finaly I got to his wife taking my pals wife actua


finaly I got to his wife taking my pals wife actuaWell it was a saturday afternoon we at his place prepairing for a barbeque and there were some of his family around since it was still hot and every+ne in there bikkinis by the pool So I follwed his wife gorgeous butt all over the place I was like a love sick puppy but know one realised I hope I even helped a few ladies in the kitchen with the preparations so that when someone asked for some type ao maranade sauce for the meat and they didn’t have so I told her I might be having at my place but wife isn’t at home and if she could come with me I’m sure she would find itAs soon as we got into the car I started telling her how nice she looked and how happy her hubby must be for she absolutely stunning and I’m sure she must be a tigeress in bed she istanbul escort just smiled and said nothing but just made a hmmm sound with every comment I flirted out. When we got to my place she just kissed me and b4 u knew it we were naked in my kitchen I lay her on the table started licking the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted I luved her shaven cunt and nice pink rosey lips I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth like avacum and this drove her wild she started to orgasm and squirted into my mouth and allover my face and chest I was shocked yet amazed at the same time its the 1st time I experianced that with a women.she appologissed that’s when she told dat the best orgasm she ever had and her hubby never could bring her to such a avcılar escort high dats when she told me she wana return the favour but I told her after I’d feel my cock deep inside her she never protested.Boy I can’t realy explain how it felt as my cock slided up inside her she told me to sit on the chair and I could feel her pussy walls contracting and squeezing my cock every inch she went down on it when I was finally in her she told me she loves the way my cock fills her pussy we kissed passionately and started to proceed with the best sex we both ever had I licked sucked her boobs till I came deep inside her that’s when she pulled out of went on her knees and sucked my cock covered in her pussy juice and my sperm she loved it and b4 u knew it I was hard again şirinevler escort dats when she looked at the clock on the wall we better get back ppl will wonder y we took so long but I protested I wanted more she told me dat I should come down big boy we have the wholeday ahead of us and she will give me the best bj of my life b4 I head back home and then we found the marinade luckily and headed bj to her place she forgot to wipe her pussy and when we got bk her bikkini was wet at her honey pot and u could smell the sex in the room her aunt looked at me in a dirty way like she knew wat had happend and went to her an told her something they gigled and looked at said ntn and b4 any one could realise they both jumped into the pool and went to one corber chatting when she got out she told me her aunts wants me to but we will discuss it later and the reson she jumped into the pool was cause her panty was wet with our love juices and she smelled of sex and her aunt saved her for being caught so she jumped into the pool to give her pussy a quick wash and her panty b4 any body saw or see wat we have been up to

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