found the perfect boy to make my wife


found the perfect boy to make my wifeAfter a long and exhaustive search, I have finally found the perfect boy to make my wife. He is as pretty as any girl I’ve seen, with unblemished, milky-white flesh, pouty lips, and a round, little bubble-butt that gets me hard whenever I picture bending him over and ramming home my seven-incher. I just know he’ll take to my cock like a fish to water.He is painfully shy to the extent he has difficulties meeting girls his age. He lives alone, rarely dates, and has a mild, submissive temperament. I am positive that once properly trained, he will bring me years of companionship and an infinite number of orgasms.At the moment, he is unaware he is gay and of course, if he knew of my plans for him, he would most certainly flee this city and state, perhaps even the country, and hide somewhere I could never find him. Ronnie works for me, and with only ten other employees, we have frequent contact. We speak every day, and I have gained his full trust and respect. Most of my workers sit at desks all day staring at computer screens, and are accustomed to me standing behind them, giving them shoulder and neck massages to keep them relaxed, and focused on their jobs.Ronnie, at first, was tense when I placed my hands on him; he was self-conscious of my attention. But when he observed me performing the same service for everyone else, he readily accepted my daily massages as part of his job. Of course, what he doesn’t know is that everyone he works with is gay, and they are required to not only acquiesce to my massages but to also perform ‘extra-curricular activities’ with me as a routine part of their employment contracts.Which makes me happy Ronnie came along when he did; I have grown tired and bored of casual sex with a number of young men. I am fond of Ronnie, and have developed an emotional attachment to him. In a few short days, he will have one with me, too. I am currently finalizing plans for his two-weeks of what I like to call ‘Conversion Therapy,’ and immediately thereafter we will be married and he will forever belong to me.You may ask: “How can you be so confident of taking a completely straight boy, and turning him gay?” and I would respond: “Over the years, I have perfected my training methods and have had great success with several boys and young men…Johnny, Tommy, Timmy, Freddy-just to name a few…none of them understood their true sexuality until they went on a fishing trip with me to my cabin in the woods.”Those boys took less than a week to turn, which will be true this time, as well, but since I have chosen Ronnie to be my bride, I will go into more detail and train him in the subtleties and nuances of becoming the best wife he can be.Bradley returned from his assignment Thursday afternoon and assured me everything at the cabin was the way I had requested.He is my second-in-command, and has been with the company longest of anyone. He is capable and deserving of taking over the reins when I leave. “I’ve never seen you like this,” he said. “You really like this boy, don’t you?”I laughed and said, “Yes…we will live happily ever after!””I’m a little nervous about becoming the boss here,” he said.”Don’t be silly-you do more work around here than me,” I said. “The employees respect you-they will work hard for you…besides, you know how to reach me if you have any questions.”I approached Bradley, smiled, and slowly ran my fingertip over his lips. He dropped to his knees and worked on opening my slacks.”I can’t believe I won’t be doing this for you anymore,” he said as he pulled down my slacks and boxers, exposing my erection and balls to his view.I chuckled and said, “Don’t worry-you’ll be coming over to the house for briefings and meetings…you’ll certainly be on your knees many, many times…maybe, I’ll even have my wife reciprocate for you.””That would be nice-he does have a pretty mouth,” said Bradley just before he slid his lips over my cockhead.I slowly backed-up so I could rest against the desk and enjoy Bradley’s lips and tongue. He shuffled forward on his knees never losing my hardness from his mouth.”By the way,” I said, “have you any applicants for his job?””Mmm-huh,” he mumbled.”And don’t forget to move everything out of his apartment-he won’t be returning there,” I said before his sucking caused me to close my eyes and give in to his wonderful mouth.”Mmm—huh,” he responded.”M-M-Mister Harwood, you want ME to go on a fishing trip with YOU?” the cute boy asked with wide-eyed amazement.”I feel bad about missing your birthday celebration last week…” I lied. “Turning twenty-one is a big day and I’m sorry I wasn’t there!””B-But you don’t have to do this for me, I mean, a whole week? You’re an important man-they’ll miss you around here!” he said in all seriousness.”Bradley is more than competent to run this place when I’m not here…besides, I haven’t had a vacation in over a year, and I would consider it a personal favor if you joined me!” I said trying to sound as sincere as possible.When I saw the redness flush over his face my heart melted. I wanted him more than ever. My penis became semi-erect inside my boxers.”Tonight, pack a bag with whatever you’ll need, and bring it with you tomorrow-okay?” I said forcefully. I wanted him to understand that a request from his boss was more than a request.”OH…uh, yeah, okay,” he said. “OH, thanks…uh, fishing with you will be fun-thank you for the invitation!”I smiled at him and nodded and thought: the only fishing you’ll be doing son will be with your hand inside my pants!When the boy left to return to work I briefly entertained the notion of either using Bradley’s mouth again, or have him drop his trousers and bend over, but decided I better preserve my strength for what was to come.Ronnie has a strong work ethic, and is very predictable. I was waiting in my car at 7:45 the next morning, and true to form, he was 15 minutes early for work.”Oh-uh, Hi Mister Harwood,” he said when he saw me. “It’s such a beautiful day let’s leave now,” I said to him.He blushed and said,” Are you sure-won’t they miss me inside?””They’ll have to make do without you-you’re all mine now!” I said, meaning every word of it.I helped him load his bag in the trunk then took his keys and cell phone from him.”We’ll keep these here,” I said. “We wouldn’t want to lose them in the lake, would we?””Uh, no…I guess not,” he replied.On cue, Bradley came out the entrance and I gave him the keys and cell phone.”Have fun,” he winked at me.In a voice only he could hear, I said, “The next time you see me I’ll be a married man!”He giggled and a broad smile spread across his face as he watched us drive away.I always try to schedule my ‘fishing trips’ in the middle of July. The weather is hot, and the humidity is oppressive. It rains every day and to make matters worse, the air is thick with gnats and mosquitos. It is the perfect combination of NOT wanting to go outside.An hour later I stopped at my usual diner for breakfast. Ronnie was still nervous about being alone with his boss; he had been clenching and unclenching his small fists the whole ride. I’m sure he was struggling to understand why suddenly, he, the newest employee in the company, was selected to accompany me.We finished our meals and I handed him a dollar and said, “Go to the counter and get a newspaper, okay?””Oh-uh, yes, sir,” he replied.When he left, I reached into my pocket for the vial of liquid, unscrewed the cap and poured the two-ounces of clear fluid into his half-full water glass. I had just returned the vial to my pocket when he returned.”Okay, let’s get going,” I said cheerfully. “We only have an hour to go and we’ll be there…oh, Ronnie-drink your water-in this heat you must stay hydrated at all times!””Uh, yes, sir,” he said and dutifully drained every drop from the glass. We made small-talk in the car. I praised his performance and told him he was a real asset to the company. I watched his face turn red from my gushing compliments. I patiently waited for the tell-tale signs the concoction I’d given him was taking effect.About a half-hour later I heard him sigh, and watched him relax in the seat for the first time. His nervous ticks and twitches were gone. A slight, dreamy-smile formed on his pouty lips.”You know, Ronnie,” I said. “I think you have a bright future with the company…if you apply yourself, and follow my advice-you have what it takes to become a leader…will you follow my advice, Ronnie?”His face was flush; his eyes wide-open with a glazed expression.”Oh, yes sir-I listen to everything you tell me-you are the smartest man I know!” he said will all due sincerity.I felt my prick begin to harden. I reminded myself I had to take my time with him-to nurture and bring him along slowly. I didn’t want to spook or scare him…once we began having sex, I wanted him to believe it was consensual, maybe even his idea.My cabin really is in ‘the middle of nowhere.’ I had to take many twists and turns thru the forest of tall trees before the lake came into view. I chuckled at the thought of Ronnie trying to find his way back to the main road, if he decided to try and leave me.I heard his voice catch when the cabin came into view. “Oh my, sir, it’s beautiful!” he exclaimed.”And the best thing is the privacy…the nearest neighbor is two-miles away!” I impressed on him.The Gods were smiling on me…just as we retrieved our bags from the trunk the heavens opened up and soaked us with a drenching rain. By the time we made it inside the cabin our clothes were thoroughly wet.I quickly found two bath towels and said to him, “C’mon, get out of those clothes-we need to put on some dry things!”He watched in wide-eyed amazement as I began stripping off my wet clothes.”Uh, Mister Harwood, I, dunno-“”RONNIE-you’re all wet and I don’t want you to get sick!” I said.”B-But Mister Harwood-I mean…””RONNIE-QUIT BEING SO IMMATURE! DON’T MAKE ME REGRET BRINGING YOU HERE!” I scolded him. It had the desired effect, he immediately began undressing.”I, uh-I’m sorry Mister Harwood, it’s just that I…uh…””You’ve never been naked with another man?” I finished his sentence for him.His face went from red to a deep crimson.”Well, uh, no…” he said softly.When he was nude, I wrapped him in a towel and rubbed dry his deliciously taut and smooth young body. His body stiffened when I pressed the towel to his crotch and dried his groin, but he didn’t protest or try to pull away from me. When we were dry, I tossed him a pair of yellow, nylon gym shorts. I stepped into black boxers. He looked at the shorts with incredulity, then to me, and hesitantly pulled the gym shorts up his slender legs. He had a bewildered look on his face when he discovered just how small the shorts were, but I acted as though nothing was wrong.I wondered how long it would take for him to get an erection from the smooth material of the nylon firmly rubbing against his naked flesh.He reached into his bag and pulled out a tee shirt. I stopped him before he put it on.”Ronnie, it’s hotter than Hades in here, and the air conditioner wasn’t made for this kind of heat…we’ll be cooler without shirts,” I said.”Oh…okay,” he said disappointedly.I loved his sad expression…his wide-eyed innocence. I saw him staring at the chess set on the table. Next to it was a stack of porno magazines Bradley set-out when he had prepared the cabin for our visit.”Well, it looks like fishing is out for today-have you ever played chess?” I asked.His eyes brightened and he eagerly replied, “Yes-I like playing chess!”I directed him to sit on the sofa. He was somewhat surprised when I sat directly beside him, but he didn’t say a word. He quickly became accustomed to my bulk close to him.We began playing, and I had a difficult time concentrating. I kept sneaking glances at his crotch waiting for the ED potion I’d given him to take effect. The potion is actually a mixture of an Erectile Dysfunction d**g, and a strong muscle relaxer…it works every time.I decided to help matters along by occasionally stroking his back and shoulders. He was already used to me doing it at work so he only flinched once when I first touched him.It didn’t take long for a small, but noticeable bulge to form in his crotch. Every so often I placed my hand on his thigh and squeezed. He now wore a permanent flush on his face; his breathing intensified; and a thin sheen of perspiration covered his soft and creamy skin. After I won two games, I said, “Ronnie, you seem tense…are you alright?”He coughed and mumbled something I didn’t understand. Then I saw the wet stain on his shorts. He prick was oozing pre-cum.”You know what might help you-a massage! See the table over there? C’mon, you’ll love it!”He feebly protested when I took his hand. I chuckled as he tried to cover his excitement as I led him to the massage table.”Lay down on your stomach,” I instructed him.I helped him onto the table and positioned him for full advantage. I began slowly, on his neck and shoulders then moved down his back; kneading his girly-soft flesh. My own cock began to leak pre-cum.I lightly brushed his buttocks then proceeded to his legs. By now he was totally relaxed. He imperceptibly began grinding his hard-on against the table. I figured I’d better make my move before he shot his load inside the shorts.In one swift move, I took the waistband of his shorts in my hands and swiftly tugged them down his legs.”M-M-Mister Harwood-what are you doing?” he cried out in a high-pitched squeal.I peeled the shorts off his legs and tossed them on the floor. I had to place a hand on the small of his back to keep him from leaping off the table.”I need to get at