Final Vows Ch. 05


The young nun staggered back to the sparse cell she shared with Sister Angela. She could feel the priest’s spunk running from her battered cunt even though Mother Superior had sucked some of it out and cleaned her pussy with her wet tongue. As she passed some of the other nuns on the way back from the priest’s dinning room, she thought that their knowing smiles and nod of acknowledgement proved they knew she was no longer a virgin; but how could they know? They certainly couldn’t know that Mother Superior had stripped her naked and made her younger Sister cum with only her soft tongue and insistent fingers. They couldn’t possibly know that she, Sister Maria, had pleasured Mother in the same way and had tasted a woman’s pussy juices for the first time ever. They couldn’t know that she had sucked Father’s hard cock until he came over her face and tits. And they surely would never know that he had then ripped through her virginity and fucked her greedy cunt with his throbbing cock. All so that she would know what it was she was about to renounce when she took her final vows. No, they would never know that.

Finally, she reached the high, wooden door of her cell and practically fell through it in relief. She needed to wash. She needed to lie down on her narrow single bed, rest her weary body and examine her conscience in the wake of this afternoon’s events. Sister Angela jumped up in surprise from her own bed, trying to push down the heavy skirt of her long, black habit and dropping a long thick candle to the cold, stone floor. Each of them looked at each other in mutual surprise as all the other nuns would be on their way to Church for Evening Prayer but Sister Maria had been given special dispensation from the priest to recover from her exertions.

“What are you doing here, Sister?” Maria asked her cell-mate. “And what were you doing with that candle?”

“Never mind that,” Sister Angela said with concern for the young nun. “You look absolutely exhausted.”

“I’ve had a trying afternoon,” Maria replied. “Please don’t ask me any more.”

Sister Angela tried to hide the broad smile on her beautiful face by lowering her head and looking away. She knew exactly what had happened to Sister Maria this afternoon as the very same thing had happened to her at this time last year when Father and Mother Superior had introduced her to the “pleasures of the flesh” in preparation for her own Final Vows. He had called her to his room earlier today to order her to be in her cell this evening and to be ready to take care of Sister Maria when she returned, just as Sister Theresa had taken care of her when she had been fucked for the first time. Angela needed no encouragement as she had been waiting for this day for almost six months when the young nun had fist come to share her cell in Mother’s most recent reorganisation of their living arrangements.

Angela had watched in anticipation as the shy young nun had undressed night after night with her back turned so that all she had ever seen of Sister Maria was her bare back, legs and big knickers just before her long nightdress covered her from neck to ankle. At least, if Sister Maria had ever thought about it, that was all she would have expected Sister Angela to have seen. The young nun had no reason to believe that Sister Angela had often waited until she heard the deep breathing of her younger Sister, then climbed out of her own bed, crossed the few feet to Maria’s bed and sat down on the side of it. As her confidence had grown, she had progressed from kissing Maria on the forehead, then on the lips, to pulling back Maria’s blanket and kissing, very lightly, they young nun’s pert breasts through her thick, cotton night wear. This progression had taken the last few months and she finally knew she had to wait until Maria had “visited” the priest before she could go any further. Now the day had finally arrived and Sister Angela wanted nothing more than to rip off Sister Maria’s habit, tear down her knickers and bury her tongue in the young nun’s no-longer virginal cunt. She knew, however, that she had to go slowly, go at her younger Sister’s pace.

Sister Maria sat down on the edge of her bed and looked pendik escort up, questioningly, at Angela.

“What are you doing here at this time of day? Shouldn’t you be in Church?”

“I wasn’t feeling well. Mother said I could be excused.”

“I’m not feeling very well myself,” said Maria, squirming as she felt her sodden knickers rub against her pussy.

“I think I’ll just have a shower then go to bed.”

“Just the chance I’ve been waiting for,” thought Angela. She waited until Sister Maria had gone through her usual unrevealing changing routine, had put on her long, thick dressing gown and gone out to the shower room. Angela quickly striped off her own habit, wraped a towel around her and followed the young nun. She waited outside the door until she heard the shower running, waited another few moments to make sure Maria is in the shower then, slowly, quietly, she maked her way in.

She hung up her towel and moved towards the central cubicle where she knew Maria was trying to wash off the evidence of her sins with Father. She pulled back the curtain, again slowly, again quietly, and looke at the young nun’s smooth back, beautiful arse and long, slender legs.

“I’m going to kiss and lick every inch of your delectable body,” thought Sister Angela but, for the moment, just enjoyed the young beauty before her. At that moment, Sister Maria felt the draught behind her and turned round quickly, shocked to see Angela standing there, naked. Although Maria had always tried to preserve her modesty when getting changed in their shared cell, Angela had never seemed to have these inhibitions and would think nothing of stripping off entirely when changing. As a result, Sister Maria already knew that Angela’s breasts were much bigger than her own and that there was not asingle hair to be seen on her pussy.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you realise that I was in here already?” she demanded.

