Friday Afternoon Part 9

Double Anal

Friday Afternoon Part 9Part 9Having barely gotten hidden in the kitchen and witnessed Mrs.Bishop’s hasty retreat out the back door Bobby wasn’t sure what todo. Then he heard his mother’s footsteps at the top of the stairsas she entered the hallway. Luckily for him she headed to the livingroom. When he was sure she wasn’t moving around, he very cautiouslywent to the back door and then opened and closed it loudly as ifhe had just come home. Then he turned on the kitchen lights andwent directly to the refrigerator and opened it as he usually didevery time he came home. Typical teenager, he thought to himself.Just as he closed the fridge door without having taken anything heheard his mother call from the living room, “Bobby, is that you?””Yeah, mom, I’m home,” and he turned and headed for the living room.There sat his mother on the sofa. When she saw him she asked, “Hey,you’re home real early. What happened?””Uh, Ariel got sick just as we got to the theater and wanted to gohome. Uh, woman problems – you know.””Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Kinda spoiled your evening, huh?””Naw, not really. I’d rather be home with you anyway.””Oh Bobby, you’re so sweet.”Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off Norma. He’d never seen her soalluring before. As he sat at the opposite end of the couch fromher he could plainly see her big dark nipples and areola throughthe sheer material of her blouse. Noticing to where his attentionwas directed Norma remarked, “It’s a nice outfit, don’t you think?””Uh, yeah mom, real nice. How come you’re dressed up like that?””Oh, no real reason,” Norma teased, “I just felt like it. And Iknew you’d like it too, huh.” Bobby just let it go although he wasstrongly tempted to pursue the issue. He was still feeling the pangsof jealousy. As these thoughts crossed his mind he got a strangelook in his eye. Norma caught it almost instantly and said, “What’sthe matter, son? Something wrong?”Bobby hesitated a second, but then, to change the topic he said,”Mom. Can I ask you something?””Sure, darling. What is it?””Well, I know you said we can never touch each other, uh, you know,sexually. But do you think it would be alright if I kissed you? Ireally want to kiss you, mom.”Norma considered this for a moment and said, “Wellll. I’m not sureit’s a good idea, but I do know that you sure deserve somethingmore than I’ve been giving you so far. Did you lock the back doorwhen you came in?””Oh shit. No, I didn’t. I’ll do it right now,” and he immediatelygot up and went to do it. Then he heard Norma call “While you’reout there would you get the bottle of wine out of the fridge? Andbring a glass, too. Bring two glasses if you want some. And turnoff the kitchen light when you come back.” While he was fetchingthe wine and glasses Bobby came to the decision that he would notbring up the incident in the den this evening. It would just ruinthings for him if his mother found out that he knew all about whatwent on down in the den even if he hadn’t seen anything. Heespecially wasn’t going to bring up the business about Mrs. Bishopsucking her off. He was sure she didn’t want him knowing aboutsomething like that!In a minute, Bobby returned with the wine bottle and two glasses.He unscrewed the cap on the cheap wine and poured both of them aglass, handing his mother her’s before retaking his seat on thesofa. Norma then raised her glass to him and said, “Here’s to usand a happy few days together.”Without saying anything, Bobby raised his glass to Norma and tooka healthy swig. Norma keep the glass to her mouth and sipped fromit, sensing her son’s nervousness, but she didn’t say anything.Bobby was silent also and didn’t seem to know what to say or do,so Norma finally broke the deadlock with, “I thought you wanted tokiss me, dear?””I do, mom,” he said timidly.”Well. You can’t do that from over there very well, can you?””I guess not,” he answered, but still didn’t make a move to get closer.”Bobby. Why don’t you come and sit over here next to me. That way,when you get up the courage, you’ll be in a position to kiss mebefore you lose your nerve,” Norma said, teasingly. “Is theresomething the matter?”Bobby slid over the cushions and came to rest next to Norma, sittingsquarely bakırköy escort forward, but close enough that their thighs were justbarely touching. He could feel the heat from that contact and hecould also now smell the aroma of sex from her body intermixed withher normal smell as well as a trace of her perfume. The combinationwas intoxicating and made him ever so slightly lightheaded.”No, nothing’s the matter. It’s just that I’m really nervous nowthat I’m alone with you.””We’ve been alone before, love. As a matter of fact, if memoryserves me right you even jacked off in front of me a couple oftimes. And now your nervous? About sitting here with your mother?””Well, you know. I mean, I’ve never kissed you before. You know,not in that way.””What way, darling?” Norma continued to bait him.”You know.””No, Bobby, I don’t know. But why don’t you show me instead of justtalking about it, OK?””Can I really, mom?””Sure, if that’s what you really want. I told you you could, didn’tI?” Norma’s voice was getting slightly gravelly now as she beganto feel aroused from the game she was playing with her son and thethought of what was about to happen.”Well, yeah,” Bobby answered, turning toward Norma and looking ather wide mouth with its full lipstick-red lips that arched sosexily. The thought passed through his mind at that point that hehad never before noticed just how sexy her mouth was and he said,”Gee, mom, you’ve got a really