family Fun Time: Chapter 1


family Fun Time: Chapter 1How do I start this? Me and my sister, April are very close. You might say we’re like “two peas in a pod”. You might say that if your a fucking bitch. After she moved out of the house, (she’s two years younger than me) she istanbul escort had some trouble finding a place to stay, so we worked out a plan for her to live with me untill her friend avcılar escort came through for her. Let’s just say that didn’t happen. Mainly because that friend was hit by a bus. But that’s beside the point. This şirinevler escort is an “erotic” story right? One night, after I came home from work I was bored, so I got on the computer and after seeing a “sugestive” advertisement, I was suddenly horny. So I went to and got ready to watch some porn. Then, my fucking Internet crashed. So I was left to improvise. I sat on my bed and started jacking off. After a few minutes, I was ready to cum. Then, I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was April. She was standing right there, watching me…

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