EXECUTIVE BACK HALLWAYSIT’S-A VERY SLOW NIGHT 5 STARS HOTEL TOP OF THE CLASS Service. I AM ONE OF 12 OFFICERS IN THE OVERNIGHT SHIFT. I’m about 52 180 lbs. I look very fit for my height t tells I workout mostly anything but cardio. I’m solid for the most part. Stand blue polo shirt and dark blue trouser and a name plate with the standard officer paper badge is just for looks. I am in 4hours to my shift. Everything seem to be moving a bit slow/ Only one minor thing our dispatcher Angelique we call her Angie for short/ She’s a being a bit kind of a bitch on the radio/ Not sure what’s up with her is unlike her to be “snippy on the radio. She is a nice café cone leach tan black color short black hair with purple highlight u can barely tell unless u see her in the daylight but I have seen her a few times in and out of the main lights of the parking so I notices the highlights is unique and brighter her prefect cheeks bones/ She a nice but more normal look alike to Amber Rose type but to me she a little bit more pretty her features are very nice and real for most part. She abuts 5’7 nice perfect breast and nice butt too but sadly she keeps it hidden under layers of clothing that she hides up in the base of the hotel. Base is for the radio communication room is how we speak on the radio. Any who enough shop shop talk so every now n than as we report back n fourth on the radio I couldn’t help but notice Angie seem a bit snippy on the radio like ATTITUDE with everyone yes even with me and all I was trying to report was the lock down of all the primary doors of the hotels all this happen with the efrist2hrs of the shift. I don’t what is her problem but clearly something is bothering her. Even so some of the other officer have mention it and we all talked about it all over each among ourselves. Finally, its 430am and well is my time to have a lunch break. I make my way to the back hallways of the executive suit area is the ONLY area that does not record and no one single camera for a least more than 8 hallways is clear from view of the camera is a lot of the officers “hiding’ away area we all have a spot there or here we go to hide away from the cameras and the CCTV unit that love watching and monitoring everything. As I make my ways pass one of the last doors there’s a chair recliner there pop up on the corner guess one of the officers must have been using it to take a 10min sit. A lot of the executive suits have extra extra furniture all over the office one too many for any of them to realize some maybe misplace at random spot. Doubt any of the VIP will even notices a missing recliner they have yet to report the missing kitchen table the officers sneak away to the luncheon area at the bottom of the deck of the lower parking garage. I finally make it to the luncheon room as I walk in there’s a fridge to my left 2 vending machine on the right a soda n snack machine and round table in the middle and off at the very end next to a bathroom door there is a set of about 30 locker were we all put our personal belonging in before starting our shift next to the lockers is the clock in timer where we all clock in and clock out to the far back in a hidden hole in the wall is a small bathroom and shower for those that do in-house security once a week. And two doors one is the main door where everyone comes in n out of and of course the door I just came thru the back door only the after-hours employee know about it. As I walk into get my protein shake in the fridge there on the of the arch or the round table is Angie. Sitting there typing away off on her cell in what appear to be a very heated text message and she smack s the cell of on the side as I walk up and sit directly across from her. Yeah something is bothering her she usually has an easy laid-back joking type of attitude and for most part is very friendly or at least very polite and bursa escort greets and talks with everyone Not like her to see me n not say a simple “hi’ or if nothing more smile she does have a nice smile. That tongue ring of her one day I’m gone put it to use. Wishful thinking, she is pretty eye candy for most part. I walk up to the table notice her but its clear she likes to be left alone so I just simple smile at her waiting for acknowledgment receiving nothing but a cold breezes / I pop my protein shake and drink a few sips of it finally“Oh, hi V sorry I didn’t notice u” Angie said suddenly like 10mins delay“oh no problem is ok I reply back studying her demeanor is something about her I can never pin point it but there is something about her “Damn” she abruptly said turning off her cell and putting it inside her pocket and kind of staring off to the sideI try to stay out of it whatever it is but will admit I am nosey and kind of like to know but I don’t like to intrusive plus we only met 2weeks ago, so I do not know her that well to be that close or the worry towards after a few minutes of awkward silence I finally speak “so so so soooooo, Angie u ok? YeahOh, just u kind of been a bit “snippy on the radio? I explain trying to pussyfoot around not saying Bitch even though I really want to say bitchy “Snippy? She repeats Vanessa u mean BITCHY just corrects me Now now Angie u said