First group meet.


First group meet.Tonight was the night. I had spent a couple of years gauging my friends and figuring out which ones would be happy to help with a fantasy of mine and finally it was coming to fruition. Four friends had been selected to come over mine and spend the evening wanking in front of each other. None of us identified as gay but all of us wanted to try this out for one reason or another.The four are Gary. Big guy, kinda hairy but not excessively. Calm demeanour but an a****l when drunk. Then there is Tom. Tall, skinny and the closest to us that you would call a twink. Nice guy too. James is number three. Average height but well built and toned. Goes to the gym almost every night and last but not least, Cooper. Shortest of the bunch but always up for a laugh.The four of them approached my house together as agreed. We didn’t want to hang around waiting for some one so we decided it best every one arrives together.I had already turned the heating up in my house and answered the door in my dressing gown.”Welcome, welcome.” I said as I opened the door “come on in.” I ushered them into the living room and took their jackets. To my surprise, every one’s spirits was high and no one looked nervous. I had chosen well so I decided to push forward.”If any one needs or wants to get changed before we begin then you can go upstairs and find an empty room. Just come back down when you’re ready.”Gary, Tom and James all headed upstairs to get changed. Cooper on the other hand stayed in the living room and started to unclothe himself.”No point in being shy now.” He said.His enthusiasm caused my penis to begin getting excited. Once fully naked and after he had kicked his clothes into a ball in the corner of the room, he sat on one of the five chairs I had positioned in front of my TV. “How long do you reckon they’ll be?” He asked if only to make conversation. His flaccid cock was in his hand and he idly played with himself as he spoke to me as if this was everyday normal. You got to love people like Cooper.”I’m sure they’ll be down soon.” I said and as I finished Gary came downstairs shortly followed by James.Gary was in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt whereas James only had a towel on. Any excuse to show off his six pack.”Tom said he’ll be down in a sec.” Said James as they both picked a chair.”Fuck sake Coop. Do you not have any patience?” Asked Gary laughing as he sat down.”You know me Gary.” He replied with his cock getting harder in his hand.I often found myself wondering what my friends cocks looked like and that was partly why I arranged this. Now Cooper was almost fully erect I was able to get a good look. It fit his build, not the longest, probably just over five inches but thick with a plump bellend. James had started to grip his through his towel as the three of them chatted and waited for Tom.Eventually Tom joined us. He came back down also wearing a dressing gown. It looked too short for him, his skinny legs poking out the bottom as the gown stopped above his knees. There was only one seat left, the one directly in the middle of the five chairs. I was sat on one of the far sides and was happy to do so. This way I only had to look in one direction and get to see all four of them wanking their meat at once.”Okay. If you’re all comfortable. We can begin.” I said and the eager look on their faces told me they were indeed ready.Prior to that night I had made a compilation of a plethora of porn scenes. All kinds of catagories and positions. canlı bahis Mostly straight sex with some gay thrown in. I didn’t know what genre would be appreciated so I chose them all. I pessed play on the remote, put it down and relaxed.Cooper was stroking himself casually, his hand barely able to reach all the way round himself. He gave me a nod when I pulled open my gown and joined him. James’ hand was under his towel as he played with himself and after some thought Tom poked his through the gap in his gown. I eagerly watched Tom’s crotch to get a look. It was not as thick as Cooper’s but certainly longer and smoother. When his gown slipped open more a little while later, after he was more comfortable, I could see that he shaves his pubes clean off. It turned out that the reason he was late down was because he was reshaving himself to get it as close as possible before we started. It looked good.Soon I was fully hard and trying not to get carried away. I didn’t want to come too soon. I wanted to drag this out and enjoy myself as long as possible. Cooper was full on masterbating with a big smile over his face. His eyes darting from the screen to each of us to see what we’re doing.”Careful Coop. This isn’t