first date with shelia


first date with sheliaMY FIRST DATE WITH SHEILAby shootistI met her and Bill at their home in NJ. Quite a nice little home…made me feel very welcome as soon as I got in…wish I could feel like that in my own house. We talked a bit on how my trip was coming out from Arizona. Said it was a bit tiring (I had driven) but seeing her in person more than made up for it.We had spent many hours on ICQ, chatting and just general BS so it felt like we knew other quite a bit already. Bill, her husband, seemed a little bit unsure…we haven’t included him very much in our chats so he seemed just a bit uncomfortable with me being there. Probably with me sitting on the couch with Sheila probably didn’t help, especially with my arm around her and my hand just poised over her left breast. Probably from where he was sitting it may have looked like I was already playing with it. I guess I was being a bit bold then but then I had told Sheila I don’t like to waste time.I asked Bill if he minded if we went out by ourselves and we’ll fill him in on anything he missed. I thought for sure he was going to say no until I said he can do his wife first for the evening if he wanted. I couldn’t believe the grin on his face when he said OK. So I started to get up from the couch but Sheila grabbed my arm and told me to stay. So I settled back down while I watched Bill sit on the other side and slowly run his hand up and down her leg, slowly working higher until I could tell when her reached her crotch by Sheila’s sudden jerk, her spreading her legs and her barely audible moan. Almost immediately, I could smell her aroma drifting up to my nose. I just love smelling a woman when she is so hot and ready. I think that’s the best fragrance around.Needless to say, watching this activity and smelling Sheila’s heat was starting to have its effect on me also. I just moved over to the end of the couch a bit more as I saw Bill push Sheila down on the couch with her head towards me. I was sort of wishing she was facing the other way as I would loved to have seen from that angle what I was sure to happen next.Bill raised her skirt up and stuck his head down into her crotch. As he started to lick on her, I could hear his slurping action but I couldn’t see a thing with the skirt covering his head. This was making my cock start to stiffen up in my pants. With Sheila moaning and putting her hands on his head, she started pulling her skirt out the way of his head so she could grab him better. Also it afforded me a view as to what was going on…like I really didn’t know.While Bill was licking on his wife, he managed to take his cock out his pants. He moved up on her body, kissing through her clothes along the way till they locked in a kiss. After breaking the kiss off, Bill straightened up and had his cock pressed tightly against her cunt. I could see how thick and long he was as he teased her with his cock. Sheila reached down and stroked him a few times and said she wanted him in her.She pulled back his cock and put the head of his cock into her slit. I was leaning over slightly to watch it slide in…so, I like to watch too…I could see her lips being pulled in as his cock sank in deeper and deeper. As her lips got pulled in, I could see her clit starting to stand out as his cock was in almost all the way. I couldn’t resist so I reached out and stroked her exposed clit. This brought about a tremendous moan from Sheila as I could see her fluids rush out around Bill’s cock.While she was cumming, Bill just sat there with his cock in to his balls and let it soak. I removed my hand and Bill withdrew his cock till just the head was in then he slammed back in as hard as he could knocking the wind out of Sheila. He continued this action while I slowly massaged her breasts…grabbing both and slowly working my up to her nipples through her blouse and what felt like a very flimsy bra.All of a sudden Bill slammed in hard and just stopped with Sheila cumming again around his cock. He was breathing hard as he knelt there with his cock buried fully in his wife. I thought for sure he had cum inside her but when he slowly withdrew his cock, I could see it was still as hard as it was when he started, if not harder, and could see the veins all over the length of him being highlighted by his wife’s juice. He said he’ll finish it later when we got home and we had best get a move on so we don’t be late.Sheila laid there a few minutes trying to catch her breath. I could see her cunt, all wet and spread open from Bill’s cock but slowly closing up. I just had to reach down and put two fingers inside her. She was so hot and so wet and was feeling tighter as her cunt closed on my fingers. I worked them in her for a minutes while she reached up and canlı bahis tried to get at my cock. When she touched my cock through my pants I withdrew my fingers and sucked on one as she and Bill looked on. I gave her the other one and she sucked on it greedily.We all got up then as Sheila went to the lady’s room. Bill and I talked about what we might do but I told him I really hadn’t thought about that much yet and in light of what just happened I think if I had something planned that would have gone out the window.Sheila rejoined us after coming out of the bedroom…we didn’t even see her go in there. She gave Bill a kiss and grabbed my arm and said lets go. So out the front door and to my truck we went. Opening the door for Sheila, as she got in, she showed off her panties which she must have changed into. They were now white crotchless ones with little bows on them.Sheila moved to the middle of the bench seat as I closed the door and moved around to the drivers side. As I sat down, she immediately reached over to my crotch and squeezed my still hard cock. She said “Hmmmmmm, just had to find out if it had effected you.” I told her she knew it would what with all the talk we had done before now. I started up the truck but she refused to release my cock as we drove into town.We decided on a nice dinner…I wanted steak she wanted we split the difference and went to this little Chinese place. She said they have some real nice food with a very cozy atmosphere. After being seated, I noticed the tables were situated so that you couldn’t see directly into the booth near you unless you bent way over and made it obvious what you were doing.After ordering, Sheila