Feeding My Devar And His Friend


Feeding My Devar And His FrienddeleteddeletedI am 26 years old. I am married to Saravanan, 30 years old, for the past 3 years. We have a one-year-old baby boy and so I’m still a lactating mother. I’m 6′ and my stats are 34-26-34. My hubby takes care of me well and we have no issues between us.My husband has a brother named Chandran. He has just finished his MBA studies and works in a firm. We all stay in Bangalore but my devar lives in a different locality and comes to see us every weekend.One such weekend when he came we all finished our dinner and talked for a while and my hubby said that he feels sleepy and went to bed. I and Chandran were watching TV and talking. Suddenly the baby cried for milk. I took him to the adjacent bedroom and fed him.That day I was wearing a transparent black saree and black blouse. After feeding I put my baby to sleep and came back to the living room. I didn’t notice that is the extra milk from my nipple had formed a slight wet spot on the left side of my blouse which was visible through my transparent black saree.Without noticing I came into the living room and started watching the TV. Suddenly I felt an odd sensation and when I turned to my right I caught Chandran staring at my wet milk spot without blinking. I was embarrassed and angry.I started to shout at him and he said trembling with fear that I have a wet spot on my blouse. On noticing that I felt much more embarrassed. I left for my room and after many thoughts, I slept.Next day morning when I woke up and prepared myself and went down and saw that my devar was still sleeping. At around 8.30 he got up and freshened himself. He came to the kitchen and said, “Sorry bhabhi.” I felt sorry for him and I too apologized him for yelling at him.Things went smoothly that day and the rest of the week went smoothly from Monday to Friday. On Saturday evening Chandran came to visit us for the weekend. I was wearing a shining nighty with a white bra and panty. While eating dinner and after finishing dinner he was completely staring at by milky boobs.When I stared at him he would turn away. The same happened the following Sunday also with all staring stuff. I felt irritated about it but I just ignored it.The next weekend when he came home all those staring events came in front of my eyes but I just ignored it and tried to behave normally.That Saturday I was wearing a light yellow saree with a same color blouse and pink panty. As usual, the staring continued during dinner and I just ignored it. After dinner, we were chatting and as usual, my hubby went to bed. While bursa escort we were watching TV my son cried for milk and carried him to another room and fed him.I came back and this time I was careful not to leave any wet marks. I came back and sat on the couch. After a few minutes, I caught him staring at my tits. I got concerned about this and angrily I asked him what are you doing. He felt startled and was blabbering something.I said to him that this is wrong and he shouldn’t be doing like this. He then shakingly said that he has not seen any woman’s breast live and the fact that they are lactating excited him further. I was not able to come up with an answer and the whole room fell silent.After a few minutes he asked me bhabhi can you please feed me just once. I was completely shocked by these words. I sternly with an angry face said that this is completely wrong. He should not even be talking to me like this.But he ignored all this and started to beg me and said that just once and I will not even stare at her breasts anymore. After a lot of compelling, I finally gave in, “Ok just this once Chandran.” He gladly accepted this and said thank you bhabhi.He immediately lunged forward and I was taken aback. I said him to slow down and said with a concerned look that what if your brother comes down. Bhabhi you too know that once he sleeps he will never wake up until someone wakes him. I said ok and moved to the right side of the couch and told him to lie down on my lap and he obeyed.He laid his head on my lap and I started to unhook my lower two buttons and pushed my bra up and let my left boob out. He gently put his mouth around my nipple and started to bite it. It panted a little and I told him not to bite and he obediently just sucked my breast.I was slightly little by little being pushed into the mood and closed my eyes. Noticing this he brought his hand to my other boob an started to squeeze it gently and I was in no mood to stop him as he was sucking me expertly. After some 15 minutes of sucking, he emptied me and still continued to suck and I let him.When he let his hand slip to caress my navel my I woke up and immediately pushed him up and buttoned my blouse and adjusted my pallu. He said, “Please bhabhi some more,” but I sternly refused him and went to my room and I fingered myself thinking of the event.The next morning was normal and we both behaved as if nothing had happened. Next two weeks too went normally. The third week he came on Friday evening itself and said that Saturday is also a holiday for him. After dinner, bursa escort bayan my hubby went to bed and I was washing the dishes and suddenly felt someone entering the kitchen.I heard, “Bhabhi I need to ask you for a favor.” I said say what is it while washing the utensils. With hesitation, he said that I have a close friend called Vimal. I said ok what about it. He continued, “He wants to try your milk too just for once. Can you please give him?”On hearing this I got furious and started shouting harshly and very loudly, luckily my hubby didn’t hear me shouting. He then suddenly caught my legs and started weeping, “Please bhabhi, just once he is my best friend and I have promised him.”