First time giving the BBC to a Cuck’s Wife


First time giving the BBC to a Cuck’s WifeThe following story is true. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. A few weeks had passed since I lost my virginity at the age of 22 to the MILF. I was eager to have sex again and increase my skills. I went back to Adult Friend Finder and a few weeks later I had a message in my inbox. The message was from a couple who lived about an hour from me. The husband was in his mid 50’s and his wife was in her late 20’s. He said he was having some trouble keeping her satisfied and wanted some help. He also said his wife had a “thing for black guys”. I replied and let him know I was interested. We exchanged a few more e-mails and pictures. His wife was exactly my type, understated beautiful. She had brown hair, blue eyes (with glasses), and beautiful breasts. After a few more e-mails I gave him my phone number. I told him to call me if he wanted to discuss things further. After work on Friday I got in my car and headed on a five hour road trip to visit a friend for the weekend. About an hour into the drive, my phone rang. I was surprised to be greeted on the other end by a young woman with a beautiful Australian accent. She said, “Hiya Mike, you have been talking to my husband on AFF”. Her husband had not mentioned that she was Aussie during our previous e-mails. The pot was even sweeter now!We made small talk for a few minutes and as expected, the conversation turned sexual. After a while I told her to go find her husband and to give him a hand job while she talked to me. She went and found him but I couldn’t really hear the conversation between the two. She came back on the phone and told me that he was busy (I suspect he wasn’t able to get it up). I told her that we would play a little game then. “Your hands are my hands” I told her. And then I started giving her instructions on what ‘my hands’ were doing. Soon, ‘my hands’ had her completely naked and ‘my hands’ had two fingers inside of her. I told her my hands were increasing the pace. Her breathing started getting more rapid and her moans became more pronounced. The tension in my pants was too much for me to take at this point. I rested the phone on my shoulder and freed the BBC from my pants. I drove down the interstate with one hand and drove my cock with the other. After a few minutes she let out a scream of an orgasm. That was more than I could take. I let loose streams of cum all over my jeans and my car. I also nearly wrecked my car in the process. Afterwards I thanked her for a fun time and told her I was looking forward to meeting her soon. After I got home from my road trip, I checked my AFF account. I had an e-mail from her husband. He said she was eager to meet me and asked me if I was available the following esenler escort weekend. I eagerly responded “YES”. That week at work was really difficult because all I could think about was that Aussie beauty. She also told me in our phone chat that she loved sucking cock and getting cum on her face. I promised I would save a large load for her. In order to ensure I had a large load available, I didn’t touch my cock the entire week. Once work was over on Friday, I jumped straight in the car and headed their way. The husband was reluctant to give me their exact address. Instead, he told me what highway exit to use and then told me to call them from a pay phone once I got off the exit. I arrived at the designated highway exit a little after dusk. I found the pay phone and gave them a call. During the call they asked me to confirm what I saw from the pay phone (This was their way of ensuring that I was actually there). Once they were satisfied, they gave me the rest of the directions. As I drove further I realized they lived in a fairly secluded area. If this whole thing went south, no one would know where to look for me. I said, “FUCK IT”, to myself and continued driving. “Hopefully she is worth it”, I thought. I finally reached their house and made the drive down the long gravel driveway. I got out of my car and rang the doorbell. “No turning back now, I thought”. My doorbell ring was greeted by a chorus of dog barks. Soon the door began to open and I was greeted by the husband. He looked a bit older than I imagined. He welcomed me into the house and offered me a drink. We sat at the table and made small talk. “Where is your wife”, I asked? “She’s upstairs getting ready for you”, he replied. While we were waiting, he said he wanted to explain a few things to me. “I want you to know we have to be completely discreet about this. I have a position in local government and this can’t get out”. “Also I have a few rules, 1) You don’t go upstairs (They had a room set aside on the first floor for play)”, 2) You wear a condom when you fuck her, and 3) You leave when it is over and we never hear from you again”. I thought those rules sounded fair. We made more small talk while we waited for her. He started asking me questions about my first experience. After a few more minutes she appeared. She was dressed in a conservative white blouse and a knee length blue skirt. I immediately got up and gave her a hug. Her cuck hubby immediately went and got a chair for her and placed it next to mine. Her husband went and sat on the other side of the table and gave us our space. We made small talk for a few minutes and then she grabbed my hand under the table. We held hands under the table outside of the bahçeşehir escort view of her husband. As we continued talking, she took my hand and put it on her knee. I felt confident enough now to take the hint. I slowly started making