First Time Ch. 02


As she laid their looking down at his head between her legs she knew their secret relationship would last if making love with him would always be this wild. As he continued to suck on her clit and she arched her back, he knew she was very close to cumming. She slid her hand down to touch herself. Her fingers touching spots of flesh that he wasn’t licking and suck on. Her mind was only on one thing now and that was his warm breath and tongue on her clit. For the last time she moaned and dizzy with desire, she came so hard in his mouth that when he looked up at her she could see her cum on his face. He slid his way up her body and kissed her on the mouth. She could smell her sent on him and taste her own cum on his lips. After kissing her he laid back on the bed watching her gather her self control. She slowly looked over at him and ran her hand over his smooth chest. She could look down and see that he was already hot for her. His cock looked just like she had imagined it would, his descriptions of his body were very accurate and she enjoyed knowing pendik escort that he had a sense for his own body.

When they had chatted online about sex she had told him she always wanted to watch a man masturbate. But for now, just tonight, she wanted to be the one to give him pleasure. She knew that if she watched him touch himself she would be disappointed to see his hand there instead of her mouth. She had always prided herself on how well she could suck a man’s cock. After chatting online for almost a year now, she had a feeling that he was waiting to see if she was as good as she made herself out to be. He also wanted to see if her imagination in real life was as explicit and sexy as it was online. So many times after talking to her online he had to grab for a towel and clean the cum off of his hand and sometimes even the chair he was sitting in because he almost always had multiple orgasms. He knew meeting her would be the experience of his life.

She watched the emotions flicker across her lovers face. pendik escort Happy in the knowledge that they had finally met in person and he was everything she envisioned him to be. She was finally breathing normal after their first encounter, continuing this encounter was getting her excited again.

She let her hand trail down his chest, she could feel his muscles flex under her fingers. She reached down and spread his legs wide with her hands. She crawled between his legs, ran her tongue up the inside of his thigh. He was already hard and she could see a small drop of precum on this head of his cock. After licking lightly on his balls she came up to the head of his cock and licked the cum off of it. He was moaning her name as she slowly took him fully into her mouth. He was bigger than she expected however she could fit all of his wonderfully hard cock into her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down on him. She knew he liked what she was doing to him. every time she would slide up on his cock he would rock his hips against pendik escort her face, as if he never wanted to be anywhere but in her warm wet mouth.

The faster she would suck on his cock he knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his cum in her mouth. Every time he got close to cumming she would take her mouth off his cock and lick and suck on his ball or lean up and kiss him. It was driving him wild with the need to explode his cum all over her. He finally told her to please stop teasing him, with a small smile on his soft lips he grabbed her and sat her on top of him. He could and would wait no longer. He positioned her over his cock and she lowered her body down on his, his cock sliding all the way inside her. Knowing he could not last long with his cock inside her warm wet pussy, he reach up with his hands and let them roam all over her firm voluptuous chest. Only after thrusting inside her a few times he arched his back and yelled her name then let his cum explode all over inside her. She slid off his cock after his orgasm and laid down beside him. Turning to look at the clock she saw they had been in bed now for hours. Their most primal hunger satisfied, they decided it was time to order room service and fortify their hunger for real food to sustain them through the night and the next day.

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