. My nerves are all over the place. I have double and triple checked my appearance. Your instructions said to show up at 5 PM. Wearing a knee length dress with no bra and sexy panties. You said to wear makeup and leave my hair down. As far as I can tell, I didn’t miss anything. It’s only been a second but seems like eternity as I nervously wait outside your door…

You open the door and look me up and down. Your expression is unreadable; you move to the side for me to come inside. I step across the threshold of your domain and I know everything is about to change. Once I’m inside you shut and lock the door behind me. You walk into the kitchen and pour you a drink. I’m in my head overthinking everything that’s happened to this point. I’m questioning my appearance, if I followed your instructions, if I have disappointed you already or if I even have the guts to go through with this. I am lost in my own thoughts.

“So you up for this?” I look up at the sound of your voice. “Once we get started I’m not going to stop till I have had you as many times as I want and filled every whole with my cum. Are we clear on that?”

“Yes Sir” I smile internally because I know I didn’t fuck this up yet and you approve. I physically relax a little as I wait for what is next.

You finish your drink in one gulp and set the glass down on the counter. “Good. We have an understanding.”

“You are mine for the next 12 hours. You are my slut, my pet, my submissive, and anything else I want you to be. You are mine to do with whatever I see fit.”

“That being said, we will use the safe words and motions we have previously discussed. Your first task is to face the wall, bend at the waist, and place your hands flat on the wall. I am going to make sure you followed my instructions for arriving here tonight. If you did not, you will be punished.”

“Yes Sir” I stammer.

“Do it now sub!”

I quickly spin around and do as instructed. I hear you coming closer to me as you walk from the kitchen to where I stand next to the door. I can hear my heart beating rapidly in my ears with anticipation.

I know you’re close. My heartbeat picks up a notch and I start breathing a little faster. The not knowing is all I can think about. You put an end to my thoughts when you flip my dress up and leave it on my back. You take a moment and take in the site of my ass. My ass cheeks are peeking out the bottom of my lace panties and 2 strips of ribbon cris-cross over my ass crack. Starting just below the opening of my pussy and go up towards my waist. You firmly grab my ass cheeks squeezing them briefly and then give it a little swat. You trace your finger down the ribbons to my pussy and I hear a barely audible satisfying grunt rumble out of your chest. You briefly slide the small patch of cloth off to the side and run your finger across my pussy lips. You lean over me and grab both my tits at the same time and tweak my nipples. You growl in my ear in a low husky voice.

“Very nice slut. On your knees and face me.”

My body warms and I can feel I am blushing as your compliment zips around my brain. I am thrilled I have pleased you. A surge of excitement rushes through my veins as I drop to my knees and spin around. I lick my lips and stare at the crotch of your sweat pants. I can make out the outline of your cock. I can see it’s not fully erect but it won’t take long for me to get it there.

“What a greedy whore I have tonight. Well, (shakes cock in hand) it’s not going to suck itself.” I quickly and precisely slide your sweats down and out of my way.

I grip your cock with one hand and knead your balls with the other. I then take all of your cock in my mouth in it’s semi hard state and suck hard as I slowly slide my mouth from base to the tip. Causing a popping sound when it pops out of my mouth.

Your cock now fully erect, has my complete attention. I wrap my lips around it’s head and circle my tongue around the crease of it. I hear you hiss and I know I’m on the right track. I do this a few more times taking more of you cock into my mouth each time. I work my way back towards the tip and give your balls a gentle tug as I am only touching the head of your cock with only my lips. I look up and catch you watching me. I decided to put on a little show. I lick your dick from base to tip and take your cock as deep into my mouth as I can. I look into your eyes as I gag myself on your cock for the first time. I start to pull away and your hands rest on my head encouraging me to do it again.

I gag several times on your cock. Your hands hold my head at the base of your shaft for longer each time. I’ve got drool running out of my mouth and make up streaked trails running down my face. You continue to fuck my face. Thrusting your hips harder with each stoke. I am gasping for air each time you let up.. you force me to go longer and longer between breaths. About the time I’m considering my safe word or action in this case… you pull completely out of my mouth and stroke your cock.

“Open your mouth. xhamster porno Stick out your tongue. Don’t waist a drop.” Is all the warning I get before you cum on my face and tongue. I lick all around my mouth as far as I can reach, trying to clean up what I can. I swallow every drop I manage to lick up.

