Finder’s Fee

Alina Lopez

I stood back and watched as the ship’s crane lowered the crate onto the dock, cigarette smoke stinging my eyes. The dame watched, too, but with a different gleam in her coffee-brown eyes. See, she didn’t know that I knew that the package she’d hired me to find was worth far more than she’d promised to pay. She also didn’t know that I am never, ever stiffed on my finder’s fee. It’s 10% or your ass. Or both. The way this dame looked, I intended to have both.

I turned to study her on the pretense of watching the dock workers. She was expensively dressed in an ermine-trimmed coat that stopped just below her knees and left quite a bit of long leg to be admired. Her face was hidden behind the mesh veil attached to her stylish hat but it could see creamy skin and blood-red lips that calmly sucked on the end of the cigarette holder, thin wisps of smoke issuing from them. She seemed to sense my perusal and turned those dark eyes on me, giving me a subtle nod of acknowledgement. I motioned her over to her waiting car and lit another cigarette, watching her sashay over to me.

“I can’t thank you enough, Mr. Arrow. Before I called you, I’d given up hope on ever finding it.”

“I told you I’d find it, didn’t I?” I smirked cockily. “Arrow Investigations always finishes a job.”

“I will be telling all of my friends about your business, Mr. Arrow. You will probably have more business than you can deal with.”

“Bring it on.”

She smiled briefly and reached into the long cuff of her black satin gloves, extracting a thick envelope. “Your finder’s fee.”

“Miss Long, we have a problem.” The brim of her hat shot up so quickly that it nearly took my nose off. She glared at me with suspicious eyes, still holding the envelope. “The item that you requested me to find is substantially worth more than what’s in that envelope.”

The creamy skin paled and I saw her mind working, trying to think of a quick retort. “I don’t re-negotiate.”

“Fine.” I flashed my pearly whites at her, then shouted at the crane operator. The crate came to a halt, suspended over the gap between the boat and the dock, something that was not lost on her.

“What are you doing?” She said frantically, looking from the swaying crate to ankara escort the dark, choppy water below. “You can’t stop it.”

“Oh, but I can. I paid him, remember?” I took two long drags, letting her stew in her misery. As I said before, I am never, ever stiffed on my finder’s fee. She bit her bottom lip nervously, her eyes locked onto the wooden box. “Now, do we talk or do I tell him to put it back on board?”

“We talk.” She answered in a small voice, tossing the stub in her holder with angry, jerky movements.

I patiently waited until she’d inserted a fresh cigarette and had it lit before continuing. “While I was chasing this thing down, I had an opportunity to learn more about it,” I pushed my hat back so she could see my face. “And I learned that it’s worth more than what you told me.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Oh, but it is. You see, you failed to add emotional worth to its total worth. Sometimes, the emotional worth outweighs the practical worth, as in this case.” I could see that my words were getting to her. Her expression had hardened and her cheeks were red with anger.

“What do you want?”

“More money, of course.” I sucked in smoke and expelled it in a series of rings, each bursting apart just between her hidden breasts. “And a piece of your ass.”

The blood drained from her face. “Wha-what did you say?”

“You heard me, baby. I want to fuck you.”

“That’s not possible.”

“Anything’s possible.” I smiled, letting her know that I wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. “Just say the word and I’ll have the crate reloaded.”

Being a detective, I have to deal with all kinds of people on a daily basis and I honestly have to say that I prefer the company of thieves and prostitutes to hoity-toity females like Lana Long. I hid my delight at the stress of her difficult situation and waited for her to make a decision.

“All right, Mr. Arrow. You win.”

I smiled my best smile. “Five thousand more and a fuck.” She nodded in agreement, her eyes searching a beaten coil of rope at her feet. “Right now, right here.”


“You heard me. Start undressing, sister. My crane operator’s waiting for a show.”

