First Time Without Wife


This is not a work of fiction. It actually happened…

My business sent me to Ottawa for two months back in ’95. My wife and I had an agreement that we could be with someone else while I was away on extended business trips. I know that she had taken advantage of this agreement, but until then I hadn’t. Most of the places I had been sent to were outside of Canada in third world countries where various diseases were pandemic. You took your life in your hands if you played around out there. This was the first time that I had been sent to a western country and it was right in our nations capital. I found Ottawa to be an exciting city, despite comments to the contrary from friends who had been there. There is always something going on, festivals, shows, big name acts and singing groups but all with a laid back atmosphere not found in some larger centres.

I was supposed to be helping start up a project, and then the fan started slinging smelly stuff! Before I knew it, I had lost my superior to a heart attack. Fortunately he lived, though he took his retirement. That left me holding the bag and my two-month stay became six months! The company wouldn’t commit to moving me to Ottawa until the project got off the ground in a big way. So I was stuck on my own with my family halfway across Canada. Most of the bars downtown are pretty much for the younger set, so eventually I wound up using a telephone dating service, the internet still being somewhat new and not as well established back then.

I met Carol on the dating service. We talked for sometime before we first met, sharing our fantasies, our hopes and desires. We told each other various things about ourselves, things that strangers wouldn’t normally share. She knew I was married and only interested in sex. She told me she was submissive and not seeking a long-term affair, but would like to have more than a one-night stand. She also said she liked her sex rough.

Our first meeting was one of those orchestrated get togethers to check out each other and see if there really was an appeal there. We both liked what we saw. She was 5’3″ and about 120lbs, blond hair and green eyes and buff. She had told me she was an aerobics instructor and she had an air of casualness about her physical movements that can only be seen in athletes and dancers. She also told me she did 20 minutes of Keegle exercises a day! At that time, I was 6′ and 200lbs very fit from the constant workouts to blow off steam after the hard daily office grind. I had light brown hair and penetrating steel blue eyes that are somewhat disconcerting to some people. We enjoyed a spirited conversation, almost like old friends meeting to catch-up afters years of separation. We arranged for diner later that week at her place.

I brought a catered meal and wine. We were both dressed well, I in a jacket, shirt, tie and dress slacks. She wore a form fitting black satin strapless evening gown that was cut on the diagonal from knee to mid-calf. Her legs and feet were encased in silk and open toed stiletto sandals. She wore no jewellery and only a little makeup.

We dined to candlelight and retired to wine in her living room. The room was large, about 20′ square. It had a large couch against the far wall with an entertainment centre opposite the couch. To the right was a French door that led out to a balcony. The wall opposite the doors was one large mirror. Except for some chairs in the corners, there was absolutely nothing else in the room. She told me that she practiced her moves here, refining them before bringing them to her classes. We continued our conversations; in fact, she did almost all of the talking. I was wondering when things were going to start when it came to me that she would not likely start anything that, in fact, she was waiting for me. Abruptly, I cut her off in mid sentence.

“Put on some soft music” I said, “I would like to dance with you.” At first she was annoyed at having been cut off, then a fleeting smile crossed her lips. She lowered her eyes, stood and walked across the room. The dress showed her form beautifully as she bent over to make a selection. Two thin strips under the material of her dress, which I recognized as garters, could be seen stretched across her ass. She made her selection and swayed back toward me.

“Stop” I commanded as she reached the middle of the room. “Turn to your right.” This left her looking at herself in the mirror. I rose and moved towards her. She smiled at me and reached towards me to start our dance. I took her hands and forced them down.

“Your are not my equal,” I told her, “Lower your eyes!” She sucked in a breath sharply. A flush crossed the top of her breasts and spread to her neck and cheeks. She lowered her eyes. I moved around her, my hand trailing behind me, touching her arms, hips, and ass. I knew immediately that she wasn’t wearing panties and the deep plunge of the dress to the middle of her back showed that she was braless as well.

As I walked around her, I thought about how I would use this beautiful woman, how I would seduce her, caress her, arouse her, so much so that my cock was getting uncomfortable in my pants. Then I remembered that she had told me she liked her sex rough and a different plan, plan B, arranged itself in my mind.

