Father’s Day

Double Penetration

It had taken weeks for Mom and me to decide on the perfect present for Dad on Father’s Day. I knew that it had to be something extra special, because Dad was, well, Dad. Now, early on the Sunday morning, Mom had slipped out of their bed without waking him and was helping me get ready. I stood, naked in front of her as she ran her fingers over my breasts, gently pulling the nipples, so that they stood proud on my delicate 34 C bosom. Then she ran her hands down my smooth belly until she could circle her finger and thumb around my tiny cock and squeeze it gently. The breasts had been a surprise for Dad on my twenty-second birthday, Mom paying for the surgery and the hormones out of her ‘mad money’.

Mom turned me around and made me bend over the edge of my bed and then gently spread the cheeks of my ass with her fingers. She slowly ran her finger down the cleft and then pressed it gently, but firmly, into the dark hole. I could feel her exploring my back passage, making sure that I was relaxed, ready to please Dad. I felt something cool against the tight ring and realised that she was massaging a little lubricating jelly around my asshole. Mom slapped the cheek of my ass and told me I could stand up and then turned me to face her again.

Carefully, she applied a little mascara to make my lashes longer and thicker, then a trace of blusher and bright red lipstick. She turned me around again and brushed my long dark hair until it shone, before gathering it into a ponytail and fastening it firmly with a bow. Mom knew how much Dad liked to hold my head still by twisting his hand in my ponytail while he shoved the length of his thick cock into my mouth.

Once my hair and face were fixed how Mom knew Dad liked them, she went to my wardrobe and pulled a carrier bag from the back. She had not told me what she had bought, but these were specially chosen for Dad to enjoy.

First she brought out a white corset, with half cups so that my nipples would be uncovered. She wrapped it around my waist, slipping my pert breasts into the lacy cups, giving my already hard nipples a pinch and then began to pull the laces tight at the back. The metal stays dug into my sides, but I stayed quiet, knowing that this would be a special treat for Dad.

When she had finished lacing the corset and tying it tightly, she had given me an almost hour-glass figure. Reaching into the bag she brought out a pair of tiny silk panties, just large enough to cover my tiny cock. She knelt down in front of me and slid the silk up my legs, stopping at the tops of my thighs. Leaning forward, she opened her lips and slipped tayland porno my cock into her warm, wet mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue over the head of my cock as she gently sucked the shaft all of the way to the back of her mouth. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as her head bobbed back and forth. I could feel my cock stiffen in her mouth as she sucked and swirled her tongue all over it. I would have been happy for her to suck me all day, until I spurted into her hot mouth but she drew her head back, keeping her lips tight around my shaft, until my cock slipped from between them with a loud, wet, ‘plop’.

Mom pulled the panties the rest of the way over my cock, running her fingers along the bulge it made in the fine silk. Then she took a pair of white stockings out of the bag and slowly rolled them up my legs, fastening them to the suspenders that dangled from the corset. She moved back and stood up, looking at me with an artist’s eye. Finally she smiled and nodded.

“Your Daddy will be very pleased.” Mom whispered, “Now in you go and give him his Father’s Day present.”

I crept along the corridor to Mom and Dad’s room and pushed the door open. Dad was sprawled across the big bed, the top sheet and duvet pushed down to the bottom end of the mattress. I tiptoed across the carpet and slowly lowered myself onto the bed next to him, my head level with his cock and balls and my legs curled so that my legs rested on Mom’s pillow. Dad must have been having a very horny dream, because his cock was thick and hard, sticking straight up from his neatly trimmed pubes. I leaned over and took the base of his cock between my finger and thumb, squeezing it very gently and then opened my mouth and began to slowly lick the head of his cock. I ran the tip of my tongue over the swollen knob, lapping at it like a kitten with a saucer of milk, until the whole of the purple head was shiny with my spit. Then I gently blew on the wetness, cooling his cock, before I slipped the head into my mouth.

Dad woke with a bit of a start, and reached down, putting his hand on the back of my head and pushing my face right up against his tight balls. The hair around the base of his cock rasped against my lips as the head forced its way into the back of my throat. I swallowed desperately, to keep from choking as he forced my head further down onto his hard cock, filling my mouth. He released my head for a moment and pushed me over, onto my side. I kept my mouth clamped around his cock, sucking and swirling my tongue over his meat as he slit his fingers under the silk of my panties and tecavüz porno pushed the waistband down over my hard little cock.

