First BBC Cuck Encounter


First BBC Cuck EncounterIt was fall of 2014, and my 34 year old white boytoy “Jim” was two months into his new lifestyle wearing a cock cage. Being in chastity was Jim’s idea, an effort to dedicate himself to me. Being in complete control of Jim’s orgasms was empowering for me, and made him a better partner to me. What happened next was inevitable. Jim and I were at Lowes in Glenville, in the checkout line. Behind us in line were two strapping young black men, and I smiled at them as we made eye contact. They started commenting back and forth about me, how they were in the presence of a supermodel, how my perfume was intoxicating, etc. I was dripping wet after seeing how uncomfortable Jim was.After exiting the store, I paused and pretended to look canlı bahis over my receipt before proceeding to Jim’s truck. Jim told me to hurry, and I scolded him and told him I was horny and would be experimenting. My two black admirers exited the store, and asked me if I waited for them. I told them I needed help loading my items into my slave’s truck, as he was too weak, and they laughed and obliged. I asked them how I could reward them, and they told me I could sit in the backseat of their SUV, and I got in. Jim was waiting in his truck. I immediately went for the cocks, and the first one out had my painted lips wrapped around it. The stud on my left had my boobs out, and the stud on my right was rubbing my clit and pushing fingers into my bahis siteleri sopping pussy. It was after dark, in a private part of the parking lot, and I asked my studs to fuck me outside of the SUV. We got out, and Jim pulled up next to us, and I ordered him to get out and block the view. He got out, and I showed my studs Jim’s useless cock in a cage. My studs started talking shit to Jim, telling him how his bitch will never be the same after this, and how they gonna show him how a real man takes care of a woman’s needs. With that, they bent me over, a cock in my mouth, and the other cock entering my pussy. I alternated, taking care of both bbc’s, and humiliating Jim. I came wildly multiple times, and ordered Jim to eat my clit as I was being bahis şirketleri fucked. The first stud to cum pulled out and came on my ass, and Jim was ordered to clean. The stud remained hard and went back in my pussy, pumped for another minute, and came again, this time inside me, with Jim forced to eat the creampie. The second stud came all over my belly, and of course Jim cleaned up, as I milked the two bbc’s for every last drop. We put our clothes back on, and while Jim wasn’t looking I gave one of the studs my cell number.Back at home, I was sitting on my couch, talking on the phone to my bff, with Jim painting my toenails. Jim hadn’t came in 2 weeks, so I let him out of his cage, and ordered him to jerk and cum on my feet. He did, and cleaned up like a good slave toyboy.Little did Jim know, I’d be experimenting in the future on the side with the more dominant of the two bbc’s, and he would be denied more and more pleasure, while I thrived in my new found ecstasy.

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