Finding A New Purpose Ch. 01


** Note: This is purely fictional. All characters are fictional, as are any actions performed by them. **

It had all started when I had lost some stupid bet over a video game.

“Loser has to jerk the winner off,” my friend Mike said jokingly while warming his trigger finger up on his controller.

“Ha, funny.”

During the game I tried staying focused on beating him soundly so I could gloat over it but I had been slightly distracted by what he had said before we started. I obviously knew he had been kidding but my mind has a tendency to wander as it is. While dead and waiting to come back into the game, I had caught myself glancing at his pants, but only for a second before correcting my eyes back on the screen before he could notice.

I won’t lie. I had never been with anyone in my twenty years of life so far, a somewhat bitter point at times. Never been touched, never done the touching. But that hadn’t meant I never thought about it. Hell, I’d even fantasized about Mike on occasion, though I could never even think about going through with such a thing. I was bi-curious but never thought about actually acting on those impulses and honestly didn’t have the desire to be emotionally involved with the same sex. So I mostly thought about women, but that’s it. I suppose that had been the reason why I’d never been successful with any of the girls I had liked in highschool. Just didn’t have the courage.

For most of the match, I was ahead by quite a bit, but started slipping in the last two minutes. ‘C’mon! Stop playing like a moron!’ I said to myself right before taking a shot to the head, shortly followed by Mike punching me in the arm.

He had always done stuff like that since we’d become friends years before. I suppose it was just one of those things that older friends do, sort of like a brotherly thing. Granted, he was only four years older than me, I still felt young compared to him. Not only was I young, but I was somewhat small, only 5’9″ and about 150 pounds soaking wet. Mike had always tried getting me to ‘bulk up’ as he called it, and I’d gone with him to his gym several times but never saw any results. Of course, he had seen results in himself, but that was probably because of the ridiculous amount of time he spent there. He practically lived in the gym and he’d ‘bulked up’ to a modest 250 pounds on his 6’1″ frame.

“What the hell!” I yelled as I died yet again, almost throwing the controller before catching a glare from him.

“You sure as hell better not throw that, Alex, or you’re forking over the money to replace it,” He said coolly.

“Well, this is a load of shit! Stupid trigger won’t work.”

“Typical excuse,” he said grinning as he popped a few more rounds off at my character.

And just like that, it was over. I’d lost. Needless to say, I wasn’t too pleased about it. “Two out of three, that was a crappy game.”

He just laughed and to my surprise, started unbuttoning his pants. I think he saw my eyes get rather large. “What. You agreed to the bet.”

“Uhh…” I was somewhat dumbstruck by his actions.

Mike only unzipped his pants in response. Suddenly, he zipped the back up and buttoned his pants again. “Ha! You thought I was totally being serious!” Another punch landed on my arm.

“Stop hitting me! Not my fault you looked like you meant it…” I said in a unintentional sulking manner. Lost that open window.

“Why did you say it like that?” He asked, giving me a strange look.


“Why did you say it all boo-hoo like?”

“Nothing. I didn’t say it like that.” I snapped back.

“Whatever, let’s play again.”

We played the next two rounds in close silence, one of us occasionally shouting out some obscenity over a cheap shot. I didn’t look at him.

“Did you really think I was serious?” He said in the middle of the next match.

“What does it matter?”

“I’m just wondering.”

“Like you would have wanted me to anyway.” I said, still staring at the screen.

“You act as if I there’s no way I would want to get a free hand job.”

I stopped playing for a split second, long enough to say “You wouldn’t?”

He set his controller down. “I just assumed you’d chicken out.”

I shot his character in the head while it stood still. I heard Mike shifting a bit in his chair. ‘Don’t look. Don’t show any interest,’ I said to myself, forcing my eyes to stay on the screen. After what felt like several minutes I broke my stare to turn and yell at him to pick his controller up. His pants where around his ankles and he was sitting there in his boxers.

Mike sorta moved uneasily in his chair when I looked over, but resumed his serious look quickly. He didn’t say anything. Just waited.

I gave him a confused look, but he made no gestures to give away his intentions. ‘To hell with it,’ I thought. ‘Either I make a move and he kicks my ass, or I don’t and he ridicules me for wussing out.’ I stood up from my chair and walked in front of him. After a few seconds of trying to get any urfa escort sort of clue from him, I decided to just sit on my knees in front of him a few feet away. He finally responded by scooting his chair forward until I was between his legs.