Dad moved his head a little and slipped my cock into his mouth, taking me right inside and sucking me slowly. I could feel his stubbly chin against the smooth skin of my balls and then he opened his mouth wider and slowly sucked my balls into his mouth. I groaned around his cock, trying to let him know that the feel of his hot mouth was making me incredibly horny. I sucked harder on his knob, bobbing my head up and down the length of his manhood as he sucked on my cock. I know that my cock is really pathetic, but when he was sucking on it I felt as though he had made it as big as a horse’s.

Dad worked his cock in and out of the back of my throat as he sucked on my cock, while he unfastened the suspenders and worked my panties down over my ass. I could feel his tongue lashing at my balls as he spread the cheeks of my ass and slowly forced his thumb into my asshole. I groaned and swallowed the head of his cock to the back of my throat and swallowed again and again, so that he could feel my throat ripple against his knob. I could feel him working his thumb in and out of my ass, keeping the same rhythm as his sucking. I could take no more of this torment and before I could do anything to warn him, my cock spurted a thin string of cum into his mouth and down his throat. I felt him swallow, as he gulped my cum down, draining my balls dry, while he rammed his thumb hard into my ass.

Dad opened his mouth and slid my cock out, leaving it to rest on my thigh, limp and oozing the last drops of my cum. He grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back, so that his cock slid past my lips and out of my mouth with a long, wet, slurping sound. I could see my spit and lipstick smeared all the way from his knob to his balls. Roughly he pushed me onto my back, swivelling me around, so that my head rested on Mom’s pillow. He forced his knee between my thighs and rolled on top of me, pinning me down with his knees spreading my thighs wide. I watched as he kneaded my breast with his hard, rough hand, squeezing and pinching my tender nipples until they looked as though they were bruised and swollen. I felt his stubble against my skin as he took my other nipple in his mouth and sucked it between his teeth, biting until I yelped in pain and my little cock started to harden again.

Releasing my soft little titty, Dad reached between us and guided the swollen head of his thick, hard cock between the cheeks of my ass. A jerk of his hips forced the knob tombul porno into my tight little ass and I arched my back in a mixture of pain and pleasure, forcing my ass further onto his hard cock. He took hold of my legs, behind my knees, and lifted them over his shoulders, draping my calves down his back. I felt terribly vulnerable, my ass tilted upwards so that he could drive the length of his thick cock deep inside me. I whimpered as he pushed, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my ass, stretching my tight passage and filling me with his swollen cock. I could feel his balls pressed against the curve of my ass and my knees pressed against the underside of my titties as Dad reached up to pinch and twist my nipples until they changed from their usual dusky brown colour into an almost purple, swollen, bruise.

Dad looked into my eyes, seeing how his cock had smeared my lipstick all over my mouth and how the tears of pain had made my mascara run down my cheeks. I knew that the sight of my face messed up like this made him even more turned on than the thought of fucking my tender ass and, as if to prove it, his cock stiffened and swelled even more. Dad groaned out loud and rammed his cock into my ass as hard as he could, bringing fresh tears to my eyes. It felt as though he were splitting me open with his rigid cock and I sobbed in despair as I felt it thicken inside me and begin to jerk.

My ass was burning painfully and this added sensation almost made me pass out. Even worse was to come, almost literally, because his balls tightened and his cock began to pump, spitting thick globs of his cum into my bruised and battered asshole. Every splash of cum felt like a kick deep inside my ass and I grunted in agony with every spurt. Dad held me down as he pumped what felt like gallons of hot cum into my bruised and battered asshole. Then I felt his cock move again and he began to ease it out of my asshole, pulling further and further back until only the rim of his knob was inside me. I could feel cum spurting into me all of the time and something wet and sticky was oozing down the cleft of my ass. I screamed as his knob popped out of my ass and he took hold of the base of his cock. He was still spurting cum and he squeezed the base to hold it back as he straddled my waist and aimed the angry looking head between my tits, releasing his hold so that thick globs of cum splattered onto my skin, feeling like scalding lead on my aching nipples. He tilted the tip of his cock upwards a little and spurted the last drops of his cum into my mouth and across my face, a few drops landed in my hair, matting it together.

At last, he eased himself off me and laid by my side, smearing his cum across my nipples and rubbing it into the soft, golden skin of my tits.

I looked into his eyes, for a moment, and gave him my important message.

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you.”

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