Forties and Twenties

Forties and TwentiesWe decided to meet. I was in town on business and we had a drink. You confessed that I looked older than you thought I would and I confessed that you looked younger. I was in my mid forties and you were twenty years younger. Somehow this broke the ice and we started enjoying each others company. A couple of bottles of wine played its part as well. We parted with a hug and a brief kiss and decided to meet the following evening for some more serious fun. The kind of fun we had discussed in numerous messages on a very dodgy dating site.The next evening you came straight to my hotel room. You stepped inside and I immediately started undressing you. We didn’t speak, we didn’t need to.I take your arms and put them on your back and cuff them together. I tell you to kneel down. I am fully clothed and walk round you – still inspecting you, kissing your ear and neck and feeling your back and your hair. I stand right in front of your face and pull my jeans down. My cock is semi-hard and I start wanking slowly in front of you. My other hand is feeling your mouth. everything is slow.You look at me and you like my fingers in your mouth. one finger, and two. and four, probing and forcing and you have to suck on them.My cock is hard and fairly big. I have my fingers in your mouth and start to gently smack my cock against your forehead and against your cheeks. You want it in your mouth but I won’t let you. You suck harder on my fingers and hand to try and make me put my cock in your mouth. It doesn’t happen. Instead I continue to smack my hard cock harder and harder against your cheeks and forehead and throat.I lift you up and canlı bahis şirketleri put you on the table. I spread your legs and look at a cunt that has not been used enough. I take a drink and smoke a cigarette and look at you and the piece of gorgeous meat that you are. A blonde young woman with curves with an appetite for cocks and cum.I put a blindfold on you. You are surprised by how light my touch is considering my hands are big and look as rough as a butchers hands. Both like to treat fresh and big slabs of meat.I start to touch you. Your nipples are hard and firm so I suck them…no, I gently bite them and squeeze and suck them. I lift you up and your body rests on my two hands. I keep them there, each hand firmly gripping your bum cheeks. I lower my face to your cunt. I have a big mouth with big lips and I take you in my mouth. You feel and smell my willingness to own you, to taste you and to completely possess you. You are wet. very wet.I lift you to the floor and put my cock in your mouth. You want the salty taste but to your surprise I start by thrusting all of me into you. You choke but don’t want to take your mouth away. You force yourself to keep my whole cock in your mouth and throat and you gag and cough are forced to tilt your head back. But you want the cock and it comes as a relief when I put both hands round your head and grab your hair. You have only the top of my cock in your mouth but you know you will soon have all of it. I start to thrust, sometimes hard and long so that it hits your throat and sometimes dangerously slow.I moan and you feel my hardness and eagerness. I put you back on the canlı kaçak iddaa table lying on your back after I have unlocked your hand cuffs. Your head is outside the table and is hanging down. You feel my cock and lick it. I start slapping your cheeks and face with my cock. You know what’s coming and there is nothing you can do about it. You know that my whole cock is going to go down to the bottom of your mouth and throat and that you will choke and cough. But you want it. I put my cock in your mouth and have my hands round your head and start thrusting. It hurts and your throat becomes soar after a couple of gentle thrusts but it hurts in a good way.I stop and spin you around on the table. I kneel down and start licking you and touching you and rubbing you. I put a finger up your bum and keep licking you and you are close. But every time you think you’ll get there I stop. You feel something cold on my finger as it enters your bum. It’s lube and you know that more fingers will enter you. I put two fingers, and three into you and all the time I am licking you and rubbing you. And then you cum. You arch your back and the orgasm releases through your body. I leave you and you can hear me lighting a cigarette and drink some wine. You wait and wonder what will come next.“Put your fingers in your bum” I say in almost a whisper. You do it and tentatively puts a finger up.“More” you hear me say. You put two and three fingers and start to stretch it because you know my cock is going in there and preparation is everything when it comes to having enjoyable anal sex.You hear me get up and I part your legs. I take my cock and canlı kaçak bahis start slapping it on your cunt. You feel the limpness being replaced by hardness. Without warning I enter your cunt and you feel every inch of my cock. I thrust until I am all in and just stay there. My hands are in your face and in your mouth and you want me to start fucking you properly but I am completely still. You are wet again and want to come again. I take my cock out and start to work your bum, licking your cunt and and stretching your bum more and more. You feel your bum being widened all the time and are ready for my cock. You feel how I enter your bum but my cock is not completely hard. I force it in but it’s difficult as it isn’t completely erect. My cock is no more than three inches in and then I stop. I taker your right hand and show you by movement how you should touch my balls and the base of my cock. You touch me with both hands and you feel how I start to grow and become hard and big again. I gently start thrusting and fucking you. Slow, slow at first and then harder and harder.You can’t believe that you manage to take all of it but it’s lovely and you want it tougher and stronge rand more of it. I stop and put you on the floor and quickly put you in a doggy position. I take your hands and tell you to spread your bum. I enter you roughly and start fucking you like there is no tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt anymore and you love the speed and ferocity and eagerness and hardness. You feel me being close and than I stop and take my cock out and turn you over. You lie on your back and I take off your blindfold and satnd right over your face and start wanking. You touch my balls and lick them and you know that I am soon cumming. I take your face with one hand and you open your mouth. I wank and cum in your mouth and face and on your nose and put it in your mouth until I am empty.And that was just the beginning.

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