FInal Tributes Part I


FInal Tributes Part IA Final Tribute – Time to say goodbye(First – let me start by saying I have had a great time on! Most of the people I met – either male or female…have been amazing. Some became good friends, a few broke my heart a little, but almost everyone I met made me smile and more than a few made me cum. ? This is a farewell story. I have decided to leave the fantasy world and re-join the real world. Ut this will not be an easy good-bye. It will take some time to get out. But you can track my progress by tracking my friends and this ongoing, continuing story – a tribute to my friends along the way. Feel free to comment, to write your own, to say good-bye. When you read your name, know that I love you, that I will miss whatever we shared and what we had….and if you want to be a part of my real world….just ask. Enjoy)Annie 236 – It had to be a secret…she still lives at home with her mom and her brother. This arrengement has made things tough on this young girl’s sex life. She didin’t have a lot of experience with boys or girls, but she had a curious heart, and a creative mind. But all she really wanted to do was watch other people, to experience a sex life through her eyes. brought her to a whole new world. And to me.We talked, we flirted, it took some time, but soon, we were talking about sex. Which turned to how another girl might please her. And then one night, we decide to share it together. We made a date and met on time. She was nervous and cute, I was just as nervous. We picked a video together of two girls, one experianced, the other maybe not so much. And we turned on our cameras. To watch each other as we watched the video together.Her soft read hair framed her pretty young face and I watched as she smiled that nervous little smile, biting her mottom lip. She adjusted the camera downward and I saw that she was already naked. She was smooth, bare across her body. She told me she had sahved for our date. I giggled because I had done the same thing. And I let her see that I was just as naked as she was, adjusting the camera as I leaned back on the bed. Annie sat in a chair, and leaned back, putting her feet up on the desk, leaning her chair back a bit as the video played for us. I watched as her tiny fingers moved over her bare mound and slipped between her legs. A moment later and her eyes were already flutering backward as her fingers danced across her clit. I reached down to catch up. The video was too hot to control , both of us were soon lost, playing with ourselves, istanbul escort watching the young beauties on the screen. Annie was about to explode, her body was tense and I could see her legs trembling so close to her camera.Suddenly, though, Annie was shooting from her chair, reaching for the computer, the camera went blank, her connection lost. I had no idea what had happened. I was lost, it took me maoment to recover. But a few days later…on IM I learned that she had been caught. Her mom had walked in catching us both watching porn together. I was sad because her message said she was losing her accounts. And well, she did disappear. I kept her as a friend though. She was my first. Every now and then she pops in and says hi. I still miss her. And the fun we had together. Blacknylons1 – I looked at the paper in my hand once more and then back at the large glass building in downtown London. I was at the right place. The temp agency sent me here for the next two weeks, to fill in as a typist for someone anmed – a quick glance at my paper – Shirl. I took a step away from the cab and headed towards the door and the new building.The doorman directs me to the elevator and I find my way to the 12th floor. And soon I am standing outside Shirl’s office, waiting for her to finishe her meeting. The door opens a few mintues later and a short man, or maybe he just looks short next to Shirl – comes out standing next to a very tall striking blonde woman. To make matter worse for the poor man, she was wearing the type of heels I normally see at night, not in an office. Shiny black leather heels with what had to be a 5 inch heel! Her legs were covered in sheer balck nylon, as she turned toward her business partner, I could see the dark seem running the length of her leg.It was then that I realized I was cheking her out! I felt my face flush and a strong warmth spread through me at that moment, as I stared at her legs. When she moved I could hear the silky sound of the nylons rubbing together. She was handing a business card to the small man when he dropped it. She squatted to the floor, spreading her knees as she lowered her long body. I discovered that she was wearing stockings that came up to her thighs, but I didn’t see a garter. She took this moment to look up at me. Her smile made getting caught worse.I felt the heat of my blush rushing to my face and knew I was turning dark red. I see I wasn’t the only one as the strange man took Shirl’s card and avcılar escort rushed off as she stood back up. She extended her hand towards me, “you must be from the agency. Come in.” My eyes moved down, over her back and the short tight