Fat girl fucks good 2

Fat girl fucks good 2Tori couldn’t really believe what had happened that night, the ache between her legs reminded her that it was indeed real and that she wanted more… It sounded like something from one of those cheesy tv shows, the geeky smart band girl and the older popular jock having a very intimate encounter one night…. But it had been almost a month since Halloween and Derek had barely even looked at her, she felt used and hatched a plan after Friday’s game to confront him about it, whether he wanted to or not he was going to explain himself.She waited at the entrance to the guys locker room for him still in her band clothes, the other members of the team all left the locker including Derek’s roommate stephan.”Stephan!” The stocky male turned around and seeing the fat freshman geek his expression changed to one of pure annoyance.”What Tori.” Tori was used to his bad attitude so ignored it.”Is Derek still in there?” Stephan huffed and nodded”Yeah but he’s in a weird mood, has been for a while… You know why?” Tori said nothing and rushed into the locker room to find him.Oh she found him alright, in a shower all alone with his eyes closed leaning back letting the hot water run down his chest, down his abs and falling like a waterfall from the tip of his flaccid cock. Tori felt her pussy quiver and ache but was soon pulled from it when Stephan pulled her round the corner and against the locker, even being shorter than Derek he was broader but still towered over her.He looked passed annoyed now etimesgut escort bordering on angry.”What the fuck do you think your doing in here!” His voice was harsh and low, his face very close to hers and Tori was scared, she had had her fair share of bullies in her life and knew that if Stephan was going down that road the damage he could inflict would be devastating.”What the hell Stephan!” Stephan looked up hearing Derek’s voice and Tori froze, he was wearing nothing but a towel.”Hey man, she rushed in here looking for you, she saw you in the shower I was just going to have a little chat with her about privacy.” He ended in quite a frightening tone.”She’s my girl man get off of her.” Derek stepped between them putting some distance between him and Tori, He shook his head and bent down checking she was ok.”Your girl? Man I didn’t know you liked fat girls.” Derek chuckled bitterly.”Maybe one day you’ll find out why I like bigger females Steph… Maybe you’d like to find out now if Tori is up for it.” Derek looked a Tori and raised his brow smirking, he reached over and started popping the buttons on her band jacket slowly revealing her blue lace bra, Tori smiled back forgetting her mission and turned her gaze towards Stephan who looked shocked but then threw his duffle bag across the room and pulled off his shirt.”I guess I should try everything once” Derek took her jacket off and threw it with Stephan’s duffle while Stephan took off her shoes alanya escort and her elastic pants, leaving her in her pretty lace blue lingerie.Tori sat on the bench separating the lockers and pulled off Derek’s towel grinning, then turned to Stephan and pulled his sweatpants down, he wasn’t as big as Derek but he was above the average.”You’ve got two big cocks to enjoy Tori.” Derek chuckled and she took both cocks into her hands giggling when they both groan slightly, it didn’t take long for her to start sucking, she started with Stephan and went from one to another, relaxing her gag reflex so they could bother take it in turns fucking her throat.”Damn girl, You suck like a fucking pro!” Stephan watched as his glistening cock slid down her throat and all the way back up. Derek had managed to unfasten her bra and throw it down and was now playing with her tits while she sucked.”Which one of you is going to fuck me first.” Tori jerked them off waiting for the answer and Stephan moved him self to reposition Tori so she was lying on the bench with her legs on either side, Derek removed her panties and Stephan wasted no time pushing the head of his hard cock into her pussy.”Your tighter than I thought… God thats good” he rocked his hips slowly inching his way in until he was balls deep thrusting and making her whimper and moan while Derek jerks his cock watching his friend fuck his girl and enjoy it.”Fuck me Stephan, yes YES.” Derek smirked at her outburst”My kaş escort turn b*o.” Stephan pulled out and almost immediately straddled her face letting her suck all her juices off of his cock, while Derek slid his bigger cock all the way into her, stretching her more he heard her moan with his friend cock in her mouth.”suck that cock… Yes thats a good little slut suck it clean.” Tori did as she was told before Stephan got off of her.”Ay Derek why don’t you lie down you take her pussy I’ll take her ass.” Derek pulled Tori up with little effort and lay back on the bench, Stephan spat on his fingers and shoved to up into her ass making her gasp and moan loudly, he worked her tight hole while Derek fucked her slowly getting her ready for another cock.Stephan removed his fingers becoming impatient and straddled the bench slipping some of his cock into her tight fat ass.”Oh god it hurts!” Stephan shushed her reaching around and massaging her clit while Derek still continued to fuck her, she moaned feeling both cocks move inside her, the pain and pleasure mixing together so beautifully Tori came not long after, but the boys still kept going now both holes were stretched they were getting more forceful, quicker and harder they gripped her hips, her ass, her tits and anything else they wanted to grab.”I’m gonna cum inside you Tori, I’m gonna cum inside your ass so hard!” The slapping of flesh was deafening all their juices were running off of Tori and onto the bench and floor.”Yes cum inside me, both of you fill me with your hot cum!” They obeyed, Stephan filled her ass and Derek followed soon after filling her pussy while she cried out, they all caught their breaths, Stephan held Tori while her breathing steadied leaving kisses on her shoulders.He learned a lesson that day, never judge how good a girl is in bed by her size.

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