a race.” Joked James.”Fuck you buddy. At least I’m not too scared to show mine.” Cooper didn’t even slow down. His hand kept pumping away as he replied in jest.”Fine.” Said James as he threw his towel on the floor “better?”I almost came then and there, which certainly taught me something about myself. James wasn’t the biggest. Not as thick as Cooper and not as long as Tom but perfectly formed. It curled upwards in a very subtle angle. The veins on his shaft rose up his cock like rivers leading to a shapely round helmet with two globes as testicles hanging between his legs. The V shape at the bottom of his torso looked like an arrow pointing to perfection.After the banter died down we all got lost in what we were doing until I noticed something. Gary, who was on the other far side had yet to start.”Gary, are you okay? You’re not even touching yourself.” I asked. I was worried he felt like he had made a mistake.”No, I’m cool.””Clearly you’re not or you’d join us.” Put in Cooper.”I want to but I think you’ll take the piss out of me.” He said quietly. “Don’t worry Gary, we can’t all have perfect dicks like James.” I said trying to encourage him. I saw James’ hand pick up pace a little before reigning himself in. Having a small dick shouldn’t be a shame, I just wanted every one to have fun. Gary clearly wasn’t as he just sat there with both hands in his lap watching porn and only occasionally looking at what the rest of us are up to.”Don’t worry big guy,” added Cooper. “No judgements here.””Okay. But promise you won’t laugh.” We all promised and jokingly laid our free hands over our chests as we continued to wank. Gary stood up pulled down his boxers but left his t-shirt on. After that we all kept our word and none of us made any jokes. Mostlt because we were speechless. Hanging at half erect was the biggest cock I had ever seen.”Fucking hell Gary! How big is your cock?” Blurted Cooper, who’s own hand had almost stopped much like the rest of us.”It doesn’t get much bigger than this when hard.” Said Gary.”I should hope not or there would be no room for the rest of us in here.” Said Cooper. The last remark seemed to relax Gary ans he sat back down and joined us. Truth be told, at that point I stopped watching the TV all together as I bahis siteleri was mesmorised by Gary. As he finally started to pleasure himself his cock hardened. It didn’t get much bigger but it did grow a little. He must have been over 12″ by the time it was solid and much like Cooper, couldn’t get his hand all the way round.”Oh, shiiiiiiiit….” gasped Cooper.We all looked over and straight to his cock.”Uuuuggghhhhhhh….!” He let out as he came. Four thick jets splurted out of his beer can of a cock and splashed over his own chest. After he came he instantly got back to it using his own cum as lubricant only this time slower. I almost had to let go of myself from seeing one of my closest friends cumming in front of me or I’d have finished just after him.”Fuck that was hot.” I said accidentally out loud.”Thanks. I enjoyed it. I’m going to try for another but could do with a hand as I’m shattered.” He retorted.I knew he was joking but from the embarrassment of being heard I responded. “Sure.” I said as I let go of myself and reached over. In my mind I was taking ownership of my slip up. I’m not sure if I thought it through though.To my surprise Cooper was happy to let me and didn’t stop me or shy away in the slightest. If anything he adjusted slightly to let me get a better reach. I wrapped my hand round him as best I could and resumed wanking him where he left off. His cock was covered in his own cum but it didnt bother me, if anything I spurred me on. His cock felt warm, warmer than mine. It felt familiar yet different. I’ve only ever gotten used todo this to myself. My hand knew what to do but I felt no sensation to gauge if I was doing well. Cooper’s cock was back to rock hard in my hand and he was unusually quiet so I assumed I was doing it right. I looked up at the others and saw they had mostly stopped watching the porn and instead have started paying much more attention on me and Cooper but were all still wanking. Gary had even stood up to get a better look.”Oi, Gary. Come over here. Don’t be shy.”With his massive cock in hand, Gary shuffled over until Cooper was able to reach out and grab Gary’s elephant leg of a cock. Gary flinched a little but relaxed quickly after Cooper started to stroke his monster.”Okay, who dares me to see how much of this I can fit in my mouth?”He sounded as if he was joking but his own cock was in my hand. I felt it twitch when he asked. It became clear he wasn’t joking to everyone else when Cooper continued to stroke Gary