sexy mouth, you know that?””All the better to kiss you with, my dear,” she joked, but it wasonly half a joke and Bobby didn’t miss the implied invitation ashe leaned forward impetuously and mashed his own mouth againstNorma’s, taking her by surprise. She let the contact remain for acouple of seconds before pulling away and saying, “Whoaa. Take iteasy. I hope you don’t kiss your girlfriends that way; you mightknock out a few teeth,” and she chuckled at her own humor. Bobby,however, didn’t think it was funny and felt embarrassment from hismother’s criticism.Deciding on a gentler manner Norma said, “Why don’t I kiss youinstead, OK. That way you can get an idea from me how I want youto kiss me. Would that be alright?””Sure, I guess. You’ve had a lot more experience at it than I have.”Norma set down her wine glass and took Bobby’s as well and put iton the coffee table. Then she bade him settle back and enjoy asshe adjusted her body up against his side, mashing her pointedbreasts into his arm. Not knowing what to do with his shakinghands he just put them in his lap. Reaching up, his mother put bothher hands on each side of his head and leaned forward, justbrushing his lips with hers with the lightest of touches as shelooked directly into his eyes.”Keep your eyes open, Bobby. There’s nothing sexier in the wholeworld than open-eye, open-mouth kissing,” she breathed against hisclosed mouth. Next she slid the tip of her tongue out and began tolightly lick his lips all around ever so gradually applying pressureuntil her tongue found its way up against his teeth. Getting thehint, Bobby opened his mouth slightly, but Norma continued to snakeher tongue around his outer mouth, between his lips and gums, backand forth from one side to the other. At last she put her tonguebetween his teeth and sought out his tongue. When contact was madetheir two tongues began a slow dance, twining and twisting wetlyaround each other in Bobby’s mouth. Eventually, he got up a littlenerve and moved his tongue around his mother’s and slid alongsideit until he was in her mouth. She pulled her tongue back and thedance continued in her mouth.When she pulled away a couple of minutes later she could see fromher son’s expression and the feel of his hot breath as he pantedin her face that he was very aroused. Again she bent forward and,licking her lips first, making them lusciouly wet, she placed them,slightly parted against his and without any tongue action began toslide them around and back and forth. When he tried to reciprocate,Norma mumbled an “uhn uhn,” and continued her motions, letting herlips, now swollen from her own excitement, go slack so that theyfelt rubbery and somehow lewd to him.Norma then surprised beşiktaş escort Bobby by beginning to lick his lips, thenincreasing the area she was licking to include his chin and cheeksand forehead and finally his nose where she even stuck the tip ofher tongue inside. As she was doing this, an overwhelming feelingof tenderness intermingled with lust overcame Bobby and he whisperedhoarsely, “Oh mom, I love you so much.””I know, darling, I know,” she said back, as she continued to laphis face with big swipes of her moist tongue.”Jeez, that’s so fucking sexy, what you’re doing to me. Oh – I’msorry, I didn’t mean to talk that way.””It’s OK, love, you can say whatever you want. I love to hear yousay things like that. It sexes me up when you talk dirty to me. Iwant you to say those things if you’re feeling them.””Yeah, I know. It does the same to me. And I sure am feeling themright now.”Norma tried to slow herself down, but she was so excited she couldn’thelp herself as she reached up with a hand and grabbed his tonguewith her fingers and said, “Stick your tongue out – way far out -yeah, that’s it,” as she put her fingers into her own mouth andmade them wet. Then she grabbed his tongue again and began to jackit with her fingers as if she were masturbating a miniature cock.”Do me at the same time, darling, just like I’m doing you, OK,”Norma said as she stuck her tongue out as far as she could betweenher fire-engine red lips. Bobby fondled her tongue as his headreeled with pleasure and then he grabbed his mother’s head in bothhis hands and mashed his mouth to hers before he returned the favorand began licking her face as she had done to him.After a minute Bobby fell back to catch his breath and Norma lookedat him and said, “Are you good and hot now, darling? Is your cockhard? Is it leaking cum yet?””Yes, mother, my cock is really hard. It’s so hard it hurts. You’vemade me really fucking hot.””I’m glad, dear. I’m glad you’re so fucking hot,” Norma hissed,”I’m hot too. My cunt is all swollen and squishy from our kissing.It’s so fucking sexy, kissing you. It even makes my asshole throb.””Jesus,” Bobby said as he looked deeply into his mother’s eyes.”Mom, is it alright if I take out my cock. It’s so hard. I want totake it out and show it to you, OK. I want you to look at it. I’mso fucking hot I want to watch you looking at my cock.””Oh, yesssss, son. Do it. Take out your big hard penis and show itto me. Let me look at it. I want to see it so badly. Go ahead -pull it out!” Norma chanted as she lay back and watched her sonunzip his pants and reach inside and work his enormous erectionthrough the opening in his shorts and pants.When it was all the way out at last and Bobby was holding it bythe base so that it stuck straight up Norma said, “It’s so big,honey – god, it’s so big. Does it feel good now, to have your bigprick sticking up like that while I look at it?””Uh huh. I love having you look at it. Sometimes I even fantasizethat you look at it long enough that you make