skirt she was weraing, and trailed along the long seams of her stockings. I felt that all too familiar tingle, even though this woman was old enough to be my mom, I felt myself wanting her.Shirl directed me to a chair in a sitting area directly across from a ;arge leather couch. She sat in the middle of this couch, sliding back, her skirt riding up. The tops of her stockings became exposed and my eyes seemed to glue themselvers to her bare thigh peeking out. Shirl didn’t say anything for a long time. I’m not even sure how much time passed before she finally reached down and adjusted her skirt.Blushing, I looked up at her. She had a half-smile smirk on her face. She apparently enjoy catching people looking at her legs. I felt the heat rising in my face and wondered if she would fire me before I even get started. “Tessa? Is that right?” Shirl knows my name from the information sent over by the agency. I just nod my head, still embarrassed about getting caught so blatantly. “you will not be working out front in the typing pool I will need you in here, your desk is right there,” she was pointing to a small table with just a phone and a calander on it. It was about four feet from her desk, a large glass and dark red piece that defined her modern power, but also was built in a way that even from behind her desk, she would be able to display her legs.“I need a personal assistantthat will take notes during all my meetings, answer the phone, run some erronds for me. And anything else that comes up.”There was a deliberate pause before that last part. And for some reason it forced a flood of wetness inside me. I shifted on the leather chair and crossed my legs. As I did this, Shirl did the same thing, in a slow deliberate way. Her bare thighs again axposed to my curious and now hungry eyes. When I looked back up at her face, she was smiling. I blushed again.“Wait her, Tessa. I need to use the ladies room.”I stood up as she did and watched her leave. Her ass seemed to be swaying back and forth more than it did before, her legs sliding together and I could hear that soft silky sound as her stockings slide back and forth with each sexy step she took.I was too nervous to sit back down, so I looked around the office and moved to my desk. There was nothing şirinevler escort there. It was clear that Shirl was a very organized boss and would expect the same of me. I hoped I could deliver upon her expecatations. Even if this was just a temp job.I couldn’t help but noticed the flushed look on Shirl’s face when she came back with a list of tasks for mne to get started on and I spent the next several hours with my head down, proof-reading forms and making correctiosn for the girls in the typing ppol, but the desks were positioned in the perfect way. Every time Shilr crossed her ankles, shifted her weight in her chair, leaned back to talk on the phone letting her silky stockings slide together, I noticed. My eyes were drawn to her like a young school boy! I felt flushed myself, more and more as the day went on. I could feel how wet I was and when I was finally given a break, I rushed to the restroom!My first day on the job and I was sitting in a private stall in the bathroom, my panties around my ankles, my fingers sliding up and down through my wetness! IN my mind’s eye, I saw Shirl taking control of me in her office at the end of the day, telling me that the best part of my temp job was after the office closed. She leaned back against her desk, liftingher pencil skirt up her thighs. He bare thghs expsed, my figners moving faster in my pussy. I watched as the skirt slide higher, her panties long lost on this day with her new assistant. I pushed a single finger into my pussy as Shirl, used her finger to curl me towards her. I step out from behind my tiny desk and slip to my knees, crawling toward her.A seconf finger slips inside me and I press the palm of my hand agaisnt my clit as Shirl guides my head between her legs, drawing me closer to her treasure. I imagine her taste on my lips as my tongue slides between hers, pushing into her as she olds my head to her. My tongue sliding up iver her clit and then back down. The silk of her stockings slides cross my cheeks as she leans back and lifts her legs up to caress me. My orgasm is tiny, just enough to take the edge off before I have to go back to work…flushed, I readjust my cothes and rush back to Shirl’s office. “Our breaks are only ten minutes in this office, Tessa. Let’s try to be on time next time.”She looks into my face and I feel the heat of my blush as I imagine she can tell what I was doing. I return to my desk with my head down, trying not to get too distracted by her legs, but it seems she is moving them together more than before. I was wrong about taking the edge off, because it seems I am even more turned on than I was before…I am relevied when 5:00 finally rollsa round and I am able to leave for the day, but Shirl stops me, closing the door to her office as the girls from the typing pool scurry by “the best part of being my assistant, Tessa….starts after five…”

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