Extreme Weekend


Well weekends are the time we guys get naughty with each other, sometimes though it gets a little bit out of hand, this is one such time when well I guess we had too much fun at the other person’s expense.

Saturday morning is lazy day for us, she got up around 10ish and I surprised her with a beautifully laid out breakfast with two eggs the sunny side up, toasted bread with fresh cream and sliced strawberries and jasmine tea her favorite; and I got the reaction I expected when u can see somebody’s eyes well up with you know, so that’s how it was, she really liked the breakfast and I got all the ‘oh my baby’ fresh with strawberry cream kisses. Then she went for her shower and I set it up in the working room. She came back from the shower in her bathing robe; she looked so fresh and beautiful like when a sun comes out of the ocean, fresh and wet.

“Hey babes am off to the club for tennis, after that going with the guys to Mack’s place, were working on his grandpa’s old Bentley, it might be late coming back”

“Ok sure, so you’re going to ditch me on a weekend are you, and what am I supposed to do. If u had mentioned before I would’ve tied up with the girls or something.”

“Oh don’t you worry baby you’d think I’d leave you just like that for the weekend”

The smile on my face, the different smile on my face gave her a hint that something was coming her way. I put a blindfold on her eyes and took her to the working room. I put on a steel collar on her neck. The cold metal touching her body sent shivers down her. I made her kneel and another pair of shackles on her wrists held behind her back and third on her ankles, all three connected so that her back was erect and if she tried to sit on her heels her head would be pulled back uncomfortably. I had setup a pole in front of her few inches away with a single moist sock, no I am not one into stinky stuff, but yes it had a faint aroma of me. There was also a small surprise for her but you’ll find that out later.

“Now you be here and think about me, I’ll see you later, cya”

Now she doesn’t especially like the sock thingy but well I guess everybody can fall in love with new things. I think the way the shackles were tied she would have tried sitting up for as long as possible to comfort her neck, though by the time the third tennis game was on I think I really forgot all about her, was busy trying to win the bloody games, we were tied one set each.

The voice from her:

The breakfast xslot was real nice, I mean its one of when he really treats me like this and even the queen would want to see this to know what royalty is like. I went into the shower, I think I must’ve been blushing; you could probably see the rosyness on my cheeks. A lovely bath later he tells me he is bloody ditching me to play silly tennis games with the guys; I mean who treats you like a queen and then runs away like this. And then that smile on his face, I knew this is going to be an exciting weekend, how exciting I was to find out. He blindfolded me and took me to another room. Ooooo I thought this might get interesting yet, but then he put a collar around me, I literally shivered when the cold metal touched me, whatever it was it wasn’t going to be pleasant and it wasn’t going to be short. He made me kneel and shackled me up so that I couldn’t even kneel properly I had to rise high on my haunches to keep my neck comfortable. I could also smell something, something pungent but aromatic, revolting yet pulling me to it; I took me sometime but then I realized it was his sock somewhere in front of me. As the time went by my back started aching and stiffening up, I tried to sit down angling back when I realized that there was something else behind me, something cold, a smooth metal rod or something right under me, it hit me as I tried to sit down on my haunches, immediately making me reflex back up, the crafty bastard!!!

Every time I my back would make me ache back the rod would hit me making me go back up, but one time it didn’t; it found a place for itself up my crack, just a little and I jumped back immediately, it felt so unusual. Then I realized what the rod was meant for, I didn’t like it but looks like sooner or later it was going to go where he had meant for it to go and so I just let it happen. It was difficult and cold but little by little I let the steel rod come up my ass, oh it was cold like anything and uncomfortable, it didn’t bend at all, it was a foreign object, cold and unwanted and it was making its residence in me. When I could no longer tolerate the discomfort of the rod I went back up and then again my back started complaining, oh this was definitely not fun. You should have heard me cursing him then, but you know something funny happened, my cursing him reminded me off him, strengthened by the aroma of his socks and I bent forward to sniff it from closer to feel his presence stronger and stronger and xslot Giriş then kind of in a trance or something I started going up and down periodically, sometimes closer to the sock sometime letting the rod in me deep and then it grew faster and faster but the cold metal was harsh, I was fucking myself on it but yet it wouldn’t make me cum, I kept going on it till I got cramps in the thighs and then through the cramps with the pain searing up my thighs and yet I wouldn’t come and then I started crying and sometime later I guess I fell asleep.