“I can’t do anything for that Chandran,” I replied sternly. I protested strongly and went to my room. Next day morning my hubby went to the office and I called Chandran for breakfast but he rejected saying he was not hungry with a sad face.I too ignored him and did my daily chores. I finished cooking lunch and called for him and again he said the same with the sad face. On seeing this I too felt sorry and I tried to explain, “See Chandran it’s not right for what you ask. Just think about your brother and our family.”But he was not in a mood to give up and he continued again, “Please bhabhi just once please.” I finally said ok let me consider now just come and eat. There was a glow on his face on hearing this and we went to the dining table to have lunch.At evening the doorbell rang and I opened to see who it is and it was my husband and I welcomed him. After some 15 minutes again the doorbell rang. When I opened I saw a guy of around 25 years age a bit fat and short maybe about 5’2. I was confused who this was.He introduced himself as Vimal with a wide grin and that name brought a chill through my spine. And at the same time, Chandran came from his room and welcomed him and introduced his friend to me and his brother. I forced a laugh and went to the kitchen and they were talking in the living room.When I was preparing dinner Chandran came in and I angrily asked him why his friend was here today. He casually said that you agreed to feed milk na bhabhi that’s why. I said let me think about it but you have brought him here. He started to plead, “Bhabhi you agreed to do so someday right? Why can’t it be today and it will also be over today itself right.”He convinced me at last. I was wearing an orange color blouse yellow color bra and panty and a little transparent orange saree. During dinner, Vimal constantly stared at my breasts with my husband escort bursa beside him. I felt a little awkward about it and the feeling that a sex bomb like me is going to allow an ugly fat short slick to suck my boobs.After dinner, all four of us had a little chat and at 10 my husband went to bed. For the next 15 minutes, the place was completely silent. Then Chandran started “Bhabhi, shall we?” I was a bit confused and reluctantly nodded my head.I shifted to the center but to feed them both at the same time felt impossible with the pallu on and I was not ready to take off the pallu. We tried a lot of positions but it didn’t suit. Suddenly Vimal said bhabhi I have an idea and it is my fantasy too. I had a confused look.He then said bhabhi you just stand on all fours and feed us like a cow does to her calf. I didn’t like that idea and rejected it but both those boys didn’t leave me. So I finally gave up. They said thanks with a big smile on their face.So I stood on all fours without removing my pallu and when I got up to remove the blouse buttons Vimal said bhabhi let us do the honor. When he said that I felt a little embarrassed. He knelt beside me and he brushed against my nipples in the name of opening the buttons and it sent me chills.Once he opened them he tried to remove them completely but I resisted and they said ok. Next, they pulled up my bra and my milky jugs were completely out hanging. I felt very much embarrassed. Then Chandran adjusted himself and went to the inner side as Vimal said he wanted the outer side boobs.After settling at their positions they started to suck on my boobs. The fact that two grown-up men sucking my boobs aroused me further. Suddenly Vimal got up and asked me bhabhi have you tasted your milk. I just shook a no. He said you should try sometimes it tastes really good.I blushed on this complement and he again went to sucking and suddenly came up and kissed on my lips and my eyes widened. Meanwhile, Chandran brought his hands to my navel and started caressing it. I didn’t know what to do.Vimal said bhabhi please open your mouth and I don’t know why I obeyed his order but I did open my mouth. He went back down sucked my milk and spat it into my mouth and told me to drink and I drank it. He smiled on seeing this.Then he again continued sucking me. Then Vimal had unzipped his flyer and I didn’t notice it and I had closed my eyes in pleasure. Meanwhile, he has got his flyer out and sprayed my milk over it. He again told me to open my mouth.I thought it would be the same milk treatment but instead, I was shocked when he inserted his cock into my mouth. But Chandran was still sucking me. I suddenly got back to my senses. I got up and threw an angry look towards Vimal and adjusted my saree pallu and went to my room and dreamt of those events.

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