For Kimberly


You are in my lap. We are kissing, softly but passionately. Your tiny skirt is on, as are your ridiculously high heeled, one size too small shoes. Nipple clamps are tightly in place. My hands are on your hips, your lower back, your tush. My fingers slide into the crack of your amazing ass, playing with your plug, twisting, pulling, pushing, and tapping it.

My mind is elsewhere, going over two trains of thought. The first thought being, THIS should have been Position

. The second thought…

You whisper in my ear, “What is wrong, Daddy?”

“Nothing, Little One,” I reply.

“Something is wrong, Daddy. I can feel It.”

I give an almost sad smile, with a small, soft “hrumpf!” type sound and say, “You always have been a perceptive little slut.”

A smile lights up your face at the compliments: perceptive, and little slut. “Well, what is it, Daddy? How can I help?”

“I am not sure you can, Little One. You see, my guilt over the tings I do to you is starting to make me think I need some help.”

The look on your face changes so drastically and yet I see it only for a split second as you lunge forward, throwing your arms around my neck, burying your face there as well, as you quietly whisper in a horrified voice, “Don’t you love me anymore, Daddy? Am I not sexy enough for you? Are… arre…” Your voice goes from quiet to near hysterical in the blink of an eye. “…are you going to give me to the dog!?!”

“NO BABY GIRL!! Calm down!” I say as I hold you close, running my hands up and down your back. “Please, Baby Girl. Calm down. I still love you. I will always love you. We have been through this. You are the ONLY girl for me.”

I push you away to look at you, so you can see the seriousness in my eyes.

You calm down almost as quickly as you got upset. “Okay, Daddy. If you are sure. But, why are you feeling guilty?”

Well, Little One, I feel guilty for the dirty, perverted things I do to you and make you do.”

You giggle and lean in, your giggle turning into a lusty whisper. “Do you mean the things you do to my naughty rump, Daddy?”

I whimper. “Yes, Baby Girl.” My hands are back to caressing your lower back, hips, and rump.

A throaty laugh, “But I like those things, Daddy.”

“You canlı bahis cannot like all of them, little one. Some of them are beyond kinky.”

You lean in close, whispering in my ear. “Especially those things, you dirty fucking pervert.”

My hands grip your hips – or more accurately the flesh at your hips – hard, squeezing it in my fingers. You yelp, then whimper.

“Do not DARE tease me, Little Girl.”

“Oh Daddy, I would never tease. At least not like this, about that.”

“Letting go of your flesh you moan. I know the blood flowing back into where my hands grasped you will be pins-and-needles sore. “Explain yourself, Slut!”

“Mmmmmmm… I love when you call me that, Daddy, but please remember I am only a slut for you. Your personal slut.” Leaning in again, “Your personal, dirty, ass-to-mouth slut.”

I groan. How can I not? You know how guilty I felt, hiding this desire from you for so long, and then… but that is a memory for another time. Right now…

“You really like that, Little One?”

“No…? But I LOVE that you make me do it, that you use me like that, Daddy.”

At this point I am simply holding your ass cheeks tightly, rotating my hands, spreading them, pushing them together. “But why, Little One?”

“Because you could have chosen anyone, Daddy, any of those other sluts. But you did not. Instead you chose me. ME! I was so happy, and then the way you reacted to my body… I knew I would do ANYTHING for you, you total fucking pervert. Anything, Daddy. Even suck your cock after you sodomize me. Maybe even especially after that.”

My hands, and my heart it seems, have stopped moving. I am beside myself. you have talked dirty to me before, but this confession tops it all.

“Okay, Baby Girl. I can see how being dominated like that, used, would turn you on.”

“It does, Daddy, more than I can explain. I need to suck your cock after it has been in my ass. Just like you need to feed it to me, Daddy.”

At this point my hands are motionless, still gripping your ass, my fingers deep in the crack.

“But, Baby Girl, what about…”

You interrupt me, “When you lick my asshole, Daddy?”

I simply whimper.

“Daddy, can you please take out bahis siteleri my plug?”

“Of course, Baby Girl.” I grip the plug and start pulling.

