Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 2)


Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 2)Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter(chapter two)“Get up on all fours.” my shadow growls, “Put your head in the bed clothes. I’m going to fuck you so hard and make you cum so much, you’re going to scream the place down, but I don’t want anyone charging in and stopping what I’m going to do to you after that.”I obey your command and start sobbing hysterically with delight, I am about to ask you to at least shut the door but half of me hopes that someone will walk by, I bury my head in the pillow and start to sweat even more.I can feel you slowly closing the gap between my cunt and your rod of steel, you are right up behind me now and I can feel the hairs on your legs as you press up to me.You grab my waist and place your long, red, bloated cock at the entrance to my trembling gaping pussy. You push in slightly and stretch my lips to bursting point. I try to move away from the massive invader but you hold me tight.I tremble at the thought of what you might do to me and scream into my pillow, you plough further up and then slowly work yourself in and out of my gripping organ. A little more of you pushes up every time and I think, “Oh God, what have I let myself in for, he’s so big, I can’t take much more of him.”Those hairy legs are still not on the back of my thighs and I wonder how much more of you is still waiting to be shoved up my tiny hole. I still bury my faceas your rhythm has me working back at you for more.Everything I thought as I watched you from my balcony is coming true. I had wished for you here, I had wanted you to fuck me, I had wanted you to fuck me hard, long and wet and here you are fucking me so hard I see istanbul escort stars as I scream again into the pillow.You slip your trunk from my pulverised hole and pull me to you. Your cock slides up my crack and you work it’s wetness between my cheeks and over my bulging arse hole.You can’t be thinking of getting it up there, you’re far too big for that, you’ll kill me, you’ll rip me open, I’ll bleed so much, oh no, not there.Just as you slam it back up my tiny cunt, I feel your hairy legs and know I have you all. You’re pushing my cervix out of the way and stirring my organs way up inside my stomach. I scream again, this time from mixed pain and ecstasy. You pound me so hard and yet I still find the energy to push back at you getting everything you have to give me. I hear a noise from the door. I see Kevin, my other fantasy stood there. Oh Kevin, I can see your bulging, massive organ pushing out the top of your jeans, you want me don’t you, you want to fuck me as well. Get over here, please come over here, I plead to you with my eyes, I want you too, I want to be speared at both ends, I want your massive tool lodged in my throat, I want to gag on your muscle, I want your cum all over me, come here quick, give me that head, let me slurp on your purple, straining helmet, let me drain you, cover me, cover my head and my tits in your thick white juices.You walk towards my mouth and my fucker sees you. Rather than be put off, he relishes the thought that he can feel my cunt gripping the life out of his cock whilst watching you stretch my throat with your pole, now completely avcılar escort out of your jeans and pressing up against your stomach with you wanking the end furiously.I take it from you and wank your shaft with my tiny hand. I can’t take it anymore, I have to have you in my mouth, I jump onto its massive head, you fuck my face. You grip the sides of my face and fuck it for all you’re worth.Both of you now pound me with unrelenting strength, I cum and cum and just can’t seem to get enough of either of you. I pound back onto my fucker’s pole and withdraw my face from your choker, then push you down my throat and milk you with my muscles.My fucker tries my arse again. He grabs his cock and pushes, I can’t relax, with you fucking my face and him pounding my pussy raw, I can’t relax. I would scream in pain but you have me full of cock, he pushes harder and my puckered tiny hole gives a little, but it’s never going to be enough. Since the pounding I gave myself with my double ender not half an hour ago, my arse has closed back up to what it was, it’s never going to go, please don’t, it hurts so much. I flinch and moan in pain around your massive, plunging prick.You shake your head at him, he gives up and pushes back in the gapping hole that was once a pretty little slit.I can taste your pre-cum, I can feel your cock expanding in my mouth and your balls climb up inside your body, I can hear your low guttural moans, I know that can mean only one thing, my reward is on it’s way, you’re going to cum for me, I want it all.I take you out my mouth and my fucker even slows to watch, he also knows what’s about to happen, şirinevler escort it’s turning him on knowing that within seconds he will see you cover me with your slime. That beautiful gallon of hot, thick, white cum we are all waiting for.Here it is, I can feel it gushing up your shaft under my tiny, flying hand.My God, Kevin, my God, oh fuck, oh shit, yes, yes, oh God, cover me, give me more, give me all you have.Your cum fly’s everywhere, I didn’t expect it to explode like that, it’s covering my face, it’s in my hair, it’s going up my nose, I want it on my tits. God, there’s so much and still you fire volley after fucking steaming hot volley all over my body.I push it back inside my waiting mouth, I must drink you, you taste so sweet, I must suck you hard, not waste any, get every last dribble, every last tiny drop, I want to drain you, I want you to remember me and cum back for some more and maybe much, much more of everything.My fucker can’t take any more of my gripping fanny, watching you dump your load all over my face, neck and tits has him so fired up he joins us at the firing range.He pushes as far up inside me as he can and pumps my insides with his first four or five wads, he pulls out and quickly grabs his waving cannon and fires the next up my back, the next up my still gapping cunt, the next on my arsehole and tries using it as lube, he pushes, still no luck, he fires again on my fanny.Finally both of you are dribbling your last at me, it runs over your hands, I wipe myself with the end of your furious cock, whilst my fucker paints my arse with his cock head.I rub it in my face with my hand and swoon over my palm, you are down next to my face, you clean me with your tongue, you push huge gobs up my chin and into my mouth, we drink your juices together.On shaking legs, you raise one finger, we stop, waiting to hear what you want to say. “I won’t be a minute, don’t move . . . . . . “And with that you are gone, out the still open door, pulling at your jeans as you stumble through the room.

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