Found this a*****ion story online. Very hot.

Double Penetration

Found this a*****ion story online. Very hot.A story I wrote for a friend about her own a*****ion, torment and enslavement. Hanna is a relatively normal girl k**napped and thrust into completely abnormal circumstances. But as she is ****d, tortured and abused, something in her begins to stir. Is Hanna really as normal as she seemed?This story is not for the faint of heart. Though not as extreme as some others I’ve written, it does contain acts of serious bondage, ****, torture and even my first attempt at b********y (at the subjects request, though I wont say I didn’t enjoy writing it.)Part OneThe last thing Hanna could remember before the pounding headache was foggy. It was difficult for her to remember exactly how she had come to be here. She wasn’t even sure where here was. Instead of trying to figure everything out all at once, instead she tried to go chronologically. Hanna remembered taking a nap before work. She remembered going to work. Nothing particularly special had happened there. At some point in the night she had vaguely remembered running out to her car. From there it starts to get even hazier. She thought she remembered someone asking her for the time and then… nothing. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t remember what happened after that.Instead she tried to asses her current situation. She had woken up in a chair. She could only tell that through sensation alone however as the room was completely dark. She could also tell that her hands were restrained behind her back. She would have expected metal police cuffs, but instead she felt something rough restraining her. It wasn’t rope. Fiddling with her bonds for a moment she finally determined that leather wrist cuffs encircled her wrists. They were locked together and each was enforced by a tiny metal padlock keeping the buckles shut tight. Other than that, she couldn’t really determine anything about her situation. Just that she was alone, in a dark room, bound to a chair.A shudder of fear ran up her spine as realization set in. She’d been k**napped. She was now completely at the mercy of who ever had a*****ed her in the parking lot of work. She had no idea what they had in store for her. And endless parade of nightmarish images ran through her head as she waited for her k**napper to reveal themselves. It didn’t take more than a moment.“Hello, Hanna.”Her body flinched involuntarily. She had figured she’d been alone. Then again, she realized, it was too dark to see anything. The voice was masculine, calm, collected and cool. It showed no signs of stress or anxiety. She would have at least imagined that a k**napper would be nervous. After all they were doing something horrible i*****l. k**napping wasn’t a safe thing to do either. It involved communicating authorities, setting up a ransom, getting the money. It was complex and there were a million ways to get caught.For a moment she froze at the sound of the voice. It penetrated her and caused a panic she couldn’t get over. A shudder ran up her spine. She finally mustered the courage to speak.“Who are you?” Hanna couldn’t even believe the sound of her own voice. It was a tiny, pathetic whimper. It was actually kind of cute and it made her k**napper smirk just a little.“You aren’t really in any position to be asking questions, are you?” his tone made her shudder again. It was so calm and relaxed. It seemed completely unreal to Hanna. She could even hear the smirk in his tone. She couldn’t help but tremble under the smooth, callous nature of his voice.“Please, let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone,” she whimpered in the same small, helpless squeak.“That’s what everyone says. The truth is you would tell someone. Besides, you certainly can’t tell anyone if I don’t let you go, now can you?” There was a soft laugh accompanying his words.Every muscle in her body tingled and shook. He hadn’t boldly stated it, but his words alluded to something sinister: he had no intention of letting her go. That could only mean one thing; he planned to kill her after he did whatever he was planning to do. Or at least he never intended to release her from captivity. Hanna wasn’t sure which was a worse fate.“Please… I’ll do anything if you just let me go.”He laughed again. This time Hanna heard a quiet creek. Her head tilted to the side just a little, light hairs dancing over her neck as she did. It took her a moment to realize what had happened. He’d gotten up from his chair. She could hear him moving around the room in the darkness. It made her skin crawl.After a moment she felt him looming over her. She could feel his breath brushing across the back of her ear and the nape of her neck as he spoke, “They always say that too. The truth of that is, if I keep you here, you’ll do anything I want anyways.”That confirmed Hanna’s fears. He was going to **** her. