It had been hot for weeks and there seemed to be no relief in sight as the heat wave entered its third week. People were grumpy and the simplest of tasks became hard work, driving on the roads seemed more hazardous than when it snowed, road rage hitting it’s peek as every one left work and headed home in their hot cars.

Seth and Caroline sat in front of the only air-conditioning they had two small oscillating fans. After the fourth day of depilating heat Caroline had forgone all clothing except her panties, Seth secretly hoped that the weather would continue and Caroline would discard them as well. It had entered her mind however the thought of exposing her hot sweaty pussy to the one she loved every second of the day repulsed her, although Seth would think differently she imagined.

Seth sat on the couch in his undies watching the television, the sight of Caroline walking past semi naked with her pert breast gently bouncing as she walked and the tiny damp patch on her panties from the heat made it hard for him to concentrate. Caroline finally sat down next to him she looked at the bulge in Seth’s undies and shook her head.

“It too hot for sex, I couldn’t bare being touched.” Caroline announced. Caroline stood up turning quickly and headed off to the bathroom.

Seth smiled and turned his attention back to the television he was feeling extremely toey and disappointed he didn’t know how long he could go without sex, how unfair he thought with his girlfriend naked all the time and having a raging hard on the next few days were going to be very trying for him.

Caroline turned off the cold shower and patted herself dry leaving the slightest of moisture on her body, she scrunched the remaining water from her short spiky blonde hair letting the water run over her hand and down her back, she opened the bedroom door and was confronted by a candlelit room, satin sheets and the soft sounds of the ocean emanating from the cd player. Seth sat on the bed naked his large thick cock standing to attention his pre cum glistening against the flickering light of the candle.

Caroline Alanya Masaj Salonu stood with her hands on her hips her expression telling all.

” I think I made myself clear the first time, it’s too hot for sweaty bodies and touching.” She announced.

Seth placed his finger to his lips motioning Caroline to be quiet, he stood and led Caroline towards the bed, ” whispering trust me there will be no touching.”

Caroline resisted Seth’s first attempt and he tugged her arm slightly harder laying on her on her back on the satin sheet, he placed a soft blindfold over her eyes and gently lifted her arms above her head tying them loosely with a silk scarf he then moved to the edge of the bed and parted Caroline’s legs. Caroline first reaction was to resist allowing Seth to part her legs.

” Please trust me.” Seth pleaded.

Caroline relaxed and allowed Seth to part her legs, he slid the leg spreader between her ankles and attached it to them, he then pushed Caroline’s knees upwards, forcing her pink pussy lips to open. Seth could see her wet pussy and knew she was getting turned on even though Caroline wriggled against her restraints.

Caroline waited for which seemed an eternity naked and exposed, she then felt a drop of cold water on her left nipple the coldness of the water making it erect instantly, she felt another cold drop on her right nipple it to swelled straight away, the drips of water slowly slid under her breasts and down either side of her body slightly tickling her. Another cold drop of water dripped onto her left nipple, Caroline felt her nipple push upward, she waited in anticipation for the next drop of water to greet her right nipple, as it dropped on to her crimson red teat she could feel it thickness increase, the third drops quickly followed and Caroline struggled to resist wanting to ask Seth to touch her hard thick nipples.

Caroline felt cool air blowing over her left breast gentle at first and then slightly harder as Seth moved the fan closer to her pert breasts, the sensation made Caroline Alanya Masöz Escort arch her back and let out a little sigh of pleasure. She felt her breasts enlarge stretching her nipples wider and making them harder. Seth held the fan an inch from Caroline’s nipple, she struggled slightly as she felt her nipple increasing in size as the consistent flow of cold air made it more and more sensitive.

The cold air stopped and Caroline felt a slight warmth return to her nipple the feeling to only last a few seconds as Seth dripped another cold drop of water onto her left nipple. The sharpness of cold and warmth mixed sending tingles through her nipple just as Caroline’s body dealt with this Seth moved the fans attention onto Caroline’s right nipple the cold air making her nipple straight and tight and the feeling made Caroline’s mind feel that her nipple was growing longer and longer.

Caroline could feel her clit push from its cover and felt her juices trickle down the crack of her buttocks, she was so wet and horny she wanted to be touched to feel flesh on flesh however she knew what she had said and Seth was taking it literally she knew any plead would be useless.

Caroline felt the cool air stop caressing her nipple, and once again, the slight warmth returned to her erect crimson nipples, Seth dripped two more droplets of cold water onto either nipple once again the sensation of warmth and cold sending tingles through her breasts. Caroline fought against her leg restraints trying to find some comfort for hot wet pussy, her attempts futile.

As Seth trickled a few drops of the cold water onto Caroline’s swollen clit she jolted from its coldness as she felt her clit harden from its iciness, the water trickled down the inside of her parted puffy pussy over her drenched hole and down to her anus once again Caroline struggled she wanted more she wanted Seth to keep pouring water over aching pussy.

Caroline felt cool air rush over her hot cunt as Seth turned on the second fan she tried to edge herself forward on the bed wanting Alanya Öğrenci Escort the air to push harder over her clit, Seth trickled more cold water over her pussy Caroline’s clit tensed even more and she felt her pussy lips tighten.

Seth turned his attention back to Caroline’s nipples pouring cold drops over them once again he positioned the fan to blow across the tops of her nipples, the sensation of the fans blowing cold air over her hard erect nipples and over her pussy sent Caroline into raptures as she urged her mind to make her body to cum.

Seth stood beside Caroline, he watched as her body writhed trying to find a way to release the tension building deep within her pelvis, he stroked his long hard cock waiting for the signs of Caroline’s release of her orgasm. Caroline felt her clit start to pulse and her thighs started to shake. Seth pumped his cock harder and faster, Caroline’s hips started to slowly rock she could feel her orgasm edging its way closer, she felt a slight wetness trickle from her pussy and then her hips bucked involuntarily as her orgasm shattered outwards from her body. Caroline let out a deep guttural cry from deep within her throat her back arched and her body uncontrollably spasmed. Seth stood over Caroline and pump his hard cock faster shooting his hot cum all over Caroline’s tits, the splashing of Seth’s hot jism onto Caroline’s cold nipples sent another powerful orgasm through her body.

Seth released Caroline’s ankles from the leg restraint and she closed her legs tight pushing her pussy lips together enjoying the sensation, Seth then untied her hands. The weirdness of having cum without being physically touched left Caroline wanting to feel herself and she wasted no time in caressing her pussy, gently rubbing her enlarged clit, and enjoying her fingers sliding along the wetness of her lips. Caroline moved her hands up to her pert breasts and kneaded them running her palms over her slippery cum covered nipples, she felt her hard clit gently stir she pinched her nipples as her pelvis lightly pushed into the bed, Caroline let out a quiet yes as her body released the last trace of ecstasy from her.

Caroline removed her blind fold to see Seth smiling and feeling pretty good about himself, she smiled back thinking what he didn’t know was if this heat wave kept going she would be calling on Seth and his fans in the not to distant future.

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