my way up her thigh with my knee. She started telling me about how she had always had a fantasy about being with a black man. She said he always thought the contrast of colors was sexy. She also said it was discouraged by her parents back in Australia. As I reached the edge of her panties I could see her face get flush. I slowly worked my finger inside of her panties and soon had a finger inside of her. I was amazed at how wet she was already. “Why are you so wet”? I asked her. “Because I am excited to see you”, she said. After a few more minutes of conversation and my fingers inside her she asked, “Would you like to dance?” “Of course”, I said. She grabbed me by the hand and led me over to their living room. She told her hubby to put on some music. He went over to the stereo and turned on some R&B music. “You guys planned that”, I joked. After turning on the music, hubby disappeared for a few minutes. He reappeared with a 1980’s vintage VHS camcorder and a tripod. While he set up, me and her began to dance. I held her tight and close to my body. After a few minutes she began to kiss me. We kissed long and hard and deep. As we kissed I also had both of my hands pulling up her skirt and gripping her tight ass. She stopped kissing me for a second and said, “I love your lips, they are so soft and full”. “I also love what I feel between your legs”. At this point, I guess she had had enough lead up and was ready. She again grabbed me by the hand and led me into the designated room. They already had a few cameras set up in that room to film the action. Once in the room she asked, “What do you want me to do?” I told her, “do a sexy strip for me”. She starting awkwardly dancing (Think Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies). She eventually got down to her panties. I told her to take those off as well. When she took off her panties, I noticed she had a small red stain on the inside. It appeared that she had shaved herself for me and nicked her self in the process. She then told me that she wanted to see my cock. I went ahead and stripped all of my clothes off. She was sitting on the bed and I was standing beside it and she was just staring at my cock. Almost in a daze. “Its ok, you can touch it”, I told her. She immediately started stroking it and soon it found its way into her mouth. She didn’t struggle with the size as much as I thought she would once she found her sucking rhythm. She worshiped my cock for a good 15 minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore. başakşehir escort “I’m gonna cum” I told her. I barely got that out of my mouth as the first rope of cum went across her face and all over her glasses. She kept her mouth closed but seemed to be enjoying the large load that I deposited on her face. She called for her hubby to bring her a towel. He came over with a towel and cleaned off her face and glasses. “Do you have anything left”, she asked? “Of course I do”, I replied. “Well, do you mind if I ride your cock?” I didn’t say a word and laid myself on the bed. She grabbed a condom and slid it on my cock. Then she climbed on top and starting kissing me. She tried working her self down onto my cock but, my size was a bit of a challenge for her initially. She slowly worked herself down on my cock. Each time she was able to take a bit more. Soon enough she was able to fit all of it in and I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her cervix. She rode my cock extremely hard. I was loving every minute of it. After a few minutes I could feel the muscles in her vagina starting to tense. “I’m gonna cum” she said. I started to hear the same sounds that I had heard on the phone a few weeks ago. Her orgasm sounds and face were too much to take. I picked her up and thrust her off my cock as I let loose another load into the condom. She hit the bed and still was slightly twitching from her orgasm. I rolled over to make sure she was ok. I noticed that my cock, balls, and the bed under me were drenched. I had seen female ejaculation in porn but now I was seeing it in real life. Hubby went and fetched us towels and waters. I had actually forgotten that he was there watching this whole time. It was fairly late and I needed to get back home. I cleaned up and then got dressed. She put a robe on. I thanked her for an amazing time. She walked me out to the front door. Once I got to the front door, she planted a huge kiss on me. “I had to taste those lips one more time, she said”. I struggled to stay away on the long drive home. A few weeks later I noticed I had a missed call, and a message on my phone. It was her. “Mike, call me back, its urgent”. “Oh no, I thought, did we have some sort of mishap”. I immediately dialed her number. When she picked up the phone, she was very happy to hear from me. I asked her what was wrong. She wanted to know when we could meet again. She also asked if I would be interested in meeting her without her husband present. I asked, “Does he know you are calling me?” “No” she replied. I told her I wasn’t interested in any contact without her husbands permission. I told her that if he approved it or if there marriage ever fell apart to give me a call. She said, she understood, in a very disappointed voice. Needless to say I never heard from her again. That experience opened up a whole new world for me. I realized that cuckold couples were a gold mine. There was an unlimited supply of beautiful wives who needed to be satisfied and husbands who got off watching their wives get taken by a real man. This experience was the birth of MIKE THE BBC BULL.

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