it cum all by itself,without even touching it.””You mean, like that time upstairs when your hands were tied. Youcame that time without any touching, didn’t you? You must havereally been hot then too.””I sure was. I’ve never been so sexed up before, just watching youwith that cucumber in your pussy while you finger fucked yourasshole. It was just so sexy. Are you sure it’s alright to talklike this, say these things.””Of course, darling. I love to hear them and I love to say themmyself. Talking dirty makes me VERY horny. And the filthier thebetter. Tell me, have you ever finger fucked your own ass?””No, I haven’t. The only thing that’s ever been up there was a longtime ago when you used to give me enemas. When I was a k**, remember?””Sure, I remember. But I think I’d like to watch you do that toyourself sometime. Do you think you would mind? Maybe we could doit together, huh? How does your cock feel now, Bobby? It looks likeit’s ready to burst.”Bobby was beside himself with lust as he watched his mother staringat his twitching penis. “It feels really good. Do you like it,mom?” he said as he slowly began to stroke himself.”I love it beylikdüzü escort Bobby, I just love it, it’s so beautiful when it’s allhard and jacked up like it is right now. I’ll bet you’d really liketo masturbate it right now, wouldn’t you? But I want you to holdoff. Don’t do it just yet. I want you to get just as excited asyou can – so that you almost can’t stand it anymore.””OK, I won’t. I’ll wait if that’s what you want.There was a moment of quiet as Bobby dropped his head to stare athis mother’s long full legs still sheathed in the sheer, black,shiny nylons before he said, “Mom, I need to ask you something else.””Yes, dear,” Norma answered dreamily, still staring at Bobby’s hugetwitching erection which now had a large bead of pre-cun leakingfrom the head.”I know I’m not supposed to and I hope you won’t get mad for myasking, but I’m so hot I just can’t help myself. Honest. And Iwon’t get mad if you say no.””What is it?””Mom – can I feel up your legs. Please,” Bobby asked, hesitantly.”Yes. I guess it’s OK to do that. But please, Bobby, don’t go anyhigher than my knees, OK?. Promise?” Norma was still determined tohold to her no touching policy although this minor excursion awayfrom it couldn’t hurt that much. After all, it was only her legshe wanted to feel.”Sure, mom. I promise.””Before you do that, though, wouldn’t you be more comfortable ifyou just took off your pants. That way I can look at your balls aswell as your prick. Would you do that for your mother?”Bobby didn’t say anything, but stood up and unfastened his pantsand shoved them and his undershorts right off, first one foot andthen the other, taking shoes and socks in the process. Standing upagain he stuck out his midsection right in front of his mother’sface so she could see up close how hard his prick was and how fullof cum his balls were.”Tell you what, Bobby. I’ll make a deal with you.””What’s that,” Bobby said, willing to sell his soul to the devilat the prospect of getting his hands on his mother’s legs.”I’ll let you feel up my legs if you’ll let me watch you fuckyourself in the ass with your finger while you’re doing it. How’sthat for a deal?””If you want me to, sure. I’d do anything for you, mom. You know that.””I know, darling. Here give me your hand and I’ll make it good andwet for you.”Bobby held out his left hand which his mother grasped and insertedhis middle finger into her mouth and began sucking on it. Then shetook the finger out and laved it with her tongue, depositing a gobof saliva on it for him to use. Bobby moved the hand to his behindand was just ready to insert his finger when Norma said, “Wait.Turn sideways, Bobby, so I can see you sticking your finger in yourrectum. I want to watch it all, OK.””Sure,” he said, turning to his right so his mother had a view ofnot only his finger ready to penetrate his ass, but she could alsosee his cock sticking straight out in front of him and his hugeball sac hanging below it.”This OK, mom? Can you see everything alright?” he asked and whenshe just nodded he slowly began to stick his finger in himself,turning and twisting it as it pressured the anal sphincter. As itwent in further he was so sensitive that it caused all the musclesin his groin to contract violently and before he knew it he was upand into a full blown orgasm.His mother watched mesmerized as Bobby’s cock swelled up and roseto point slightly upwards before it began to throb as it shot outa huge stream of white cum into the air in front of him. Bobbymoaned and grunted now as he started to finger fuck his rectumrapidly as his cock continued to spasm orgasmically, jerking upand down on its own, squirting jet after jet of jism onto the carpet.When his cock finally stopped spasming and started to lose itsrigidity, Bobby removed his finger from his ass and plopped himselfdown on the sofa beside his mother and closed his eyes. He felt aslight disappointment that it was all over before he had even gostarted. And he hadn’t even gotten to touch his mother’s legs.Then he heard his mother say, “Well, that was quick sport. And youdidn’t even get to feel me up. You must have really been aroused.But it’s OK. I loved every second of it,” as she leaned over andkissed him lovingly.”Yeah, I guess I was, huh.””Wanna go upstairs and take a rest? The night is still young, don’tyou think?”Hearing in his mother’s voice the promise of more good things tocome, Bobby roused himself with some effort from his post orgasmiclethargy and took his mother’s hand as they both started for thestairs.

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