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to fight back the building tears. She didn’t want to cry in front of him. She didn’t want to let him know she was terrified. Hanna choked out the word which would confirm these dark fears, “You’re going to **** me?”He laughed out loud at her this time. It wasn’t just a small chuckle as he spoke. This was outright laughing in her ear. It made her fingers twitch absently in their bondage, pulling and tugging in an idle attempt at gaining her freedom. After a moment he continued to speak directly into her ear, “That and so much more, little pet.” To emphasize his point, she could feel the back of his hand running down her cheek. She instinctively recoiled from his touch. Before she could get far, she felt his hand twist in her hair and yank it roughly. His calm, quiet voice shifted to a harsh, dominating tone, “Soon enough you are going to beg for tender touches like that.”He released his grasp on her and paced away from her. She tried to turn around in her chair, hoping to see some of him through the darkness. No matter where she turned was complete darkness however. Instead she faced forward once more and waited. Her voice was still a trembling, tiny squeak when she spoke, “Please don’t hurt me…”Before he replied, Hanna was blinded by light. The room was suddenly as bright as daylight. It took her several minutes before she could even open them fully and several more until she could make out anything more than blurry shapes. She could finally make out little more than solid concrete. The room she was held in seemed to be nothing more than a gray, concrete basement. The air was a little chilly and the atmosphere damp. The only thing that did stand out was the wall directly in front of her.It was impossible to identify everything that hung there from her limited experience with BDSM, but Hanna could recognize cuffs, collars, whips, crops, paddles and chains. Many of the other devices struck her as things straight out of a medieval torture chamber. She started to shake again as the true scope of what was about to happen to her set in. Once more she fought back the tears that threatened to overwhelm her.She turned her attention to her left when she realized that her captor was standing there. She had expected some sort of hideous monster. What else could do something like this to her? Instead he seemed rather ordinary. Not entirely unattractive. Brown hair, brown eyes. He looked lithe; strong but not overly muscular. If she had met him on the street she wouldn’t have completely rejected a little playful flirting. Here however, he didn’t even want him looking at her.“That’s a good look on you. I can see you’re learning already.”Hanna hadn’t even realized that her mouth was hanging open from the shock of the wall of equipment. She quickly shut it and scowled. A wave of anger passed over her. Her voice was still small, but she was mustering all the rage she could to fight back her fear. “Fuck you! You can’t do this to me!” she hissed.Immediately she regretted her decision as his hand grasped her hair again and roughly yanked her head back. Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open once more. A tiny gasp poured out of her mouth as pain and surprise tore through her.“Listen you little bitch, you’re obviously talking ataşehir escort about the law. First of all, the law doesn’t apply to you anymore. Here I can, and will, do anything I want to you. You’re a slave. A piece of property. You’re mine. Second of all, I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to hurt you a bit because it makes me happy. If you are a good girl and you obey I’ll hurt you less. If you continue to act like this little bitch, I’m going to hurt you a lot until you do what the fuck I say. And lastly, you’re the one that’s going to get fucked here.”His barking at her tore through her. She couldn’t contain her terror anymore. Her small, shaking body began to shudder with sobs. A trail of tears began to run out of her soft, blue-gray eyes. She swallowed hard and just cowered in his grip. She wanted to look away, but she couldn’t both due to his grip and an overwhelming sense of fear and awe. She wanted to run, but she was held fast by the look in his eye as well as the restrains that held her in the chair.A twisted little smirk adorned his face, “As pretty as your eyes are, I think you’re the kind of girl that likes surprises. Besides, I’ll have plenty of time to watch you cry.” She looked down to his free hand and caught sight of what she could only imagine was a blindfold. It was a simple strap of leather with two round pieces of leather affixed to it. The inside the circles were fur lined. It was small comfort. Hanna tried to struggle away, but restrained as she was it was impossible. Only after a few moments of thrashing he had securely placed the strap around her head and buckled it tightly. Her world was plunged into darkness once more.Hanna struggled a moment more until she felt a sharp yank in her once more. She immediately ceased her struggling and sat straight in her chair. Logically her only option at this point was to be obedient and minimize the horror she was about to experience until she was rescued or could escape. However she was having a difficult time controlling her emotional side as she trembled and waited for something to happen.She didn’t have to wait too long. She heard a click and felt a tugging at her shirt. Hanna’s thrashing renewed with vigor the moment she felt the switchblade tear through the thin fabric. Also renewed was her sobbing. She had known it was coming. Her captor had said that he was going to **** her. If he was going to **** her, obviously she’d be naked but the act of having her clothing literally cut away sent her into a panic.Her struggling only raged for a moment or two, before she felt the point of the blade touch under her neck, “You might not want to thrash around little girl. You don’t want to get hurt.”The veiled threat was enough for her and she immediately regained control of herself. Instead Hanna simply sobbed quietly as the clothing was cut away from her body. It took a few moments to slash open her shirt and then sever her bra as well. Once that was finished he pulled the fabric away and down her shoulders. He couldn’t remove the articles with her hands still bound, but for the moment he just took in the sight of the topless teenager.