I looked down to try and hide my enthusiasm. I didn’t want him to think I was so eager. ‘Make it seem like you’re only holding up your end of the bet,” I told myself several times before reaching a hand up to his thigh.

Mike’s cotton boxers felt soft under my touch, and I ran my fingers up his leg before lightly feeling at his crotch a bit. I could feel the outline of his cock, but, I’d never touched another man and I had no way of judging it’s size. I knew for certain that it felt quite a bit larger than myself, another befitting aspect of my stature. Yeah, thanks for the four and a half inch one God. I felt rather embarrassed and angry when I thought about that, but I concentrated on what was at hand. Mike wasn’t going to see me so what did it matter if he was bigger?

I jumped back a bit when I felt his cock twitch in his boxers in response to my repeated passes with my hand. After regaining my composure, I rubbed his cock through his boxers a bit more vigorously, feeling it growing. I looked away before putting my hand inside the front opening and reaching to pull it free. Mike must have noticed my surprise when I put my hand around his hardening cock, because he stifled a laugh of amusement when my eyes darted to my hand. Large was a quite modest word to describe him.

“Uhh,” was all I could say. When I had first reached into his boxers, my hand could reach around his cock. Now, my fingers couldn’t grasp the entire thing. I had ‘played’ around with some of my sister’s toys she thought she kept hidden in her closet every now and then when my curiosity had gotten the better of me, and Mike was definitely almost as large as her largest dildo. I guess I’d never suspected that some guys thought of that size as normal to them.

Of course I would never admit it to anyone, but I’d taken a liking to masturbating while using my sister’s toys. It’s not like it’s a particular mystery as to why it would feel good for a guy, having a prostate and all, but that wasn’t really why I’d done it. I suppose it was exhilarating to think of it as someone on the other end actually deriving pleasure on the ‘giving’ end of things. But that aside, I was still bewildered by Mike’s cock which was now in front of me.

“It doesn’t bite you know,” Mike said, half grinning in amusement, the other half in anticipation I assumed.

I just nodded meekly as I started to move my hand up and down over his shaft, rather slowly at first. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. I knew how to get myself off but someone else? Sensing my hesitation, Mike reached down and closed his larger hand around mine.

“What’s your deal? Like this,” he said somewhat annoyed while showing me the motion he wanted me to use. I moved my hand up and down while rotating a bit when I got towards the head of his cock. Apparently, I was doing it right because Mike looked like he was starting to relax and enjoy himself.

“Use some of your spit, it works better. I didn’t mean spit in your hand, genius,” Mike said just as I took my hand off and went to spit in it. I looked up him confused, and was answered rather bluntly when he pushed his tongue in his cheek.

“That wasn’t part of the deal!” I contested. He muttered something about it being in the fine print before resting his hand on my head. He was obviously saying it wasn’t up for debate. I tried to pretend to be hesitant and nervous, but he didn’t know that I’d done this many times in the privacy of my own room.

Tongue stuck out, I let him pull my head ever so slightly towards his now throbbing shaft. Using a steady motion, I ran my tongue up the underside of him, just below the tip. I repeated it along both of the sides before reaching back with my hand to start stroking him in the motion he’d show me before. He replied with a slight grunt of approval.

‘I should just go for it,” I thought to myself. ‘I’m already this far in, and I doubt he would hold it against me if I tried to elaborate a bit.’ However, I was still somewhat daunted by the size of his cock. Sadly, I had actually read up on tutorials for deep-throating and attempted it on some of my sister’s smaller dildos and been moderately successful, but I’d never thought of trying it on her larger ones. First time for everything I suppose.

I went for it. I took my hand off his cock, and just as he was opening his eyes to protest, I started pushing the head of his cock into my mouth, working it along the roof of my mouth before stretching my neck forward.

“Whoa, whoa…” was all he was able to get out before I inhaled deeply and pushed the head of his cock into the back of my throat. My instincts tried to fight it and I had to stifle a gag, but I just relaxed myself and tried to swallow and allow the cock to pass past my reflexes. balıkesir escort I got what had to have been about six inches of cock into my mouth (judging from the fact that it felt farther down my throat then what I’d practiced with and those were only six inches long).