“No, Daddy, please. Not like that.”

“Then how, Baby Girl?”

You blush. We are talking about ass-to-mouth amongst other things, and you blush. It may be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

“Daddy, can you do it while kneeling behind me?”

“I most certainly can, Baby Girl.” I am a fool at times, but not foolish enough to pass up the sight of your tiny pucker, stretching open and releasing your plug.

You scoot sideways off of my lap and I slide to the floor. As I turn and kneel, I look at your beautiful face and you are grinning ear to ear as you arch your back and push your ass back towards me, buttocks spreading, revealing the pink jewel end of what I now realize is your largest plug.

“Take it out, Daddy! Please.”

I reach up and grip the plug, but you twist your hips away and say, “Not like that, Daddy. A boyfriend would do it like that. A perverted pig like you should use his teeth!”

I do not even flinch. I just lean in as I think, “How does she know!?! my lips make contact with the jewel and I open my mouth, tongue darting out to lick around and under the edge of the jewel, where I taste a little bit of your sweat, and I whimper.

At my whimper, you laugh. “Such a dirty pervert, Daddy.”

I groan, take another swipe with my tongue and finally wrap my lips around the jewel, sucking it into my mouth and pulling it gently, slowly, out. my eyes are crossed, fixated on the stretching hole in front of me.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Pull, Daddy! It feels so decadent!”

Quickly, as I pull, the ring of your asshole pops over the widest part of the plug, sliding down the taper. You moan, “Sooooo good, Daddy”

We have routines. And routine is, well, routine. So without even thinking about it, I lean forward and drop the body temperature plug in your waiting hand. Routine is routine, so why would your hand NOT be waiting for the plug? You bring the plug up to your beautiful mouth. Our eyes are locked and you suck the plug in, immediately pulling it out. I can see the suction. I know that suction well. Your mouth was created to suck. You bahis şirketleri know what I like. Better than anyone. Better than even me, it seems.

“Want a taste, Daddy?” you ask, puckering your lips.

I lean in to kiss your beautiful mouth with your perfect little teeth, but your foot stops me.

“No, Daddy. A dirty pervert like you needs to taste me right from the source.” My eyes drift to your distended pucker. As my head leans in, face getting closer, you push back, meeting me partway. As my tongue sinks into your asshole, I moan with lust and that makes you giggle as you hook a heel behind my head and say, “That’s right, Daddy. Lick out your little girl’s shit hole, like the twisted pervert you are!”

I go crazy with lust. I grip your cheeks and pull them wide apart, getting my tongue in as deep as I can, sucking on the ring, licking out the juice. Your foot drops from behind my head. Your shoulders drop to the bed. I keep at you, licking, tongue fucking, sucking. Thirty minutes go by and I need to cum. I stand up and you make eye contact over your shoulder. “Oh yes, Daddy. Please use my shit pipe as your cum dumpster.”

I waited too long and your foul talk sets me off, so I start cumming just as my cock head hits your distended rubbery ass ring. My greasy cum only ac ts as a lube and I slide in, balls deep. Now I am a madman, thrusting in and out, spraying my cum along the entire length of your rectum. I slow down. I stop. I am exhausted, but I have duties too.

I pull out and order you, “Suck my cock clean, Slut.”

You look at me in the eye and say, “No, Daddy. MAKE me do it, please!”

With a grin and a growl, I grab you by your hair and pull you from the bed, onto your knees in front of me. “Open your mouth, Bitch, and do not make me tell you again. I am in no mood to be triffled with!”

You open your mouth and I lay my dirty cock on your pink tongue. “Suck me clean and play with your cunt while you do it!”

With a whimper and a sigh, you obey. Once clean, I pull my cock from your suctiokning mouth and tilt your head back so you can look me in the eye. “Good Girl. Thank you for reminding me that you get something out of this relationship too.”

I gently grab your offered hand and help you up, into my embrace, your arms also wrapping around me. “Look at me, Little One.” Your head tilts back as I lower my head and kiss you on the lips. “Now we need to tend to your cum filled shit pipe, Little One…”

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