Frat girls Part 3


Frat girls Part 3After having sex with both Renee and Beth, i really wanted to screw my neighbor Alyssa, but she had made it known she was not really into me in that way so, trying to be a gentleman, i just became a good friend of hers instead. She made it known there were a few things that would always make her smile. These little apple crumb cakes in the store, different kinds of hummus and Coke in an aluminum can. For some odd reason she swore the can made it taste better. So, armed with this info, i every other week buy her something and acted like i bought it myself, but really i was just trying to make her smile after her bf cheated on her with some girl he met on Facebook. It worked and she was often hugging me now. Then, one day the three of them saw me coming in with a bunch of wine coolers as renee would be pilfering some i had to buy another pack just for me. I had just purchased a new set of bose speakers for my home theater on my hi def televison. I wanted the true, movie lke experience so i blew my entire tax refund on this shit.Renee came in and started her usual bit, and i quickly stopped her, to show her my tv and surround sound. She raised an eyebrow, and said, Wow, this is so awesome! Ill be right back she exclaimed, and brought renee and alyssa back with her. Then, we started changing movies on the movie channels, i lived alone at this time, and had every movie channel, so beth saw showgirls on the cable guide and excitedly said, ohh showgirls lets watch it!Then, as they watched, i opened all the wine coolers for everyone and renee laughed at how a guy in the film getting a full lapdance didnt seem to have much a bulge. What a tiny penis loser this guy is she says, if i did that to you, you would have a big as boner. We all laughed and beth said, how do you know he’s big? She replied, because i saw it and he is MUCH bigger than this guy. Beth says, oh really? She had meant it to be, oh really you saw it, but Renee did not know at the time beth and i did it so she took it as he really is that big.Renee then says to me, show her how big it is, i laughed what? Comeon, take it out and show her! After several laughs i said, you aren’t serious are you? I am, get it hard and show beth that im not lying. So, then, renee grabs the remote, hits the dvr button and rewinds the movie, She goes to the exact scene of the lapdance again and says do it, rub one out come on. Do it in front of us, i looked at alyssa and said i dont think bursa escort she wants to see that lol. Alyssa replies, go for it, you gotta prove beth wrong dont you? so, i opened my jeans, rubbed it thru my black boxer/brief combos and it started getting big. TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT! Renee practically screamed, shhhhhhhhhhhhh!These walls are paper thin girl, shut up for the love of god the neighbors will hear, we all laugh again. Gently, i pull it out, at this point, the scene is almost over, renee picks up the remote, rewinds it again and says keep going, keep going! So i should tell you, on the sofa alyssa is to my right, renee to my left, and beth is sitting in the reclining leather chair. I started stroking and stroking and lean back to take a deep breath, mmmm. Then, beth makes a strange breath sound, and renee keeps talking to me. Almost like a jerkoff encouragement video. Yeah man, keep doing it, thats fucking hot, keep stroking, imagine a girl is sucking on you right now, taking you deep into her mouth.Renee’s hands found my thighs and she was totally enjoying watching me expose myself in front of all three of them. Alyssa was totally silent, she just started intently at my actions and ignored the movie as all it was was the same scene over and over as renee rewound it three times trying to get to come. Finally, with her massaging my legs and talking dirty, beth said, that looks nice, very very nice. i think im gonna come i said, renee excitedly says do it, do it all over the place! Come, come! i rub faster and faster and stroke it for all its worth, yeah baby do it, get it off, shoot that come baby. Ohhhhhhhh, i shoot a big load that runs up my chest and down my belly button. Renee, then slowly leans over and licks a lot of it off and says, dam that was fucking hot!! Beth says, this was like a porno movie and we all laugh, renee says better!I wasnt sure what Alyssa thought, she just sat there and smiled leaning her head on her hand. When everyone left, Alyssa asked if i had any hummus, i said no, she said, i would kiss you for a hummus and crackers, the ones that taste like chicken soup! So, after renee and beth went home, i hit the 24hr super market in town. I got the hummus, i remember all they had was this avocado flavor but they did her have favorite crackers. When i knocked, and she invited me in, she was so happy she gave me the biggest hug and started eating her treats. I could tell by her messed up hair, that bursa escort bayan her and renee had been up to something, probably sex again, but