You instruct me to go wash my face and tell me we are going out. I quickly go to the kitchen sink and wash the cum and makeup off my face. I use your hand towel to dry off. Once I am finished I turn around and see you standing with the door open. I quickly rush to you and we head out to your truck.

We drive down a long curvy road. After we out of the parking lot you turn to me and tell me to show you my tits. I reach into my dress and pull my heavy tits out one at a time.

“What size are they?”

“42 triple D, sir.”

” They are very nice sub.” you reach out and caress each on gently and give each nipple a gently twist. “Very nice indeed.”

“Now put them away, we are almost there.”

I tuck them way and ask “almost where?” You nod your head in an upward motion and I see we are going to the grocery store. Of all places…the grocery store. My mind is racing with questions. I am imagining scenarios on what you could possibly have me do in the grocery store.

You interrupt my thoughts by handing me a $20 bill. You tell me to go into the store and get what ever I need to make the two of us dinner. As I open then door to get out you tell me make it quick.

I quickly navigate through the store and get the ingredients I need to make totchos. I am in and out of the store in about 5 minutes. I am proud of myself for making such a short trip.

On the way back to your place you tell me that you will collar me when we get inside. I am to take off my dress and get to work making our dinner.

While I am cooking you bring a large dog kennel into the front room and set it next to the couch. You lay a blanket in the bottom and open the door. You make yourself another drink and play your video game while I finish up.

When dinner is ready I make you a plate and bring it to you. You take it and turn the TV to porn. You look me in the eyes and command me “on your hands and knees pet.” You pet my head. ” That’s a good little bitch.” You take a few bites of food and decide its pretty good and pat my head as a reward.

“No begging. Lay down and be a good little girl.” Bark if you want to say anything.”

I bark one time in agreement and then lay down at your feet. I stay at your feet while you eat. I take your plate in my mouth and crawl to the kitchen on my hands and feet.

After a brief potty break you have me remove my panties and crawl into my cage. After a few minutes I begin to whimper because i’m lonely.

“You wanna play girl?”

“Bark, bark” is my response.

You get up and go to your bedroom. You’re only gone from my site for a brief moment. “I’ve got a toy for you. Dose my bitch want a toy to play with?” You stick a long black inflatable dildo through the cage door and inflate it, so it can not fall out. “Here you go girl. Play with this.”

I bounce up and down and shake my ass and bark excitedly. You smack the cage and order me to “quite down.”

I whimper a brief i’m sorry and start to lick my new toy. I lick up its entire length and back down again. I swirl my tongue around the head a few times and then suck it into my mouth. I catch you watching me out the corner of my eye…so I take the toy deeper into my mouth.

“My little pet must really like that toy. Or maybe you are hungry. I didn’t feed you yet. Are you hungry slut?”

I quickly back the toy out of my mouth. I string a trail of spit from the toy to my mouth and bark once. Then I rub my head on the door of the cage.

You get up and get 2 bowls from the cabinet. You put water in one and food in the other. You set them both on the kitchen floor. You grab my leash from your room and come stand in front of me at the door of the cage.

You deflate the dildo and slide it out of the cage. “I’m gonna feed you. But you are going to work for it first.

“Bark, panting with tongue out and shaking my ass is the response I give you.

“Good Girl. Now come one lets get your leash on.”

Once my leash is hooked to my collar you walk me out of the cage and around the front room one time.

“How about a game of fetch little pet?”


You throw the dildo across the room and I go get it and bring it back to you. We do this several times. Each time I bring it back. I sit up on my legs and bring my hands up to my chest like I’m begging. If you hold to toy for to long a whine at you. Each time I bring it back your caress my tits and take it out of my mouth. Sometimes you will have me lick it or you will fuck my mouth with it.

“Pet, we have played this game long enough don’t you think?”


“Okay than, go to my room and on the bed is a chain with nipple clamps bring

them to me.”

“Bark” and off I go. I return with the chain yaşlı porno in my mouth.

“Good girl.” You have been very obedient tonight. Keep it up and you will be rewarded.

“Bark, Bark.”

You point at the floor right in front of you and tell me to sit. I do instantly. You grab my right tit and roll the nipple between your fingers. It instantly stands at attention. You do the same to the other tit.