“Let’s see what we have here,” he mused to himself as he studied her.Hanna felt her skin flush as the complete stranger eyed her. She couldn’t see him, but she could practically feel his eyes burning into her. She could even imagine the expression on his face. She just knew that he was studying her like an a****l. The way he inspected her and felt first one breast and then the other she knew she was being treated like she was a piece of property being tested out before it’s purchased. Hanna squirmed a little under his rough treatment of her tits.Her squirming ceased when his thumb and forefinger grabbed one of her sensitive nipples and twisted it. Instead her squirming was replaced with a sharp gasp and a mewling whimper. He wouldn’t even give her the relief of crying out. Even that was taken from her when he grabbed her bottom jaw and pressed his fingers into her cheeks. Her captor twisted her nipple just a little more, producing a tiny grunt. In reply he grabbed her jaw a little harder.“Shut your fucking mouth unless I tell you to open it. Understand?”Hanna nodded.“Speak slut. I want you acknowledge men when I tell you something.”“Yes!” she cried out. Her only reward was her tit being punished further.“The proper response is ‘Yes, Master’ or ‘No, Master’. You’re a slave. You are something for me to do with as I please. Get used to it.”Hanna’s face burned with shame again as she stammered, her voice distorted by his fingers pressing into her cheeks, “Yes, M… master.”“Good girl,” he released her nipple and jaw. “Hmmmm. Nice little tits. Not big, but I’m a fan of smaller little titties. Sensitive nipples, huh?” Hanna remained silent. A rough slap to her right tit brought her back to reality and reminded her of her new role, “Speak bitch.”“Yes… Master.”“Good. I like sensitive nipples. Gives me yet another way to hurt you,” she could hear his smirk again. “What else do we have here?”Her squirming renewed again when she felt the button of her jeans being undone. Her instinctive, a****listic mind couldn’t cope with this latest violation. She tried to lash out at him with her feet, but soon discovered that they too were bound. She hadn’t even noticed before that a leather cuff was closed around each of her ankles and chained securely to the legs of the chair. She was reduced to little more than a primal grunting and hissing as she thrashed in her bondage. Her captor soon tired of Hanna’s antics once more and grabbed her jaw once more.“I swear, if you don’t cut this shit out you little whore I’ll give you something to cry about.”She stopped struggling once more but spoke in a pathetic mewling noise, “Please don’t.”She was silenced with a sharp slap across the face, “If you open your mouth again other than to put a dick in it that will feel like a tickle.”Stunned into silence by the harsh slap, Hanna sat still and sobbed quietly as he began to cut at the rugged material of her jeans. It took some time, but eventually they were completely stripped from her body. It left her almost completely naked. Only the tattered remains of her top and her panties covered her body. Her captor smirked at her panties. They were cute. Little pink boy shorts made of lacey material with little black trim. They hid almost nothing and only served to increase her abuser’s desires.With her hands restrained behind her back, she was powerless to stop his advances. Instead she could only whimper like a dog as she felt two fingers probing the outside of her panties. She tried her best to shift positions or move to avoid the unwelcomed touch, but tied to a chair there was no way she could avoid his advances. Instead she was forced to endure his touch. Her captor began to stroke the outside of her panties, just teasing the sensitive region between her legs. Try as she might, Hanna couldn’t resist the expert touch against her clit and pussy even through the fabric. Against her will a tiny moan passed her lips and a spot of wetness began to appear as her body responded to his administrations. Her body flushed again as a tiny tingle of pleasure began to emanate from between her legs. Part of it was a natural response to the attention, but she couldn’t deny that some of it was due to the shame of getting wet from the touch of her would be r****t.She could hear the smirk in his voice again, “See, I knew you were a dirty little slut.”For another few moments he continued to just apply a little bit of pressure to her cunt. She began to struggle in earnest. She was desperate to escape the unwelcomed—but disturbingly arousing—touch. Slowly he increased the pace and pressure of his tormenting. After an agonizing few moments his fingers suddenly dove beneath her panties and slipped into her pussy. She was forced to bite down on her lip to prevent a full scale moan from passing her lips. But she was unable to control the arch of her back and the beads of sweat that had formed on her body. kartal escort Blind and in a haze of sensation, she had lost control for the time being. Instead