Finding Mr. Right Ch. 08


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“How did your finals go?”

Cam sighed on the other end of the phone before answering. “Pretty well, mostly I’m just happy to be done.”

I walked down the hall bypassing the trash and pizza boxes of the college apartment building. “I know; you really are done now. So plans to go party tonight?”

Another heavy sigh came from the phone, “Not really, all I want to do is sleep, plus I think I was the first person done. Almost everyone else still has something.”

I sighed relief, as I stood in front of Cam’s apartment door. Covering the mouthpiece I knocked. Cam’s roommate Ryan answered the door. Quickly I brought a finger to my mouth signaling Ryan to be quiet.

Pushing my way into the room I held fifty bucks out to him. “If I give you this will you promise to be gone as long as humanly possible?”

Ryan nodded, slightly dumbfounded and grabbed the cash. “There’s another fifty in it for you, if you don’t come home tonight,” I called after him.

While Cam continued to tell me about his finals, I walked down the hall towards his room and knocked.

“Come in,” Cam yelled from inside and the other end of the phone.

I pushed my way through the door to find Cam sitting on his bed, talking to me on the phone.

Cam looked up at me and a shocked expression came over him. “W-what are you doing here?” Cam asked, still holding the phone to his ear.

I smiled at him seductively, “I’m here to give you your graduation gift. I noticed you had a few days between the end of classes and when your family gets in so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.” Slowly I started undoing the buttons on my jacket. “I’ve spent a lot of time trying to think of the perfect gift for you and then I realized I didn’t need to buy you anything, because I already emek escort had it to give you.” I opened my jacket revealing my nonexistent outfit. “My virginity.”

Cam looked at my confused as he struggled not to look at the extremely see-through lingerie I had on and focus on what I had just said. “You’re not a virgin,” Cam spit out, finally closing his phone.

I removed my coat and walk towards the bed where Cam sat. “Technically there is one area where I still am.” I reached a hand out and traced a finger along his chest.

Cam swallowed hard as he realized what I was asking him to do, but just continued to stare at my nipples pushing against the thin material of my bra. I thought he would have made a move by now or at least said something.

I’d give it one more try. I reached up and pulled at my hard nipples over my mesh bra. “But if you don’t want to, I’m sure-,” I didn’t get to finish.

Somewhere in the middle of my sentence Cam stood up and grabbed my hips, quickly turning me around and throwing me onto the bed. I squealed at his sudden action and then smiled up at him.

His look was dark and intense; I knew I wouldn’t have to push him anymore; he was totally in charge now.

He reached for my foot and ran his hand up my leg until he reached my center. Slowly he traced his index finger down my wet panties. He came back up for another pass, this time pressing harder so the mesh of my panties rubbed against my clit. I arched back and moaned.

Before I could get used to the ruff sensation, Cam was tearing me from my panties and kneeling before me. An abrupt lick at my dripping folds had me grabbing the sheets. His hot wet tongue lapped up everything I had to offer.

Cam’s licks became torturous. They were slow and lingering and he knew it. Finally he delved a finger into my waiting hole and licked harder at my clit. The sensation had my walls gripping hard around him.

Just eryaman escort when he had me at the brink, I felt the loss of his finger. I moan my displeasure at him, only to receive a wicked chuckle. And then I felt it again, running lazily over the bud of my ass.

I felt a hitch in my breath as my nerves caught up with my arousal. Slowly he pushed it in and sucked hard at my clit all at once, my nerves were instantly gone, replaced only by pleasure. I screamed and pulled at the sheets as I exploded into his mouth.

Before I could recover, Cam was flipping me over and drawing me against him. I leaved into his firm chest at my back and sighed at the sensation of his hands running over me, his firm cock pressed against my ass, the smell of my arousal and the anticipation of sex in the air.

Cam sucked at my ear for a moment and then ran his hand down my spine, pushing me forward and onto my hands. The smooth head of his cock brushed over my wet folds and then plunged inside. We both groaned at the welcomed sensation.

He fucked me slow and hard for a few moments and then stopped. I felt him spread my legs farther apart and then spit on my as. It ran through my crack and I shuddered. He ran his finger around my rim once more and then push two fingers deep inside.

I moaned hard and felt my pussy clench around his cock. I felt so full. My hips started to move on their own and Cam had to steady me with his free hand.

Finally Cam pulled away with his hips, as he pushed back he pulled with his fingers. Over and over he filled me with his opposite movements. My orgasm built deep and fast, having never felt so much pleasure at once. Sweat was dripping down my breasts, begging me to pull at them.

My orgasm ripped through me once more and felt myself clench hard around Cam’s cock and fingers. Somewhere through my pleasure I heard him groan, but still he held strong.

Deep etimesgut escort aftershocks still ran through me when I felt myself empty and then the headed of Cam’s cock waiting at the entrance of my ass. My nerves flew back into my stomach and I held my breath, hoping that it would be more pleasure than pain. Slowly he pushed the tip in. I took a sharp intake of breath at the pain and then felt myself relax around him. Having felt it too, Cam pushed the rest of the way in, until his hips were rested against me.

Cam stretched me in a whole new way, slowly pulling out and pushing in. Both of us were breathing hard, me so tight around him, him so full inside me.

His thrust became harder, deeper and his hand came back to my center. Over and over he pushed into me, his hand strumming at my clit. “Come for me baby, squirt for me and come.”

At his words I lost it, he pumped deep inside me and rubbed me franticly. I came hard screaming out and squirting wet streams onto his bed and hand.

I’m sure it was the clenching of my ass around his cock that sent him off. He pumped into me a few more times and then spilled his hot cum inside me. I squirted again at the warm feeling of him coming so deep inside me.

Neither one of us could stay upright anymore. Cam pulled out of me and we both collapsed on the bed. He pulled me to him and I rested my head on his chest. His heart sounded like it would rocket out of his chest, both of us still breathing rapidly. My whole body tingled, his hand on my waist felt like fire.

Finally I felt we had both come back to earth. “I have one more gift for you.” I paused, unlike his first gift I wasn’t sure what Cam would think of the next one. “What would you think of moving in with me after graduation?” I held my breath, letting my remark hover between us.

Cam pulled me off his chest and sat up to look at me. “Really? I’ve wanted to talk to you about it but I didn’t think you were ready.” His lips rushed down to mine and kissed me for the first time since I had surprised him. I revealed in the wonderful feeling for a moment and then pushed him off.

“Wait, before you get too excited, we’ll have to tell Zach first.”

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