“Beautiful” is all you say. You then attach a clamp to each nipple. I whine a little as the full bite of the clamps taken affect. You give the chain a little tug. “Go, eat your dinner pet.”

I crawl into the kitchen and eat my dinner and drink my water out of my bowl. The clamps make my nipples sting with each movement. Once I am done eating I crawl over to you and sit next to your leg. I rub my head on it.

You tell me to go clean up my mess and to get back in here and lay across your lap. I will be getting a spanking for not cleaning up.

I lower my head a whimper as I crawl to the kitchen to clean up my mess. As I clean I wonder if it will hurt. I see you get up and retrieve a few things from your room. But I can’t tell what they are. Once I’m done I crawl back to you. My tits swing back and fourth with every step I take. Causing the clamps to dig in.

I crawl up to the couch and sit on my knees as I get ready to climb on to your lap. You stop me by cupping my tits. One in each hand. You weigh them in your and gently caress them. You begin to lift them up and down separately. Causing the chain connected to my nipples to be taunt. You let go of my breast and twist and rub on my clamped nipples. You grab the center of my chain and tell me to come as you pull me closer to your face. you then lick each nipple. I moan out of pure ecstasy. You flick your tongue back and fourth across my nipple causing me to almost cum. My moans continue to increase in volume. I am breathing heavier and heavier. You start flicking the other nipple with your finger and I know its over for me.

“I’m going to cum!”

“You are what slut?”

“I’m going yo cum sir!” I am going to…

“Cum slut! Cum right fucking now slut! I better not have to tell you twice!”

You pull hard on the chain causing the nipple clamps to pop of my nipples.

I sink down to my bottom my hands are firmly on the floor to help support me as a ride the wave of the orgasm you caused. My nipples are on fire. I am breathing hard and fast.

I look up and see you pat the spot next to you on the couch. I instantly climb up and sit next to you. You wrap your arms around me and hold me. Before I know it you have pulled me on to your lap. I snuggle in close and enjoy the warmth of your body. You sweetly rub my back. We sit like this for several minutes.

“You have done an amazing job today sub. You have pleased me greatly. I loved watching you cum. Do you need more time to rest? I’m not through with you yet. We still have a long night ahead of us.”

“No sir, I’m good. I don’t need any more time to rest. Thank you for using me. It makes me very happy to hear I have pleased you.”

“I’m glad to hear that sub. Now lay down across my lap, ass up.”

I lay face down across your lap. I make sure to put my lap directly across your lap. You gently massage my ass and I relax at your touch. Your touch calms my nerves and comforts me.

“Pet, you have been pretty good today. You however, did mess up and for that you have to be punished.”

I nod my head yes.

You rub my ass a few more times and spread my cheeks apart. You run one finger down my crack and across my puckered ass hole. You linger there and tell me “This is mine. I will use it tonight, any way I see fit. Just like the rest of your body is that understood?”

“Sir, yes sir.”

“Good.” You let go of my ass cheeks and deliver a rapid firm round of spankings. you don’t let up until my ass is a bright rose shade of pink. You gently rub and caress my tender ass and I release the breathe i was holding.

You slide your fingers up my pussy and find it wet. “You liked that, didn’t you slut?”

“Yes sir. Very much sir.”

You probe your fingers in and out of my pussy a few times. I moan and rock my hips trying to get you deeper inside me. You slap my ass with one sharp wack that brings tears to my eyes.

“Stay still slave. I’m in charge.”

“Yes sir. I’m sorry sir.”

You then rub my juices on my asshole and gently push on finger into my ass. I try to stay calm. You put some lube on my asshole and continue to work your finger in and out of my tight little asshole. You use your other hand to play with my clit and

occasionally finger my pussy. Once I take your finger easily you pull it out and grab the smallest butt plug you have and insert it into my pussy.

I moan and and start to move against it as you fuck my pussy with the plug. you yank it out quickly and slap my ass hard again. I stop moving and sob quietly. You start working the plug into my asshole which you have covered in a very generous amount of lube aldatma porno along with my own juice. Once the plug is firmly in place you help me sit up on the couch next to you. I wince as I sit up on the plug causing it to be fully rooted in my anus.

I watch quietly as you go to the side of the room and pick up the dildo we used earlier that day. You lick the suction cup and suction it to the front door, which happens to be right next to the TV.

