Friday night at the adult teather


Friday night at the adult teatherFriday night I was home alone; then I decided I needed “some action” until my loving husband Victor would be back from his long business trip.I was wearing a tight black miniskirt, opaque black body stockings and my six inches stilettos. I looked in the mirror and saw a real street hooker…When I got into the adult theater, a Latin guy followed me and sat next to me. Two black guys watched me walking by, but they just stayed far away.The Latin guy sitting close to me dropped off his pants and asked me to suck his hard dick. I was disappointed as he was a little bit small, but he played with it for a while and got to a nice size as I start sucking him…Once he was hard I stood up, straddled his lap and started riding him. Then one of the black guys came to us and he showed me a giant karabük escort dark serpent. I opened my mouth and he shoved his hard black dick deep into my throat…I felt just like a bitch in heat slurping, sucking, licking his balls, jamming as much as possible as far into my mouth and throat. Meanwhile the Latin guy groaned and then I felt his warm semen flooding inside my sloppy wet cunt. He grabbed me firmly by the waist and asked me to stay there, with his hard dick still buried in my body.Then the black guy whispered in my ear if I had my tight ass still virgin.I laughed and lied to him telling of course my ass was still virgin…He smiled and replied it was time to change that unusual condition.Soon he was at my back and then I felt he was spreading my ass cheeks with his giant karaman escort black serpent. A sharp pain in my ass made me scream, as he slowly entered me up to the hilt…I felt like he was in my stomach, as he started to pull off slowly, whispering dirty comments in my ear. Then I begged him to fuck my ass harder, to pound me faster and with no mercy at all.Then he smiled and told me he loved how much tight my ass was.Meanwhile the Latin guy’s dick had grown hard again buried in my pussy and he made me ride him again. The three of us found a nice rhythm and soon I was crying in ecstasy, as both cocks moved in and out of my holes.They both pounded me at a pretty good pace and I begged them to make me cum on their cocks. Soon the black guy came deep inside my anus and he withdrew quickly. escort bayan The Latin guy still lasted a little bit more, but soon he filled again my stretched vagina with his hot seed…I stood up as I felt the Latin’s dick was going soft inside my pussy.I shoved my fingers in my wet cunt and started to take care of my clit, trying to come by myself. I felt really horny. But then I saw a solution coming.The other black man approached to me. He made me bend over, saying he was going to make me cum with his hard cock.As I bent over, he soon shoved his hard cock deep inside my stretched cunt. This time I could not last more than three minutes and I came crying with pleasure. The black guy also cried and he filled my wet pussy …When I recovered myself, I found I was alone there in the darkness.I walked out the theater with my legs still shaking and a sharp pain in my sore asshole. But the night was not over yet…There outside was a red car and one of the black guys was holding the door open for me. I climbed up with no hesitation, not thinking where those black guys could drive me to…

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