“Sorry, Maria, my mind was else where. What’s that running down your legs?” she asked innocently.

Sister Maria looked down and stared in horror as the last traces of the priest’s spunk was slowly inching its way down her statuesque leg. She looked back at her older Sister and burst into tears.

“I’ve been with a man. I’m no longer a virgin. How can I go on to take my final vows when I can’t even give God my virginity?” the young nun blurted out. “I’ve failed. I’ll have to leave the convent,” she wailed.

Sister Angela stepped into the shower cubicle and wrapped her arms around the young nun. The water poured down over them but it just seemed to intensify the electricity she was feeling as she finally got her hands on this young girl’s body. She could feel her own large tits squashing Maria’s tiny breasts and had to use every ounce of strength she possessed not to touch her in all the places she had long lusted after.

“Don’t worry, Sister. We can work this out. I presume by “a man” you mean Father?”

Sister Maria raised her tear stained eyes to Angela’s kind face and, trembling, nodded in alarm.

“Didn’t you know that we all have to visit Father before we take our Final Vows? Didn’t he explain to you that you had to first know what you were being asked to renounce?”

“He did,” Sister Maria replied. “But how can I renounce “the pleasures of the flesh” when I enjoyed them so much? I’m sure Father and Mother must have been shocked at my reactions.”

“Father AND Mother?” thought Angela. “That’s a new one. I’ll need to look into that.”

“Father wouldn’t have seen anything he hadn’t seen many times before. After all he’s fucked every nun in this convent and I’m sure quite a few of the visiting ones too.”

“But I liked what he did to me,” pleaded Sister Maria. “I liked sucking his cock. I liked fucking his cock. How can I give all that up?” the young nun cried into the breasts of her older Sister.

“You don’t have to give it up. Don’t you understand? You’ll never be fucked by Father again but there is a queue of Sisters in this convent waiting to keep your body satisfied.”

Sister Maria raised her eyes again, this time in utter amazement. She had tasted Mother’s cunt and pendik escort Mother had tasted hers earlier in the day but she never for one moment thought that she would get the chance to taste those sweet juices again. Or any other woman’s for that matter.

Sister Angela lowered her head to the young girl’s, tightening her grip around her younger Sister’s wet body, met her gaze and leaned in to kiss her. Maria responded, offering her mouth and involuntarily parting her lips as she felt Angela’s hand rise to the back of her head, drawing her into her. Their tongues probed. Maria felt a sense of panic but there was nothing she could do other than to give herself up and surrender to the moment. Sister Angela brought her other hand round and caressed Sister Maria’s heaving breasts. Maria felt a surge of shocks as Angela flicked at one nipple then the other. She had never seen them so big, even with Mother Superior.

“Let’s go back to our cell,” said Angela, taking Maria’s hand. “Well be more comfortable there.”

They ran back along the corridor together, still wet, still naked. Angela ran behind her young Sister, enjoying every second of seeing the young girl’s buttocks wobbling as she ran. They burst through the door, excitedly, then Sister Maria turned to look at the naked body of Sister Angela, both of them trembling in excitement and shivering with cold.

“Let’s get into bed,” whispered Sister Angela. “I’ll soon warm you up.”

Sister Maria took the older nun’s outstretched hand and silently allowed herself to be laid down in her own single bed. It had never seemed so inviting. The two nuns wrapped their arms around each other and found comfort and warmth in the other’s body heat. Sister Maria’s heart was pounding as countless emotions swept through her mind. She could get up, she could reject Sister Angela and return to her previous life of prayer and piety, but she wanted this so much. She was excited, wet, and the feeling that ran from her stomach to her pussy and back up to her nipples made her wet in places the shower had not reached.

Lying on top of the young nun, Sister Angela kissed her again, a long smouldering kiss, her tongue darting in and out of Sister Maria’s parted lips as her hand moved to her sweet, young breasts. Angela first caressed the pert tits then brushed the palm of her hand over Maria’s nipples. The kissing didn’t stop and the young nun felt Sister Angela moving down her excited body, kissing every inch as she moved inexorably towards Sister Maria’s waiting cunt. Maria parted her legs and felt a hot aching feeling in her clit as Sister Angela finally came face to face with her young Sister’s exposed, dripping pussy.

“Lovely,” sighed Sister Angela softly. Maria felt the older nun’s velvet tongue slide and probe between her inner labia slick with her juices.