i wasnt sure. She only ate about 5 crackers before closing the box and saying, you know what you jerked off in front of me, that really turned me on, did you know that? I had no idea, you just sat that totally quiet, so i thought you were disinterested. No, to the contrary, i couldnt take my eyes off you or that big thing you got down there. I said, do you want to watch me do it again?Yes, do it again for me, just for me. At this point she motioned with her eyes to move from the kitchen table to the sofa in her place. This time instead of jerking off for 3 in my place, i was in her place doing it just for her. i slowly started to do it, but told her, i need inspiration, its not easy to get hard over nothing, bring me one of your mariah carey posters or something. So, she brought me a poster of her in a bikini and that did the trick. Alyssa sat right next to me, as i storke and stroked and it finally got the full length, her eyes widened and she leaned over and put the entire head in her mouth. No gentle teasing like renee did, she took the head and immedietly made a hard sucking noise on it. Then, she moaned, god, you have a nice one. She then proceeded to deep throat me slowly several times, then stood up, upbuttoned her shorts and slid them off. She had a sweet looking shaved pussy, (i prefer natural but wasnt going to spoil the mood or my chances so kept my mouth shut). She then licked her hand and rubbed it on her pussy, then slowly lowered herself onto my cock. I was sitting down and she was straddling me, i gave her a kiss, but she was only interested in a peck, and since i really wanted to screw her for months, i focused on that and didnt want to push too much intimacy if she wasnt ready. I reached my hands across her soft skin of her hips, gently lifting her up and down on my cock. Feeling deep within in her hole with each long slow stroke. It took several more long slow strokes before i could really get the full length into her. When i hit the top of her womb, she let out a loud audible breath, and tensed up a bit. I was very gentle, careful, i did not want to hurt this sweet sexy girl and wanted to enjoy the experience to the fullest. She was getting wetter and wetter now, i reached up and sucked on each nipple, she pulled me close into her. Ohhh, that feels so good she says, escort bursa lay me down so you can pound me. This position kinda hurts when you go deep. So, we switched to missionary, all while never pulling my cock out of her. I started pumping harder and harder and the sounds of sex filled the room. I couldnt believe my luck, here was a girl who said she wasnt really attracted to me before, yet she was having sex with me and all because of my performance that renee asked for. We fucked and fucked intensely and the squishy sounds kept escaping her pussy till finally i said im gonna come, im gonna come, she then said, all over me, but not inside pull out hurry as she put a hand gently on my cheek, i pulled out and came all over her. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd!!! I shot a long stream of cum that went from her neck all the way down to her belly button. Dam!! she says, if you were aiming for my mouth you missed a little as we both laughed. She kissed me and i asked her, if she wasnt into me, why did she have sex with me, she replied, because your body is hot, but i still wouldnt date you. This was a one time deal ok?Later, she told Renee what she did and Renee was stunned, she thought i was definitely not her type and once on her shit list, you stay there. But, she says, i was so sweet to her so many times she decided to give me a good time. Out of the three girls, beth was the only one i had any sort of dating relationship with, but we both moved on. it was more of a “friends with benefits” kind of thing. Eventually, i got a new gf, moved to a better part of town and havnt seen the girls in years. It was a great learning experience though, when i hit 35 i did not think a younger girl would ever want me, but some do! i also figured when a girl is not into you have no chance but sometimes, you can play your cards right and if your timing is good, you can score. Sex and love is all about timing, playing it cool, and if you really like or are attracted to a girl be her friend, take care of her, and maybe someday, she might just surprise you! if nothing else, when you need a friend to talk to, you have that also. But, i was also mindful to not try to flirt, i was respectful to alyssa and i believe that is the primary reason she had sex with me. Too many guys today think sending a dick pic will make a girl want them, far from it. i have scored with many women and never once sent a dick pic, if you want a girl whom you think is out of your league, be respectful, be her friend, you never know what can happen in the future!There was actually a couple more stories i left out about them, maybe someday i will make a part four and tell them all.

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