resumed where she left off when we got out of the truck by reaching over and playing and squeezing my cock again. This time however, I reached over to her leg and slid my hand slowly up and down a few times, slowly getting closer to her crotch. After about the tenth time, I finally did reach her crotchless panties. I rested my hand just on the panties without moving any further.This inattention on my part with my hand resting on her panties was still enough to make her start squirming in her seat. She reached her hand into my pants and underwear trying to get me to move my hand. At this time a waiter cam up to the table asking what we would like to drink. While giving him our order, is when I did finally move my hand. As Sheila was ordering her drink, I slowly moved my hand closer to her cunt, feeling her lips open and damp but not wet like when we were on the couch. She almost choked when I slipped a finger just into her cunt and then up along her groove to her clit which I could feel was still poking out its hood.The waiter seemed to know what was going on but didn’t say anything as Sheila clutched my arm as a slight tremor ran through her body because I was slowly strumming on her cit. When he left, I slipped a finger inside of her completely and leaned over and kissed her and told her she hadn’t seen anything yet.I got out the seat like I was going to leave but instead, I got on my hands and knees and went under the table. Sheila kept saying we’re going to be arrested to which I said we haven’t yet. While under the table, I moved it closer to her, so the table cloth was right next to her.When I had the table where I wanted, I reached for her legs and slowly ran my hands up and down her legs to her calves then back down, even massaging just a little bit as I ran my hands up and down. Eventually I leaned in between her legs and could smell the most intoxicating smell around. I nibbled at the inside of her left calf as I moved my head further into her crotch. Not having shaved before going out with two days of stubble on my face I moved my face on either side as I made my way down.Just as soon as I made a tentative lick at her clit, the waiter brought us our drinks. Again, Sheila moaned as he set the drinks down and made a hasty retreat. I whispered up to her that he’s going to think you like him if you keep moaning whenever he comes around. Sheila just simply reaches down to pull my head into her cunt. I stick out my tongue and shove it deeply up into her cunt tasting her juices being pooled in there. There was a slight taste of strawberry so she must have used a flavored douche (I’m not really fond of those; but I didn’t tell her that) while she was in the bathroom. I jammed my tongue as far into her as I can, then spread out my tongue and moved it about.I reach up and spread her lips with both hands and slowly lick up and down the length of her slit, pressing on her clit when I reach it then slowly go around, licking lightly at her lips as I moved around her cunt. I kept going back to the bottom of her slit to get any bahis siteleri juice collecting there and there was plenty. Sheila started grabbing my head pretty rapidly at this point, then I heard a tapping on the table. My heart just about stopped at that sound.I climbed out from under the table and standing there was the waiter and someone else. We found out it was the manager. He said in a real huffy voice we don’t want that activity in our restaurant and he said we would have to leave or he would call the police. I couldn’t believe it…that little rat of a waiter busted us! Sheila was very obviously embarrassed by what had happened and wanted to get out as quickly as possible so I just threw a ten on the table for the drinks and we left. Sheila tripped on the step near the exit so I basically carried her outside. We laughed about it when we got back in the truck then decided we were pretty lucky they just didn’t call the police first.Still hungry or even more so, we went to another restaurant and grabbed some steaks, salads and a couple of drinks. This time we behaved ourselves pretty much except for when Sheila excused herself to go to the ladies room. She grabbed my cock, which had gone back down, as she passed me while being seated. I leaned over to kiss her and along the way I “accidently” tweaked her nipples which were standing out even more than when she was on the couch.I asked Sheila if she likes the public displays and what she told me then really floored me. She said she was cumming the whole time from when I climbed out from the table up until we reached the door of the restaurant we were kicked out of. She asked if I remembered her tripping; I said of course and she said had cumm real hard just then and could hardly walk she was so excited. I couldn’t believe I had missed her feelings.Well I didn’t want to take the chance on something happening again so we finished our drinks and got into the truck. This time when Sheila got in, I ran my hand quickly over her ass and I saw a shiver run through her body. When I was sitting behind the steering wheel, she reached over, unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock. She leaned over in the seat and proceeded to suck on my cock like there was no tomorrow. All I could do was sit back and enjoy. Fortunately, we had parked towards the back of the lot so it was a little dark back there.There was still plenty of light to see so I’m sure if someone else were in the lot or nearby they would surely see (and hear) what was going on. Sheila ran her tongue up down my shaft with an occasional bite along the way. No ones ever done that before, their teeth have sc****d me a few times but no one has ever bitten me before. She didn’t bite hard but just enough to let know she COULD have if she wanted to. That ran a chill through my body and all I could do was moan.She forced my pants further down so she could also play with my balls as she sucked me. At one point she, was stroking my cock with both hands while she tried to get both of my balls into her mouth. I told her if she keeps that up she’ll end up with a mouthful. She looked me in the eyes and said not yet.She released my cock so I thought we could start off again but she took my keys and threw them behind the seat as she straddled me. She sat on the steering wheel for a second as she took my