your sciatic nerve…relax, Ronnie, I think you’ll enjoy this,” I said. “Take a deep breath and close your eyes…”My cock throbbed in my shorts as I squeezed, stroked and kneaded his tender buttocks. I forced his legs apart and thoroughly massaged his inner asscheeks. At one point I couldn’t help myself: I pried apart his buttocks and stared at his virgin rosebud…soon to belong to me.”Ohhhhh-ahhhhh…oh my, Mister Harwood, that feels so gooood!” he groaned. I gave his butt a playful slap and said, “Time to turn over, son-let me do your front.”He choked and coughed then I heard the panic in his voice.”OH-NO-THAT’S-OKAY…I’m feeling a lot better now, thank you!””RONNIE-turn over-I’m not going to see anything I haven’t seen before!” I forcefully said to him.”PLEASE MISTER HARWOOD-IT’S EMBARRASSING! Pleeezzzz…” he pleaded.”RONNIE-WE ARE GROWN MEN-ACT LIKE IT, DAMMIT-TURN-OVER RIGHT NOW!” I ordered, and emphasized my words with a hard spank to his butt.He whimpered and began to roll over on his back. I smiled to myself in conquest when his small, hard pecker came into view.What a cute little thing! I thought. Can’t even be four-inches long.When my hands massaged his chest he closed his eyes. And when I began kneading his breasts and pinching and rolling his hardened nipples, he moaned and placed his arm over his eyes.I worked his flat belly then moved to his legs; all the while staring at his cute little dick. By now it was emitting a steady drool of pre-cum. I pushed his legs further apart and heard him groan.I saw his hairless scrotum and tiny nuts. I almost came right then and there.When I gently took his scrotum in my hand he tried to sit upright, but I firmly pushed him back down.”MISTER HARWOOD-NO-NO-PLEASE-WE SHOULDN”T BE DOING THIS!!” he cried out.”RONNIE-WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I said; I needed to muster enough fake outrage to calm him down. “I’M TRYING TO DO YOU A FAVOR AND YOU TREAT ME LIKE I’M SOME SORT OF PERVERT!! HAVEN’T YOU EVER HAD A CLOSE FRIEND BEFORE? THIS IS WHAT FRIENDS DO FOR EACH OTHER! YOU HAVE A HARD-ON-SO WHAT!! GOOD FRIENDS HELP ONE ANOTHER OUT IN TIMES LIKE THIS!!”I began gently rolling his balls in my hand then firmly grasped the shaft of his pecker. “Oh God, Mister Harwood…pleeeezzzz…” he whimpered.”How do you want me to hold it for you, Ronnie-squeeze it harder or lighter?” I asked in a calm voice.His head rolled side-to-side while he mumbled, “Oh-my-God-oh-my-God-oh-my-God…”I squeezed his dick hard, he cried out and said, “Oh-God-oh-God-oh-God…softer, please-not that hard.”I smiled in triumph as I stroked his little dick. My hand was a blur on his sensitive flesh. My plan was to finish him off fast, and by his squirming and the thrusting of his hips I knew it wouldn’t take very long.I could feel his balls expanding in my hand then he cried-out, “YES-YES-YES-YESSSSSSSSSS…”He flailed about the table like a fish out of water. I stared at his slit as stream-after-stream of cum shot into the air. His prick was alive in my hand; he was almost crying for joy. From his words and actions, I figured this was the best orgasm he’d ever had in his young life.By the time he stopped spurting, my hand was coated with semen. Most of it fell on his belly and thighs, and I was impressed at the amount of cum he had in those tiny balls.I let him rest a few seconds then said, “Now what do you think? Did I do a nice favor for you or not?”He was in uncharted territory and I knew it. He wasn’t sure if he should be grateful, or angry. His eyes were searching for something to say.Finally he said, “Uhhh…yes…that was a nice favor-thank you.””See?” I said. “This is what good friends do for each other-they help each other out in times of need.”Then he watched me push my shorts to the floor and my hard cock and large ball sac popped into his view. The shocked expression on his face was priceless.”Alright,” I announced. “It’s my turn-you can return the favor for me now!”He was groggy. He mumbled something as I helped him off the table. I climbed on the table and lay on my back; my throbbing cock pointing straight-up.He reached for the gym shorts on the floor and I said, “Leave them off-we’ll take a shower after you finish me off.”I lay with my hands locked behind my neck waiting; watching the uncertainty and distress play over his bewildered face. His eyes fixated on my cock. I was sure he’d never seen a grown man’s erect penis before; his reaction amused me.”I don’t need a full body massage-this time…just do exactly what I did for you, okay?” I asked. He didn’t say anything; the wheels in his head were turning; he was trembling; fearful of the thought of touching a man’s cock.”OKAY?” I repeated loudly.The color drained from his face as a barely audible “Okay” escaped his lips.He took a deep breath then reached for my cock. Just before he took it in his hand he closed his eyes. It was the most precious thing I’d ever seen!He began stroking me as fast as he could; herky-jerky movements. I wondered if this wa s the way he did it for himself.”Slow down, I want it to last longer,” I said. “And squeeze it harder…you like a light touch-I like it harder…oh, and open your eyes and look at my cock so you can make sure you’re doing it right!”He whimpered. His face was beet red. I saw him staring at my cock. He applied the pressure I liked and slowly stroked it up-and-down.I lay there with an impish grin on my face. This boy is perfect-very submissive, and naturally obedient and eager to please. I revised my timetable: I figured I’d have Ronnie turned within three-four days.”Don’t forget my balls,” I said. “Cradle them in your hand and gently roll them with your fingers.”Another whimper. I saw tears form in his eyes, but he never stopped looking on my cock. I glanced downward and saw he had another erection. The ED formula I’d used would be good for forty-eight hours, but I decided to give him another dose later today. I want to turn him into a ‘walking hard-on’…heh-heh-heh…He learned quickly. His hands were soft and skilled. He fell into a nice rhythm and when I finally said, “Faster” he immediately obeyed.The pressure was building in my balls. I began moaning and thrusting my hips upward. Without me telling him, he stroked my throbbing prick faster and harder.He has good instincts, I thought as I stared at his full, pouty lips. He’ll become an excellent cocksucker too-I think I’ll begin training his mouth tomorrow.My balls produce a huge amount of spunk. I carefully watched his face as load-after-load of cum shot from my cockhead. One load hit his cheek. The look of shock and awe in his eyes made my orgasm that much more intense.”C’mon, let’s go clean-up,” I said when I climbed off the table. With both of us still nude, I took his hand and led him to the bathroom. Halfway there I stopped and pointed at his erection. It was time to plant a seed of doubt in his mind.”I didn’t know you’re gay,” I said with a straight face.Another beet red blush covered his face.”I, uh—no-no—I’m not gay!” he said defensively.”Well, from the sight of ‘that’-you sure loved playing with my cock and balls!” I smiled at him.I used the soap and wash cloth and gently cleaned him all over. Of course, I paid special attention to his crotch and by the time I was done he was trembling and weak in the knees. Pre-cum dribbling from his slit.”Hmmm…” I said. “Looks like you need me to do you another favor.””Ohhh…Mister Harwood, no-no you don’t have to,” he whined.I grabbed his erection and said, “What kind of friend would I be if I left you in this condition?” I asked.”Put your hands against the wall,” I said.”Huh?” he asked confused.I positioned him three-feet from the far shower wall, and gently pushed him forward until all he had for balance was his hands on the wall. I gently nudged his legs further apart and reached around and took his prick in my hand. I squeezed it and he groaned; any resistance he may have had was gone.I poured liquid soap on my hand and coated my middle finger. I lowered the finger to his slightly splayed buttocks and ran it back-and-forth from his anus to perineum.”OH MY GOD-WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MISTER HARWOOD?” he shouted over his shoulder.”Shhhh…relax, son…I’m going to give you the best climax you’ve ever had in your entire life!” I said. “Do you trust me, Ronnie? Do you trust your boss?”I heard him groan. I smiled as I continued soaping up his nether region, waiting for the only answer I knew he could give me.”Y-Yes, sir…yes, I trust you Mister Harwood.””Good boy…I’m going to give you pleasure, Ronnie…don’t fight it-ACCEPT IT…you deserve pleasure, don’t you Ronnie?””I—I guess so…” he answered softly.”Good boy…now relax and enjoy,” I said.My finger and his anus were well soaped. I applied more and more pressure until the very tip of my finger popped thru his tight opening.I heard him hiss and gasp.”Good boy,” I said. “You’re doing fine.”I squeezed his cock and began to stroke it while very slowly pushing my finger farther-and-farther inside his virgin asshole. “OH GOD-OH JESUS-OH CRAP-OH MY…” he hissed into the wall.I gave no quarter. My finger made its way all the way inside him until the palm of my hand could actually squeeze his soft buttocks. I withdrew my finger to the knuckle then thrust it back inside him.”OH GOD, MISTER HARWOOD-OH GOD, MISTER HARWOOD…”I had the boy right where I wanted him. I finger-fucked him at will. The walls of his asshole milked my finger; he was squirming and thrusting his hips backward to meet the finger in his ass.My own cock throbbed and ached but I stuck with the plan. A weaker-willed man would have said “To hell with it!” and removed his finger and impaled the virgin boy on his cock.I knew he was close. Now when I thrust into him I made sure the finger hit his prostate.”OOOHHHHHHH-GGGOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD…””Cum for me, Ronnie-I want to hear you scream when you cum, Sweetie!”Sweetie? Ooops! I didn’t mean to call him that for at least another couple days. Maybe he didn’t hear me…I pumped his prick faster and thrust my finger up his ass harder.”OOOHHHHHHHHH-JEEEEEZZZZZZZ-YES-OH-GOD-YES-I’M-CUMMING-I’M-CUMMING-I’M-CUMMMIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG…”It was all I could do to hold him up so he wouldn’t fall. His body jerked and bucked wildly; I continued milking his prick until I’d drained every last drop from his balls.When he came to rest he collapsed against me. I held him in my arms; I wanted to kiss and stroke him but it was too soon. I felt his heart pounding against mine.There was a strange, far-off look in his eyes; a blank expression on his pretty face.I smiled at him and looked downward. His eyes followed mine to my pulsating hard-on. I placed the soap in his hand and he immediately understood what was expected. He gave me a wonderfully tender and slow handjob. When I came, I cried-out his name. I thought I detected a self-satisfied smile on his pretty face.”My mother taught me to be self-sufficient around the house…and she says I’m a pretty good cook,” he said proudly.After our shower it was lunchtime, and I told him to fix us sandwiches. I had asked if he knew how to cook.The cabin hadn’t cooled-off much so I insisted to stay comfortable he remain in just the gym shorts, and I wore only boxers. I sat at the table watching his every move. I wanted to make sure he knew his way around a kitchen. After all, once he became my wife, he would be responsible for all household duties and chores.As I watched him, I felt an inner peace and happiness that had been missing for a very long time. Not only had the boy given me two wonderful orgasms before 1pm, but he himself appeared contented and at ease. He seemed to glide effortlessly around the kitchen, and I could hear him humming a song that was currently popular with the k**s.”Mister Harwood?” he said while we were eating. “Yes, Ronnie?” I replied.”I never really had close friends…I don’t get along very well with guys my own age…what we just did-I mean, is it true two guys do those things for each other and they’re not considered gay?” he asked with serious concern.”Absolutely,” I said with conviction. “Men have needs and if women aren’t around to take care of those needs men help out each other…there is a long history of that beginning with the ancient Greeks right up to modern times…I’ve heard stories from soldiers returning from Afghanistan who say that many Arab men practice ‘man-love Thursday’ where boys your age or younger satisfy older men…and when those boys turn into men-they have boys take care of them…they even have a saying for it.””What is the saying?” he asked.I smiled at him and said, “Women are for procreation-men are for recreation!”I stood behind him massaging his neck and shoulders while he was doing the dishes. I used the excuse he looked tense to get my hands on his soft flesh one more time. He didn’t pull away or object. In fact, he rolled his head and said, “That feels good.”I felt my prick stirring in my shorts again. I was considering giving myself a dose of the ED potion when suddenly a thunderclap so loud startled the both of us. He fell backward into me, and I kept him from falling.”WOW-that was close-by,” he said.I could feel his heart pounding. And then we heard the sound of heavy rain pelting the windows and roof.He finished the dishes and I took his hand and said:”C’mon, let’s see if we can sit on the porch…”It depended from which direction the storm was coming. The screened-in porch was dry; we sat on the swinging loveseat and gently rocked back-and-forth watching Mother Nature’s wind, rain, thunder and lightning. It was an