Exchange Student Gets Educated


Hi. Let me start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Kurt and I am a 20 year old German exchange student in the US. I guess I have that classic Germanic look with blonde hair, blue eyes. I’m not bad looking, but no one would ever call me a pretty boy. I’m six feet tall and weigh in at 185, lean and muscled from football (your soccer), rugby, gymnastics and wind surfing. I’ve got the balanced body of a gymnast; narrow at the waist, V-shaped lats to broad shoulders. Everyone says my best body parts are my muscular legs and defined abs. That is except for the ladies who have seen other parts of my anatomy. I’ve been told if there is such a thing as a pretty cock, it is mine. I’m not too long at seven plus, but very thick and topped with an oversized mushroom head and prominent veins. My ass fits my cock; powerfully muscular.

This story is about when I first came to the states for my third year of university. My school is in Florida, and they try to find families to take students in for their first semester to help with a successful transition. I was lucky enough to get paired up with the Jacksons; Jack, Lisa, and Anna. Jack is a successful business man, mid-forties, six foot three and athletically built in a rangy way. Think of a young Tom Selleck, to include the mustache and the dimples. Lisa wouldn’t really count as a trophy wife, as she is his first, but she is a prize. Lisa is ten years Jack’s junior, five feet six, one-hundred and twenty pounds, short blonde hair, big natural rack. Lisa is beautiful all over, but she has amazing legs. And finally there is Anna, who was adopted at ten and had just turned eighteen when I arrived. She is an amazing mélange of Pilipino, Thai and Chinese. Anna is petite but shapely, with just-right sized tits for her body; up-turned with nipples that grow to almost an inch long when erect. Anna has a strikingly beautiful face with full red lips, almond eyes, and long jet-black hair. As amazing as Anna is it is hard to say what stands out. But I am an ass man and just thinking about her ass gets me hard. Somehow it is small, yet round and shapely and definitely a butt. I’ve always been attracted to Asian women, but not those with that “no butt” looks.

I arrived at the airport to be greeted by all three. Jack stepped in first with a hearty handshake as he pulled me in with one strong arm for a quick “man hug.” Lisa gave me a big smile and a full body hug, her big soft breasts pressed up against my body as she kissed me full on the lips. No tongue, but no peck either. Her full soft lips lingered just a fraction more than might be proper with a stranger. And finally Anna stepped in with a big hug as well, and another nice kiss as she said, “I’ve got a big brother!” She’s always called me brother from that moment on. Those amazing lips were soft, warm and slightly parted. She smelled and tasted wonderful. I felt a twitch in my groin but luckily we headed off so I didn’t embarrass myself right off the bat by sporting wood in front of my new “family.”

Conversation was lively as we got to know each other on the drive to their house. That is until we pulled into the drive and my jaw dropped. Their place was about 10,000 square feet in the main building which was a 2-story brick and stone European country style beauty, set in about 3 acres and surrounded by a matching brick and stone şişli üniversiteli escort fence. The grounds were perfectly manicured with a wonderful pool, deck, sunken hot tub, and tiki bar complex in the back. Adjacent to the pool area was a separate 2-story structure with an outdoor kitchen, bathrooms and a guest suite upstairs that would become my home. My suite had a small kitchenette, generous master bath with a walk in shower and a wall of windows overlooking the pool. Had I died and gone to heaven? Jack helped me with my bags, instructed me to make myself at home and use the intercom to the main house if I needed anything. “We’re having a few friends for a little get together to welcome you to America. Festivities begin at 7:00 right here at the pool. See you then.” I unpacked, set my alarm and took a quick nap.

I woke up and showered in time to see his “little get together” was already about 30 people and growing. I went down and was immediately greeted by Anna who hung a real flower lei around my neck with a kiss and stuck a pina colada in my hand before taking me around to meet folks. I blushed more than once when Anna would introduce me and say, “This is my new big brother. Isn’t he gorgeous!?”

The party was lively with a good mix of ages. I saw little of Jack and Lisa who were busy being the hosts. At some point in the night I noticed Anna and her friend Lucy heading into the main house, arm and arm with some boy in the middle. Lucy was another Asian beauty and classmate of Anna’s. Everyone was friendly and did everything to make me feel welcome. But as the night got late and the crowd thinned, an older neighbor Debbie was especially attentive. She was one of these women who did a lot of touching as she practically raped me with her eyes. Although you can’t rape the willing and I certainly would have been willing. I guessed her to be about 55, but you could only see it around her eyes. She looked terrific and was one of these people who just oozed sex without even trying. Before things went too far Lisa grabbed Debbie away, saying, “Get your paws off this boy Debbie. He just stepped off the plane; you’re going to scare him away.” They both headed off giggling at that and whatever else they said as they left me there wondering what in the world have I got myself into?

I went back to my suite and turned on the TV to relax before crashing. There was nothing on the tube so I thumbed through the DVDs in the cabinet and ran across a homemade one simply labeled “Debbie and Bob” with a recent date. The DVD started with a close up of Debbie giving an impressive blowjob to an equally impressive piece of meat. I took my pants off and started stroking myself. She sucked it slow and deep and clearly relished the task. The camera zoomed out to reveal the owner of that meat. It was Jack, with his head thrown back and hips gently rocking back and forth as he thrust into her mouth. The camera panned to the side and centered on a similar scene, but this was Lisa on her knees servicing Bob, Debbie’s husband. She had her hands on his ass cheeks as she pulled him in and out of her pretty red mouth.

There was a fifth person working the camera. I wondered who it could be. Maybe it was Carlos or Tish, the live-in housekeeper and groundskeeper? Another neighbor? Could it be Anna? taksim anal yapan escort That would be a bit twisted.

