Frisky in the Nightclub


“No, no don’t. What are you doing?! What’s gotten into you?!” he said, as she started to grab hold of his junk in the club, at the corner table.

The dance floor was at level one, where they were seated on the few tables at the side. The remaining area at the ground level was a well-lit lounge. But level 1 was a dark, dance area with just the DJ’s strobe lights glowing at times. You could really get away with almost anything there.

They had both pre-drunk at a local bar – the cheap kinds, the shady kinds, the one with the cheap booze. And they were buzzing. No ‘they’ aren’t dating, they aren’t married, they don’t even know each other too well. They just casually met on a dating website and decided to be open about the fact that all they wanted was some company and some good sex. No drama about a relationship, no “it’s complicated,” just some fucking when they feel like it, and then getting back to the usual docile, routine life. No one else in their lives needed to know.

And here they were, pre-buzzed, in a dark dark place, ordered some more booze and he naughtily slid an ice cube down the front of her revealing white top, down that yummy looking cleavage that her bra was just about constraining. She shuddered as the ice slid down her breasts.

He said, “That should cool off the bite I gave you earlier today down there.” She looked at him angry and lustful at the same time. He bit his lips and rolled his tongue over them, knowing full well that that turns her on. She moved from the chair opposite him to beside him on the couch escort bayan on the other side.

“The ice really made me cold. I need some body warmth now to feel comfortable.” she said. He always got jitters whenever she said that. He unconsciously started feeling her all over her back with his hand. She, however, wasn’t so docile. Went for his semi hard boner. He was a bit taken aback. She started groping it dirty below the table. He leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes. His hands, however, had a mind of their own, so they proceeded to unhook her bra through her top. She was a bit shocked by that for a moment. And before she could recover, he held her by the waist, swung her towards him and bit her lower lip. She held his chin in her hand and kissed, or well let’s just say ate his lips, unnoticed by most near that dark dance floor.

“Dance to my tunes, mister,” she said, and held him by his shirt collar and dragged him to the dark dance floor. They started to groove. 2 songs later she goes, “you better get frisky if you like this whiskey” – and takes her glass of On-the-rocks and drips some onto her boobs. Her unhooked bra is almost off, and he can see her shirt get wet.

“That’s enough you cum-thirsty whore,” he said (they’re into name-calling, so they love degrading each other with promiscuous swearwords.)

With that, he brings her towards him, turns her around, her back facing him and embraces her. Kisses her neck through her curly hair and then blows on the side of her neck, sending her into a dizzy tuzla genç escort happiness. But his hands are now all over her. He gropes her unhooked bra through that thin t-shirt. He can feel her hard nipples as he feels her heavy breathing on his cheeks. He puts one hand inside the tee. She can’t keep her hands to herself either, grabbing his crotch behind her back and rubbing it so hard. He turns her around and kisses her. Then grabs her ass hard and fondles her ass. All this on a public dance floor and she, for some perverse reason, is just loving it. Wanting him to do more of it. Wanting to get fucked so bad tonight.

And as if she wants to give him an open invitation, she does something even he didn’t imagine. She reaches under her tight short skirt, and right there, in the dark, without any hesitation, takes off her panties, swings them in the air and then looking him right in his eyes, goes and shoves them in his jeans near his belt buckle. He’s just getting harder for this hot, horny crazy girl. He grabs her, kisses her and pushes her against a pillar as they keep kissing. His hands reach below her tight skirt now, lifting it and going under to feel that wet, beautiful, pink pussy. She calls out his name and bites him on his neck hard. By now, even some people on the dance floor are noticing. But they’re too too horny to stop.

He gropes her harder, fondling her juicy boobs and grinding his hard dick against her crotch. Her makeup is now all smudged, she’s eating his lips and unzipping him and reaching in for tuzla kendi evi olan escort his naked cock. She grabs on to it and goes down on him, right there. He can’t believe it. They’ve fucked before, but never this crazy, never this risky. She’s always loved to suck him, but never this much. He holds her head, grabs her curls and thrusts it more strongly in and out, gagging her, and she loves it. The people around are now getting more conscious of what’s happening. They won’t allow this for much longer. He sees someone calling the bouncer.

He lifts her up and says “one last thing before we get kicked out” and makes her sit on the table at the corner. Then in a move even she never saw coming, he spreads her legs, lifts the tight skirt up a bit, and thrusts in his naked dick in her wet, waiting, cute, young cunt. Loving every thrust, it’s like this is what both of them live for. They are mad for sex and it’s just this they crave no matter how risky it gets. They just want each other’s bare naked sex craved bodies and feel their genitals rub, collide, slide in and out! Oh she leans back saying she wants more of that. She’s being fucked in a club in public, drunk, and she doesn’t care for whatever reason. They’re surely out of their mind.

She says, “please make me cum, I want to cum, yeah baby.” He however, stops!

“What? Are you serious?” she says, almost out of breath.

“You think you’ll get it this easy? That wet cunt needs to be worked some more” he says and kisses her once more. Then whispers in her ear “the bouncer is coming up the main stairs, grab those panties of yours and run for the back exit near the loos, you fucking crazy cum-thirsty horny dynamite.”

“You make it down without tripping over and I promise to make it a long cab ride” the girls queuing up outside the loos heard someone say moments later.

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