Four Firemen , a Brass Bed


When she woke, she realised she hadn’t been dreaming. He had gone and left her, naked and chained by twin handcuffs on her wrists to the brass bed head. She had finally succumbed to sleep, sweet relief from her thirst and hunger, and she awoke wondering if her plight was merely a dream.

It was no dream.

Her lover, who she had trusted to chain her and fuck her, and then unchain her, had chained her – with her own manacles- fucked her, yes, he had done that OK, but then he had simply dressed himself and left.


Abandoned her.

How long ago was this?

24 hours? Who knows? She was face down on the bed, each wrist in a manacle chained to one side of the brass bed head. Her arms ached and she couldn’t get comfortable no matter how she tried. She had knelt like this as he shafted her from behind, doggy style.

She cursed herself for having made the suggestion.

She loved the sense of surrender and she had asked him to scream obscenities at her as he fucked her roughly. She got such a thrill from being abused, from being taken, from being treated as worthless.

But while the sex was good, what happened next was not. He simply turned, and she heard him dress, and silently leave, closing her apartment door behind him. She called out his name at first, assuming he would return, but he did not.

The thirst came first, then the hunger. She passed out a couple of times, waking with a start. Finally, sleep had borne her out of her misery into a dream about freedom, until she awoke, and was jolted back to reality by the cold steel of the metal bands on her wrists. She tried to scream once or twice, but she only croaked, like a dying person. Fear of death began to enter her mind and she began to toggle between fear and hated; hatred of her erstwhile lover and fear of death. Why had he done this to her?

She sobbed.

Her body convulsed uncontrollably, and she resigned herself to her fate, when she heard the phone ring. Oh my God! She tried to lift herself up, but she was spread-eagled on the bed and she could no longer lift herself up. She ached with desire to answer the phone but she couldn’t reach it. It rang and rang, until the answerphone cut in.

It was him!

“I’m so sorry,” he said “I was high and I didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve called the fire brigade to cut you free. Forgive me.” Click.

Her heart leapt. The prospect of freedom felt so sweet. She cared not at all for her naked state, or her strange posture. Any embarrassment would be temporary, survival would be for life! Her heart pounded in her chest, and her breathing became short and shallow.

The knock was loud and insistent.

“HELLO!” she screamed, loudly this time. “Hello!” The knock at the door, stopped and was replaced by the sound of a ram pounding the door. The door burst open, and two yellow trousered figures burst in, scanned the room for a person, and finally they located her, and after exchanging a knowing look, they rushed to her side.

“Are you OK?” number one asked, a twinkle in his blue eyes.

“Water!” she gasped, “get me some water!” Number two thrust a cup of water to her lips.

“Here you are!” said number two, and she gulped gratefully at the water, felt its sweet taste on her parched bomonti escort throat.

“You are chained?” said number one, with breathtaking observation.

“Cut me free!” she replied “please cut me free!”

“We will call for bolt cutters” said number one, “we just wanted to ensure you are alive” With that number one motioned toward her manacles, and asked her:

“Who did this to you?”

“My lover” she whispered.

“Were you drugged?”

“No” she said, feeling a little stupid

“You, err….”

“Yes, I co-operated,” she snapped

“I asked him to do it. I like to be, tied up, chained, it was just game. Don’t you enjoy sex games?”

Number one blushed, and his red cheeks set off his blue eyes.

She persisted. “Well, never played sex games?”

“This does not look like a game that Id like to play, Miss” he said gesturing at her naked form. Number two had draped a sheet over her body. She felt more powerful now, and she was made bolder by the embarrassment of her rescuers.

Number two joined in. “He’s never so much as had a date!” he said, winking at her in a conspiratorial way. The discomfort of the first fireman was heightened when she caught him sneaking a glance at her cleavage. He blushed again. She looked at number two fireman and saw his eyes narrow a little.

“On our way!” the radio crackled.

“Who’s that?” she asked

“The boys with the bolt cutters” replied number two, smiling all the while.

“They’ll have you out of there in a moment”

“I have played a few bondage games…” said number two, his voice trailing off as he left the sentence unfinished

“Did you enjoy it?” she asked, warming to his dark eyes and dark curly hair tumbling around his eyes.

“Always!” he said “…still do!”

She studied the mischievous look around the corner of his eyes, and she felt a tingle run through her body.

With that, the door opened and two more sets of footsteps approached the bed.

“C’mon boys, lets get these chains cut!” said number two.

She felt a sense of relief that her ordeal was almost over and she saw the figures appear at her side and with one loud snap, cut the chain, and removing the manacle in one piece.

Then the firemen walked to her other wrist, and snapped the manacle on that wrist leaving her free for the first time. She brought her arms together, and they ached as the tired muscles moved for the first time in however long. She loved the pain, as it was a sign of release, of freedom.

She then did a very strange thing, something she hadn’t planned, just seemed the right thing at the right time…

Fireman number two was noisily collecting the chains, when she drew herself up on her knees and offered him her wrists held outstretched in front of her.

He didn’t need a second invitation.

He quickly wrapped the chains loosely around her wrists and then wrapped a loose end around the bed head. To the amazement of his colleagues, he leapt up on the bed, lifted the sheet covering her ass, and started to caress her body, still wearing his fireman’s uniform. She felt the coldness of his buttons and the coarse material of his jacket chafing her ass as his hands explored her soft cihangir escort warm body. The erotic excitement of the situation had obviously got to him as well, as soon she felt his hardening cock rubbing against her pussy. She moaned, softly, as the thrill of being chained with four strangers, at their mercy, overwhelmed her with sexual anticipation.