“Come here, Cum Slut.”

I walk to you. Carefully taking each step due to sensation the plug in my ass is causing.

“I want to fill up all your holes at once slut. Would you like that slut? To be stuffed and fucked in all your holes at once? Your nipples are already so hard. You can’t wait. Such a cock hungry cum slut. Get down on your hands and knees and suck this dildo.”

“Sir, Yes sir. I would like that very much. Please fill me up and make your cum slut.”

I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the big black inflatable dildo. You push the back of my head forcing me to take the dildo deep in my throat. Once

I can’t take anymore in my mouth you inflate it a few pumps.

“Fuck it whore. I wanna see you fuck it”

“Yes sir, I try to say. It comes out in the form of slobber and noise. I look up at your face as I start to move my head back and fourth.

“Put your body into it slut! Show me you deserve my cock.”

I begin to rock back and fourth as I continue to mouth fuck the dildo you have stuck to the door.

“Good girl. Don’t stop i’ll be right back.

A few minutes go by and I can feel you watching me from behind before you approach. You squat down beside me and tell me to spread my legs wide. You spread open my pussy and observe my wetness. Next you slide a finger down my slit and pop it into your mouth.

“Slut your pussy is so wet. It’s practically dripping. Your really are a dirty whore. I cant wait to fill up your pussy with my cum. But first things first.. hold your breath and push out, it’s time for a bigger plug.”

I do as I am told while keeping the dildo firmly in my mouth. I feel a slight burning sensation as you remove the small plug and the emptiness once it is completely out. I feel your hands spread my cheeks as you take a look at my asshole. You put your finger in my pussy and lube it up before sticking it my ass. You wiggle it around.

“You’ve got a tight little asshole slut. I wonder if it will still be tight when i’m done with it.”

I don’t get a chance to respond. the next thing I feel is your tongue on my pussy. I moan in pleasure. It feels so good to have my pussy ate. I can’t even remember the last time some one ate my pussy.

After several glorious minutes of loosing my mind while you ate my pussy. I feel a gentle but cold probing of my ass. You begin working the next size butt plug into my ass while eating my pussy. As you get to the widest spot on the plug you stop eating my pussy long enough to tell me…

“Gag on that dildo slut. Make it loud and keep doing it till the plug is in.”

I start gagging myself on the toy. You twist the plug a lite deeper into my ass and start fingering my pussy. It feels so good right now. I can’t form a solid thought. I am well on my way into sub space. The plug is all the way in and I know I’m a hot mess from head to toe.

“Phone slut? Where is your phone?”

I back the toy out of my mouth.

“Kitchen counter. Draw the letter L to unlock it sir.”

“Get back to sucking that cock. I didn’t tell you to stop.”

“Yes sir!”

A moment later you have grabbed my phone and the nipple clamps on the way back to me. You reach down and give each of my swinging tits a harsh tug before you put a clamp on the left nipple and drop the chain across the top of the dildo and then clamp the right tit. My nipples are being pulled up by the chain as it hangs from the dildo. I start to raise myself up a little and you place your foot on my back.

“No no no little slut. Stay just how you are. Legs wide open and mouth wrapped around that cock. You look so good. I’m recording you right now. Show me how deep you can fuck the dildo with your mouth.”

” Yes slut, just like that”

“Keep going till I tell you to stop.”

You reach down and squeeze each tit briefly and then move behind me. You are recording me from behind. You spread my pussy lips apart and rub my juices around. You then pull out your cock and rub it on my pussy. Teasing me with it. I can’t wait to have your cock in my pussy. I’m going to be so full.

You step back up to my face and have me lick your cock. You slap me in the face with it a few times and fuck my mouth for a few strokes all while recording.

“Suck that dildo slut or no cock for your pussy.” I deep throat the dildo in one suck motion and gag myself. You slap my ass and insert your dick in my pussy with one hard thrust. You groan as my pussy swallows your cock. At first you stand up and fuck me recording every stroke you can get. then you set the phone on my back grab my shoulders and fuck me hard and fast. Each thrust moves the dildo in and out of my mouth and shoves the plug further inside of me. It is a little painful but the pain is muted by the amount of pure pleasure I feel. I am lost to the sensations taking over my body. I am so full I don’t know how my body is holding everything inside me.

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