it I didn’t u seem to have an attitude just want to make sure u ok that’s all I say trying to seem more concern than nosey and honestly trying not to get on her bad side DON’T EVER GET IN DISPATCH, bad side they will have u looking for Esther eggs all night your radio will not stop going off they have all the power when we are in the field is best to be on their good side so they don’t call or fucking raise u every 5mins.Awkward silences again I was trying to figure out how to make a quick escape when suddenlyFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT OT BE FUCKEDMY girlfriend or what ever the fuck she is hasn’t fucked me in almost 1month and she doesn’t penetrate u get me so fucking annoyed. IS like I’m trying to get her to be more aggressive or just fucking penetrate me once u know I love oral don’t get me to give and receive but everyone occasionally a nice strap on and a good hardcore fucking is like damn come on “she boldly just goes on Looks at me as I am frozen in mid-sip of my protein shake completely shocked and surprise to what she is saying but secretly I am very very turned on GOD I love the way she said that OMG!!“Oh, damn sorry V I I just well u asked what was wrong there. Anyways sorry didn’t mean to make u feel uncomfortable ‘ she apologies picking up her stuff and throwing out her trash and walking out to the back hallways door as I am there still mid-way holding make shake not sure if to drink I’m frozen holding the bottle to my lips but not drinking my mind is trying to figure out if she really said what I think I heard her say or I’m I fantasying about her“enjoy your meal or shake have a good one V sorry about the snippy on the radio I’ll try and tone it down she said as the door slams behind her I’m just there holding the bottle finally taking a sip of the shake French vanilla coffee need the extra caffeine. well, that was unexpecting I’m shocked! I found out what that “something was about it now it makes sense mmmmmmm I wonder what she would do if she knew I have 9.5inche strap on, ready to go with a nice thick head I secretly rub the strap on thru my trouser under the table Occasionally when I am going to go see my gf when I come off work I sometimes strap-on and be “equipped and ready for whatever may happen tonight was one of those nights. I am supposed to see my gf a 1hr after I get off from work, so I am hard and ready for better choice of words/ Must admit what Angie said has turned me on beyond level. I love a bursa escort bayan bottom female that knows what she likes and how that turns me on since I’m an aggressive top but versatile on oral. Few minutes I deicide to finish up my drink and walking out the door when accidentally I run right into Angie who seem to be just walking to or to about to walk right thru the door.“hey?” I say looking at her up and down“V I just wanted to apologies I was way-way-way out of line saying what I said it wasn’t appropriate for work relate talk and I don’t want u to….I suddenly push her back and pin her up again the walk right next to the chair that is on the corner I kick the recliner off to the door blocking the door from anyone coming in from that side of the door. I corner Angie on the side she’s stunned shockedHEY WHAT…..I kiss her rough she has nice think lips I suck on that tongue as I flicker my tongue on her tongue ring tease her at first, she tries to resist but within seconds she slowly giving in her we kiss for a minute or two a she finally pushes me off just enough to get some distances between usVanessa!!! She shakes her head and smiles licking her lips I’m looking at her up and down “you think u can handle all this? She said undoing her dispatch jacket and revealing her very nice curvy body and nice centuple size tits that are perfectly round. I smile and push back on her as she leans back up against the wall I don’t know can u handle all this I rely taking her left hand a guiding I to my trouser and rubbing it up and down my pant OMG FUCK !! she said licking her lips u have have a strap fuck I slowly kiss her on the left side of her neck slowly blowing cold air as my warm lips kiss her she trembles her hands running up and down my trousers Fuck what is that an 8 inch she asks curiously rubbing it trying to figure out the length of it almost undoing my zipper 9 in a half to be exactlyOh, MY! damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can u work all that? she asksI rubber her tits with both my hands don her stomach to her trousers and undoes her belt and unbutton her and unzipping her guiding my left hand inside her pussy was already moist I don’t know there’s only one way to find out I say letting her pants drop down as I guide her on the the recliner She doesn’t try to fight off in fact she started to undo my pants and they just falls right off revealing a nice long 9.5 inch dildo with a 4inch Thick round head a little thicker at the top the dildo itself is very curve at an angle almost making a perfect C on the arch the top of the head reaches about 1inch above my belly button. Very long medium to thin thickness but really nice thick fat head about the size of golf ball head perfect roundness to it (my gf favorite) (actually is mines