As I moved around to face her, I pulled her gently towards me and we began to sway to the music. I took one of her hands in mine, and slid my other hand, not around her hips but around to her ass, and pulled her to me. She could feel my hardness pressing against her. Just to make sure, I ground my hips against hers. A deep gurgle escaped her throat as she lowered her head to my shoulder. I reached down and kissed her softly on the lips. Her response was subdued. I realized she wanted something more than a soft kiss. I moved the hand from her ass to the back of her head and taking a handful of hair, pulled her head back kissing her hard. What happened next was an epiphany for me as she ground herself even harder against me, kissing back hard to me, while seeming to submit, almost melt into my aggressions, making the kiss my own, instead of hers.

She sighed lustily when we broke that kiss. My hand slid down her back, found the tab of her zipper and pulled it down to her ass. I slid my hand into the back of her dress, touching her ass, and the small of her back. Once again I reached up and pulled her head back, this time my lips going for her throat. I planted kisses along her neckline, inching ever lower until my mouth moved across the swell of her breasts. Almost as if it had a mind of its own, the dress fell away from her breasts as my lips descended across them.

She had beautiful C-cup tits, pear shaped and curved slightly upwards. Her nipples were as hard as nails and stuck out half an inch. I lowered my head and sucked as much of her right breast into mouth as I could, forcing the nipple to the back of my throat. She let out a loud “Aaaaahhhhh!” and pushed her tit as far into my mouth as she could. I could feel the thumping of her heart, hear her ragged breathing, and smell the scent of her, the scent of a woman as she becomes aroused. I let her breast slip from my mouth, dragging my teeth along the sensitive skin as it did so, trapping and lightly biting the nipple as it slipped from my mouth. As my teeth closed on her turgid nipple, she groaned once more.

Abruptly I stood up. Bring my hands up along her body, I found and caressed her tits, twisting and pulling hard on the nipples. She pulled away from me then, not enough to break the grip of my fingers, but rather to heighten the effects of the pull on her teats. I reached up further and trapped her face between my hands. Pulling her towards me we ground our hips together. Lowering my head, I gently kissed her on the lips, a soft butterfly kiss that barely touched her hungry lips. She tried to push against me to harden that kiss, but I refused to add to its intensity. The look on her face was priceless. The hard pushing of our hips had trapped my cock between us, heightening our passion, yet the soft tenderness of our kiss belayed that passion. I suddenly realized that I had learned more about personal power dynamics in five minutes, than I had in six years as a company hack!

Then I backed off, took a step away from her. There was betrayal in her eyes, hunger in the heaving of her breasts. She wanted more. And I was ready then to give her what ever she wanted …but on my terms.

“Kneel,” I told her. There was a brief look of relief in her eyes as she lowered herself to her knees. I moved back to her and entwined my hand in her hair.

“Touch me.” I told her pulling gently on her head. Her hands moved immediately to my crotch. “No, not with your hands!” I ordered. “Place your hands behind your back and touch me!”

She looked up at me, her wide eyes reminding me of a doe trapped in a car’s headlight. She made a decision then. Her eyes changed and I knew she would do whatever I asked. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she moved forward to press her face into my cloth-covered crotch. I watched as she closed her eyes and breathed deeply of my essence, the scent of my arousal. She groaned softly as she rubbed her face over me.

Again I pulled softly on her head, “Feel me!” I told her. It took her a moment to figure out what I wanted. Then she opened her mouth and caressed the shape of my cock with her lips and teeth. It was my turn to growl. She had a wonderful way with her mouth. I knew that she would be able to suck me off with an intensity and passion that I had not previously experienced. I had to feel that mouth, that intensity on my naked prick!

I slipped my jacket off and threw it to the floor a little way away from us.

“Unbutton me.” I ordered, in a softly growling voice that hinted at my state of arousal. Again she began to move her arms. “No! Not with your hands.” I sternly reminded her.

She briefly looked up into my eyes, then down at the button immediately in front of her. Opening her mouth, she trapped the button in her lips. It took her a moment to figure out how, but then she began to move upwards along my shirt, leaving exposed flesh behind her as she moved. I slipped off my tie and undid the button at my throat. A moment later, she popped the last button.