and pull him closer.”I thought we agreed no oral or anything other than wanking?” Said Gary. It seemed a bit odd he would say that considering at that very moment I had Cooper’s cum covered cock in my hand, Cooper was enthusiastically tugging on Gary’s while Tom and James have both stood up to get a better look at our 3 way hand job. He was right though, we did agree that oral wasn’t something we’d do but Cooper knew what to say.”What’s the matter? Too gay for you?”All five of us burst into laughter. Cooper was right. Nothing we could do now was any more gay than what we were doing. Is there any real difference from the magnitude of the intercourse or is the very fact that in spite of the straight porn being watched, every one was more into watching each other wank. Gary relaxed after Cooper’s quip and shuffled closer to Cooper’s face.”Go for it then.” Gary sounded as if he was calling Cooper’s bluff but Cooper was never one to back down.Everyone else moved closer all the while bahis şirketleri still stroking themselves, all be it a little slower. James had even stepped between me and the TV but it made no difference to me. I was far more interested in what was going on around me. Luckily for me I still had Cooper in my hand so I had the best view. Cooper leaned forward, opened his mouth as wide as he could, paused for a brief moment then took the plunge. All except Gary cheered. Gary was simply looking down and grinning as he watched Cooper struggling to fit a massive cock in his mouth. At first Cooper only managed to get his lips past the lip of Gary’s huge purple helmet before slipping his lips back up and almost off Gary before forcing himself back down. The room went silent as Cooper started to slide his lips back and forth Gary’s enormous crotch staff. The only sound was the occasional gag from Cooper. From watching we could tell Cooper was getting into giving his first blow job. His enthusiasm and rhythm was improving with each effort to get lower but I had more proof that he was enjoying it. I was still stroking Cooper’s cock and it was solid like steel making me let go of mine completely. Unlike Cooper who can evidently cum more than once before losing his interest, I feared that I would cum and would no longer be able to participate. Gary had lost his grin but was replaced with a slack jaw. His groans were proof he was enjoying his friend gobbling his cock.With one last push from Cooper, he forced himself as far down this b**st of a penis until his eyes began to water. Then with a quick movement Cooper withdrew from Gary and gasped for air as though seconds from drowning.Cooper’s own hand brushed mine away as he took hold of himself and gave me a subtle thank you wink. My hand felt empty so a gripped myself just to fill it.”How did I do?” Cooper asked Gary but it was aimed at every one.”Pretty well. Almost made me cum.” I could tell Gary was genuinely impressed as we all were. He managed to get his lips half way down him. Gary was pumping himself using Cooper’s saliva and glancing around the room at each other’s hands at work. Once again there was no more talking, instead we were all paying heavy attention to each other. Without realising or intending to do so, we found ourselves standing in a circle, getting closer and closer until our shoulders were touching and our cocks were shaking only inches from each other. We were entering the end game and we all knew it.”Here I go again.” Groaned Cooper. With a few hard and final tugs he was spewing forth his second load. As we were so close he accidentally caught Tom with some friendly fire. Cooper’s cum mostly splashed against Tom’s own cock but it didn’t slow him down. No one spoke as no one cared, we were all in the moment and were all loving it.It was as though Cooper’s ejaculation started a chain reaction. One by one we started to reach climax. Hot jizz was being fired indiscriminately towards each other like a fountain at an amusement park until it was impossible to tell who’s cum was who’s. Cum was dripping off our hands and cocks, poor James who was standing opposite Gary had Gary’s hot seed dripping off his shapely chest and six pack. I felt the urge to lean over to massage the creamy ejaculate into his toned muscles but held back. I was new to these urges and didn’t want to spoil the chances of doing this again.We gained our composure after I gave each of us towels to wipe ourselves down. I was afraid that after completion that some of the guys would regret what we did or at least be embarrased but thankfully my fears were unfounded. Instead we decided to make this a regular thing.Stay tuned for more.

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