is perfect depth stroking but in the story I have a gf so I’m using that) (those of u know me I’m going to step away from saying strap on n dildo and just say dick since well its much easer genderbending but in reality it was my strap-on) She follows my lead and pops up on the chair sitting leaning back spreading her legs up around me stroking the dick up and down with her hands as her legs spread open she reveals her perfectly shaved thick pussy looks tight. It hasn’t been touch is in much-needed attention of some TLC and I have a good 9 inch es of TLC to give her as I lean down to her kissing her rubbing the head up and down her pussy as she starts to rub her hand up my back taking off my shirt n playing with my tits and scratching my back drawing me closer to her as she begins to draw me in on her body and as we both fall on to the recliners and I m rubbing the head of my dick up and down up and down teasing her nice moist pussy laying with her lips holding the head right inside her pussy hold but not sticking it instead rubbing it around and around in circle holding the in place. She’s kissing escort bursa me intensely“FUCK!!!!! NO, we shouldn’t she said trying to push me away but instead holds me closers to herHer nipple nice and hard perfectly shaped/ AS she pulls me closer to her I slightly push an inch of the oversized head inside her she makes a slight moaning soundVanessa, my gf she was about to I abruptly interrupt herYour gf has nothing to do with this and I’m only helping her filling in where she is falling short I am aware u have a gf and so do I but if they are not going to properly take care of us why don’t we help one another I have what u need and I can give it to u like u want it as I say that I push the over size head inside her popping her pussy she violently leans back on the recliner OH FUCK!!! She presses her nails deep into my back and stops resisting meFUCK IT!!!! FUCK ME VANESSA JUST FUCKING FUCK ME she demands As she does I push the rest of the dick inside her drawing it inside her pussy moist now beginning to get wet. As I start to use short but fast stroking motions little by little pushing in the rest of the curved dick inside her at first only about 8inches of it went in. I popped her legs up high over my hips as I kneel on the edge of the recliner pushed closer to her almost popping half her body up on my and locking her. Her leg on my hips slowly grinding my hips making the dick grinding her pussy with the dick drilling inside her as I kiss her up and down her neck and squeeze her tits shes leaning her head on the backrest and moaning as she begins to take the next few inches as I am kissing her neck and dragging my tongue her neck I whisper to her Angie, I want to fuck you!!! Fuck you hard deep make your pussy pop I want to make u mines I want u to have this dick deep inside u and fuck u into u cum all over me as soon as I say that all 9.5 inches of the dick is deep in side her and she screams/ I stop the motions look at her OOOO you’re a screamer? She looks at me licking her lips trying to bite her bottom lips, as she to move her hips but she locked down I’m not letting her move unless I do.Yes, when its good I scream I’m very vocal at times’OOOO n no no no screaming here instead bit me every time u want to scream just hit me hard a holdWe can’t have any reports about noise complain that would not be good I say leaning forward to her and kissing her sucking on her nipple as she rubs her hands on me Ok Ok just fuck me!!! she orders I press up against her and push myself deep inside her and start grinding making the head of the dick hold its place causing her pressure and for a none stop full on 20mintues just grinding the fuck out of her pussy to the point it starts to drip, and she was biting me all over the more she bit me the more I wanted to fuck her more n more n more I pull back and pull out the head of the dick within an inch of her pussy lips blow her kisses making her look up at me as I stood up Look I point down at my dick the head totally out of her lips she looks down and I stroke inside her pushing it in for two and taking it back out completely Look and watch me fuck u I say taking the dick out and just like that pushing it right back all the way back inEach time taking out the full 9.5 inches of it out only to push back in each time deeper and deeper each time I did this deep long over-exaggerated motion the recliner snap as she just looking at me fucking her tight pussy no longer tight and dripping with juices all over dripping down her legs at high. . A few more of this stroke and she couldn’t take it anymore and violently exploded and pulled me inside her and locked her legs back on me kissing me deeply biting my bottom lips and soon biting the shoulder deep I stroked her so hard the recliner snap apart. We both explode with cum dripping all over.Later that a morning we receive a report about a mysterious recliner that was somehow found snap and broken apart, no one knows how it happens or why that recliner was found like that. On other good news, the dispatcher was very extra sweet I barely got any calls for the rest of the night…

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