her body was being played like a puppet. She even subtly, u*********sly pressed her hips forward as her back arched. Without even realizing it she was pushing her hips into the fingers violating her.He smirked to himself as he felt her completely naked pussy. She was waxed completely clean leaving her totally smooth. He was certain that once he took them off her body it would be a sight to behold. Her naked pubic mount would just add to her attractive, young looks making her seem even more like the teenager she was. It literally took him all his will not to finish stripping her and claiming his prize immediately. It wasn’t time for that yet. He had plenty of time to play with his prize and slowly break her into the obedient slave girl she would eventually become.Her captor smirked at her reaction to just a little bit of pleasure. She was by no means a broken slave from just a little finger fucking, but for the moment she had forgotten all about what was happening to her. His little pet was proving what a perfect candidate she was. With a few gentle caresses she was moaning like a bitch in heat. He probed his fingers in a little further and stroked the inside of her pussy with perfect precision. Her back arched further over the back of the chair, raising her hips into perfect position to be fucked. This time she couldn’t even prevent the moan from escaping her mouth.Hanna was immediately snapped back to reality when the fingers were withdrawn and she heard him laughing. Her body flushed with embarrassment once more as she realized what she was doing. She was so distracted by her own shame that she didn’t even have time to close her mouth before he shoved them into her mouth, slick with her own juice. She whimpered around the sudden intrusion, even further humiliated by the taste of her own arousal coating his fingers.“What a little slut. A few strokes and you are moaning like a whore.”A new rage built up inside her. Without even thinking about the consequences, Hanna bit down on the intruder. She didn’t even realize what she was doing until it was too late. She had already chomped down firmly in anger. The moment she tasted a little blood mixed in with the taste of her own body realization came flooding back. Fear took hold and she released her grip. Her body tensed waiting for the inevitable beating that would result from her hasty actions.Certainly he ripped his hand away from her mouth and growled furiously but no physical abuse came as a result. For a few agonizing heart beats Hanna’s body just trembled as she waited to be hit. She flinched even more as she felt his hand grab her jaw once more.“That was really stupid bitch. You just lost any privileges to using your mouth at all.”She couldn’t imagine what he meant by that, at least not until she felt her panties cruelly ripped from her body. The sudden, violent action caused her to gasp. The gasp gave him just enough time to wedge his fingers into her cheeks to hold her mouth open again. Roughly, the ripped panties were shoved into her mouth and she felt a strip of duct tape plastered across her lips to keep it in place. She groaned through her new, make-shift gag but considered that all things considered, it could be worse. She had no idea what was in store for her.She felt his hand take her hair again and jerk her forward. She was pulled completely out of her chair and onto the floor. Her ankles, still secured to the frame, twisted painfully. Hanna tried to cry out from behind her gag. Once she was sprawled out on the floor, a heavy foot pressed down on the back of her neck to keep her in place. Restrained as she was, Hanna couldn’t quite figure out—bound as she was—why he was taking such precautions. It became clear when she felt her wrists being unbound.Abused and afraid as she was, Hanna could only put up a brief struggle that her captor was easily able to over power. Before she knew what happened, her arms had been instead forced into a single sleeve of leather behind her back. He quickly secured it to her with leather straps which ran up each of her shoulders and buckled back into the device itself. It was slightly more uncomfortable than the cuffs that she had been previously wearing. That was before he laced the device up. As he began to draw the lace work together she found her arms—and eventually shoulders—being drawn closer together. By the time he’d finished yanking on the laces and tied them off, her shoulders were nearly touching. Painfully crushing her arms behind her back and making them useless. He could make out the pathetic grunting sounds of her begging to be released. He ignored them.Once her arms were once again rendered useless, he moved her ankles. He swiftly removed the cuffs from the chair. Just as before, she moved from the frying pan and into the fire. Instead of just being loosely chained to the chair, she found them spread wide by a metal bar set between them. It suddenly became clear that her legs were now bound wide apart. Sprawled out on her knees and face as she was, Hanna blushed once more realizing that anyone behind her would have a perfect view of her naked cunt.She once again felt her a*****or lean down to speak directly into her ear, “I was going to take you first. Work you into your new life a little, but since you’ve been such a bitch, I figured I’d treat you like one.”She was left alone for a moment. She was certain that he had even left the room completely. Now