Mike involuntarily put both of his hands

on the side of my head and held it there. I tried to stay still as long as I could until my lungs started to burn and I started to frantically smack my hand against his thigh. He let go as I pulled his cock out of my mouth as quickly as I could and he let out a very long sigh.

“Something tells me you’ve been waiting to do this,” he said looking down at me in surprise and a sort of lust. Maybe I had imagined that second part, but I knew he liked what I had done.

I just smiled sheepishly before put his cock back into my mouth, but not deep-throating it again. My lungs needed a bit of time to recover. Just as I was about to try and deep throat him again, he pulled my head out of his crotch and pushed me to my feet. He stood up and pulled my arms behind my back sharply.

“Ah, oww? What the hell?” I said, trying to get out of his grip. He didn’t answer, only led me down the hall into the spare room where he pushed me forward onto the bed. I turned around as fast as I could and saw him just standing there. Mike pulled off his shirt and pulled his slightly wet boxers off and threw them both haphazardly across the room before reaching forward and grabbing my ankle.

“Dude, stop it!” I protested and tried kicking back. “This isn’t funny.” But his grip was too strong.

He grabbed my other flailing leg and rolled me onto my stomach. “Just shuttup and stop trying to kick me, man.” He twisted my ankle just enough to show me he meant it. I stopped fighting out of fear of what he might do. It was no surprise to either of us that he was stronger.

“What are you planning on doing?” I was genuinely worried now. I repeated myself again, desperately awaiting a response before receiving it as he grabbed my shorts and boxers and pulled them down in one motion. His aggressiveness frightened me, but in the back of my mind I felt myself secretly wanting him to keep going. I attempted to grab at my shorts, but they were too far down my legs to reach.

Mike only chuckled slightly at my failed attempts to stop him before he got himself up on the bed, pushing my legs apart as he knelt in between them. He pushed my head down into the mattress and I felt something cold pulling my cheeks apart. I squirmed in protest as I felt him working a wet finger around my “virgin” hole (virgin only to the real thing). The finger worked its way up to last knuckle, feeling all around inside of me. I felt like crying, but I didn’t know why.

I finally gave in and silently wept a bit as he put another finger inside of me and started spreading his fingers apart. I knew what he wanted, and I would have given it to him, but he didn’t give me a choice. He was set on what he wanted. ‘Why is he doing this?’ I asked myself over and over. To my surprise, despite my weeping, I was getting incredibly turned on. Wasn’t this what I’d fantasized about when masturbating? Being used by someone else for nothing but their own pleasure?

“You done whining?” He said coldly when I stopped sobbing. I resolved to let him have what he wanted.

“I won’t fight it. Do what you will. We both know I can’t realistically stop you,” I said solemnly.

“See? Isn’t it better when you realize you should just do what I want?” He said as I felt him shift on the bed behind me. I felt the tip of his cock, slippery from my blowjob just a few moments earlier, being guided by his free hand towards my slightly loosened hole.

“Wait, wait. Please. Just, go slow at first. Then I won’t fight anymore.” I could hear his frustration under his breath but he agreed begrudgingly. He settled the tip of his cock at my hole and held it there with his hand and began pushing the head inside of me, all the meanwhile still pressing my head into the mattress. There was nothing forcing him to be gentle while pushing himself inside of me, so I shut my mouth tightly, not making a sound at any discomfort I was having.

It hurt. A lot. Despite going slowly, he was stretching me far too much too quickly and my body didn’t want to allow him entrance. There was a sharp pain, almost causing me to gasp out, making want to scream ‘No! No!’ but I just bit down on the sheets. I was grateful that I had ‘played’ with myself prior to coming over, just in case something were to ever happen. Seems it was wise choice to be ‘clean’ and not having to worry. But that sure didn’t help the overwhelming pain as he kept pushing in inch after inch.

Mike kept shifting his body behind mine, working himself like a skilled athlete, sliding himself inside of me with a good deal of finesse. Finally, I felt the hair at the base of his crotch rubbing against my now de-virginized hole. Thankfully, he stayed in that position trabzon escort for several minutes, which was enough time for me to become accommodating to his shear girth. I felt a shock run through my body when I felt him starting to roll his hips up and down moving his cock all around inside of me, grinding his thick hair against my entrance.