impressive display.When canlı bahis the storm passed thru and all we could hear was the steady drip-drip-drip of the rainwater falling off the leaves, I decided it was time.”Ronnie, if you don’t mind me asking…how many girls have you been with?”He blushed and stammered:”Well, uh, you know…I guess not as many as most guys my age…””Five? Six? More?” I pressed him for an answer.His face turned beet-red now and he took a long time to answer.”One…two if you count just oral sex,” he said softly.I took the opportunity to put my arm around his shoulders to console him.”Some guys start later than others,” I said. “You’re a shy boy…you’re very good-looking, but kind of small…it must be difficult for a boy like you to compete with bigger, more masculine men.””It is…” he said sadly. “I can get girls to talk and laugh, but when it comes time to, well, you know-get physical…they seem to lose interest…they tell me I’m not a very good kisser.”My cock lurched in my shorts. He’d just given me the perfect opening.”I could help you with that, if you want,” I said casually. “I’ve been told I’m a great kisser!”His eyes flew wide-his face went white:”Uh…Mister Harwood, uh, I dunno…wouldn’t that be kind of ‘gay’?”I remained calm and chuckled good-naturedly. “Ronnie, I want to help you…that’s all there is to it…we’re two friends alone here in a nice cabin looking out over a beautiful lake…when we get home, no one will ever know what went on here…I think I can help you with your problem-one friend helping another friend…”Uncertainty was written all over his face. I needed to take advantage of this moment so I leaned over and planted a firm kiss on his cheek.His face went from white to red.”That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked with a smile on my face.”Well, no…but, I mean…””Close your eyes, Ronnie,” I said softly. “But Mister Harwood, I-“”CLOSE YOUR EYES!!” I commanded. He immediately obeyed me.I lightly held his head with both hands, turned him gently to me and pressed my lips on his. I worked my lips while his remained flat, unresponsive. The girls were right: he wasn’t much of a kisser.”Ronnie,” I whispered. “Move your lips like I do…press them harder on my mouth…”He was an excellent student! His kisses grew more passionate, his full and pouty lips responded to me and he eagerly kissed me back. I pushed his lips apart with my tongue and found his. He caught-on right-away and our tongues licked and danced together.My cock was fully erect and my balls began to ache. I snuck a peek at his crotch-he was hard, too, and had a pre-cum stain on his yellow shorts.Without warning, I slid my hand into his shorts and grasped his prick and squeezed. His body nearly jumped off the loveseat.I whispered in his ear, “Do what I do!”The wonderful boy immediately obeyed me. He forced his hand inside my shorts, took hold of my raging cock, and followed my movement stroke-for-stroke.I became lost kissing his wonderful lips. I was giddy the boy was such a quick learner. When I felt the excitement growing in my balls, I broke our kiss, pulled down both his and my shorts to our knees.When I resumed stroking his prick, I massaged his balls as well. He did the same for me. Our mouths met again and when his balls exploded he thrust his tongue into my mouth causing me to ejaculate too.It must have been quite a sight to see: our hands furiously working each other’s genitals while our mouths were locked in a wet and passionate kiss. We gasped and cried-out. I watched his face contort; eyes closed; mouth wide-open. He was a picture of pure bliss. He fell into my arms while we waited for our hearts to stop pounding.”Now you know how to kiss a girl,” I said breathing heavily.I gave him tissues, and without even telling him, he cleaned the spunk off of me first and then did the same for himself. What a wonderful boy!We adjusted our shorts. I put my arm around him. He laid his head on my shoulder and just before we fell asleep I gave him one more kiss on his lips. I was thrilled he accepted it without protest.Two-hours later a loud clap of thunder woke us from our nap. This time the rain came at us thru the screen. We hurried inside before we got wet. It was too early for dinner so we sat on the sofa to play chess.”Oh, do you smoke cigars, Mister Harwood?” he asked. He was looking at the long, cylindrical tube lying beside the chess set. I smiled and said, “No, I use that for something else.” He shrugged and accepted my answer.After the first chess game I asked him if he wanted to share a beer with me.”Oh, that would be great, Mister Harwood!” he enthusiastically replied.I smiled and said, “Ronnie, we’re close friends now, why don’t you call me ‘William’?”He said, “Oh wow-thank you William…yeah, I guess what we’ve done together, well, you know…”I laughed and said, “We’re ‘friends with benefits’-have you heard that expression before?”A quizzical look crossed his face. “Uh-huh…but I was never sure what it meant before now.”On the way to the kitchen I smiled at his refreshing innocence.I poured a vial of ‘love potion’ into his glass, opened a beer and filled it to the top. I poured the rest of the beer into my glass. On the way back I stopped when I saw Ronnie thumbing thru one of the porn magazines. He stared at one photo a long time.Finally I coughed to make my presence known. I watched him hurriedly close the magazine and shove it under the magazine on top. It made me wonder what he’d been looking at so intently.Once again I sat so close to him our legs were touching. I glanced at the pile of magazines and saw that “Busty Babes” was on top. I knew when I’d left the room “Boys Will Be Boys” had been the top magazine.I chuckled to myself when I saw the wet spot and bulge on the crotch of his gym shorts. I had him right where I wanted him…it was time to apply my Conversion Therapy techniques.”Is there something you want to tell me, Ronnie?” I asked the boy as we continued the game.”Uh…I don’t know what you mean, Mister-I mean William,” he answered nervously.I smiled and said, “Describe to me your favorite sexual experience, Ronnie…was it the first girl you were with, or the second girl?””I…uh, William…please, this is kind of personal…it makes me uncomfortable talking about this…””Ronnie-listen to me-I’m trying to help you…I am getting the distinct impression that sex with those girls wasn’t all that great for you, is that correct?”Another beet-red blush covered his face-God, how I love his naïve sincerity.”No-no, William-I liked it fine!””I’m sure you did, Ronnie-there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t love to ejaculate…but my question was-“‘describe to me your favorite sexual experience”? So who was it, the first girl? The second girl? Or neither one of them?””Please-this is so embarrassing-I don’t like talking about sex!””You don’t like talking about sex because you’re not being honest with yourself-Ronnie, as your friend I’m trying to help you come to terms with your sexuality-I will never lie to you, and I expect you will never lie to me…whatever you say to me will remain strictly between you and me, and I will not judge you…your deepest and darkest desires and secrets are safe with me…do you trust me, Ronnie?””Well, uh…””DO—YOU—TRUST—ME?””YES-I mean, yes, I trust you William.””Good boy, Ronnie-that’s a start…I know how difficult this is for you but I am here for you-I will help you sort out your feelings…your TRUE feelings!”I d****d my arm around his shoulders, pulled him to me and kissed him on the side of his forehead.”Ronnie…” I said softly in his ear. “Who has given you your best orgasm-the first girl? The second girl? OR ME?”He choked back a sob. He was trembling in my arms. His head was rolling from side-to-side.I boldly reached down and grasped his erection thru the ever-dampening gym shorts. His body jerked like he’d been hit with a stun gun.”Ronnie, it is perfectly okay if you get aroused by the idea of sex with boys and men…you cannot control your likes and dislikes…ever since we arrived here your penis has been hard-you love touching my cock as much as me touching yours, don’t you Ronnie? You love being naked with me-you love kissing me-you love me holding you-I have given you the best orgasms you’ve ever experienced, haven’t I Ronnie?”He snuffled, cleared his throat then said in a barely audible whisper: “Yes…but I don’t want to be gay…””…and I don’t want to be brown-eyed and left-handed but that was the way I was born…”He began squirming under my handling of his erection. I smiled as I recalled a saying from years ago: “The way to a boy’s heart is thru his hard penis.”I released my hand from him and said, “Take down your shorts, Ronnie.”He reluctantly obeyed my command. His will to resist had been overpowered by his need to cum.This time when I took hold of his prick he melted into my arms. His far-off, dreamy gaze told me I could do or say anything I wanted.I kissed him hard on the mouth and his lips parted when I pushed my tongue between them. I increased the tempo on his hot, throbbing penis. I loved the feel of his little dick in my hand.I patiently waited for the tell-tale signs of his impending climax all the while reveling in his full lips and non-stop tongue.His moans into my mouth became hotter; his hips moved frantically up-and-down. I quickly removed my hand from his prick, found the base of his scrotum and gently encircled the soft flesh with two fingers. I waited for the right time.Suddenly, his balls began rising in his sac and my fingers pushed them down low: Orgasm Denied.He broke our kiss and whimpered, “Noooooooo—pleeezzzzzzzzzzz…”My thumb found his slit and spread the oozing pre-cum on his glans. His body twitched and jumped from the sensations.When his body came to rest I resumed stroking his hardness. “Ronnie, what magazine were you looking at when I left the room?””Huh? Oh, uh…you know, that one,” he said nodding his head at “Busty Babes.””I’m disappointed in you, Ronnie…you’re lying to me-friends don’t lie to friends.””B-But I-“”I’ll give you one more chance, Ronnie,” I said as I squeezed and stroked his cock faster and harder. “Show me the magazine you were looking at, Ronnie!””Ohhh Goddd…” he whimpered like it was the end of the world.His trembling hands lifted the top magazine then pulled out the second one down. “Good boy, Ronnie…” I said kissing his cheek and lightly smoothing the hair on his head. “Now show me the picture you were staring at!””William-please-I can’t-“”SHOW ME THE PICTURE, RONNIE!”He whimpered like a puppy as he paged thru the magazine. He found what he was looking for and held it open for me to see two naked boys his age; one standing with a nice erection, the other boy on his knees servicing the hard cock with his hands and mouth.”Which boy are you, Ronnie?”His face turned a dark red I’d never seen before. “I-uh, no-please, William…”I lowered my head to Ronnie’s prick and swallowed his glans. I sucked at it furiously for three-seconds then lifted my head. The boy’s face registered total shock.”Ronnie, if you tell me the truth I will do you a favor and finish what I started-if you lie to me-you and I are over-I will never have anything to do or say to you again-which of the boys do you want to be: the one standing-or the boy on his knees sucking a hard cock?”It wasn’t as tough an ultimatum as it sounded. I already knew his answer but it was crucial I get him to say it. He mumbled something I didn’t quite hear. “I didn’t hear you, Ronnie-say it again-OUT LOUD!”And the words came spilling out of his mouth:”I WANT TO BE THE BOY ON HIS KNEES SUCKING A HARD COCK!”A couple tear drops rolled down his cheeks but I barely noticed-I was elated! My heart, hell, my entire being leapt with a joy and satisfaction I’d never known before. I had never ‘converted’ an unwilling boy so soon-good grief, it took only a few hours!I smiled at him and wore the most compassionate face I could manage. I kissed his lips then gently pushed his chest until he was leaning against the backrest.”You’re a good boy, Ronnie…I want you to relax and enjoy this-I’m going to give you a ‘Special Treat’!”I went down and swallowed the entire length of his prick into my mouth. I love sucking tiny dicks-I love having the whole thing in my mouth-there’s nothing like the flavor and aroma of young dick. I moved my head furiously up-and-down; every time my lips reached the base, a little more pre-cum leaked from my engorged cockhead. I worked on him rapidly; mustering all the skill I’d acquired thru-out my life. “OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD…” he groaned. His hips quickly began bucking and thrusting upwards. I was sure he had never experienced anything like this from his two former girlfriends.Since I denied his first orgasm, I knew he wouldn’t last much longer so I savored the moment; I wouldn’t be doing this for him very often in the future-only when I thought he deserved it. I maneuvered his legs further apart. I coated my middle finger with his pre-cum until it was wet and slick. The moment I touched his anus I heard a loud “OHHHHHHHHH…”I pressed forward slowly working the finger inside his rubbery ring. When it was into the knuckle-I squeezed his prick-sucked hard on his glans-then forcefully thrust the finger into him until it bumped his prostate.”OHHHHHHHHHHHHH-YES-YES-YES-YES-YES-YES-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS…”I love the taste of fresh cum from a young boy. Once again I was impressed with the quantity of cum his tiny balls held. His body flailed about but I was able to keep his dick in my mouth.I didn’t swallow the final few spurts; I held it inside my mouth until he was finished