was her chance for escape, unfortunately her attitude had placed her in such strict bondage that it would be impossible to even get up, let alone escape. Instead she had no choice but to wait to see what was about to happen next.She didn’t have to wait long. She was immediately greeted by the feel of her hair being yanked up and away from her neck. A heavy, rough leather collar was swiftly placed around her neck and buckled. There was certain finality to the click of the lock as it was shut. Her body trembled as much as it could in her strict restraints while she waited.Nothing seemed to happen for several moments. She simply waited in darkness and painful bondage. After what seemed like an eternity, Hanna had become certain that whatever was to come couldn’t possibly be worse than having to wait for what was in store for her. She was sorely mistaken. A moment more and she felt wetness between her legs. It made her body jump out of surprise and confusion. Her face contorted in confusion under the blindfold. After another moment she felt another wet touch, this one warmer. She had owned numerous pets in her life and could tell the touch of a dogs tongue when she felt it.Immediately she tried to thrash as best as she could. Her body quivered with fear and she began to scream and cry beneath her gag. Her captor had enough experience to make out the sounds. He could tell she was screaming and begging for him not to let what was about to happen go on. He knew she was promising to be good. He knew she was promising to do anything if he just stopped what was coming. He also knew she was powerless to stop it and it amused him greatly to watch her struggle in horror.He let the big shepherd lap at her cunt for a few moments to build the suspense, a smirk plastered across his lips. Finally he was ready for the main event. Taking the dog by the collar, he pulled it forward, helping the a****l to place its forelegs on Hanna’s small back and mount her properly. She could feel the massive a****l’s member touch the entrance to her pussy and her body struggle with new horror. She couldn’t even believe this was happening to her. The idea that she was about to be ****d by a dog caused her to fly into a blind panic. Screaming until her voice began to break, struggling with all her might against unrelenting leather and metal which restrained her.It was inevitable though. The dog was obviously ready to go and she was completely helpless. With a first pendik escort violent thrust, the horny a****l drove into her pussy without remorse. To add insult to injury her captor grabbed her hair and yanked her head back roughly, “It didn’t have to be like this. I was going to be at least a little gentle with you the first time. I was going to work you up to this kind of thing. But you were a bitch so now, you really are the bitch. Hey, even dogs need love too, right?” He laughed a little and released her hair, “Of course, now we’ll have to clean out your filthy cunt before I have any fun.”Hanna barely heard his words. Her mind had gone numb as the a****l began to pound into her. The dogs cock was larger than anything she had taken and tore her open without the slightest consideration for her well begin. Added to that was the simple trauma of being completely fucked by a dog. She just lay in her bondage and sobbed.New sensations washed over her as her hips began to push back involuntarily. Once more her body had begun to betray her as she slowly started to thrust backwards into the violation. Her conscious mind screamed at her to stop. It begged her not to debase herself by putting on a perverted show for her abuser, but she couldn’t stop it. Instead she began to grunt and pant behind her gag like the bitch she was being called. It was uncontrollable. Her body was even responding to the attention of a dog. Maybe she was the disgusting whore that he had been calling her. If being ****d by a dog could arouse her, what more would get aroused by. Her body was sweating and shaking violently as she was violated. Hanna had completely lost control of her body. She felt that familiar tingle growing between her legs. Her body had lubricated itself during the onslaught and she could feel her own wetness running down her legs.A part of her was relieved when, with a single powerful thrust, the dog finished and filled her completely. She’d never be able to wash away the knowledge that she had been so completely fucked by an a****l, but at least the nightmare was over. But there was another, darker part of her psyche which cried out in frustration. The shepherd apparently didn’t have enough staying power to let her finish. So instead she was left wanting. Like a wanton whore, her hips kept moving in the air as best they could, trying to get any stimulation to push her over the edge. There was none to be had.A sickening feeling welled up in the pit of her stomach as she realized what she was doing. Fighting for control of her body, she finally managed to just lay still and sob softly. She didn’t even struggle as she felt her captor pull the a****l away and begin to work at her bonds once more. She didn’t have the will to fight. She still hadn’t been completely broken and would undoubtedly struggle and fight more when she regained her strength, but for now she simply wanted to lay still and try not to think.Her abuser used this opportunity to prepare her for the next ordeal. The tape was pulled away from her mouth