I can’t even put into words the ecstasy he was giving me. He laughed out coldly when my legs started shaking from the exhilarating motions his crotch was making. Grasping wildly at what clumps of sheets I could grab, I tried not to make any sound, but I accidentally let out a rather high pitched squeal. I tried to pretend that I hadn’t made a sound, pretend that he wasn’t driving my body crazy with pleasure. But that’s all Mike needed. He knew he had complete power over me.

“Seems I’ve found what drives you wild…” He said proudly. “Bet you could get used to this cock couldn’t you?”

I gave up and just nodded against the mattress. He released his hand from the back of my head and leaned forward slightly, supporting himself with his hands on the bed. His leaning forward pulled my ass up a little bit in the air as he continued pushing his cock around inside of me and I let myself moan again, ignoring the fact that I sounded like a giddy school girl. It was as if Mike could push me to the edge of an orgasm and just leave me there as he grinded me with his cock. My hands reached behind me and held onto his forearms so I could shift my butt up a little higher for him.

“There we go. Remember that feeling,” he said as he started pulling his throbbing member out of me. I must have sounded disappointed, because Mike started chuckling again coldly. He stopped just before completely leaving me empty, with just the head remaining. “Tell me what you want.”

I didn’t say anything. Just remained motionless on the bed, my ass a good foot off of the bed.

“Guess you don’t want anything, eh?” He defiantly pulled his cock completely out of me and started getting off the bed.

“No! Wait!” I said without realizing the panic in my voice. Embarrassed, I looked away, fixing my gaze on a pillow nearby.

“Wait? You have something you want to say?” Mike responded, patiently standing in front of the bed with his arms crossed.

“I…” I started to say. I’d come so close to finally being with someone, though it was a feigned choice on my part. “I want you to keep going.”

“Keep going? What do you want me to keep doing?” He was going to force me to say it out loud just because he could.

“I want you to keep fucking me.” I’d said it. Mike had heard me loud and clear.

“So you want my cock inside of you?” He asked, stroking himself while staring at me with cold eyes.

“Yeah… I do,” was all I said in response.

Mike snapped his fingers and pointed towards the edge of the bed. I hadn’t moved since he’d gotten up, and I realized that I must have looked rather stupid with my ass sticking up in the air. “Get on your knees on the edge of the bed.”

I did as he asked, and moved myself towards the edge of the bed in front of him. Tightly grabbing my left hip with his hand, he once again guided his cock back towards my vulnerable entrance. I gasped and lurched forward as he found his way deeply inside of me, much less gently than before. His other hand clasped around my right hip and he slowly started working his cock in and out of me, using small strokes.

My hands had been holding me up on the bed up until this point and my arms were feeling a bit sore (probably from his repeated punches) so I tried leaning on my forearms but it didn’t help much. Giving up, I just crossed my hands and rest my head in them as his thrusts became longer. ‘Just relax,’ I thought over and over, trying not to think about the size of the man threatening to split me in half.

Mike was starting to move faster, and his balls were making small sounds every time they slapped into me. The pain was starting to get worse as his thrusts pushed his cock upwards as it moved in. I tried sitting up again to put myself in a more accepting position but it was obviously not helping.

“Can you… slow down? You’re… hurting me,” I grunted in discomfort.


Great. This was something I obviously hadn’t thought of in all of my “practicing” in the privacy of my room. It hadn’t occurred to me that if I’d told a man he could do what he wanted, he’d do just that. He would ram himself into my tight hole to his heart’s content. Not to mention I had little chance of stopping a man in the throws of his own hedonistic passions. My eyes began to well up again despite my best efforts to shut out the pain.

“You best enjoy learn to enjoy it ’cause I’m not stopping,” Mike said, letting out a deep groan.

‘Well, at least he’s enjoying himself,” I said to myself, trying to sound bitter. But I wasn’t. I wanted him to enjoy it.

Gratefully, after several minutes of his abusing thrusts, he stopped and I reached up to wipe my face dry. He let his cock rest inside of me as he pushed on the backs of my thighs. I took his signal and moved forward on the bed. He got himself up onto the bed in tandem, making sure his cock stayed firmly inside of me before getting on his feet. The bed creaked as he squatted over me, his inner thighs grazing my butt as he slowly started thrusting.

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