cock in one hand, stood it straight up and lowered herself onto me. I could feel how hot she was as her heat went down my shaft. When she got to the bottom we did an exploratory with our tongues.Feeling her tongue working in my mouth as her cunt muscles clenched and unclenched around my cock was exciting beyond belief. I had to pick her a second because when she sat down, it was crushing one of my nuts. While raised up, I pumped her up and down a couple of times then let her settle back down with my cock in her all the way. I couldn’t believe how tight she felt around my cock and the muscle control she had. She was making it feel like a hand was squeezing my cock then moving up or down and squeezing some more.Sheila then started to move slowly up and down on my cock, squeezing on my cock as she slid off me and relaxing as I slid back in. She reached down and felt my cock as it slid out, feeling her hand trying to reach around me was going to make me come too soon, or sooner than I wanted but I think that’s what she wanted.I released my hands from around her ass, but they felt so good there, so firm and hot, and I reached up and started to undo her blouse. It was only two buttons any ways so that was done very quickly. Her bra was undone easily, being one of those that unsnap in the middle. Her nipples were sticking out so far and they were so hard it looked like they were just begging for bahis şirketleri attention.I’m not one to see someone (or something) beg so I gave them my full attention (except for what Sheila was doing to my cock and that was impossible to ignore) with sucking on and slightly biting one while twisting and pulling on the other. She gave out this tremendous moan as I felt my cock being flooded with her juice and she pushed down hard on my cock and wrapped her arms around me holding me tight against her breasts thereby stopping me from my play.The only recourse I had left was to flex my cock inside her cunt making her moan even more as more juice flooded out and she flung herself back against the steering wheel. This gave me the chance again to renew my attack on her breasts. In addition to what I was doing, I reached down to feel our junction and rub slightly on her clit. This brought about her moaning even louder and making my hand and crotch wet with her juice and her bucking up my cock. I immediately wrapped my arms around her with my hands on her shoulders pulling her tight to me and back down on my cock.I continued to flex my cock as she shook violently through several orgasms. She was saying something but it was totally unintelligibly as she writhed on my cock. I stopped flexing my cock inside her and decided to just ride this out till she was done. I held her tight as she continuously flooded my crotch with her juice. I could feel her cunt muscles going crazy on my cock. Her cunt was becoming so tight on my cock I found I couldn’t hold out much longer so I grabbed her ass cheeks again and moved her up and down on me letting her slam her cunt down then raising back up then down. I could feel my cock getting thicker in her as I reached the point of no return.With a final raise of her ass, I slammed her down on me as I filled her cunt to overflowing with my cum. I’m sure it was more of her juices I felt on me than it was mine but at the moment, I could care less. We held each other tightly while we both tried to settle back down. Gradually our breathing returned to normal and we realize we are both drenched in sweat while she felt my cock still semi hard in her cunt. I tell her that’s what happens when I’ve been awake a long time. She smiles real big and slowly gyrates her ass on me as we exchange kisses. Feeling my cock regaining its hardness, she again starts her cunt muscle massage of my cock. Feeling her breasts in my hands we suddenly are flooded in light as another truck pulls up into the lot.She quickly covers her breasts and shields her eyes from the glare. Looking at the car, she leans out the window and says “Bill?” The lights go off and we soon see Bill walking up to us. He sheepishly grins at Sheila and say “Hi, we didn’t think you would be here.Sheila asked him who’s we and then the passenger door opens as a woman looking a lot like Sheila steps out and she says “Hi s*s”. Sheila starts to laugh as she looks on and says “I had suspicions you two were a little friendly lately.” She then introduces me to her younger sister, Debbie.Debbie walks up to our truck reaches out her hand to me and then notices the aroma coming from my truck. While shaking her hand she moves a finger along my palm. I have never had anyone do that to me before and it sent a shiver through my entire body, even my cock, making Sheila react to it as well with a slight twitch of her ass.Debbie tells us they were going to get something to eat then go back home and play. She asks us if we would like to join them. We tell her we’ve already eaten but will go wait for them at home if that’s ok with them. They both say great we’ll be there in about an hour. Debbie leans in quickly, looks down at our connection and gives me a real quick kiss on the cheek and says “I’ll see YOU later.”Sheila chuckles at that and says “Looks like you made a new friend.” I say maybe and grab her ass and pull her tight against me making my cock force itself into her cunt again bringing about another slight moan from Sheila. We let Bill and Debbie go into the restaurant as we tease each a bit more then I move her off me, letting us see what a mess we made to my pants and the seat.Sheila sees my erect cock sticking out of my pants then reaches over feeling our combined juice on it. She works her hand up and down on me, still unable to reach around. I lean back, enjoying what she’s doing then I say we had best get on home so we may be ready when they get there. Sheila reluctantly releases my cock so I may put myself away into my soggy underwear and wet pants. All of a sudden it doesn’t feel so sexy.Getting ourselves somewhat presentable, we begin looking for the car keys. Finally after almost 20 minutes with a lot of poking, prodding and teasing each other we find them way in the corner. We get back in the truck with Sheila right next to me, making it almost impossible to drive or to shift, but eventually we make it with out mishap.End of part 1

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