“Taste me!” I told her. She smiled lightly and sticking out her tongue, brought it down my chest and belly until the cloth of the shirt got in the way. That left her mouth at my navel. She kissed and sucked on it, confirming in my mind the abilities of her mouth.

“Undress me.” I ordered. Her mouth closed on and opened my belt. She had some problems with the button of my pants but after several attempts finally managed to open it. She trapped the tab of my zipper in her teeth and dragged it down to the bottom of its run. She breathed deeply of my scent, rubbing her face over the silk of my brief covered hard-on.

She undid the last two buttons of my shirt. Circling me on her knees she pulled the shirt from my pants. She continued the circle until she was behind me once more, then grabbed the collar of the shirt in her teeth, and pulled it off me. Her soft lips and tongue caressed and tasted the skin of my back. She slowly worked her way around to my chest to suck on my nipples. I noted the way she sucked them, sure that that was how she would like me to do hers.

Moving downwards, she worked my pants past my hips and we watched as they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and flung them aside with my foot. Pulled a chair up beside her and sat on it, extending my right foot for her. She caught the back of the sock in her teeth and pulled it from my foot. She moved her hands around to grab my foot and placed it between her breasts. She kissed my toes as she rubbed my foot gently around and over her warm breasts. She leaned in and licked the tips of my toes, sliding her lips around and over them until she had worked my big toe into her mouth. Closing her eyes, she sucked on me and my cock lurched at the thought of it being next in that mouth!

She worked my foot slowly over her body before pressing the heel against her groin. The satin dress bunched up at her hips felt delicious against my foot as she rubbed me harder and harder against herself. Her motions became more erratic, her breathing ragged as she moved closer and closer to her peak.

Abruptly, I pulled back my foot. “Tonight, you have given yourself to me for my pleasure.” I told her. “You are not permitted to cum without asking my permission!” I lifted my left foot and the process started again. This time when I pulled back I rose up in front of her and pulled her once more to my crotch. She rubbed her face over my red silk men’s briefs.

“Oh that feels so kinky!” she whispered. I knew what she meant. I love the feel of silk, silk boxers, silk briefs. The press of my hard-on against that soft tantalizing sheath of pleasure. And especially when it covers a woman’s body!

Her teeth closed around the waistband of my briefs and worried it down past my manhood. She cooed as she saw it for the first time. She breathed on it, her warm breath exciting it, causing it to throb and bob for her. She ran her tongue up the length of it and covered the tip with her mouth, sipping up the drool leaking from its tiny slit. It jumped at her, seeking to push further into her mouth, as a shiver ran up my spine. My cock wanted to go deeper, but I wasn’t ready yet. I reminded her that she still had to remove my briefs. She drew my briefs down my legs and pulled them from around my feet. She looked up at me smiling, my briefs dangling from her mouth.

Grabbing her hair, I pulled her to her feet. Sliding around behind her I slid her dress over her hips and watched as it piled at her feet. She quickly kicked it away. I removed her garter belt. She still wore her stiletto heels and her silk stockings, and as they didn’t fall, I decided to leave them on for now.

I pressed my naked body up against her back. Slid my hands around to her tits. She shivered as I hugged her tight, caressing her with my entire body, my cock pressed between her cheeks. I slid down her body, my knees moving between her legs, forcing her legs wide. I brought my hands up to her shoulders and pressed them down. Her ass pushed back into my face.

“Look into the mirror and watch yourself.” I ordered, and then began to run my tongue along her cheeks. I sucked, tongued and nibbled all around her ass. My tongue moved between the cleft of her cheeks and ran up and down. I blew hot breath on her anus and labia sending shivers up her body. She mewed as my tongue worked around her nether lips, but I deliberately chose not to lick them, teasing her a little bit longer. I watched as her lips swelled and the dew formed on its inner surface. When enough had formed, I slid my tongue through the crease of her petals and lapped up all that savoury dew. Her whole body shivered as I drank in her nectar. My tongue moved slowly around her warm well, up and down the crack of her ass, and over the rosebud of her anus. She was moaning almost continuously now. I looked over her shoulder, and saw her reflection in the mirror. It was the face of a woman who needed to be fucked.