and her panties removed. It was swiftly replaced with a new gag. This time a rubber phallus penetrated into her mouth nearly causing her to choke. Leather straps buckled around her head to hold the device in place. Not only would it silence any protests or speech even better than her panties would, but she would have to suffer the humiliation of being orally violated as well. It would serve as a constant reminder of her new station in life.Without even giving her an opportunity to be cleaned out after her r****g, her captor forcefully pushed another rubber phallus up between her legs. She grunted and moaned behind her gag; her hips once more involuntarily pushed back against it. But there was no satisfaction from this intruder. Once it was in place it simply remained static. To accompany the dildo, an anal plug was cruelly forced up her ass. Only the barest amount of lubrication was used to ensure nothing was torn or seriously damaged. It still hurt unbelievably as it was unceremoniously pushed in, expanding her ass around the girth until she clamped around the smaller base of the toy. She even had to admit objectively that if this were not completely against her will and so cruelly done, she might have enjoyed the toy up her ass.Before her body could expel either of the devices, a tight leather belt was strapped around her waist. Another strap was attached to the front, which he pulled up between her legs roughly. She grunted as the toys were pushed deeper into her body. He buckled the strap at the small of her back and tugged it again to ensure that it was tight enough. Hanna barely issued a grunt. She just wanted to sleep; her mind and body were exhausted. Unfortunately she wasn’t finished yet.Her captor carefully began to fit a tight, leather waist cincher around her torso. It was much like a small corset, crushing her body into a pleasing shape, but this left nothing to the imagination. Her small, but perfect, little tits were left completely exposed. Just like her armbinder, her captor tightened the laces until she could barely breathe. If she had seen the garment on her, she might have admitted that it made her look incredibly sexy, but once again the unwillingness and context of the situation brought her no pleasure.Now completely restrained, filled and humiliated, Hanna’s ankles were removed from her bonds and re-chained to her armbinder, effectively pulling her into a savage hog tie. Had she not been so limber to begin with, the position would be almost unbearable. Unceremoniously, Hanna was hoisted up and carried somewhere else in her torturous dungeon. She could feel herself being placed on something metal on her side.A sharp pain suddenly shot through first one nipple and then the other. She still couldn’t see, but her captor had secured two nasty little nipple clamps connected together by a chain to each of her sensitive tits. She could barely muster the strength to grunt in pain, but her body did squirm a little from the new horrible sensation. A practically incoherent mumbling forced its way past the gag filling her mouth.Her torturer chuckled to himself, knowing that she was once again begging for anything but this. She could hear the smirk on his lips yet again, “I told you I like sensitive nipples.”The clank of metal told her that she had been placed inside a cage, a cage whose door had now been locked shut, trapping her not only in ridged and painful bondage, but also caged like an a****l. She couldn’t complain much; after all she had just been fucked like an a****l, by an a****l. She might as well be treated like one.“Good night bitch. More fun tomorrow,” he mused as he started to walk away from her cage.Hanna lay quietly without the strength or will to even sob. Suddenly her body tensed once more as she felt a soft buzzing from both the toys in her lower body. Despite all her protests and shame, her body began to respond once more as the dildo in her cunt came to life gently. Even the plug up her ass vibrating was adding to the stimulation overwhelming her. Still filled with dog cum, she began to shudder as the vibrator began to work on her. It wasn’t quite enough to drive her over the edge to her much desired orgasm, but it was getting her so close to the edge.Just when she thought that it might be enough, they both silenced and fell dormant between her legs. A grunt of frustration passed through her lips loud enough to overcome the vicious gag in her mouth. She needed to cum. She just needed that small gift to sleep and regain her strength and will. She fooled herself into thinking that it would help her overcome all this horror and let her get the rest to fight him tomorrow. It was true, but she also just needed to cum. She had been aroused by the dog fucking her, as sick and twisted as it had been. She needed to cum.“Oh, by the way bitch,” her captor’s voice returned to her, “those toys up your dirty cunt and ass are designed to randomly stimulate you on various power settings for a few seconds throughout the night. Have a good time trying to sleep!” his cruel laughter filled the room and she could even hear it after the door to her torture chamber had been closed.Just then she felt the toys come to life once more. It caused her body to buck and shake with arousal. It also caused her to sob with the knowledge that it wouldn’t give her what she needed and only serve to further torture her

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