“Mr. Arrow … “

“Just çankaya escort say the word … “

She shrugged unhappily and ground out her cigarette, removed her long gloves and tucked the holder in one of them. The hat went next and a glossy rope of dishwater-blonde hair tumbled down around her shoulders. I tossed my own cig into the drink and stepped closer, rubbing some of those silken strands across my fingers. She seemed distressed at her sudden beauty and even more so when the coatdress she wore came open, displaying a lush figure with large, pink-nippled breasts, a tiny waist and a well-trimmed bush. My crane operator gave a long wolf whistle and she cringed in embarrassment.

“Nice.” My cock thought so, too, rising to its usual seven inches and filling with blood. I unbuckled my pants and bent to sample one of her perfumed teats, loving the impassive expression she tried to keep while her body readily responded. I rolled my tongue around the bumpy flesh until it became a hard nub, then sucked hard. An involuntary whimper escaped her and her thighs parted a bit. I took the opportunity to slip a finger into the opening, my dick flexing at the wet heat that met my fingertip. She was enjoying our tryst, no matter how she tried to act.

I moved across to the other nipple and repeated my actions, letting my finger continuously graze the quivering outer lips of her sex, teasing her as I stepped up my assault on her tit. I added my hand, squeezing and manipulating the luscious handful of flesh while fingering her. “Oh, yes.” She breathed, pressing her breast in my hand. “Squeeze harder.” A chink in her armor had appeared and I intended to chisel the hell out of it. I squeezed harder, catching the nipple and pinching it at the same time.

The honey-blonde waterfall of hair fell backwards as she arched in pleasure, her hips pushing against his hand. I gave her what she wanted. I let my thick finger slide into her dripping honey hole and she gasped, her eyes connecting with mine. Her body moved with each stroke of my finger and her hands clasped my shoulders, her mouth hanging open. I saw her orgasm building, saw the passion reflected in her eyes and she cried out when she came, bucking against my hand demetevler escort and trembling as the waves ebbed.

When she opened her eyes, I saw a different person and wondered if that was the first time she’d ever cum. She backed up against her car, then turned, dropping the dress completely and offering me the tantalizing sight of her ass. I gave one cheek a playful smack, enjoying the angry red imprint of my hand as I stroked her belly, pushing my pants and underwear down and moving behind her. When the head of my cock met her hot quim, she widened her stance, welcoming me and Mike Arrow answered that call.

I pushed in, surprising myself with the depth of the shudder that ran through me. She was tight and soaking wet, encasing me in that glorious fist of velvet and fur and for a long moment, I was loath to pull out and leave it. But pull out, I did, pushing back in and adding my moan of bliss to hers. I’d never had a dame as creamy as this one and it was all I could do, in those first few strokes, to keep from blasting off. I decided to start off slow, leaning back to watch my prick disappear into her hole, then pull it back, glistening with her clear honey. My cock hardened to diamond-like proportions and I gritted my teeth.

Miss Long effectively took the control out of my hands, pushing back against me and taking me even deeper as she quickened our pace. I grabbed her hips in a final attempt to run the show but ended up holding on for dear life as she pumped us both to an earth-shattering release, my prick pistoning ropes of cum into her heaving cunt while she drenched me with thick cream. I held her against the car for a few minutes, trying to keep my shaky legs from collapsing, then stepped back, my flaccid cock dropping from her honeypot.

Gentleman that I was, I helped her back into her dress, lighting cigarettes for both of us while she tucked her voluminous hair under her hat. Danny, my crane operator, cranked the machine back up and safely transported the crate onto the waiting trailer and I moved to unhook the lines. I handed her the cigarette I’d lit for her and watched as she placed it in the holder.

“You’re all ready to go, Miss Long.”

She smiled under the veil, a soft blush rising. “A pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Arrow. I’ll be by your office tomorrow with the additional payment.”

I swore she winked as she drove away and I just grinned. Arrow Investigations always finishes the job and I never, ever get stiffed on my finder’s fee.

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