I found her asleep on the rod, I was drunk, after fixing Mack’s car the guys had decided for a game of poker and you know how poker gets. I unshackled her, picker her up and took her to the bed. She seemed to be running a fever, her right thigh also seemed inflamed, damn I thought damn, I didn’t like to see her this way, what had I been thinking…I held her closely and fell asleep with her in my arms.

The next morning she awoke before me, around noon that is. This time it was her turn but she was you know playing it cool, she was limping and all but so cool, I get afraid when she gets cool, angry is okay cool is dangerous. She handed me leg shackles and said bed post and leg, so I tied one end to my right leg and other to the bed. Then she took another pair and put one around my left wrist and other to the open door of the shoe rack.

“I think yesterday was tooooooo tiring for me so I’ll go relax a little and do some shopping” and she left me like that. I held out in that stretched position for some time, got bored looked left right here there but this way or that my eyes always kept going back to the shoe rack and all her beautiful shoes there. Finally I couldn’t resist I picked up one of her pink pumps. Smelt the insides oh it was nice, it was just like her. To cut a long story short, her pink pump was all over me, my cheeks my hair, I kissed it, sniffed it, sucked it and then I looked ahead her black flats were like getting angry at being ignored, then her red long strapped sandals. Soon my tongue was dry but her shoes were looking eagerly at me and I had to go on and on. When she came back my tongue was dry and burnt and she was pleased that her shoes looked cared for.

“You’ve been treating yourself” she said with a smile “I bought something for you, and I got pizza too, rented a movie also” She unshackled me and we went to the drawing room, oh did I forget to tell you she made me strip also. xslot Güncel Giriş In the drawing room she had moved the pole and tied my hands up in the air above me. She put a belt around my waist and a flap of the belt went down my back and came up my front but it had something she inserted in my behind; great I thought my own treatment to me how original. The front part did allow my dick to hang comfortably though. She slid in the vcd and sat down with the pizza. She switched on the movie and opened the pizza. The smell was intoxicating, barbecued chicken, I hadn’t had anything since the night before and it was night now. But she wasn’t offering me any “Don’t look at me like that honey, you’ll be performing tonight, you can’t stuff yourself before a performance can you” I really didn’t get her, what was she talking about. Then the movie started playing, it was a lesbian porno. Oh she and I both love it. She started fingering herself and that made me hotter and my soldier stood in salute. “Oh little lieutenant want to fight in this battle too, ok then let us load his gun” now she was talking Greek, then she brought out another remote and flicked it on and then it happened. The little thing in my ass started sending small current up me, slowly and low strength and then high strength and then faster. Oh god my pelvis was moving in rhythm with the current, I just couldn’t control it and then it slowed down and down and my soldier sat down in silence, then it began again and the whole drama repeated except that this time I came, my soldier chappy didn’t even get to his full hardness and he came, it had been an hour since he had been fighting the urge. She finished the pizza and the movie was about to end when the fourth cycle ended and I had cum twice by then.

“Ok then honey, cya tomorrow morning, I am supposed to turn this off, but I guess your little soldier would like to fight a few battles tonight” and with that she kissed me good night, put her hankey in my mouth and went.

The most frustrating thing was that even though I was cuming I wasn’t getting any satisfaction. Another cycle started and I started my pelvic dance again, third cycle after that I came again, then there was a fourth when lord knows what came out, and the cycles kept coming, my pelvis kept thrusting, my eyes welled up, poured out and went dry, thank god she had put the hankey else my cries would have woken the world.

I guess I was unconscious when she found me but my pelvis was still thrusting. She untied my, even though I wasn’t in this world I could still hear “oh god, oh baby, what have I done, what have I done” I remember waking up in her arms…”you look beautiful girl” and she smiled back and kissed me…

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