then I took his head in my hands and kissed him. When he realized I was letting his own cum ooze into his mouth from mine he tried to pull away, but I held him firmly to me with the admonishment:”Never pull away from me!” The severity of my voice surprised him and he flushed red and apologized.”I—I’m s-sorry, William.”He opened his mouth allowing the transfer of cum. His tongue licked the creamy substance from my tongue. “Mmmmm…” he softly moaned. “Did you enjoy that, Ronnie?” I asked the still-trembling boy. I knew darn well it had been the best climax he’d ever experienced.His heart was pounding as I held him close.”Ohhh, Mister Harwood-I mean, William…yes…that was the best ever…I never felt anything like that before!” he said, unable to look me in the eyes.”Ronnie, that’s the way all your orgasms can be, if you admit to yourself what you truly enjoy in life.”I saw his puzzled expression and smiled to myself. It was time for his big test; to take him to a place from where he could never return.”Ronnie, I did you a favor and it’s your turn to reciprocate-will you do me a favor now?””Oh-Yes William!” he said enthusiastically. “I owe you a favor!”His small hand darted beneath the waistband of my shorts and took hold of my hard cock; he slowly stroked it. He misunderstood my intentions.”Finish your beer, son,” I said. I watched him drain the last half of beer and the ‘love potion’.I began to stand, and I helped him to his feet. He was about to remove his hand from my cock when I said, “NO-keep holding it…take my balls in your other hand!”My heart soared when he instantly obeyed my command. His small hands now held and caressed my genitals inside my boxers. He looked at his discarded shorts and I knew he wanted to cover himself. “No, Ronnie, I want you naked,” I said softly. “You are such a pretty boy I want to see all of you!”I smiled as I looked at another hard little boner jutting out from his crotch.In this manner I guided him into position before the large living room mirror. I took his head and gently kissed his sweet lips.”You’re doing fine, Ronnie…you’re such a good boy!” I said as I flipped the switch and the red light above us came on.I gently touched the tip of my middle finger to his full lips and ran it back and forth over his closed mouth. I watched his pretty face. His expression told me he had no clue what I was doing.When I applied the pressure to push my finger into his mouth his eyes became big with horror while his cheeks flushed the deepest red yet. He figured out what was expected of him.”Mister-I mean, W-William-please, I can’t do this-p-please don’t make me do this…”I reached down and found his hard pecker and squeezed and gently stroked it. I kissed him and pushed my tongue into his mouth until he gasped for air.”Ronnie, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I thought we were friends-we do favors for one another…I did you a favor-now I would think you’d want to return that favor…don’t you want to return the favor for me, Ronnie?””B-B-But that? Oh God, Mister Harwood-won’t that make me a-you know…uh…” he stammered.”What? A queer—a fag-GAY?” I said loudly. “I thought you were smarter than that, Ronnie! I’m a little disappointed in you! We already went over all this-we’re ‘friends with benefits’-that is all…no one will ever know what we do here-I thought you were adult-enough to understand that!”When the blood drained from his face, and tears welled in his eyes, I knew he would go thru with it. “I thought you wanted to try this, Ronnie? Remember what you told me about that picture? How you want to be on your knees sucking a man’s cock?”I heard him whimper. “But-“”Ronnie, this is the perfect time to try it-you can experiment all you want and no one will ever know-I promise you!” I said as I stroked his throbbing prick harder and faster.”Ohhhh, William…that feels so good…are you sure no one will ever find out about this?”I inwardly smiled in triumph, but remained stoic.”Ronnie, I guarantee I will never say a word to anyone about what we do here!” I said then kissed him again. “And I think you just might like it…”Once again I pressed my middle finger to his mouth; this time his lips parted and allowed the finger entry. I slowly pushed it into his mouth.”Wrap your lips around the finger, son,” I instructed. “Yes, that’s good…now use your tongue-lick at it while I move in-and-out of your mouth!””Yes-that’s very good…work your lips and swirl your tongue…” I said as I simulated fucking his mouth.I saw a strange glaze come over his eyes. His cheeks puffed in and out, and his breathing became irregular. I squeezed his hard prick one more time and he moaned around my finger. It was time to turn him into a cocksucker.I whispered into his ear; my hot breath causing his erection to pulse and expand in my hand:”Take your hands out of my shorts and get on your knees…” He slowly obeyed me. “Good boy,” I said and patted his head as though I was rewarding a dog. I chuckled when I saw him close his eyes.”Ronnie, open your eyes and pull down my shorts,” I said softly. “I want you to look at it.”His fingers hooked the waistband and my shorts began their descent. I watched his reaction when my hard cock and scrotum came into his view. His eyes grew wide; a flush of heat covered his face. My shorts fell to the floor and I kicked them aside. I spread my legs wider for balance.”Give the head a little kiss…” I said.My purple cockhead was slick with pre-cum. I stared down at the boy and watched him reluctantly move his face forward until his lips came into contact with my hot flesh. He pursed his full lips and touched them lightly to my glans.”Ronnie, you can do better than that-give it a real kiss,” I encouraged him. “Yes, that’s good-kiss the whole thing-yes, like that-very good-back and forth…back and forth…very good!””Now use your tongue-lick it all over, Ronnie…yes, excellent-you’re doing great!””Ronnie, wet your lips with your tongue…ohhh boy-that looks so sexy! Now slide your lips over the glans and take the head completely in your mouth…yes—yes-Oh you’re such a good boy!””Now Ronnie, take hold of the shaft…yes, good-yes, oh Ronnie you’re a natural!” I said when his hand immediately began to stroke the shaft. “Cradle my balls in your other hand…yes, very good-Yes, that’s it-yes, massage my balls…oh you’re such a sweet young boy I want to call you ‘Sweetie’ from now on-is it okay if I call you ‘Sweetie’?””Hmmmm…” he replied. “Now just do the same things I did for you, Sweetie-move your head back-and-forth while you stroke the shaft…yes, oh my, that feels sooo good! Don’t forget my balls, Sweetie-massage my balls…oh you’re such a good boy doing exactly what I tell you to do!””Breath thru your nose, Sweetie-that’s it-breath-in my aroma, dear,” I heard a deep groan escape his throat. “Yes, I can hear how much you love my smell…now work your mouth faster over my cock…no-keep your tongue on my flesh…Yes, very good, Sweetie-very good!”He suddenly removed his hand from my balls, lowered it and began stroking his own erection.”No—no, Sweetie-when you have a man’s penis in your mouth you must give it your full attention-I will decide when you can cum!”Another whimper of frustration came from him as he quickly obeyed me and re-took my balls in the palm of his small hand.I smiled down at the boy as he worked feverishly to make me cum. He now furiously bobbed his head back-and-forth over the length of my prick. His hand became a blur on the shaft.Small, mewling a****l-like noises came from deep within him. He was lost in the sucking.”Sweetie,” I said, “…my balls are full of cum…when I shoot in your mouth swallow as much as you can, okay?”It is always a good idea to tell a new boy what is expected of him; otherwise, when they taste the first salvo of cum they have a tendency to pull their mouths off the cock they are servicing. “Hmmmm…” he moaned around my ever-expanding prick.I reveled in his sucking. He had become so good in such a short amount of time it crossed my mind that he had done this for men in the past, but I knew that wasn’t true. Bradley had assured me the boy was strictly heterosexual, and Bradley has a gift for gleaning personal information from young boys.When my balls finally exploded, I sensed panic from the boy. His eyes opened wide as possible, an expression of fear and disgust washed over him. “Place your tongue flat on the slit and lap-up and swallow as much as you can!” I commanded. When you first use a boy’s virgin mouth you have to keep their mind occupied so they don’t have any second thoughts.He instantly obeyed. His submission to me made my orgasm that much sweeter and longer. I was absolutely delighted as I watched him frantically sucking and swallowing, desperately trying to keep up with the numerous spurts of cum I shot into his willing mouth.I saw some of my cream escape the corners of his mouth and smiled at such a dirty sight: my hard cock deep in the boy’s mouth, his eyes bugged-wide; a film of perspiration on the red cheeks of his pretty face.When my orgasm gradually subsided, I was impressed by the amount of cum he had been able to swallow, but this was no time to gloat…no, not yet.”Sweetie, clean me with your tongue-all of the spunk you missed-lick it all up with your lips and tongue!”My heart filled with warmth when he immediately obeyed my command.I helped him to his feet and he was trembling so much and his legs were wobbling he almost fell down. I caught him around his waist and held him steady. I knew what the problem was: he was so excited that the slightest touch would have sent him into ejaculation.I calmly reached between his legs and found his balls high in their sac; my fingers gently encircled them and pushed them down: Orgasm Delayed.His frustration was palpable.”OHHHH-PLEEEEEZZZZZZ-MISTER-HARWOOD-PLEEEEZZZZZZZZZ…”I guided him to the leather sofa and positioned him between the sofa and table. “Place your head and elbows on the back of the sofa,” I instructed.He automatically obeyed, but when he realized how vulnerable he was in this position, he balked and said, “B-But Mister Harwood-w-what are you going to do to me-please William-“”RONNIE,” I said forcefully, gripping his rock-hard, young prick and stroked it sending shivers thru-out his body, “…if you want me to let you cum you’ll have to trust me and do as I say-OKAY?”More whimpering followed by a meek, “Yes, Mister Harwood-I mean William.”He groaned again when I removed my hand from him. I found the ‘cigar tube’ on the table, opened the drawer and brought out the jar of baby oil.I quickly coated the tube with oil, and standing behind him ordered him to “Spread your legs wider apart!”He obeyed then gasped when he felt the tube sliding between the open cheeks of his ass. I pressed it firmly and moved it back and forth from his anus over his perineum. He shivered again.I pressed the tip against his virgin asshole and applied pressure. When it popped thru his rubbery ring he gasped, and began a non-stop moaning. I felt him trying to expel the invader so I pinched his buttock hard.”OWWWW,” he cried out.”Sweetie, you need to relax…let it happen-I promise you’re going to love this!”I grasped his tiny prick and squeezed-he was ready to cum but it was too soon. Once again I lowered the balls in his scrotum.When his body calmed down, I began a slow thrusting of the tube in-and-out of his asshole.”OOHHHHH-GODDDDD…” he exclaimed; and when he began to frantically move his hips back and forth I knew I had him-he was mine to do with as I pleased.Before I actually fuck a new boy, I make them assume all the standard fucking positions and use the tube on them. In this way, they become accustomed to being the ‘submissive’ in our relationship. The tube is only a half-inch in diameter so it doesn’t hurt them much, and they get used to having something inserted in them ‘back there.’I waited patiently until the boy’s natural instincts took over. I didn’t stroke his prick as much as just let him move his hips and slide it thru my lightly closed fingers. In fact, I held the tube still, and let him do the fucking. He was moaning incessantly now; his thrusts became more urgent; his cries of pleasure louder and more frequent.When he began to fully impale himself on the tube, I decided it was time to allow him to cum.My hands went to work vigorously stroking his prick while I brutally screwed his asshole with the fake cock. For his part, he threw caution out the window and lost his inhibitions; he violently fucked-back hard against the tube. His tender asshole took every inch, and when the tube bumped his prostate he howled like a wolf in heat.With one final, and particularly brutal thrust of the tube deep inside his asshole, his body shook violently, his prick began spewing cum in mid-air. “OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD—YES-YES-YES-I’M-CUMMING-I’M-CUMMING-OH-MY-GOD-I’M-CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…”I milked his prick for all it was worth; I drained his balls of every drop of boy-cum. When his body came to rest, I wiped his prick clean with my hand, leaned over and presented it to his face.”Lick my hand clean, Sweetie!” I ordered.He groggily lifted his head and obeyed my command. I felt my cock lurch to full erection. His obedience excited me no end.I helped him to a standing position and pointed at the sofa.”Sweetie, you made a heckuva mess-lick it all up for me!”I heard him groan, but he immediately lowered his face and obeyed my command.Oh my God, this boy is perfect! I thought.We pulled on our shorts and I instructed bahis siteleri him to sit while I retrieved a beer from the fridge. I sat close beside