“Oh my God, Maria. That’s the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen,” sighed Angela as she dipped her tongue in the young nun’s sweet juices. She licked from bottom to top, up and down, up and down, savouring the taste and then Maria felt the older nun’s fingers opening her up, stretching her cunt wide open, as her wet tongue moved to Maria’s young clit, swirling round and round it until Maria moaned and raised her pussy to meet the invading tongue.

“Angela, don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” she pleaded.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got no intention of stopping until you cum,” said Angela as she continued to plunge her fingers in and out of Sister Maria’s pussy. She returned to the young nun’s swollen clit while her fingers hooked up to massage her younger Sister’s G spot. Maria was delirious in her ecstasy. She spread her legs wider and pushed up as far as she could to meet Angela’s tongue, rocking her hips back and forth. In total abandon, she let out a low moan.

“Yes, Maria, that’s right, let your juices flow go, let yourself cum,” Sister Angela answered.

Then Maria felt something that was thick and long invading her cunt. She opened her eyes, lifted her head to see Sister Angela pushing a large, thick candle deep into her cunt; the same candle that Angela had been playing with when Maria had first returned pendik escort to their cell.

Sister Angela continued the assault on the young nun’s clit with her tongue. Maria closed her eyes, unaware that Angela had reached down to her own cunt and was wanking herself as she continued to suck and lap around the candle buried deep in Maria’s pussy.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” screamed Maria, her whole being centred on the insistent tongue flicking her clit and the candle plunging in and out of her cunt. She had forgotten all about her upcoming vows and felt nothing but pure lust as she ground her cunt into Angela’s face, until her whole body shook and convulsed with her orgasm.


Sister Angela did exactly what the young nun commanded, plunging the candle ever deeper while lapping up the juices pouring from Maria’s young pussy, pouring out around the candle and soaking the bed.

Finally, Sister Maria’s body slowly relaxed on to the bed and ceased trembling.

“Before today I had never even kissed someone in lust. Now I’ve been fucked by Father, Mother Superior and you. You must think I’m a real slut.”

“You’re not a slut,” replied Sister Angela with a kindly smile as she came back up the bed and lay beside her younger Sister, comforting her as she wrapped her arms around the young nun once again.

“You’re simply a young woman finding out all the pleasures that your body can give you. Do you think you’re ready to return the favour?”

Sister Maria had already learned how to pleasure Mother Superior by eating her cunt earlier in the day so simply nodded in agreement, a nod that was met with a lust-filled smile from Sister Angela.

Maria leaned over and kissed Angela, their lips brushing and then parting, their tongues wrestling with each other. Slowly Sister Maria made her way down Sister Angela’s body, marvelling at how different it was from her own. While her mouth was kissing its way down the older nun’s voluptuous body, her hands moved to Sister Angela’s large breasts, playing with her nipples and eliciting a small moan of pleasure from her. Maria looked on in awe as Angela opened her legs to allow the young nun access to her dripping pussy. Angela’s cunt was shaved perfectly smooth; Maria’s own was covered in thick hair, untouched by any kind of razor.

“Most of the nun’s here shave their pussies,” said Sister Angela in explanation. “It feels so much more sensitive when someone is eating your cunt.”

Sister Maria licked the length of Sister Angela’s slit, from bottom to top, and savoured the musky tang of her Sister’s juices. She continued to lick up and down until she heard Sister Angela moaning again; she knew she was doing it right. Just as she had learned from Mother Superior earlier, she moved to Sister Angela’s clit and, moving one hand down from Angela’s gorgeous big tit, started to push two fingers into the older nun’s opening cunt.

“Oh, God! Yes! Finger fuck me, Maria” she said, pulling her cunt lips wide open to give the young nun as much access as possible. Maria simply did as she was asked, inserting first two, then three fingers.

“That’s so good, Maria. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” as Sister Maria continued the assault on Angela’s slick, wet cunt while lapping at her clit with her tongue.

Sister Angela’s clit was tingling like it was being probed with electricity, her nipples were bigger and harder than ever before and she knew she couldn’t stop herself from cumming very soon.

“I think I’m going to cum!” she groaned as Sister Maria attacked her cunt with passion and lust. “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! YES!”

Sister Angela came with a loud scream, bucking and writhing and crying out in ecstasy for a long time. Eventually she calmed down and Sister Maria slowly pulled her fingers from the older nun’s spasming cunt and fed Angela her juice-soaked fingers to lick.

Sister Angela licked them each individually, hugged the young nun to her chest and said, “See, we don’t need Father to make ourselves cum. When you take your vows just tell yourself that you are renouncing men and look forward to all the joys the other Sisters have waiting for you”.

The young nun looked forward to all that Sister Angela was promising but could she really live without being fucked by a man’s cock again? Right at that moment, she didn’t think so.

She would have to speak to Father.

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