The scene on the DVD changed as the women got down into a 69 position. Lisa was on her back licking Debbie’s gash while Bob alternately fucked his wife’s cunt and his neighbor’s mouth. Jack continued to get head from Debbie.

What happened next surprised me the most. Bob was clearly getting pretty close to orgasm. He pulled out of Debbie, stood next to Jack, and fed Jack his pussy flavored cock. The camera zoomed in as Jack bobbed his head up and down. He took the hard dick all the way down to the base as Bob groaned and busted a nut down his throat. The scene ended with the girls taking care of Jack, and then sharing his load in a sloppy kiss. I jacked myself to and orgasm and headed off to sleep.


I slept late, made myself a cup of coffee and headed down to the pool to greet the day. Any signs there had been a party just a matter of hours ago were gone. Lisa was lounging by the pool on her back, those magnificent titties naked and firm like a teenagers. Her nipples were large and puffy. She had on a yellow bikini bottom tied in little bows at her hips. She sat up with a big smile and said, “Good morning Kurt, I trust you slept well? Your timing is great. I am ready to flip and need some help with sun oil on my back. You don’t mind do you?”

“No Ma’am” I replied.

“Don’t you dare call me ma’am. I hope my bare tits don’t embarrass you. I know you Europeans are used to this.”

She rolled over on her belly and I grabbed the oil and started rubbing it gently into her back and shoulders. Lisa said, “Kurt, would you be a dear and massage my back a little while you’re at it? My trainer has been a bastard lately and I’m sore all over.”

I worked two summers at a spa in Germany as a masseur, so I knew what I was doing. I started on her neck, moved to her upper back and shoulders, and then straddled her as I took my hands, thumbs together at the spine, and slowly massaged from the base of her spine all the way up to her neck. I stroked her way repeatedly and I soon had her purring like a kitten.

“God that is fantastic. Your hands are so big and strong. Will you do my legs?”

“Of course,” I replied.

I moved down to her legs and applied oil to both simultaneously, starting at her feet and moving up. I had a wonderful view of her scantily covered ass and mound through the thin yellow material of her suit. “You have the most amazing legs”, I told her, as I worked both legs in strong smooth strokes ankle to ass. As I massaged her, her legs gradually spread apart more and more, and her suit slid up her cheeks and into her crack. Her cunt was clearly unshaven, and a little hair stuck out on both sides of her suit. I grabbed one leg at the top with both hands and pulled it slowly back, probing with my thumbs as I worked my way down to her delicate sexy feet. She was moaning and groaning as I did one leg and then the other. My eyes were glued to her crotch and as rubbed I could see her cunt through her suit slowly open up like the petals of a flower. The massage was obviously having an erotic taksim bdsm escort effect on her, as evidenced by her moans as well.

I paused for a second and she reached back, undid the ties to her suit bottoms and tossed them aside. “Don’t forget my ass. And don’t be shy; I don’t want sunburn there.”

My cock was harder than steel and I rearranged it to relieve the pressure. Her ass was firm and in great shape, but full and meaty. I massaged the glorious globes of her ass and drank in the sight of her cunt and ass. Her pubic hair was dirty blonde and extended just a little out her ass cheeks and down her legs. In the bright sun light I could see her body was covered with the finest down of blonde hair. Her cunt lips were pink, swollen and moist. I leaned down and inhaled the scent of her female arousal. Her butt hole was also pretty pink nestled in sparse blonde hair, with a very distinct puckered ring. I knelt between her legs and starting at the her feet and going all the way to her neck did one long slow rub, kneading and probing in one long slow stroke. On the way up I probed her mound with my thumbs and just grazed her anus on the way to her neck. At the top of the stroke I had my hard cock pressed into her crack. She slipped one hander under herself and was masturbating as I continued my sensual stroking.

Lisa said, “Kurt, will you do me one more little favor?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Will you stick your finger in my ass?”

I didn’t answer; I just put a liberal amount of oil on my finger and started to gently rub it into her pretty little shithole in a slow circular motion. I alternated this gentle touch with a slight probe into her ass. She started pushing back to get more inside her, but I kept up the tease.

“Please stick it in” she begged.

I teased some more before finally penetrating her fully. Her insides were velvety smooth and tight as a drum. It didn’t seem possible that something as big as my dick could ever fit up there, but I’d give my left nut to try and see if it would. Lisa was getting close, squirming and moaning loudly. I froze my hand in one spot and watched while she fucked herself on my thick digit and feverishly worked her own cunt. As she orgasmed her sphincter clenched and squeezed my finger. She came in a series of spasms before pulling herself off my finger and collapsing breathlessly on the lounge. I brought my finger up to my nose to sniff and got just the faintest, musky whiff of clean female ass. Delicious.

When Lisa caught her breath she sat up and looked at my rock hard cock jutting out. “Look what I’ve done to you. Poor baby, let me take care of that.”

“But what about Jack?” I said.

“Don’t worry, he’s golfing with Bob. And besides, he wouldn’t want me to be rude to our new guest. Come here.”

I stood in front of her and she yanked my pants down. With one hand on my nut sack and one on the base of my shaft, she examined my cock. “Wow. It’s so thick! Young man, you are going to be one popular guy when the girls find out about this thing.” She slowly licked the underside of my shaft as she looked me right in the eyes. She swirled her tongue around and around the glans and then went back to slowly licking me base to head like a lollipop. When she finally took me in her mouth she swallowed me right down to the root. I’d met this woman less than 24 hours ago, and now I stood there balls deep in her pretty red mouth. Her sucking motion was hard and demanding, quickly pulling the juice out of my balls and down her throat. I unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked me clean.

“Welcome to America Kurt. I think you’re going to enjoy your stay. I know I will.”

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