him, offered him a swallow of beer. Then I decided to test him. I laid my hand on the soft flesh of his inner thigh and gently rubbed until I saw the small bulge appear once again inside his shorts.He was completely under the influence of the double-dose of ‘love potion’ I’d given him.”Sweetie,” I said. “Put your left arm over my shoulders…” He obeyed. “Now with your other hand I want you to reach inside my shorts and hold my balls for me—will you do that ‘favor’ for me, Sweetie?”He flushed a bright crimson, hesitated, but when he saw me intently staring at him he reluctantly slid his hand inside my shorts. He gasped as his hand brushed my erection then he found my balls and cradled them in his hand.I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Good boy,” I said.I gave him another swig of beer and said, “Sweetie-we need to talk!”I paused, drank from the beer bottle then used my most sincere and caring voice:”Sweetie, we’ve had a lot of fun today, haven’t we?””Y-Yes…it has been fun…””…and one thing I’ve noticed is every time you’re near me you get an erection, isn’t that true?”His face turned a brighter red. “I, uh, no, I don’t think so!””Sweetie,” I scowled at him. “Don’t insult both of our intelligence…” I squeezed his hard prick thru his shorts for emphasis.”I, uh…oh God, I don’t know what’s happening to me…I’ve never felt like this before!””I think I know what’s going on, Sweetie, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of-what you have experienced today is perfectly normal…the sex you and I have had has been wonderful, hasn’t it?””I, uh, well-“”Sweetie, if you want me to help you-you MUST be honest with me! You have loved having sex with me today, haven’t you?””Oh God, I, uh…””SWEETIE-LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND ADMIT YOU LOVE HAVING SEX WITH ME!!”The color drained from his face. His watery eyes found mine, and in a barely audible voice he said, “Yes…I love having sex with you.”My hard cock twitched inside my shorts.”You love holding my hard cock in your hands, don’t you Sweetie?””Oh God, Mister Harwood…please don’t make me say these things…can’t we talk about something else?””No Sweetie, we’re staying on this subject until you understand what kind of boy you are…now, tell me you love holding my hard cock in your hands-ANSWER ME!!”A single teardrop rolled down his cheek.”Yes…yes I love holding your hard cock in my hands.”I kissed his cheek and said, “See-that wasn’t so difficult to admit…Sweetie, tell me you love kneeling before me and sucking my hard cock!””Oh God…””I’M WAITING FOR AN ANSWER-SAY IT-TELL ME YOU LOVE SUCKING MY HARD COCK!!”I began to stroke his erection again. His mind was in a fierce battle with his penis and I knew which one would win out.”YES DAMMIT-YES I LOVE SUCKING YOUR HARD COCK!””You love making me cum in your mouth-you love the taste of my cum-SAY IT!”He began to quietly sob. “Yes…I love making you cum-I love the taste of your cock and cum in my mouth.”I turned his face to mine and kissed him on his lips. Oh God, I uh, don’t know-I’m confused.””Tell me you wanted to hold my balls, Sweetie-say it-ADMIT IT TO ME, SWEETIE!!””OH GOD-YES, I WANTED TO HOLD YOUR BALLS-Oh my God…”I hugged him to me; kissed his lips again.”Sweetie, many boys do not know who or what they are for a long time…they refuse to admit to themselves they have feelings for men…they go thru life miserable and unhappy because they refuse to face reality-they are afraid of what other people may think of them…”I kissed his cheek and said, “Your hand is getting me excited again…hold my cock and stroke it for me, Sweetie.””Oh God…” he whimpered.”We both know you want to-stroke it for me Sweetie.”When his hand gripped my hardness and began moving up-and-down I wanted to shout to the heavens with joy, but I restrained myself.”Sweetie, boys who take a long time to admit to themselves they prefer sex with men over women are called ‘latent homosexuals’ and that’s the kind of boy you are, okay?”He was still fighting my argument. I casually took his prick in my hand and squeezed.”Sweetie, you’ve been sexually excited all day long…it’s time to admit what kind of boy you are-that you love having sex with men… you love it when I stroke and suck you…you love taking my cock in your hands and when you took it in your mouth you wanted to jerk-off, didn’t you?””M-Mister-William…please…I don’t know why I have these feelings…””Sweetie, I don’t want you to be ashamed of your feelings-you simply love men and their hard cocks-it is natural for you to want to please men-you are what is called ‘submissive’-you want to obey men…it obviously makes you very happy when you give men sexual pleasure…I want to help you accept who you are…will you let me help you?””Oh God…I don’t know how this happened…oh God…” Sweetie, face the facts-you are homosexual-you’re queer-you’re a faggot-you’re gay…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you can admit it to yourself.””B-But I never felt like this before-I never had sex with a man until today.”I smiled at him and hugged him close to me. With his prick in my hand, I kissed him hard on the mouth, taking his breath away; I smeared his pre-cum around his glans; his body twitched and jumped from the electric sensations.”Sweetie, you have made me a happy man…you obviously have very strong feelings for me otherwise you wouldn’t have taken my penis in your mouth…and be honest, I’ve given you the best sex of your life…say it, Ronnie-tell me you love obeying me-having sex with me!”His sniffles reminded me of a little boy. The look on his face warmed my heart: bewilderment and total confusion.”Ronnie,” I said in a whisper, “…you’re in love with me, aren’t you? You love me for making you realize who you really are…your constant erections are proof of your love for me…Sweetie, I love you, too, and I’m going to help you accept the fact you’re gay and you love to give pleasure to men!”He burst into full blown tears. He pressed his body to mine and cried into my shoulder. I kissed his cheek, and stroked his chest while his body shook from his heavy sobbing. I waited until he cried himself out.”Sweetie, are you getting hungry?” I asked.He nodded and weakly said, “Yes…””Okay, there are two steaks in the kitchen you can cook for us…but first, I want you to kneel between my legs and pull down my shorts…I want you to suck my cock again, okay?”The startled expression on his face amused me. He managed to meekly say “Okay.”He was about to say something else then abruptly stopped. When he got to his knees and tugged at my shorts I lifted my hips to help him.Without me having to say another word, he obediently grasped the base of my shaft, took my balls in his hand, wet his lips and slid them over my enlarged cockhead.I sat back and watched his pretty face bob up-and-down my erection. I made plans for the next day:I would use the tube-the ‘fake cock’ a couple more times on him before I introduced him to the real thing and take his cherry. I want him begging for my cock-it is no fun fucking a boy who doesn’t want to take it up his ass.When I blew another huge load in his mouth he amazed me by swallowing just about all of it. He licked me clean without me telling him to do so.Only one day in, and he was well on his way to becoming a good wife for me. I had to tell myself though to be patient-there is much more training still to be done-but the hardest part was over…I convinced him he is queer…the remainder of our stay here would be fun and very, very pleasurable.I had him do all the work in the kitchen. I hovered over him touching, feeling and squeezing his firm, young body. I wanted to keep his small dick in a constant state of agitation.It worked. By the time we finished eating and he was done washing and drying the dishes his body was a quivering and trembling mass of soft and moist flesh. The front of his yellow gym shorts was completely saturated with pre-cum.I poured two after-dinner cognacs and led him to the sofa once again. I made no pretense for my intentions. I had him sit on my lap and let my free-hand wonder over his body. Three-times I had to reach into his shorts and push down his balls to prevent him from cumming too soon. “Sweetheart, take-off your shorts and get on your hands and knees on the floor,” I ordered when I finished the cognac.”Y-Yes, William,” he said softly.His mind was clouded by his bodies overpowering state of sexual arousal. I was sure I could do whatever I wanted with him.”No, Sweetie-legs apart as far as they can go-that’s better…lower your head and shoulders to the floor-very good-you’re such a good boy…now Sweetie, I want you to reach back with your hands and pull apart your asscheeks…yes, just like that! Stay in that position!”I took my time oiling the tube-I loved seeing him in that obscene pose. His pink anus, totally exposed to my leering gaze, looked so inviting I once again had to fight-off the strong impulse to throw away the tube and bury my own cock in the sweet boy’s asshole.On my knees behind the boy, I placed the tip of the dildo directly on his anus. There was no need to tease the boy; his shivering and incoherent babbling told me he was more than ready for the main event.I pushed it into him slowly; reveling in his groans of pleasure. Goosebumps covered his soft flesh; his body visibly shook and trembled.When the head of the dildo bumped his prostate and he cried out, I quickly lowered his balls again. It was too soon for him to cum.I gave him a few strokes; he was getting into the rhythm; his hips began pushing back on the fake cock. Then I withdrew it altogether.”Noooooooo-pleeeezzzzzzzzzzzz…” he whimpered.I guess I wanted to tease him afterall, heh-heh-heh.”What is it you want, Sweetie? Do you want me to fuck you with the dildo?””Ohhhhhhh-God-please-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…””You know what I want to hear, Sweetie-say it for me!””Ohhhhh-yes-yessssssssss-fuck me with the dildo-PLEASE FUCK ME WITH THE DILDO!!”I smiled in victory then carefully placed the head of the fake cock just inside him and pushed it home in one brutal thrust. I gave no quarter—I energetically pulled it out to the tip and rammed it into his asshole again…and again-and-again-and again…”ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—OHHHHHHHHHHHH-OOOOOOOOOOOOO-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…”I felt the boy’s balls rise in their sac and decided to allow him to climax this time.I reached between his legs, firmly grasped his throbbing prick, and furiously stroked him while I fucked him harder and faster with the rubber cock. His body shook so violently it was all I could do to keep my hands moving.It started as a low, guttural “ohhhhhhhhhhh” then it gradually reached crescendo-pitch until it was “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-I’M-CUMMING-I’M-CUMMING-I’M-CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…”He was so loud I was thankful we were alone here in the middle of nowhere.When he finished he collapsed in a heap on the floor. I smiled as I watched him gasp for oxygen; his body still twitching and jerking. I lay down beside him stroking his back and buttocks; covering his forehead and cheeks with little kisses.I whispered in his ear: “Have you ever had an orgasm like that with a girl?”And thru his heavy breathing I heard him sadly whimper, “Nooooooo…”I am convinced it was at this moment that any remaining notions or beliefs he may have clung to about being heterosexual completely disappeared. Now it was just a matter of fine-tuning his doubts and insecurities-to re-wire his sexual identity. I had him wash himself while I retrieved another pair of gym shorts; the yellow ones were stained with a day’s worth of young boy’s pre-cum. I, too, changed into a new pair of boxers for the same reason.”B-But these are pink!” he protested when I gave him the shorts.”They’re not pink, Sweetie-they’re ‘salmon-colored,'” I said barely able to hold back a chuckle.He quickly slipped into them and gasped when he realized they were shorter and tighter than the yellow ones.”Sweetie, you look so pretty in those!” I gushed and enjoyed watching his face turn a deep red.It was too early for bedtime so I decided we’d play more chess. Before we sat on the sofa I took him in my arms and kissed him and caressed his chest and pinched his nipples. When he moaned and mumbled, “My God-what’s wrong with me?” I glanced at his crotch and, sure enough, he’d sprung another boner already.I wanted to say “Get used to it, k**-you’re going to be ‘walking-wood’ for the next week” but instead I gazed into his eyes, and in one of my finest acting performances I sincerely said, “Your boner is the highest compliment you can give me, Sweetie-it means you love me-thank you-I love you, too!”I gave his hard pecker a squeeze; he shuddered and shivered in my arms.We sat as close together as possible. He concentrated hard on the game trying to win; I focused on his firm, smooth flesh.I made sure I kept a hand on him at all times: Stroking his back; massaging his neck and shoulders; caressing his soft thighs. From time-to-time I snuck a peek at the bulge in his shorts; the pre-cum stain was steadily expanding. He was close to where I wanted him to be, but not quite. I won another game and decided it was time to get him in the ‘mood’ for bed-not that he wasn’t already.”Sit on my lap, Sweetie,” I said, and when he obeyed, I added: “Let’s look thru the magazine you like-open it so we both can see the pictures.”His trembling hands couldn’t hold the magazine still as I had him slowly go thru it page-by-page.”Oh, look at that penis,” I would comment, then