From Time to Time – 2nd Jump WWI


Log Entry 2

This is Dr. Lance Cader recording the second jump that I recently took. As noted in the earlier log entry, through mapping the Gay Gene, anyone with the same gene could send their consciousness through time into another person. My trip to World War II France has been enlightening and my assistant and I learned a lot for future jumps.

Today we tuned the GG-69 program to January 1918 and found a candidate aboard the USS Minneapolis in port in Philadelphia preparing to transport troops to Europe to help out in the war. This ship had taken one of the worse hits from the Spanish Influenza during the year 1918. Turning the dials, my assistant Paul homed in the frequency and with a flash of blue, I found myself looking through the eyes of Johnny a sailor aboard the ship sitting on a berth next to another crying sailor. From Johnny’s consciousness, I learned the horror of the current epidemic and the fear he felt of both getting that flu and the uncertainty of going to Europe for the war.

“Billy, I know he was your cousin from Kansas and you two worked on the family farm but you can’t go near his body as you may catch this flu” I said in the voice of Johnny. “This shipped is rampant with this disease and we need to find somewhere safe so that we aren’t in such tight quarters with these other sailors. So many people are sick that they won’t miss us on our off time. I found us a hidden area behind some ammunition crates down in the hold. Grab some blankets and a pillow because it will be cold there but that will help us avoid this death.”

With a sniffle the 6ft blond headed farm boy gathered some things and followed John to their canlı bahis new sleeping area. Glancing in a porthole reflection on the way down, I could see that John was around 5’10 with olive skin. With the New York accent that I heard when I spoke through him, I guessed he was of Italian descent. The two sailors found their hidden area and settled their blankets and pillows.

“Johnny, I’m cold. Can you scootch closer?” Billy asked in a quiet voice.

“Billy, we need both of our body heat. Let us lay these blankets out and cover both of us with the top blankets so that we can share our heat. We also need to get down to just our boxers. We need skin to skin contact.”

“Are you sure Johnny?” asked Billy “I’m a little shy still not being used to being around so many guys I don’t know.”

“Well, you know me, Billy”.

The two sailors got the blankets arranged and stripped down to their boxers and covered themselves with the top blanket.

“You’re taller than me Billy, so you get behind my back and spoon me putting your arm around my chest” I said through Johnny. I had seen how muscular and well-built Billy was from his work on the farm and the light fluff of a treasure trail leading down to a hefty package in his boxers.

Billy hesitantly reached around me and put his hand on my chest. “Wow you gotta a lot of hair there. This is kind of strange but I do feel a lot warmer with your body up against mine.”

Now was the time for me to make the next move, so I begin to quietly speak to Billy.

“Billy, I know you miss your cousin and I want to get your mind off it. Why don’t you tell me a happy memory from back home? bahis siteleri Something that will relieve some of the sadness you have built up.”

“Well Johnny, I used to like to go up to Parson’s general store on Saturday. LuLu Parson worked for her daddy there and she was a looker. She always gave me a big smile when I dropped in and asked me how things were.” Billy said.

“Sounds like you were kind of sweet on her. If you was a hugging LuLu like me right now what else would you want to do?” I said.

“Come On Johnny, I can’t tell you those things it ain’t right” said Billy. I could almost feel the heat from his blush.

“Ok, why don’t you show me what you would do. There isn’t anyone around and I won’t tell. I can already feel you are little excited back there by your pecker pushing up against my ass” I said laughingly. Billy got quiet but his breathing got a bit heavier.

“I didn’t every get to do anything with a girl but I still was as horny most of the time as a three peckered goat” Billy admitted. “I would kiss the back of her neck and suck on her earlobe a bit.”

“Go ahead, show me” I whispered and tilted my head so he could have an easier access. I felt his warm breath a beat before he gently kissed my neck. He then carefully took my earlobe in between his lips and gave a gentle suck. His hands began to have a mind of there own and found my now erect nipples. They rubbed up and down on them making them harder than a bullet. I moaned and he began to further nuzzle my neck. I took his hand and placed it on my hard cock inside my boxers and without thought he continued with his stroking motion.

“Billy, you said you bahis şirketleri were a virgin. Tell the truth ain’t no shame” I said. He nodded as he continued to kiss my ear and neck, moaning a bit under his breath. I reached behind me and pushed down his boxers releasing the manhood held inside. I then slowly pulled my down also. “Billy, spit on your dick and fuck me. Be gentle cause you are pretty big, but I want to feel you inside me.”

“Honest Johnny? I’m so horny right now and I think I’m about to burst down there” Billy spit on his cock and pushed at into the Johnny’s sweet pink hole. “Like this? Does it feel good?”

“Billy it feels great!” I said and I pushed back to get all of him. I could feel the rhythm of Billy pumping harder as he worked his way to the finish line. In and Out and In and out, each thrust harder than the last until with a hot explosion, I could feel him paint my insides. He pulled me closed as the last of the drops drained from his cock.

“Oh Johnny, I think I done seen heaven. I want you to feel good also” Billy said as he picked up the pace of jacking me off in my boxers. He grabbed and turned my head and pressed his lips to mine and at that point I exploded. I could feel Johnny in the background of his consciousness tell me thank you as he had wanted to do that for a long time with Billy.

As the last of cum leaked out, the blue light flashed before me eyes and I was back in the lab. Paul looked at me with a worried face and told me to look down. My own dick was stretching the waistband of the surgical scrubs I was wearing and with nothing but a brush across the bulge, I exploded.

“Paul, it was another great trip but we will need to figure out what to do on this end if I get in that predicament again.” I smiled.

Paul nodded and continue to record the readings as I went to my office to lay down. I was exhausted.

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