The two unseen firemen needed no second invitation, and one of them knelt in front of her face, and she saw him undo his belt and drop his trousers revealing a hardening cock. She leant forward and took the cock in her mouth and felt it bob as her lips grasped the head and she rocked gently backwards and forwards to pleasure the fireman. The second lay on his back, facing up at her breasts and buried his face in her breasts, sucking gently on her nipples with his mouth while his rough hands explored her naked body.

She was in ecstasy, shafted from behind, six hands exploring her every crevice, mouths teasing her nipples, while a now-hard cock thrust rhythmically into her mouth. Six hands? She looked round to see where the last fireman was and saw fireman number one playing with himself as he watched his three colleagues thrusting and writhing. But not for long.

She wriggled her right hand free of the chains and reached out towards the fireman. He waddled towards her, looking all the more ridiculous as his trousers around his ankles restricted his movement. She grabbed hold of his cock and jerked at it, and she heard him moan out loud, and she felt him rest his hands on her back.

Suddenly, fireman number two withdrew and she heard him say “Your turn”

“Not me mate!” said fireman number one

But the fireman under her breasts volunteered, and he leapt out from under her and she felt the bed springs take his weight , before his hard cock slipped into her wet pussy. He was a bit bigger than fireman number two, and he pounded her harder, so that she could feel her ass and thighs slammed by each thrust. The cock in her mouth suddenly got harder and she felt his hands on her head holding her head as he thrust into her mouth so that she was just about to gag when suddenly she felt a spurt of hot cum in her mouth. She was dizzy with the feeling of being abused, multiple cocks probing her and complete strangers using her, so she hardly noticed it when another cock presented itself at her mouth. Number two had taken the place of the other fireman at her head, and she tasted her own juices on his still hard cock. She had lost track of who was where, but she knew she had one cock in her hand, one in her mouth and one in her pussy, and she felt so sexy, she forgot all about her tiredness. Soon, the number two placed his hands on her head and thrust into her mouth, before she felt him convulse with pleasure and a moment later she tasted his cum at the back of her throat.

That left one guy pounding her pussy and number one whose cock she was holding in her right hand. The two fireman who had cum encouraged number one:

“C’mon Paddy, don’t be afraid, get on the bed!”

With that, fireman number one, “Paddy” climbed onto the bed head, and she took his cock and kissed the tip gently. His cock bobbed in appreciation. And she traced round the head of his cock kurtuluş escort with her tongue, looking up at his eyes, which closed with pleasure. The “Slap! Slap! Slap!” of flesh on flesh got faster, and she felt her hips held and drawn back to meet each thrust of the cock pounding her pussy until he finally grunted and gasped and the pounding stopped.

“Paddy, mate you are on!”

She had hardly stopped to consider her own situation, but wave and wave of pleasure was coursing through her body as she felt utterly used and abused, watched by these complete strangers as they each used her body for their own pleasure. She suddenly felt weary and her body ached.

“You OK?” asked fireman number one, Paddy.

“Yes”, she replied softly, tingling all over

Fireman number one gently turned her over, and lay her on her back. Her caressed her cheek softly, and asked her

“Do you want to stop?”

“Fuck me!” she whispered

“Do you want them to go? he asked, gesturing at the three other firemen with his sapphire blue eyes

“Go? ” she asked incredulously “I want them to hold me down while you do it!”

The other three approached the bed. One held each foot, tentatively at first, until number two barked at them

“Hold her tight! She wants you to hold her down!”

She did indeed, and number three held her arms tightly, so she was pinned on her back on the bed, as number one gently penetrated her. She looked up into his blue eyes, still looking quizzically back at her. She knew he didn’t understand, but she wanted him most of all, and his face rocked backwards and forwards towards her with each stroke, and she felt his cock in her wet pussy.

She surrendered to the moment, and relaxed, un-tensed all her muscles, shut her eyes, and let her senses run riot. She felt trapped and liberated at the same time, physically trapped but emotionally free, as the rough hands held her down and the cock penetrated her with rhythmic motions. She was exhausted and the tiredness made her dizzy as the erotic experience caused her every nerve to tingle. Tiredness, exhaustion, excitement and passion mixed together in a cocktail that caused her to slip in and out of consciousness, and when she next came too, it was to the panting of fireman number one who was thrusting more urgently now.

She mumbled something under her breath, she had plateaued and was now coming close to a climax, she mumbled again.

“What did you say?” asked number one, concerned for her

“Fuck me harder!” she whispered, feeling the climax building

He obliged her, pounding her faster as his own orgasm approached, but she came first and her body tensed as the hands gripped her tight to the bed, and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, so that she was oblivious to the grunting of number one as he finally convulsed in a few last strokes as he came in a final tumultuous climax, before collapsing on the bed next to her.

When she awoke, she was warm and cuddly under her own duvet, no chain, no manacles, no restraints of any kind. She was parched, her lips were dry, and she smiled when she remembered the excitement. She was just about to get up and get a glass of water, when a familiar voice spoke


It was fireman number one! He offered her a glass of water, which she sipped at gratefully.

” I’ve been watching you sleep. The boys forced me to stay and look after you!”

She saw his blue eyes twinkle as the curls fell around his eyes, and she lay back in the bed and shut her eyes, dreaming of what the night would bring.

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