I’d ask him: “Do you like that penis, Ronnie?”I wouldn’t let him turn the page until he answered my questions.”Y-Yes…I like it,” he answered.”Sweetie, you need to be more specific when I ask a question…let’s try again: Do you like that penis?”He understood what I wanted to hear, but he was having difficulty expressing it-at first, that is.”Yes, I like that penis,” he said softly, reluctantly.”Oh, look at the hard penis on the next page-wouldn’t you love to take his cock in your hands and stroke it and kiss it?””I, uh…oh God…yes, I guess I’d love to stroke and kiss his cock,” he said somewhat annoyed. He turned the page and we saw the picture he’d been staring at earlier in the evening.”Look at how happy the boy on his knees is…see the expression on his face? You had the same look on your face when you were on your knees sucking my cock…you were happy when you were sucking my hard cock-weren’t you, Sweetie?”When he hesitated I squeezed his boner and he immediately answered: “Oh okay…yes-sucking your hard cock made me happy.””And swallowing my cum? You LOVED swallowing my cum, right?””Oh God…yeah, uh, yes-I loved swallowing your cum!” he blurted out.His breathing became labored; his hands began to shake more than just tremble. He couldn’t see the wide smile I wore on my face. I turned his head to mine and said, “You’re so pretty I can’t resist you-kiss me, Sweetie!”He blushed and hesitated, but then obeyed my command. Thereafter I made a point of saying after his every turn of a page, “You love looking at all these hard cocks, don’t you, Sweetie?” and when he realized what was expected of him, he’d answer “Yes, I love all these hard cocks!” and I’d say “You’re such a good boy-kiss me, Sweetie.” He never hesitated again.My own erection was throbbing inside my boxers; my slit was oozing pre-cum. It was time.”It’s late, Sweetie-let’s go to bed!” I announced.I led him by his small hand and when he saw the bedroom he said, “B-But there’s only one bed!”I chuckled at his naivety then stared into his eyes and said, “Sweetie, we’re lovers now…and lovers sleep together in one bed.”I felt him shiver and heard him moan. It was time for the final ‘test’ of the day.”Oh-oh,” I said. “We forgot to bring your ‘little friend’ with us…if you want me to use the ‘cock’ on you, go back and bring it here with the jar of oil, okay, Sweetie?” This would be the defining moment of Day One. I studied his face; a troubled look in his eyes. I knew what he was thinking: If he retrieved the fake cock, it would be an admission he loved taking it in his ass, and only gays loved do that, right? Tears welled in his pretty blue eyes; he stood still as a statue as his logical mind battled his lust-torn body. His response would tell me I either did a masterful job of Conversion Therapy, or I had failed to bring him along properly-that there was much more work to be done. There was only one thing I could do: I reached down, lightly gripped his little dick thru the nylon shorts, and gently gave it a couple strokes.He closed his eyes and moaned, “Oh God…”When I took my hand away from his prick he grudgingly left the room to retrieve his new-found favorite toy. I wanted to do a victory dance, but I had to set the scene. I turned-on the bedside lamp, and switched-off the overhead light. The room was awash in a red glow. I found making love to my boys with a red-light increased our desire, and made the sex hotter and nastier.When he returned he placed the oil and his ‘little friend’ on the bedside table. I then took him in my arms and kissed him hard. My heart leapt with joy when he threw his arms around me and held me tight. This was the first time he’d responded like this; his hands wandered over my back while we kissed deeply-our tongues and lips licking and sucking.My hands reached down and pushed the shorts off his hips until they fell to the floor. The wonderful boy caught-on and was about to do the same for me when I stopped him.”Sweetie,” I said gazing into his half-open blue eyes, “…when a boy like you takes down his man’s pants-you should be on your knees, okay?””Oh…okay,” he said softly; one more indignation to suffer to quench his sexual desire.He fell to his knees and worked my boxers until they were on the floor. He was face-to-face with my hard cock; I waited for his reaction.He pressed his face into my crotch and I heard him inhaling and then came his groans. I smiled down at the boy. He loves my manly aroma-does it get any better than this?He flicked his tongue on my slit and lapped-up my pre-cum. He whimpered when I pulled away, and lay down on the bed.”Kneel between my legs!” I said forcefully. This was no time for subtleties-I needed to cum and he was going to be my obedient little bitch-boy.”Suck my cock!” I ordered when he scrambled into position between my wide-splayed legs.I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations the boy’s lips and tongue were giving me. I marveled at how quickly he’d become so good at sucking cock. My balls grew larger and heavier in his small hand. I was very close to another orgasm-I’d lost count how many times this sweet boy had coaxed the semen and sperm from my manly balls. “FASTER!!” I ordered, and he instantly complied; his hand swiftly moving up-and-down; loud, slurping noises escaping his greedily sucking mouth as he rolled my enlarged balls with his gentle fingers.”Ohhh yesssss…” I moaned. “That’s it-yesssss…make me cum in your mouth…unghhhh—yes…yesssss-YOU’RE A WONDERFUL COCKSUCKER, SWEETIE-KEEP GOING-KEEP GOING-YES-YES-YES…OH GOD-OH GOD YES-SWALLOW IT ALL, SWEETIE-SWALLOW MY CUM!”I knew I didn’t need to tell him to swallow, but I loved saying it-it gave me extra excitement when I ordered a boy to swallow-it sounds so dirty and nasty my climax is always more intense!He gulped down my spunk like a pro. His tongue on my slit made me buck and wildly jerk around on the bed. He was able to keep my cock in his mouth the whole time. When my body finally came to rest, and my prick went limp in his mouth, I felt nothing but love in my heart for this wonderful and sexy young boy. I now knew for sure, I had made the right decision in choosing this boy to become my wife.”Lay down beside me, Sweetie,” I said to him.I took him in my arms and kissed his creamy-wet lips. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and tasted my own semen. I reached down and caressed his throbbing boner-he groaned into my mouth.I broke our hug, smiled at him, and said, “Lay back, Sweetie and show me your pussy.”I chuckled when I saw the puzzled expression on his face.”Sweetie, pull your knees back against your chest,” I instructed. He obeyed and when I said “Now push your knees as far apart as you can” his eyes grew wide with awareness. The most intimate part of his anatomy was open to my gaze; he blushed as he now understood what I had meant when I’d told him to “Show me your pussy.”I wasted no time oiling the dildo, and the outer ring of his tight, boy-pussy. I worked the head until it popped thru the rubbery ring then pushed it all the way inside him. I studied his face the whole time for his reaction: Pleasure or pain?For several strokes, he grimaced with discomfort as I worked the dildo in and out of his virgin hole. He gritted his teeth but took the thrusting I gave him. Beads of perspiration broke out on his cheeks and forehead. I pushed the fake cock deeper into his asshole. “UNGHHHH…OHHHHHHHHHH…”A sweet smile washed over his angelic face; whatever discomfort he had experienced had been replaced with pure pleasure. It was time to give the boy a fucking he’d never forget-that is until I gave him the real thing tomorrow.I took his cute little hard-on between my fingers and worked it fast while I fucked his pussy with the fake cock. He writhed and groaned beneath me; his head rolling from side-to-side. His cries of pleasure grew louder; the upward thrusting of his hips more pronounced. He was straining to climax.”Tell me how much you love having a hard cock in your pussy, Sweetie,” I said softly to him. All he could say was “Oh God—oh God!” as he struggled to cum.I stopped fucking him; I left just the tip of the dildo inside him; he moaned and whimpered in frustration.”Nooooo—don’t stop-pleeeezzzzz…””Say it, Sweetie-tell me you love having your pussy filled with hard cock-tell me you want me to fuck your hot, tight pussy!””Oh-God-oh-God-ohhhhh-OH-DAMMIT-YES-YES-I-LOVE-IT-FUCK-MY-PUSSY—I-LOVE-A-HARD-COCK-IN-MY-PUSSY-FUCK-ME-DEAR-GOD-PLEASE-FUCK-ME-PLEEEZZZZZZZZ…”I rammed the dildo hard into his open pussy bumping his prostate-he screamed, and almost fell out of bed. I held him down and furiously thrust the fake cock in-and-out; I pumped his dick and watched the ecstasy spread across his pretty face.Suddenly, his eyes flew open, his mouth formed a huge O then, for a brief second his body came completely to rest. Then all hell broke loose!”Sweetie…what kind of boy loves to stroke a man’s cock? What kind of boy loves to be on his knees sucking a man’s hard cock?””Please…no, I uh…””What kind of boy slides his hand into a man’s shorts and holds his balls?” He arched his back off the bed; his eyeballs rolled in their sockets; his face contorted in sweet agony then his body uncontrollably flopped about the bed. I continued fucking his sweet pussy and milking his prick.His cries of joy echoed thru-out the room and cabin. His balls exploded and his cum spurted wildly in the air then fell and formed small pools on his belly and thighs. His body spasmed and shook; I smiled as I watched the sweet throes of orgasm wash over his innocent face.When he came to rest I presented my hand to his mouth. Still dazed, he wasn’t aware of what I wanted. I pressed my cum-soaked hand to his lips and he began cleaning my hand with his tongue. I scooped more sperm and semen off his belly and once again he licked my hand clean. When his breathing returned to normal I lay down beside him and drew him to me. We hugged and kissed then he rested his head on my chest and promptly fell asleep.I stroked his soft flesh and listened to his breathing; his head rose-and-fell with every breath I took. I drifted off to sleep knowing I was the luckiest man alive.My eyes popped open when the sunshine began peeking thru the blinds. The red light was still on creating an eerie mixture of yellow and red. Ronnie hadn’t moved all night; his head was resting comfortably on my chest. I carefully reached for the lamp and turned it off. I wanted only the light of a new day illuminating the bedroom.Young boys have a tendency to forget what transpired the previous day when it comes to sex; all they remember is the pleasure they felt when they climaxed, and not the circumstances leading up to it.It was crucial he immediately be reminded of his new status in life before he regained a sense of self and independence.I threw back the bedspread and admired his youthful body. I stroked his creamy-soft flesh and took inventory of the tufts of hair on his chest, and the wiry patches around his prick and balls. I would have him remove his body hair, of course, not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but sometime soon.I smiled as I gazed at his cute little morning hard-on standing-up proud and firm. I couldn’t resist the urge to take it in my hand, and when I did, he came awake.”Good morning,” I said with a smile.He fluttered his eyelids; he was startled at first waking-up naked with a naked man, but soon managed to say “Good morning.”I positioned him so we were side-by-side, very close, his sweet, girly-flesh pressing against mine; our hard cocks rubbing deliciously together.I fondled and caressed his prick and balls, and kissed his reluctant mouth. I had to take his hand and guide it to my erection. Only when I closed his fingers around my shaft did he respond. We slowly masturbated one another.I waited for his breathing to quicken then I said “Kneel between my legs, Sweetie!”He blushed at my abruptness, but soon recovered and made his way between my open legs.I was thrilled when he remembered his training and took my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other. He was wetting his lips, getting ready to take my erection in his mouth when I stopped him.”Sweetie, to begin with I want you to lick my balls-I want to feel your tongue on every inch of my scrotum, okay?” I said.The look of surprise on his innocent face was priceless. Of course, he blushed a deep red.”Oh…uh, okay,” he said softly and cradled my balls, lowered his head and stuck out his tongue.I smiled as I watched him take small, tentative swipes at my balls with the tip of his pink tongue.”C’mon, Sweetie, you know better than that! Flatten your tongue and REALLY lick my balls!” I commanded. I chuckled as a tiny whimper escaped his mouth.”Breathe thru your nose, Sweetie,” I instructed, recalling his excitement yesterday when he inhaled my manly aroma.As I expected, it didn’t take long for him to become excited. His hands began to tremble, and he pressed his face closer to my crotch, inhaling my aroma deeply in his lungs. I knew he was mustering all the strength he could to not touch his own prick.”Good boy…” I said. “…now take one ball in your mouth and suck on it-I want to feel your tongue washing my ball!”Another whimper, but he obeyed. I sat back, laced my hands behind my neck, and watched my future wife perform his morning duties. Little did he know that beginning tomorrow, he would not only lick and suck my balls every morning, but he would also be pushing his sweet, pink tongue in-and-out of my asshole, as well.”Now the bahis şirketleri other ball, Sweetie!” I said.After a minute or so I said: “Good boy…now take them both in your mouth-you can do it-you can suck them both-go on…”I think it was the widest smile I ever had as I watched him struggle to get my scrotum in his mouth and when he succeeded his lips and cheeks were stretched so wide it was comical.Yes, I admit it-I am a dirty old man, but I know damn well if you had a sweet and innocent boy like Ronnie kneeling between your legs you’d make him do this for you, too!”Good boy…that’s it-keep your tongue moving…oh, Sweetie, you are a wonderful boy…oh, yes, suck my balls-oh yesss…”His eyes were almost popping out of his head. It was time to move on.”Very good, Sweetie, my cock is ready for you now-take it in your mouth-suck my cock, Sweetie…good boy…ohhhh-yessssssss…”Only the second day and he’d learned how to swallow every drop. What a special boy!I took him in my arms, we kissed, I pushed his balls low in their sac and he whimpered with frustration, but quickly became excited when he saw me oiling the dido.”You are such a good boy it’s time for your reward…lay down, Sweetie and spread your legs…yes, very good…”His excitement turned to shock when I handed him the dildo. I smiled and kissed his cheek to relax him. “I want to watch you masturbate, Sweetie…””B-But, uh, please no, I can’t-“”Ronnie, lovers hide nothing from one another,” I scolded him.I took hold of his leg closest to me and pulled it back and to the side. I reached down and squeezed his throbbing dick.”Sweetie, I want to see you do this…” I said then guided his hand lower until the tip of the fake cock was against his hole.”Stick it in your pussy, Sweetie-do it now! Do it for Daddy!”If he heard me say “Daddy” he didn’t acknowledge it; he was too shocked and repulsed by my request. I took his hand, aimed the dildo, and forced it into his opening.”Ohhhhhhhhh-God-noooooooooooo…” he groaned.I knew he was fighting a losing battle; I pushed his hand until the entire dildo was inside him. His other hand flew to his prick but I slapped it away.”Sweetie, I won’t let you play with yourself until you start fucking your pussy…do it for me now, Sweetie-I want to see you fuck your pussy-do it-DO IT NOW!”I startled him out of his malaise. He slowly began to work the dildo; I released my grip on him and he began fucking himself.”Good boy…” I said softly. “That’s it-shove that cock into your pussy…oh yes, good boy…okay, Sweetie, show me how well you masturbate-don’t be shy-that’s it—stroke your penis…good boy…yes, you are a wonderful boy.”I was sure this was the most humiliating and degrading moment of his young life: To be forced to fuck himself with a dildo and masturbate before the eyes of a man who only a couple days ago he knew only as his boss…but I also knew his libido and the ‘love potion’ would soon render him helpless to his lust and desire.I felt my own cock swell to life watching this cute boy demean himself by so easily giving in to his basest instincts. After this, he would never be the same…that is what I was counting on.”OH-OH-OH-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…”I watched the boy’s virile, young penis spurt strings of hot cum into the air. “OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD—OH-GOD…”He lay perfectly still once he finished. I leaned over, kissed his lips and whispered, “You’re such a good boy I might give you a ‘special treat’ later, okay?”He knew immediately what I meant and managed a weak, “That would be nice…”When he recovered and we rolled out of bed I said, “Go make coffee then meet me in the bathroom-we’re going to shower together!”I gave him a playful spank on his round asscheeks; he yelped and said, “Yes, William.”During our shower I made sure to touch and caress him until his little dick was hard, and bobbing before him. “Sweetie…” I said, pointing at his erection. “…you need to learn self-control!”He blushed and stammered, “I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”I took him in my arms, kissed his lips and replied, “There is nothing wrong with you-you love being naked with me…I think you might even be ‘in love’ with me!””Mister Harwood-William-I don’t-uh…oh God…” he blurted out.”Don’t worry, Sweetie, I’m going to help you with that,” I said softly and sincerely.When we dried ourselves I reached into a drawer beneath the bathroom sink and brought out a small, leather strap.He looked at it curiously and asked, “What is that?”I said, “I’ll show you what it’s for-spread your legs!””Huh?” he said with wide eyes.Again I said, “Spread your legs!” and gave him a slightly harder spank on his buttocks.”OH!” he exclaimed and obeyed me. I saw his cute little scrotum dangling between his legs.I pushed his balls low, wrapped the strap around the top of his scrotum, and pulled it tight until he squealed “OH MY!””This is how we’ll work on your self-control,” I explained. “You will not be able to have an orgasm while you’re wearing this, okay?””B-But I like to-uh, you know-I liked all the fun we had yesterday-is, uh, is this necessary?” he said in a high-pitched squeak.”Sweetie, relax…this is for your own good…and just wait until I remove it…you’re going to climax even better than yesterday!””OH,” he exclaimed. “Oh, okay.”In the bedroom I slipped into a fresh pair of boxers and gave him new gym shorts to wear. This time they really were pink.”OH” was all he said then put them on with no further protest.In the kitchen I said, “Sweetie, I’ll pour the coffee while you cook breakfast!””Yes, William,” he said.With his back turned to me, I poured a vial of ‘love potion’ into his cup, and another one into mine. I may have an extra strong libido, but keeping up with the youngster was especially critical today.We sat side-by-side while we ate and occasionally I squeezed and stroked his thighs. I wanted his penis as hard-as-a-rock all day long.At one point he asked, “Are we going fishing today?””Well, Sweetie,” I said. “You can go fishing off the dock, or…we can stay inside and make love all day.””OH!” he exclaimed, blushing one more time. “Uh, well…I’m kinda tired today…maybe I’ll go fishing awhile?””Sure, Sweetie, but I warned you about the bugs, didn’t I? They get awfully thick out there!””Well, uh, that’s okay…uh, I mean, I’d love to go fishing-maybe I can catch us dinner for tonight!”I smiled and said, “That would be great!”Later, on the front porch, I gave him a rod-and-reel, a bait bucket and a cooler. It was awkward, but he managed to carry it all himself. Before I opened the door for him I said, “Give me a kiss for good luck!””Oh, uh-sure,” he said and shyly offered his face to me.I took his head and planted a big, sloppy kiss on his lips. Once again his face turned beet red.I’m sure going to miss his blushing face when he’s broken-in, I thought to myself as I held the door open for him.I stood by the door and waited for his imminent return. He made it half-way to the dock before it happened: The mosquitos attacked him en masse. He tried to wave them off but with both hands full, he found it didn’t work. It was a bad idea to go outside wearing only his gym shorts. A thousand more mosquitos dove at his nearly nude body. They covered his soft, white flesh from head to toe. He shrieked, dropped all he was carrying, and fled back to the house with his arms flailing wildly above his head.I opened the door, let him in then shut it. We spent a couple minutes mashing the mosquitos sucking at his blood.I took him in my arms, kissed him and said, “I’m glad you changed your mind, Sweetie-I want to make love all day long, too!”I knew that would bring a beautiful shade of crimson to his pretty face.In less than an hour, I had him sitting on the floor, leaning against the sofa, his head tilted back as I knelt over his face.”You love sucking my balls, don’t you, Sweetie?” I said to him. He couldn’t see my smile.”Uhmmmmmmm…” was all he could say with my balls in his mouth.I reached back and opened my butt-cheeks. “Okay, Sweetie…lick me there…I want to feel your mouth on my asshole!”He was so far gone I knew he couldn’t resist. I had caressed his soft flesh, and stroked his raging boner until the lust-fueled glaze clouded his eyes, and his body was a quaking and trembling mass of pure sexual desire. The scrotum strap prevented a premature orgasm; I knew his balls were aching for release.”No, Sweetie,” I corrected him. “Press your lips around my anus and lick at it…oh, yes…very good, Sweetie…keep licking…oooo-yessss…push it into me, Sweetie-push your tongue into my asshole…curl your tongue-it will go inside much easier…that’s it-yes, that’s the way to do it…push it in as far as it will go…press your face against me, Sweetie and breathe thru your nose…oh yes, good boy…swirl your tongue and lick the walls of my asshole…oh Sweetie, you are the best!”I made him keep his tongue inside my rectum longer than necessary; my cock was ready to burst, but I wanted him to learn; to understand this would be expected of him; that licking my asshole would be a major part of his sexual submission to me.After ten minutes his tongue brought me to the very brink of ejaculation and I could wait no longer. I lifted my ass from his face, lowered my body so my cock pointed directly at his mouth, and said, “Suck me off, Sweetie!”He was more than eager to make me cum in his mouth. He had learned the sooner I climaxed-the sooner I would allow him to orgasm. What a good boy-and smart, too.It took his skillful lips and tongue less than two-minutes to have me spurting into his mouth. I needlessly cried out, “Swallow it all, Sweetie!!” I could actually hear him gulping down my spunk. Oh my God-what an erotic and sexy sound that is!Once he dutifully cleaned me, I sat nude on the sofa, and told him, “Get naked, Sweetie!” His shorts were down his legs and on the floor in two-seconds.His face was flush with heat and desire; his little boner drooled pre-cum. He watched me thru narrowed eyelids as I coated the dildo with oil.I took his hand and led him to the comfy chair across from the mirror. I sat, opened my legs and held the fake cock pointing it upwards, using the cushion for support.”Turn your back to me, Sweetie,” I said and he dutifully obeyed.I stroked his buttocks; his quivering flesh. I found his entrapped balls and lightly massaged them; they were huge-chock full of young cum.My original intention was to make him impale himself on the fake cock and raise and lower his hips until he was begging me to let him cum then I would unfasten the scrotum strap and he would experience his best orgasm yet, but…the ‘love potion’ was working well and my cock was almost at full-staff again and, well, he was coming along much faster than I had anticipated.No two Conversion Therapies are the same-different boy’s progress at different speeds, and Ronnie was definitely ready for the next phase.I decided now would be the perfect time to take the virginity of this innocent boy, and to increase my excitement-I would make him deflower himself!”Tell me what you want, Sweetie!”I stared into the mirror to watch his reaction. “I—I—I-” he stammered.”Sweetie, when we make love, I want you to call me ‘Daddy’…so tell ‘Daddy’ what you want-that you want to feel Daddy’s hard cock inside your hot, tight pussy?” I said then waited for his reaction.”Oh my G-God…” he stammered; the look on his face was a mixture of fear, shame and revulsion. It caused my cock to become fully erect.This was the final battle of our ‘war of wits’…his last chance to fight for his manhood-to defend his masculinity. He was fully aware if he caved-in to his lust and desire and admitted the truth, his old identity would be gone forever. I reached between his legs, took his hard, little pecker in my hand and lightly stroked it back-and-forth. I used my thumb to smear his pre-cum over the glans. His body shook violently; he groaned out loud. “Tell Daddy what he wants to hear, Sweetie-where do you want Daddy to put his hard cock? Tell Daddy you want him to fuck your pussy!” I said.He whimpered and stubbornly remained silent. I dipped my middle finger in the baby oil and pushed it against his anus. I worked my finger inside him to the first knuckle. His knees almost gave way, but I was able to hold him upright.”Ronnie, my patience with you is running thin-I’m tired of your games!” I scolded him. “If you can’t admit simple truths to me I want nothing more to do with you!”Another whimper; he began pushing his hips down to swallow more of my finger.”M-Mister Harwood, uh, William-oh my God-D-Daddy…yes, Daddy…please fuck my asshole, Daddy! I want to feel your hard cock in my asshole, Daddy!””Sweetie,” I said calmly. “Men have assholes-boys like you have ‘pussy’s’, do you understand me?””Oh God…yes, yes I understand you, Daddy!””So then…what is it you want, Sweetie?””Ohhhhhh-God…please fuck my pussy, Daddy-I want to feel your hard cock in my hot, tight pussy!”Those were the sweetest words I had ever heard!When I was satisfied his pussy was properly lubricated, I closed my legs and pulled him backwards until the creamy-smoothness of his rounded buttocks were over my erection.”Spread your legs wider…good girl…now take my cock and place it against your hole…yes, very good…now push down and wiggle your hips…””Oh God, Daddy-it hurts-IT’S TOO BIG, DADDY-IT WON’T FIT INSIDE MY PUSSY!””Yes, it will, Sweetie…go slowly-ease yourself down on it-yes, it will hurt at first, but you can do it! Place your hands on the armrests, dear…good girl…keep pushing down, Sweetie…””OHHHHHHH-UNGHHHHHHHHH-ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…””You’re almost there, Sweetie…one more inch and you’ll have it all the way inside you!””OH-GOD-DADDY-OH-GOD—OH-GOD-OH-GOD-OH-GOD-OH-GOD-OH-GOD…”His hips came to rest on my thighs. He’d done it-he’d taken my entire cock in his tight asshole…he was no longer a virgin!I caressed his chest and breasts. I was delighted with his hard nipples-they had to be almost three-quarters-of-an-inch long. I pinched and rolled them between my thumb and forefinger eliciting deep, guttural moans from the quivering boy.”Now raise yourself up, Sweetie…raise your hips until just the head of my cock is still inside your pussy!””Ohhhhh, yes, Daddy.”He used his hands for balance. The walls of his tight cunt clung to my cock sending electric shocks of pleasure coursing thru-out my body. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic-his boy-pussy fit my cock like a skin-tight, velvet glove.When he reached the apex and just my glans was inside him, I was about to give him further instruction, but there was no need-he paused for a nano-second then rammed his hips downward impaling himself on my cock once again.Out of both of our mouths came “OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…”I settled back and let the boy find and control his rhythm while I basked in the sweet tightness of a pussy I would be fucking every day for the rest of my life.He began rising and falling harder and faster-he was straining to climax, but his balls were still cinched-together low in his sac. He was crying; his sobs were drowned-out by a loud grunt every time he viciously impaled himself on my manhood. I waited as long as I could-until the pressure in my balls became too great to control any longer.I deftly unfastened the strap from his scrotum then held his hips tightly for the coming of what I knew would be a violent, earth-shattering orgasm.When he realized his balls were free, his fucking became so furious I worried he might hurt himself. His grunts turned into loud screams every time he slammed my cockhead against his prostate. I couldn’t hold back any longer-the walls of his cunt tightened around my prick and squeezed and milked my flesh until my balls erupted like Vesuvius. The moment he felt my first hot load shoot-off like a cannon inside him, he gave one final and vicious plunge downward and he cried out like never before.He howled like an a****l, and bounced on my spurting-cock as his dick exploded without me ever having to touch it. I had to use all my strength to hold him to me.Then suddenly out of nowhere, with absolutely no prompting from me he blurted-out: “I LOVE YOU, DADDY!”OH MY GOD-my heart burst with joy-a happiness that brought tears to my eyes!”I love you, too, Sweetie!” I said to him with a heartfelt honesty I thought I would never experience. It had been the most wonderful fuck of a long lifetime of wonderful fucks, but better than that-I had finally found the love of my life!We spooned on the sofa while we slept, and when we awoke, he was the one who initiated our second fuck.He surprised and delighted me when he placed a kitchen chair before the large mirror; bent over with his hands on the seat for balance then spread his legs wide for me.I took him from behind, slowly, thrusting in-and-out of his sweet pussy until once again I filled him with cum…and he too, once again, cried-out and climaxed without his beautiful dick being touched.We fucked three more times that afternoon and evening. In between, we cuddled and whispered our love for each other. Gone from his eyes was the doubt and fear he’d felt for such a long time. Instead, his eyes shone brightly with confidence and self-awareness; he now knew his purpose and place in life.The following morning, my heart raced with love and excitement when he knelt between my legs and remembered his morning duties. He thrilled me with his hands and lips and tongue for a-full-thirty-minutes before I exploded in his wonderful mouth.When we rolled out of bed, instead of gym shorts, I handed him sheer, pink panties to wear. He just smiled, and slipped them up his legs into place. He even put his hands on his hips and posed for me.For the rest of our stay at the cabin I taught him everything that was expected of a good wife. And if he misbehaved, or didn’t perform to my expectations, I took him across my lap and gave his panty-sheathed buttocks a sound, and thorough spanking.There were a couple occasions when I suspected he intentionally provoked me; and that excited the hell out of me! I found that after a hard spanking, his lips seemed softer, more pliant, and he sucked with an ardor and passion that overwhelmed my senses.”Sweetie, I want you to be my wife-will you marry me?” I asked him the night before we left the cabin. My original plan was to not even tell him we were going to get married; to just leave the cabin, and go straight home where Bradley had transformed the grassy area behind the swimming pool into a small wedding chapel. I wasn’t going to give him a choice, but I discovered with each passing day, my attitude towards him was evolving; he was no longer just ‘my boy’ to do with as I pleased…no, we were now ‘partners’ in this life-I had opened and revealed myself to him as much as he has to me. I am the luckiest man alive. After so many years of meaningless one-night-stands, and strictly physical relationships, I have finally found someone who accepts me for who I am. He love and respects me, and he is really, truly the love of my life!SIX WEEKS LATER”He makes me wear women’s underwear, mom.””Hahaha…yes, dear, men do have some peculiar tastes…but I’d say it is a small price to pay for the good life you have now, wouldn’t you?””Well, yeah, I guess so, mom…and it really does get him excited…I don’t mind the panties so much-they actually feel good wearing them…but the nighties, garter belts and stockings, well, it’s really time-consuming getting ready for bed!””Hahaha…I know, sweetie-your father liked me dressed-up like that, too!””…and then he wants me to act all girly-like when we’re in bed!””Well…that’s not much of a stretch, dear.””Very funny, mother…hahaha…””The important thing is-are you happy?””Yes…yes I am-very happy…even when he spanks me.””He spanks you? Playful spanking or does it hurt?””Yes, it hurts-like he says, “what’s the point of spanking if it doesn’t hurt?'””Well, that doesn’t sound fun, dear!””He only does it when I make mistakes and deserve it…and, well, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I screw-up on purpose.””Oh my…like I said, dear-you men get excited from some pretty strange things.””Hahaha-yeah, I guess you’re right! When are you going to come and stay with us, mom? He’s looking forward to meeting you-I fixed-up the guest room especially for you!””Probably next month, dear-Fernando wants to take me to Rio…when I get back I’ll come down and see you.””Do you like him, mom? Is he good to you?””Yes, for the most part I like him a lot!””For the most part? What does that mean?””Well, there is one aspect of our, uh, private life that bothers me…””What’s that, mom?””Oh, I guess I can tell you this, dear-you’ll understand…when I do oral for him, well, he expects me to ‘swallow’ and I don’t find that pleasant at all…you know, your father never minded that I wouldn’t let him finish in my mouth.””Yes, I understand, mom…I find the best way to do it is to hold your breath for as long as possible…you can almost get all of it down without tasting it.””Thanks for the advice, dear, hahaha…do you see much of Bradley?””At least once-a-week, mom.””Have you thanked him for setting all this up?””At least once-a-week, mom, hahaha…””Hahaha…remember the time I caught you two in your bedroom?””Oh yeah, neither of us will ever forget that! And we’re both still grateful you didn’t blow-up and make a big scene-thank you, mom!””Honey…your dad and I knew you were gay at an early age…we learned to accept it…but on that particular day, well, my friend Millie was coming over for coffee, and I needed to get you boys to stop before she got there…and to be honest with you, dear-I watched you two for a while before I barged into your room.””What? Really? Why would you do that?””Honey, you looked so peaceful and happy on your knees, and well, I thought maybe I could learn something from you!””OH MOM…hahahaha…””Does William know yet that Bradley is your cousin?””No…no, not yet…we’re not saying anything…we don’t want him to know…there’s no telling what he’d do if he found out Bradley and I planned this whole thing…I mean, William loves me, and I make him happy, but if he thinks Bradley and I betrayed him-we both might lose the best thing that’s happened in our lives!””Your secret is safe with me, dear!””Mom, would you send me your recipe for paella? Mine isn’t very good…and you know what they say: the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach!””I have found his penis has a lot to do with it, too, dear!””OH MOM! Hahaha…””How do you spend your days, dear? Do you enjoy being a housewife, or do you get bored?””I stay pretty busy…this is a big house and keeping it clean takes a lot of time…and, you know, he gave me an exercise routine twice-a-day…he makes me take a thirty-minute bath in the morning, and another before bed time…on Wednesdays and Saturdays he takes me golfing…and four-times a week we have, uh, ‘visitors’…””Visitors, dear? What does that mean?””Well, uh, William likes to ‘watch’ me, mom.””Watch you do what, dear?””Well-you know!””OH MY! Something of a voyeur, is he?””It REALLY gets him excited, mom!””And just who are these ‘visitors’?””Well, hahaha…on Mondays and Thursdays it’s the guys who do the gardening and landscaping-“”OH MY!””…on Tuesdays it’s the guys who clean the swimming pool…and of course, Friday nights Bradley comes over.””He forces you to have sex with all those men?””Well…he doesn’t force me, mom, he just kind of expects it…””How do you feel about it, dear?””Well, uh…to be honest, mom-I love it! After the men leave, William and I have our hottest sex! You can’t believe how horny he gets watching me on my knees with all these guys, mom!””Oh, I believe it! I have a little confession of my own, dear…””What’s that, mom?””Fernando likes threesomes!””REALLY? Guys or gals, mom?””Oh, no-no-no-Fernando is ALL man, dear-there are no other men in our bed!””And? What do you think of it, mom?””Well, it certainly is different than when your father was alive…””Mother-tell me the truth! I share all my private details with you, don’t I?””It’s sort of embarrassing, dear…””And my life is normal? C’mon mother…””Well…he brings home girls who are half my age, dear…and much like William-he gets VERY aroused watching me kneel between their legs…””OH MY! And, does it do anything for you, mother? Do you like doing that?””Well, dear…he likes to play games…””C’mon, mother-you can’t leave me hanging like this-what kind of games?””OH MY-I’m getting all hot just thinking about it, dear!””Mother?””Okay, I’ll tell you one game we play…my face is in the girl’s, uh, you know-“”Snatch? Pussy? Cunt?””When did you get so foul-mouthed, dear?””Sorry-please go on!””Okay…anyway, Fernando has me using my mouth on the girl while he makes me play with myself…””Ooooo-kinky, mother!””Do you want to hear this, or not?””Sorry!””He gives me seven-minutes to give both the girl and myself orgasms…if I do it-he takes the girl in her butt…if I don’t, I have to take it in MY butt…and believe me, dear, Fernando is hung like a horse and it hurts like hell…I was lucky-your father never once even hinted at doing it that way!””It takes practice, mother…I love it! I have my best orgasms that way!””Thanks for sharing that with me, sweetie…hahaha.””Do you gag when you’re going down on the girl, mom? I know I always did!””You’re making me blush, dear!””Sorry about that…””No-it’s alright…to be totally honest-I like it! There is something about making love to a woman that gets me, well, I don’t want to be indelicate, dear, but we’re long past the point of civilized conversation…when I’m going down on a girl it gets me wetter than anything I’ve ever done!””OH MY!””I’ll tell you one more thing then we’ll never discuss this again…and Fernando must never know, okay?””Sure, mom-what is it?””Sometimes the girl’s stay for days at a time, and when Fernando is away…uh, well, the girls treats me like I’m their personal plaything-they have me do the wickedest things for them…let me just say, like you, I spend a lot of time on my knees and I absolutely love it, dear!””OHHHHH-like mother-like son!””Hahaha…I guess so, sweetheart!”The phone call with my mother ended the same time the bathtub filled with hot water. I set the thirty-minute timer and gingerly stepped into the bubble-bath. I winced when I sat on my freshly-spanked buttocks. My frown turned to a smile as I recalled how I had intentionally burned the toast so he would spank me.I lay back, and closed my eyes-the taste of his cum lingering on my tongue; the delicious feel of my empty balls after they had blown an especially large load. What a wonderful life! Married to a man I love-a man who loves and adores me …and is rich enough I don’t have to work a day in my life…the house is big and beautiful with a great swimming pool… and my sex life is one that most people can only fantasize about.Let’s see-what day is this? Oh yeah-Thursday! Jose, Manny and Ricardo will be here in a couple hours…I think I’ll wear my frilly, white lace panties-Ricardo always gets an instant hard-on when he sees me in them.Oh, I better check to make sure I’m hairless-it’s too soon for another spanking.I think for dinner tonight I’ll make Beef Wellington for William…and maybe pour a vial of his ‘secret’ love potion into his wine:It’s been a few days since he’s given me a “Special Treat’!

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