I slipped my left knee to the outside of her left leg and slowly stood up, dragging my stiff tool up her leg and over her cheek. I moved slowly along her body till my cock found her left breast. I rubbed the tip of it all around her nipple, soaking it with my hot drool. I moved up over her shoulder and around to her face. Without hesitation, I rubbed my prick all over her face. As I stepped back slightly, I let the tip of my fleshy spear rub over her lips. She mewled and opened her mouth and I abruptly shoved my manhood to the back of her throat!

She gagged and coughed around my hard muscle and tried to pull away, but I grabbed her head and forced her to stay where she was. I could feel the gag reflex causing her throat to convulse around the tip of my prick, massaging it in a most delightful manner! God, it was an incredible feeling! It took her a moment to relax her throat and fight the gag reflex. When she did, she knelt down and started to suck me in earnest. I slipped one foot forward as she squatted and felt her hot twat land on it. She started rubbing herself against me and in moments both my foot and my cock are soaked in slick, hot drool! I was right about her oral abilities and was fast approaching a point of no return!

I lifted my big toe and let it slip into her hot cunt! She opened her mouth wide and cried out around the cock in her mouth, and then suddenly closed her mouth around me once again! Her body went into overdrive and she began to push herself to orgasm. I could feel her body straining, the little tremors that signalled her immanent burst of pleasure.

Abruptly I moved away from her, slid the chair in front of us and sat down on it. I pulled her by her hair until she wound up over my right leg, and trapped her under my left leg.

“You were warned not to cum without my permission!” I reminded her, and with one terrific swat, I brought my hand down hard on her ass! I heard her howl of pain and saw the bright pink imprint of my hand growing on her left cheek!

“There will be ten,” I told her, “And you will count them all out properly, or we will start again!” and then I slapped her right cheek!

“Two Sir!” she cried out! I let my hand gently trail on her buttocks, feeling the growing heat forming there and wondered how hot her cheeks would feel when I was finished. Three, four and five followed in quick succession, each landing in a slightly different spot on her ass and thighs. She choked back her sobs and called out each number loudly followed by a plaintive sir! I looked in the mirror and saw her watching herself, saw the tears falling down her nose and dripping onto the floor. I blew gently on her ass and softly fondled her moist cleft. A shudder ran through her body at the sudden change in contact, a shudder that was heightened by my finger sliding into her pussy!

I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted her secretions. She watched every movement in the mirror, her wide eyes locked on mine as I savoured the differences in her taste. I kept my eyes locked on hers and abruptly brought my hand down hard on her right cheek. The sudden shock almost caught her off guard but she managed to change her cry into a shocked sounding “Six Sir!” I smiled at her in the mirror, knowing that I had almost caught her out!

I drew my fingertips along her heated flesh, relishing in the twitching of her skin as she attempted to escape the harsh touch. She groaned loudly at this touch, closed her eyes and lowered her head. With a resounding crack, I brought my hand down hard on her cheek, the sound echoing loudly in the quiet room. She called out “Seven Sir!” and began to sob quietly, her body shaking gently to her sobs.

“Three more,” I softly told her. She nodded her head gently, tears still falling to the floor. I brought my hand down once again and she sobbed out the number eight. I blew gently on her heated flesh, softly caressing her cheeks with my breath. The touch was almost too much for her, as her reddened flesh shrank from the moving air. Taking pity on her, I brought my hand down the final two times to the subdued sounds of her counting.

I lifted my left leg and had her kneel before me. I looked into the eyes of a woman who I realized was truly submissive. I saw a look of adoration there, of expectation, of passion. I think I was beginning to understand that passion, as I’ve felt the same thing from time to time. I could almost put myself in her place sexually, try to feel the sensuality and passion from her point of view, feel her erogenous zones as she responded to me…understand her threshold and the delight in her pleasure of pain, of humiliation, of being used. This was what I was looking for even if I hadn’t known that when we commenced our evening together. I was beginning to understand what it means to be dominant, and just how much power the submissive truly has in such a relationship!

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